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    Pit of 100 Trials FAQ by xmunamaniacx

    Version: 1.45 | Updated: 11/26/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Welcome to the
    +Super Paper Mario FAQ: Pit of 100 trials+
    By: xmunamaniacx (Nicholas Munarriz)
    Copyright 2007 Nicholas Munarriz
    General Tips
    Flipside Pit
    Flopside Pit
    Version History
    Welcome to the Super Paper Mario FAQ: Pit of 100 Trials. This guide covers most
    of the information needed to defeat the Pit of 100 Trials in both Flipside and
    Flopside, as well as a list of enemies on the floors, and a strategy for every
    enemy in the game. I hope that this guide helps you in your quest to defeat the
    enemies in the Pit of 100 Trials.
    This has been created for intermediate players. If you need help on defeating a
    Goomba, then this is not the right guide. If you know how to defeat every enemy
    in the game, then you shouldn't even need this guide.
    The Pit of 100 Trials is the most popular side quest in the game. It is
    composed of 100 rooms, most of which contain enemies. One holds a key, which is
    used to unlock the door to the next room. Every 10 floors, you have a chance to
    escape the pit, and get an item. If you pass all 100 floors you have beaten the
    infamous Pit of 100 Trials.
    This is my first FAQ so I hope that you enjoy it, because I am sure that I
    enjoyed making it. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or wish to
    use this guide on your site, please e-mail me at faqs@ymail.com. Here I go!
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    There will be no major spoilers ahead, but you might find a few minor spoilers.
    There is not anything in this guide that will completely ruin the games story
    so relax.
    This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without my advance written permission.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright owners.
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    the game, requests for permission to put it on your site etc to:
    If you are requesting permission to put it on your site, please ensure that you
    put the URL of the site concerned into your e-mail as otherwise the answer will
    be no. Please note that it may take me up to a week to respond to e-mails.
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    +General Tips+
    You should always be informed on what lies ahead of you in the pit of 100
    trials. If you are, the pit will be much easier. This guide should really help
    if you are stuck on a floor, or can't seem to work up enough experience to go
    Once you reach Chapter 5-4, you will find a pipe where some enemies
    continuously exit. If you position yourself next to it as Bowser, and use the
    fire breath, you will get experience at a rate of 1000 every few seconds. This
    can get you up to a high level quickly and will really help you on your quest,
    as well as the Pit of 100 Trials.
    If you are Mario, you can switch to 3-D and the walls will disappear, allowing
    you to pass through them. This can save time, which might become an issue in
    the higher floors. Once you receive the key, if you find that the door is below
    you, or near you, but there is a wall in the way, use 3-D to skip to the door.
    There are many combination of characters and Pixls that you can use. I prefer a
    Bowser Carrie combination, but using Barry or Boomer with Bowser also works
    well. If you find that you can't win with those, you shouldn't feel afraid to
    switch to Cudge. Cudge can also land huge amounts of damage on other enemies.
    As far as characters go, you should always use Bowser. Using Peach with Cudge
    is an offensive, and defensive tactic. Peach can block any attack while Cudge
    can land huge amounts of damge! These are all great strategies, but pick
    whichever one you prefer. It is possible to get past half the pit without
    taking any damage!
    If an enemy shoots anything, then you should use Barry to send it back at them.
    This protects you and does damage to them. That is a nice way to kill two birds
    with one stone. This can save you lots of time and even more health!
    On the earlier floors, you could use Dottie to simply sneak by the enemies.
    This feels like cheating, and I don't use it because I prefer a challenge, but
    this is useful if you are having trouble.
    If you flip into 3D, walk behind a wall, and flip into 2D, you can occasionally
    jump through the floor above you with Luigi's Super Jump. It does not always
    work, but it is useful when it does work.
    If you don't think that you can keep going, then stop, at the next treasure
    room. If you die, none of your data gets saved. Make sure that you remember
    that. Your first try is likely to not be your last.
    It is almost impossible to pass all 100 rooms without the right preparation.
