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    Pixl FAQ by ChilloSummoner

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    Super Paper Mario Pixl FAQ                                           
    1) Introduction
    2) What’s a Pixl?
    3) How Many Are There?
    4) Pixl Locations/Effects
    5) Credits
    6) Copyright
    1) Introduction
    This FAQ is for Super Paper Mario for the Wii. This FAQ will tell you 
    what a Pixl is, where they are located, and what they do. So lets get 
    2) What’s a Pixl?
    Pixls are the new partners in Super Paper Mario. They help you out
    when you need help in a situation. They each have their unique way of
    helping. They are also REALLY cute!! (Ok that last part wasn’t 
    3) How Many Are There?
    There are a dozen Pixls (12) for you to collect. 3 Optional. 
    4) Pixl Locations/Effects
    Tippi/Tiptron: Tippi you get at the beginning of the game. She’s
    always out, which means you can always use her. Use the Wii Remote 
    on the screen to have her detect things, she’ll even make invisible 
    things visible!
    Thoreau: Thoreau your first official Pixl is a helping hand. 
    Literally! He’s a hand that picks items and enemies up. He can even 
    hit switches. You can find Thoreau in 1-2. He’s in the third house 
    on the left in Yoldtown. Flip to 3-D to see a warp Pipe. Go down it, 
    go back in 3-D to get past the Thwomps. Go through the door, use 
    Tippi to identify a 2nd invisible door. Go through kill the enemies
    and there he is!
    Boomer: Boomer loves a good boom! Probably because he’s a bomb! He can
    blow up enemies and blocks, he can even activate switches! You can 
    find Boomer in 2-1. Go in the warp pipe past the big lake. Go down it 
    and have Tippi identify a hidden ! Block. Hit it and go down the 
    second warp pipe. Kill the enemies in the room and then his treasure 
    chest will appear.
    Slim: Who needs to go on a diet when you have Slim? Use Slim to make 
    you go skinny. Stand still and you won’t get hurt by enemies or 
    obstacles. It’s like your invisible! Slim is found in 2-3. Slim is on 
    the second floor right next to the door. Use Mario to flip to 3-D and 
    open Slims Chest. Easy!
    Thudley: You need to be Macho to get Thudley! Thudley allows you to 
    ground pound. Thudley is in 3-2. To get him, go down the warp pipe in 
    the second area. Walk for a little bit then swim through the water to 
    find a door. Once in the door the place locks up, kill the enemies
    with Bowser and his chest will appear.
    Carrie: Wish you could float over spikes? Well then Carrie is your 
    Pixl! Carrie will carry you over anything! You’ll find Carrie in 3-4. 
    She’s trapped in the dungeon under Francis’s Castle. To get to the 
    dungeon, have Mario go 3-D, in the entrance hall, there will be a warp 
    pipe behind the door. (The door right of the Save Block) Once in the 
    pipe, run for a little bit until you run in to some spikes. Use Mario 
    again to go 3-D and there will be a platform to cross. When you find 
    Carrie on the other side use Thudley to hit the ! Block.
    Barry (Optional): Barry is the scaredy-cat that gave you 3 tips to get 
    to Francis’s Castle. Once you defeated Francis go talk to him again in 
    3-1 and he’ll happily join your party. Barry wouldn’t want to see you
    hurt so he’ll protect you with spikes that will hurt enemies.
    Fleep: Fleep can reverse things around on the screen. Fleep can be
    found in 4-2. He’s waiting for some toilet paper in the rest room. Go
    talk to the elder of the planet and he’ll give you an Ancient Scroll,
    give the Ancient Scroll to Fleep and he’ll come out of the rest room
    and join your party!
    Cudge: Cudge loves to hit things like a hammer. Probably because he is
    a hammer! You’ll find Cudge in 5-2, a little after you beat O’Chunks.
    To get Cudge you need 3 Tablets found in 5-2. Go to the top of the 
    tall stone monument then hit an invisible block to trigger a ladder. 
    Climb the ladder then on the top you’ll need to use Mario to go 3-D,
    jump on the floating island with 3 stone rocks on it. Thats where you
    put the tablets. Put them in order: Stone, Water, then Fire. 
    (Left - Right) Once done Cudge will appear and join your party.
    Dottie: Dottie looks like a little fuzzy ball. Dottie can make Mario 
    and Co. small! Being small can be very helpful, you can sneak by 
    enemies, go through small doors, and even run on water!! Dottie is 
    found in 5-4. Use Fleep on a skull drawing to reveal a key. Get out of
    the maze by going through the previous two pipes. Use Mario to go 3-D
    to reveal the hidden ladder. Go up it then use the key on the door. 
    Behind it is Dottie with a lost man. (Sorry if that was confusing, 
    this was the hardest Pixl for me)
    Piccolo (Optional): Ever wish you had sound effects? Well that’s what
    Piccolo’s for, she even heals status problems. Although her side quest
    is pretty long. After you place the 6th Pure Heart go to Merlee’s 
    House of Charms. If you talk to her over the desk she’ll sell you 
    charms. Jump over the desk and talk to her and she’ll give you the 
    side quest. Once you accept head to Merluvlee’s house. (It’s on the 
    2nd floor of flipside) Talk to her and start the next part of the 
    quest, after talking to her go to Flipside Tower and go to Chapter 
    1-1. Go talk to Bestovius (the one who gave you flipping powers) and 
    he’ll send you on a second quest. Go to Watchitt’s House for the 
    You-Know-What. Go to Watchitt’s House in Chapter 1-2. He’ll give you a
    paper that he want’s autographed by Merlumina. Next, go to 1-4. Go to
    the very end and stand under the star block. (DON’T HIT IT!!!) 
    Merlumina will appear and will sign your paper. Now retrace your steps and 
    give each character the desired items. Once you give Merlee the 
    crystal ball she’ll give you a charm and the random house key. The 
    lock it goes to is on the house in Flipside on the first floor. 
    Inside is Piccolo, finally the quest is over!
    Dashell (Optional): Dashell is probably the coolest Pixl! 
    Like his name says it allows you to Dash. But he’s a pain to get! You
    need to defeat Wracktail. Hey that sounds easy right? Wrong!!! 
    Wracktail is on the bottom of Flipsides, Pit of 100 Trials. Defeat 
    Wracktail and you’ll get Dashell the final Pixl!!
    5) Credits
    I would like to give credit to the following people!:
    Nintendo for making such an awesome game with awesome characters!
    HeartlessRule for telling where Dashell is.
    6) Copyright 
    Copyright 2007 Karter Duff
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
    their respective trademark and copyright holders. 

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