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"Wii Sports, 5 games, a review for each"

Got my Wii with a friend, got 4 controllers, and a big screen TV to play it on. So how was it?

Baseball: 2 players, 3 innings. Despite my best Babe Ruth impersonation I still struck out. Took sometime to adjust myself to pretend wiimote to be a bat, maybe about 4 swings later it felt very natural. Does take long to figure out when to swing, well depends if your jackass friend playing pitcher does throw fancy ass pitches. I did manage to get 1 good homerun in and many singles and doubles. Its hard to score but very fun trying to. As for pitching, hold a button determines what pitch you doing. Hold nothing to just pitch a fastball. Works just like real baseball, the faster you throw, the faster your ball goes. Its a lot more easier on the pitcher than it is on batter. A lot of simple fun, great. 9/10. - if the general idea was just to have fun, it fulfilled its mission. Cant really judge it on graphics for its intential low graphic idea but the sound, the crack of the bat on the wiimote, oohh felt nice.

Tennis: 4 players, best of 3. 2 of my friends got rowd and wanted to play something 4 players and here it is. Took about one rally to figure how this works for everyone. Serving is dead on easy but if its a killer serve, returns is rough. Knowing when to hit the ball back and what type of hit will win the game. Despite the lack of actual control of characters this also felt very good too. We had some really good rallies and in fact since this is all new, being able to control the characters would've been frustrating, perhaps at first. A few months of this and we will be ready to control our own character to know where to stand and to deliver the right hit, if it be forehand, backhand, or overhead. 8/10 - Still a lot of fun though its very easy to mess up, hey we are not tennis pros so even though we hit a ball going out we're still laughing and having a good time.

Bowling: 4 players, 10 frames. Bowling, everyone goes bowling. Despite having dropped the ball the first time, it went on very natural after. Even if its turn base its all good, that's how bowling is. Aim and throw, knock down all the pins. Doesn't get any easier than that. The controls here react that of real bowling. I bowl here like I do in real life which amazed me. After about 4 frames I bowled my first strike and it was on. Making Al Bundy impersonations as I bowl I often got "oooohhhhss" from my friends and it worth a lot of laughs as well. Simply push the B button, pull the ball back, throw and release B to release the ball. This game we'll be playing a lot of rounds on and best of all no lane fees and stinky shoes. 10/10 - This is addiction, I dont see any other way to improve this. If they ever released a bowling only game, what more could they possily add? Its simple and works, no problems at all. Yes I read that little exploit those IGN people found and how to score strikes repeatedly, but unless you bowl exactly like them in holding control and speed and release and such its an exploit that not everyone can do.

Golf: 4 players, 3 holes. Here we are, at the golf course again. We are all familar with golf but lets see how this game plays. Take a few practice shots to know exactly how much power to get it just right. A few more. Oh damn 5 minutes of practicing and still haven't gotten the right touch, oh well. Yes the game can be fairly annoying cause you may not get that right amount of power you need. This is probably the game that has the biggest learning curve out of all of Wii Sports. Waiting for your friends to go makes ya wanna just grab your DS and play something. Once we all learn exactly how much force we need to put in a shot I'm sure things will go by faster. We all screwed up badly, scoring as highest triple bogies. Putting from medium distance is easier than it is from very close. In fact you can be an inch away from the hole and have a hard time getting the tiny sliver of power ya need. Golf can be fun for a little while, our cheers from previous were turn to mere golf claps. 6/10 - Needs work. The Driving isn't so bad (but still needs work) but the putting perhaps could use an extra add-on to something to regulate power so you dont over swing constantly.

Boxing 2 players, 3 rounds. "No biting!" Okay grudge match time and oh we have to use the nunchuck. Dodging is fine, gotta move your body for this one and hold the controllers up to your face. Getting the right punching out is difficult, I have trouble getting the body shots and hooks out, there's probably a specific thing I gotta do to get it on but I'm sure to find out one day. Guarding your head is simple but body requires a little more awareness as to what type of punches your opponent might start swinging. There's a little more tactic here than just punching wildly, you must find the right type of punches to land for the most damage. Slow mo effects if ya got it just right and your opponent is stunned, then pummel him. Knocking out your friend is fun, raise your gloves up and dance around. 7/10 - Its a good start for a boxing type of game but had some control response issues. Let EA or someone figure out how to get good recogntion and responds where ever punch is exactly what you want then we're in business. For now its fun for what it is, no more than that. Hope someone decides to bring Hajime No Ippo to the states, that'd rock.

Overall- 9/10 Its all about playing with your friends. Deduct a point from the score if you are alone. There's also mini games, 3 in each sport that supposedly train you to play the game better. Another interesting mode is fitness feature, much like the Diet thing in DDR. So if you wanna consider this game to be the gamers exerciser, you could, instead of sitting on the sofa in front of the tv all day.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/21/06

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