    Healing items are the most important, but there are a few others that might
    help such as offensive items like ice storm. You can only carry 10 items so it
    is important, that you use the right inventory as you go down the pipe to the
    Emergency Rations incredibly useful in the pit. To make them combine a shroom
    shake and a fire burst. They heal 50 hp if you use them in the pit, but only 10
    if you use them outside of the pit making them an efficient and cheap way to
    heal up. You can get the two ingredients at world 1-2 where this watch-it guy
    lives and you can but both ingredients for only 18 coins!
    Merlee's charm is also available and, while not as powerful as most other
    items, it does not actually use up a space in your storage making it a good
    thing to have if you have extra money lying around. Otherwise, I would just
    invest your money into items.
    For minimizing the amount of items that you carry, you should put two together
    at the restaurant in Flopside. This is very useful and can almost halve the
    items that you need to hold. When you are ready for the Pit of 100 Trials go
    down the pipe, and make sure that you have at least ninety minutes to spare.
    +Flipside Pit+
    The Flipside pit is easier than the Flopside pit, but is still a challenge if
    you don't know what you are doing. That is where the guide comes in. Use this
    as you go through the Pit of 100 Trials and everything will be okay (maybe).
    01- Squiglet
    Just jump on the Squiglets.
    02- Goomba
    A plain jump should suffice.
    03- Squig, Squiglet
    Jump on the Squig and Squiglet, but you need to avoid the Squig's rocks.
    04- Sproing-Oing
    If it isn't killed at once by jumping preferably, It will split into more
    05- Goomba, Gloomba
    Jump on the Goombas, and Gloomba's are the same thing, but higher attack.
    06- Cherbil
    Avoid the gas and jump on it.
    07- Sproing-Oing, Squig
    Kill the Sproing-Oing in one jump, and the same with the Squig.
    08- Squig, Squiglet
    Same as floor 3.
    09- Gloomba, Poison Cherbil
    Kill the Gloomba with a jump, and avoid the gas from the Poison Cherbils.
    10- Tippi Card
    11- Paratroopa, Koopa Troopa
    Treat them both like Koopas. Just jump.
    12- Paragoomba, Spiked Goomba
    The Paragoomba should be killed with boomer or Bowser, as well as the Spiky
    13- Shlurp, Bald Cleft
    Put Boomer in front of them and wait for them to gobble up.
    14- Flip Goomba, Koopa Troopa
    These can both be defeated using any method that you want.
    15- Boomboxer, Shlurp
    Avoid the Boomboxer attacks and then you can take them out however you would
    like. Boomer works on Shlurp.
    16- Tileoid G, Koopa Troopa
    Bowser is highly recommended.
    17- Flip Koopa Troopa
    Jump away!
    18- Buzzy Beetle, Squig
    The Buzzy Beetle has a high defense, but jumping is recommended.
    19- Koopatrol, Squiglet, Koopa Troopa
    The Koopatrol should succumb to a flame, while the others should seem
    20- Thoreau
    21- Spiny Card
    Bowser works the best here.
    22- Boo, Gloomba
    Treat Gloomba and Boo to a deluxe jumping treatment.
    23- Fuzzy, Cherbil
    Kill Fuzzy however you want and the Cherbil should seem familiar.
    24- Boing-Oing, Sproing-Oing
    Fire works the best, but almost anything works.
    25- Chain Chomp
    Only 1 enemy here. Cudge can land a decent amount of damage. When using
    peach, you can easily take it out without beung damaged at all!
    26- Crayzee Dayzee, Paragoomba
    Use Barry on the Crayzee Dayzee and just jump on the Paragoomba.
    27- Squiglet
    You know the drill.
    28- Hammer Bro, Koopa Troopa
    The hammer bro is a huge threat. Take him out first with a Pixl or Bowser.
    Using Dottie is also a good idea.
    29- Rawbus
    Jump on the tail from behind.
    30- Boomer Card
    31- Tileoid B, Tileoid G
    Bowser is the key with both of these.
    32- Longator
    Very easy to beat, just keep your distance.
    33- Growneba
    Use Thoreau to throw it.
    34- Stone Buzzy, Bald Cleft
    To high defenses are perfect for Bowser.
    35- Choppa, Squig
    Jump on them both.
