where can I find the fifth heart pillar?

  1. Where can I find the fifth heart pillar in flipside?

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    colepatrick - 9 years ago

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  1. You need to go to the first floor of Flipside (where Saffron lives, the cook who made the dish to wake up Peach), and go all the way to the end. There, you should see a crack in the wall. Blow it up, flip, and go through to the back alley of Flipside.

    Here, keep walking down until you see (at the centre) a mark for you to use Fleep. A block should appear, hit it. This will open another way for Mario to flip and walkthrough. At the end of this, there's a building. Enter it and find multiple coloured blocks, hit them from left to right.

    1 - > 2 - > 3 - > 4 - > 5 - > 6, etc

    Just go from left to right.

    This will open ANOTHER place for Mario to flip and go through. Exit the building on this side and flip and walk down 'til you're in Flopside. It's like the opposite of Flipside, and the Heart Pillar is on the third floor!

    Hope this helps, and I hope my memory serves me right on the details. ^_^

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  1. You can't find it in Flipside.You have to flip-flop. To access Flopside go to the ground floor of Flipside (card shop and kitchen floor) and go right. There's a crack in the wall that you have to destroy with Boomer. Flip and go through. Walk left until you see a lightning bolt shaped silver mark. Use Fleep. Flip and go through to the newfound building. There are 8 blocks. Hit every single one a ODD number of times. Doesn't matter of the order. You can even hit everyone of them once only. Go through the cracked mirror. Walk out the door and you'll notice the sadder music D=. Go out and act like as if your in Flipside(except reversed) and take the elevator up. Go to the flip-flopped area of the first Heart Pillar in Flipside.

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