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"The best tech demo you'll ever play."

There is probably no better way to get accustomed to the Wii than its pack in game Wii Sports. With its pure simplicity, anyone can easily jump in. My entire non-gaming family was literally jumping up and down giggling the entire time, their ages ranging from six to 65. Yet this game can also be a fun enjoyment for any gamer, though its appeal may not last as long.

The premise of the game is pretty simple: five sports games that are easy to play and simple with the Wiimote. By performing various acts with the Wiimote, it becomes the bat in baseball, the bowling ball in bowling, and the golf club in golf. The Wiimote is spot on responsive, I have never encountered a problem with its functionality so far.

This is the only game so far to use the Mii functionality. A Mii is a personal avatar that is easy to create and quite fun to make. There are many options to choose from to make your Mii look unique from anyone else's.

The two simplest games, Tennis and Baseball, provide little meat as games. In Tennis, your Mii moves for you and all you simply have to do is swing the tennis racket using a forward or backhand swing and hit the ball to the other side. It is so simple, but can provide hours of fun, especially if you're with friends. On your own, however, the game gets old fast as the AI isn't great and there is no way to change the difficulty. In Baseball, you are either the batter or the pitcher, the computer takes control of the outfield. Being a batter is exactly what you expect, swing the Wiimote as the ball comes to you. Again, easy to use, but still fun to play. Anyone can pick up the bat and swing like a home-run king. However, like Tennis, if you're playing alone, its appeal does not last long.

The most disappointing game on Wii Sports is Boxing. This is the only one that uses the nunchuck, but it does not work well. You have to hold the nunchuck and Wiimote to your face and each is used as a boxing hand. You can also dodge by actually moving your upper body left or right, which works out smoothly. However, punching on the other hand does not work as well as your punches do not pick up as easily and do not work out as well. This game could've been the best of the collection, but failed to do so.

The game with the most meat in it would be Golf, which after a few tries I have found to be quite enjoyable. You hold the controller as a golf club and swing. The harder you swing, the farther it goes, though if you swing too hard it chips to the side. In later difficulties, you must also put the wind factor into your strategy. This is probably the least pick up and play game, but after putting some time into it, I've realized its one of the best of the games, for it is the only game where some real effort put into it is rewarded.

My personal favorite is Bowling. This game is most like its real life counterpart and can easily be picked up and played by anyone, though there are a few tricks that can be learned. You pick up the Wiimote, hold back, and throw the ball just like in the real game. You can also twist the ball by flicking your wrist as you let go, just like in the real game. The physics in this game are great, it seems like the only thing that is different is the fact that you don't have a heavy ball in your hand.

There is also a training mode where you practice different aspects of each sport. You can practice things such as hitting the ball accurately in Tennis and twisting in Bowling. These modes are a great chance to improve your scores and are often more fun than the actual game themselves. You can also take a fitness test once a day which picks three random training mode games for you to do your best on. The better you do, the less your score will be, much akin to Brain Age.

Overall, Wii Sports is a great pack in game that lets you find out what the Wiimote is all about. I highly recommended this game to be the first thing that pops into your Wii and let it get you use to the unique controller.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/25/06

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