    36- Ninjoe
    Bowser is the key, but these are still annoying.
    37- Spike Top, Buzzy Beetle, Squig
    This should be familiar, just be sure to not jump on the spike.
    38- Magikoopa, Spiked Goomba
    The Magikoopa is your enemy and Barry is your friend.
    39- Fire Bro, Tileoid G
    Fire is similar to hammer, and Tileoid G is just a Bowser breath away from
    dying. Use Dotte as your pixl here.
    40- Slim Card
    41- Clubba, Squiglet
    Boomer works well with Clubba, and squiglet is open to any attacks.
    42- Pokey, Gloomba
    Fire seems to work well in this room.
    43- Koopa Striker
    Avoid the shells, and you should be fine.
    44- Squog, Squig, Crusya
    This room is open to any attacks that you would like.
    45- Tileoid R, Tileoid B
    Bowser gets a chance to shine here.
    46- Flip Paratroopa, Flip Goomba
    Very simple, and can also be handled in 3-D.
    47- Ice Cherbil, Poison Cherbil, Cherbil
    They may seem fancy, but just treat them all like regular Cherbils, while
    taking the attacks into account.
    48- Magikoopa, Clubba
    This room is dangerous, but try to use a Barry, Bowser combo.
    49- Squog
    If you have made it this far, you should be able to handle this.
    50- Thudley Card
    51- Flip Spiny, Spiny Buzzy, Buzzy Beetle
    Use Bowser's fire on all of these.
    52- Pigrathim
    Try killing it all at once, so that it doesn't get faster.
    53- Spania, Tileoid B
    Bowser can handle this room on his own.
    54- Dry Bones, Clubba
    Dry Bones and Clubba both can be defeated however you like, but don't jump on
    55- Hooligon
    Bowser can handle him quickly.
    56- Dark Boo, Tech Crusya
    Both are upgrades of already defeated enemies, and you should be able to
    tweak the strategies on your own.
    57- Zoin-Oing, Ice Cherbil
    Zoin-Oing is relatively simple, and Ice Cherbil isn't any different from what
    you've faced so far.
    58- Amayzee Dayzee, Crayzee Dayzee
    This room can really hurt you. Use Barry with whichever character you think
    is best.
    59- Yellow Magiblot, Squig
    When it reappears, use Barry to return the attack.
    60- Carrie Card
    61- Beep Boxer, Heavy Cursya, Cursya
    These are all annoying, but just require basic attacks.
    62- Dull Bones, Dark Boo
    Dark Boo is just like its regular counterpart, and Dull Bones is also similar
    to Dry Bones.
    63- Boomerang Bro, Clubba
    The final Bro has arrived, and is a HUGE threat. These guys need Dottie to
    them straight, and Clubba follows the same strategy.
    64- Tileoid Y, Tileoid R
    The King of Koopas shall burn the room to a crisp.
    65- Blomeba, Grownmeba
    Use Thoreau before you throw your remote.
    66- Slellobit, Ninjoe
    Ninjoe is already a familiar enemy, and for Shellobit, I find Cudge and
    Bowser to dominate.
    67- Longadile, Longator
    These are both essentially the same, and are both explosion sensitive.
    68- Flip Hammer Bro, Squog, Squoinker
    This room is hard, but most likely has no new enemies. Just use Dottie on the
    hammer bro.
    69- Soopa Striker
    Avoid the shells as you make your way towards them.
    70- Fleep Card
    71- Moon Cleft, Bald Cleft
    Thoreau to throw them against eachother is very effective.
    72- Jawbus
    Nobody likes it when you step on their tail.
    73- Cursya, Reversya Cursya, Tech Cursya, Heavy Cursya
    It is time to go Cursya crazy! These have all been defeated before so just
    them out one at a time.
    74- Copta
    Jumpman strikes again, but Cudge is also okay.
    75- Ruff Puff
    Jump party, or you could deflect the lightning with Boomer.
    76- Blastboxer, Beepboxer, Boomboxer
    Boxers Unite! Use Barry A LOT in this room.
    77- Blue Magiblot, Squog
    These are both simple. Just take out Magiblot before it disappears.
    78- Chromeba, Blomeba
    If you made it here, then thids should be a familiar sight.
    79- Flip Skellobit, Flip Spiky Skellobit
    Defeat these both like regular skellobits (with the exception of jumping on
    the spike)!
    80- Cudge Card
    81- Hogarithm, Tileoid Y
    Bowser and his pal fire make a great team in this room.
    82- Red Magiblot, Squoinker
    Repel the Magiblots attack, and the Squoinker is perfect for Barry and Bowser.
    83- Pink Fuzzy, Cherbil
    This room is full of easy enemies, and is not worth giving strategies.
    84- Shlorp, Spania
    Bowser gets a chance to shine! (yes, he has already had a ton of other
    chances, but here is another one) Boomer is the cause of death for the Shlorp
    85- Poison Pokey, Dark Boo
    You should know these guys by heart.
    86- Koopatrol, Magikoopa
    The room has lots enemies from earlier rooms, but don't let your guard down.
    87- Chromeba, Reversya Cursya, Copta
    You had better know how to take these guys down. If you have short term
    memory, then scroll up to find a room with the enemy for a description.
    88- Ninjoe, Ninjohn
    All the Ninjas are very similar.
    89- Headbonk Goomba
    Very basic enemy, that requires no explination.
    90- Dottie Card
    91- Gawbus
    The classic game of: pin the flame on the tail!
    92- Ninjerry, Ninjohn, Ninjoe
    Ninjas unite, but these are all the same! Just expect them to have different
    attack and HP. You should be ready for a hard battle.
    93- Skellobit, Ninjerry, Cursya
    These are all old enemies, and you should know a hundred ways to defeat them
    each at this point. (Only 25 for Ninjerry).
    94- Flip Fire Bro, Squoinker
    The Fire Bro is dangerous so avoid the fire, as you make your way towards
    him, then jump away. Use Dottie to avoid detection.
    95- Skellobit, Spiky Skellobit
    Skellobit has the same weakness that he's had since
    96- Flip Boomerang Bro, Flip Fire Bro
    The bros are old, but still dangerous. Refer to an earlier section for more
    information, even though you should be familiar with this.
    97- Squiglet
    The Squiglet is the lowest form of life in the game (except for goombas). You
    better not die here. A jump is all you need.
    98- Red Chomp
    I find Boomer and Bowser to work the best on this defense freak.
    99- Blue Magiblot, Red Magiblot, Yellow Magiblot
    Red= Yellow+HP+Attack
    What am I saying? Kill these all like regular Magiblots.
    100- Wracktail
    Wracktail is a lot like the dragon boss from Chapter 1. If you have Luigi, then
    you should use super jumps to hurt him. If you don't, then use Thoreau to
    defeat him. Luigi is much faster than Thoreau. If you have recovery items, use
    them before you enter this room. You may need them.
    +Flopside Pit+
    The Flopside pit is harder then the Flipside Pit, but can only be unlocked by
    defeating the Flipside Pit. Every enemy is a dark version of themselves so that
    you can't identify them that easily, which is where this guide really helps. I
    won't write dark before each enemy because every enemy is dark. Another very
    important detail is that a dark enemy is twice as powerful as the light
    counterpart. You have been warned.
    01- Goomba
    Jump away!
    02- Koopa, Goomba
    This room is easy as pie. In fact, you can eat pie while you jump on all of
    these guys, and put them to rest.
    03- Goomba, Paragoomba, Tech Cursya
    Be sure not to touch any of these. For Cursya you should use Bowser.
    04- Paragoomba
    If you need help on a Paragoomba, you had better be ready for a hard journey
    ahead. By the way, if you really need help, jump.
    05- Koopa, Spiked Goomba
    Koopa is open to jumping while spiked goomba is open to just about anything
    06- Squiglet, Cherbil
    Squiglet is the same old square creature. Try to deflect the poison from the
    07- Spiny, Squiglet
    These are both self explanatory.
    08- Goomba, Spiny, Cursya
    Fire is the best thing you can do in this room.
    09- Spike Top Koopa
    This is a harder koopa. Use fire, or whatever else you want, but do not jump.
    10- Dashell Card
    11- Fuzzy, Squiglet
    Bowser is your friend in this room too.
    12- Stone Buzzy
    A jump cracks their shell, and is recommended here.
    13- Cleft, Paratroopa, Heavy Cursya
    Bowser, meet your future pile of ashes. Cleft should be tackled with Cudge
    14- Cleft, Paragoomba
    Cudge and Bowser are the team of choice here.
    15- Spania, Goomba
    This is your chance to get creative. Do whatever you want.
    16- Dull Bones, Spiny, Tech Cursya
    Flames are by far the best weapon here.
    17- Stone Buzzy, Spike Top
    Use a jump on the Stome Buzzy, but Barry or Cudge on Spike Top.
    18- Fuzzy, Spiked Goomba
    Fire is once again the best form of execution here.
    19- Dull Bones, Goomba
    Must I repeat the word, fire, again.
    20- Goomario Card
    21- Pokey, Reversya Cursya, Fuzzy
    This room is a little tricky, but with Bowser (yes again) can burn these all
    to ashes.
    22- Spania
    Barry and Cudge work very well here.
    23- Fuzzy, Longator
    Jumping is very effective on the Longator because it uses up so much space.
    24- Dull Bones, Fuzzy, Paragoomba
    Jumps work well as well as Cudege, Barry, and Bowser.
    25- Cleft, Ruff Puff
    Barry is powerful against both of these.
    26- Dark Boo
    This is a dark dark boo. Treat it like you would any other dark boo. Jump!
    27- Ruff Puff, Heavy Cursya, Squiglet
    There is nothing new here. Bowser dominates here.
    28- Stone Buzzy, Spania
    Jumps shine again.
    29- Dark Boo, Goomba
    Jumping on both of these leads to success.
    30- Kooper Card
    31- Shlurp, Ruff Puff
    Plant Boomer for Shlurp, and I guess that if you are lazy, the same thing
    could work for Ruff Puff.
    32- Sproing-Oing, Squiglet
    Nothing new here... Just jump on them, or do whatever you want.
    33- Choppa, Pokey
    Choppa can flip between dimensions, but can be defeated however you want.
    Pokey is the man for Cudge.
    34- Boomboxer
    These are harder than they look. Use Barry a lot here.
    35- Growneba, Reversya Cursya, Squiglet
    Bowser can handle all in this room.
    36- Boomboxer, Cursya
    Bowser and Barry are recommended by 4 out of 5 dentists.
    37- Grownmeba
    Throw them into eachother.
    38- Cherbil
    Cherbils haven't gotten any harder. Follow the same basic strategy.
    39- Dark Boo, Megabite
    Dark Boo looks like, and can be treated like a regular Boo. When Megabite
    rams you use Barry.
    40- Bombette Card
    41- Striker
    Use Barry to use its attack against it.
    42- Shlurp, Cursya, Heavy Cursya
    Boomer is the obvious attack on Shlurp, but the Cursyas can be put in place
    by... you guessed it, Bowser!
    43- Boomboxer, Choppa
    This is possibly the hardest room thus far. Use Barry on these enemies.
    44- Sproing-Oing, Tech Cursya, Reversya Cursya
    All enemies hide in fear of the beast. The beast's name is Bowser. They must
    be burninated.
    45- Shlurp
    Once you are in front of it, drop Boomer, and enjoy the show.
    46- Hammer Bro, Goomba
    Goomba! So easy, right? Wrong! Hammer Bro should be handled by Dottie or
    Barry, but are always a huge threat.
    47- Boomerang Bro, Dark Goomba
    This is an upgrade from the last room, but use the same tactics. Watch out
    for the boomerangs.
    48- Fire Bro, Spiked Goomba
    Fire Bro is not that different from his boomerang cousin, and Spiked Goomba
    has a spike. Do not jump on it.
    49- Magikoopa, Striker, Squiglet
    These are all previous enemies, and all of them should be treated with Barry
    except for Squiglet. OnSquiglet, do whatever you want.
    50- Parakarry Card
    51- Muth
    255 HP! Don't worry. Bowser can easily get through these.
    52- Chomp
    The classic high defense monster returns, and is asking for Bowser.
    53- Clubba
    Must I say Bowser's fire again?
    54- Squiglet
    Squiglets are made to use up space, and let you use your imagination. Do
    55- Squiglet, Spania
    Squiglet and Spania can both be taken down however you want.
    56- Boomerang Bro, Tech Crusya, Squiglet
    This room is hard. Use Dottie and Bowser here.
    57- Tileoid
    Bowser (Yes I did say it again) is the king of Koopas and Tileoids.
    58- Hammer Bro, Cursya
    Bowser + Dottie = Win
    59- Striker, Magikoopa
    Barry is necessary, but Peach is also good.
    60- Bow Card
    61- Magikoopa, Chomp
    Barry and Bowser team up again.
    62- Pigarithm, Magikoopa, Eeligon
    Pigarithm can become porkarithm with Bowser, and Magikoopa is calling out
    Barry. Hit Eeligon's head, as it is the only weakness.
    63- Magikoopa, Heavy Cursya, Tileoid
    Barry takes care of Magikoopa while Bowser takes care of the other two.
    64- Ninjoe
    Bowser is the best you could do to get rid of this. If you throw your wiimote
    to the floor in frustration, I am not responsible.
    65- Chomp, Fire Bro
    Bowser and Barry dominate this place. Dottie is also a good idea on the BFire
    66- Hammer Bro
    Peach actually gets to do something, but use Cudge to attack, and crouch when
    the hammers come. Dottie is also a great Pixl to use.
    67- Clubba, Tech Cursya
    These are 100% combustible. Go get them Bowser.
    68- Koopatrol, Clubba
    Fire is the best way to make these two enemies be gone.
    69- Ninjoe, Megabite, Cherbil
    This room is very annoying. Use Bowser on these.
    70- Watt Card
    71- Jawbus
    Use 3-D to get around it, and hit the tail from the back.
    72- Koopa, Koopatrol
    Burning these to a crisp is easy as switching to Bowser and pressing the down
    73- Barridad
    Use 3-D to get around, then it should be straight forward. Barridads' own
    ammo can be used against them withBarry; their shots go right through the
    barrier, both ways, and you only need to reflect a single shot to take one
    74- Eeligon, Choppa
    Hit Eeligon's head, and jump on Choppa.
    75- Dayzee, Pigrathm
    Keep Barry handy to bounce the notes bag at the Dayzees, and keep Pigarithm
    at bay with fire.
    76- Koopatrol
    Put boomer on the floor, and when it charges at you detonate it.
    77- Ninjoe, Tileoid
    Fire is extremely effective against these two.
    78- Skellobit, Ninjoe
    Burn these to two piles of ashes.
    79- Skellobit, Spiky Skellobit
    Bowser is good against both of these, but Cudge is also okay.
    80- Sushie Card
    81- Spiky Skellobit, Cursya
    Cudge is the man, or hammer, for Skillobit, and Cursya can be burned by
    82- Magikoopa, Cherbil
    These are both from earlier in the pit, but they didn't get any easier. Keep
    your guard up.
    83- Skellobit, Spiky Skellobit
    Using Cudge is recommended, but Bowser also works.
    84- Jawbus
    Jump on the tail.
    85- Magiblot
    Get it before it becomes invisible. Try using Barry on the attacks.
    86- Koopatrol, Reversya Cursya
    Planting Boomer for the Koopatrol remains as effective, and Bowser can always
    scorch a Cursya
    87- Striker, Squiglet
    Avoid the Stiker's shells, and Do whatever you want to Squigy.
    88- Longator
    Jumping on it is the best strategy, because it is impossible to miss.
    89- Magiblot, Tileoid
    Take out the Magiblot with Barry, and Bowser is the best character to use on
    the Tileoid.
    90- Lakilester Card
    91- All four types of Cursya
    Burn them all to ashes with Bowser.
    92- Magikoopa, Squiglet
    Use Barry a lot against the Magikoopa. All I can say is go crazy.
    93- All three types of Bro
    Use Dottie here, and Mario switching to 3-D is also good.
    94- Magiblot, Dayzee, Cherbil
    This room is good for Barry and Thoreau. Bowser is also a nice enemy here.
    95- Headbonk Goomba
    These are simple. Just avoid the headbonks, and you'll be fine.
    96- Jawbus, Megabite
    Use Barry when Megabite rams. Jawbus can be taken down by hitting the tail.
    97- Skellobit, Spiky Skellobit
    Boomer works on both, but you can try jumping on the regular ones.
    98- Muth
    Bowser can take away the 255HP in a matter of seconds.
    99- All types of Bros and Koopatrol
    Use Dottie on the three bros along with Boomer on the Koopatrol.
    100- Shadoo
    Shadoo can only be reached the second time you go through the pit. The first
    time, you will run into an empty room. If you can reach him, you will face Dark
    Lugi, Dark Bowser, Dark Peach, and Dark Mario. Shadoo is a separate enemy, but
    his only defense is the characters themselves. They all act a lot like the
    light version of themselves. If you defeat Shadoo, then you can give yourself a
    pat on the back, and now that you can take a break and rest your finger, your
    brain (which I doubt you've been using), and your bladder.
    How do I unlock the Flipside pit?
    There are three ways.
    If you have Luigi, you can just jump to the switch, but if you don't, there is
    a pipe that you can bomb from the Flipside Outskirts. From there you need to
    use Tippi to find a few blocks creating a stairway to a platform. There, switch
    to 3-D and you will go down a path that takes you to the top of the barrier
    where you can hit a switch. This is based off of memory so if you have
    corrections to make, can you e-mail them to me. The third method was suggested
    by Goombario93.
    "Get Boomer and go to the entrance of the pit. USe him and QUICKLY before he
    blows switch to Thoreau, use him and time your jump to throw Boomer at the top
    of the blocks which if timed properly, would activate the switch."
    How do I unlock the Flopside pit?
    You just need to beat the Flipside pit.
    Who is this "Bowser" that you talk about?
    *Punches guy who asked question* Next.
    Why did you punch him?
    *Punches guy who asked question* Next.
    I am going through my second time in the Pit of 100 Trials in Flopside, and
    there aren't any new cards showing up, i.e. the chests are all opened already.
    Are you sure that you get new cards? Or did I miss something, like having to
    reactivate the pit or something like that?
    You didn't miss anything. You get the new cards at the end once you defeat
    Shadoo. The chests are supposed to be empty.
    When can I first go to the Pit of 100 Trials?
    After chapter one.
    What do I get for beating the Pit of 100 Trials?
    Flipside- Dashell
    Flopside (1st time)- Nothing (unless you count the rare cards collected every
    ten levels)
    Flopside (2nd time)- Rare cards and Mario can stay flipped forever without a
    Who should I use?
    Look at the General Tips Section and the rest of the FAQ.
    My game froze in the middle of the pit of 100 trials. What do I do?
    I would assume that your disk is either dirty or scratched, but I can't be sure.
    When will the FAQ section end?
    These are all the people that helped me. I could have done it with out them,
    but the guide wouldn't look as good as it does now.
    -Nicholas Munarriz (xmunamaniacx)- making the guide
    -Lisa Harrison (Lisanne)- Letting me use her copyright information
    -Nintendo Power- Helping me with a few of the enemies in the rooms
    -Shawn Vernier (SPV999)- I used his guide for a reference to a few enemies
    that I forgot about: http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/wii/file/933012/47957
    -Tom Root- Reminding me about using Dottie on some enemies
    -THX0881- Telling me about the glitch with the super jump that I added to the
    General Tips section
    -Kip- Giving me numerous suggestions including adding a clearer of Shadoo.
    -Cory- Telling me that Peach and Cudge makes a great team
    -Dr.Ryan- Told me about a mistake that I made in the FAQ section about the
    -Goobers 100- Informing me about Emergency Rations.
    -Leo theMountain Lion-Giving me numerous tips that made the guide a lot
    -Noshire- Reminding me along with many others to write that you can get
    emergency rations for very cheap. At world 1-2.
    -Derek- Reminding me about the charm.
    -Goombario93- Explaining an alternate way to enter the flipside pit.
    You can contact me for permission to use the guide, as well as questions that
    aren't answered in the guide, tips, or any other information that you might
    want to give me. Do not contact me on anything that is not on the Pit of 100
    Trials, and be sure to write Super Paper Mario in the subject line, or I will
    most likely put it in my junk folder and never read it. Unless otherwise
    requested, I will put your registered name on your e-mail account as the name
    that you receive credit for. You need to e-mail me a specific name that you
    would like mentioned in the credits section or no credit will be given. If you
    wish to contact me for any of the above reasons, you can contact me in at my e-
    mail address below:
    Be warned that I may either not reply or take a very long time to replay since
    I don't play this game as much as I used to.
    +Version History+
    Most of the updates after version 1.0 were made because of suggestions. I
    will not give credit here, but I will give credit in the credits section.
    4/21/07 Version 0.4
    I put all the names of the enemies as well as all the sections titles.
    4/26/07 Version 0.5
    I filed in the sections and started the floor strategies for Flipside.
    4/30/07 Version 0.65
    I got the descriptions of the floors up to floor 70 of the Flipside Pit.
    5/2/07 Version 0.75
    Finished the descriptions on the Flipside Pit.
    5/5/07 Version 0.85
    The guide is finished up to room 30 on the Flopside Pit descriptions.
    5/10/07 Version 0.95
    Complete except for the last twenty room descriptions of Flopside.
    5/11/07 Version 1.0
    Yes! I finally did it! After hours of labor, I finished the guide. This has the
    descriptions for all of the rooms as well as a few added tips.
    5/14/07 Version 1.01
    Just a day after the guide was accepted, I found that in the intro to the
    Flopside Pit, I put right instead of write. I fixed that in this update.
    5/18/07 Version 1.1
    I completely forgot about Dottie, but Tom Root reminded me. I put him in the
    credits section, and added Dottie where appropriate. I also added
    Nesoseeker.com to the list of websites that could use the guide.
    5/20/07 Version 1.11
    The suggestions continue to flow. I got information about a super jump glitch
    with Luigi that I added to the General Tips section of the guide.
    5/24/07 Version 1.2
    I added Supercheats to the list of authorized sites as well as put a more in
    depth description on Shadoo. There was also a short addition to the conclusion.
    5/25/07 Version 1.25
    Here, I added some more suggestions to the guide. I also added a little to the
    contact section.
    6/3/07 Version 1.26
    I put that the prize for the flipside pit was infinite 3-D when it was in fact,
    the Flopside pit.
    6/16/07 Version 1.3
    A new question has been added to the FAQ a lot I added the emergency rations to
    the preparation list.
    6/25/07 Version 1.31
    I made an e-mail address for my FAQs and replaced my personal email address.
    8/8/07 Version 1.35
    I made a few more modifications from suggestions.
    6/20/08 Version 1.4
    It has been almost a year since the last update and I have discovered a huge
    amount of emails in my inbox that I forgot to check. I added most of the things
    that have been suggested and I also changed my email address and did a little
    11/25/08 Version 1.45
    I have made a few more fixes due to emails and made a few other changes as well.
    I hope that you enjoyed the FAQ, and that you were able to pass all 100 trials,
    but if you didn't recover and try again, or you can always do the Bowser 5-4
    trick to level up. If you still have trouble, you can attach a rubber band and
    a coin to the D-Pad and then leave Bowser in position until you reach the
    maximum level. Doing this is a way to get through the Pit easily, but the game
    isn't even fun anymore if you do this.
    Remember that I took my own time to put this guide up. You could benefit both,
    me and yourself, by heading over to http://www.prizerebel.com/index.php?r=333214
    There you can fill out surveys and you actually get points which are redeemable
    for all kinds of good stuff including videogames. If you sign up through the url
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    normally get. I have used it before and gotten a Rubik's cube, some free XBL,
    and even some rechargable xbox 360 controller power supplies. Take my word when
    say that it is a great site.
    I had lots of fun writing this guide and it has already helped over 100,000
    and it will hopefully help many more. Remember that if you have any questions,
    me with an email at muna@faqs.com. I might not reply right away, but odds are
    you will eventually get a response.

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