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    FAQ/Walkthrough by juancarlos321

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    GameFAQS                                       Juancarlos Manon
    Super Paper Mario                        June 11, 2007 to June 27, 2007
    Copyright 2007 J.C. Productions, Inc.  All rights reserved.
    PLEASE NOTE: If you’re seeking for a particular section of my FAQ, refer to the
    TABLE OF CONTENTS, identify the letter/number-(A1, A2, etc.), and click CTRL
    and F to type it into the search browser.  Please remember to include
    parenthesis along with your search. Finally, when you send me questions or
    advice at my e-mail address for my FAQ, I will consider them and most likely
    post your questions as well as my answer.  Your advice will help me update this
    guide and improve it and I want YOU to be a part of that.  This, thus far, is
    my third update for this guide.  If you have never read my FAQ/Walkthrough
    before, now is one of the BEST times to do so.
    I Introduction…………………………………………………………………………………… (A1)
    II Characters……………………………………………………………………………………… (A2)
    III Basic/Main Controls…………………………………………………………… (A3)
    IV Pixls…………………………………………………………………………………………………… (A4)
      *Tippi…………………………………………………………………………………………………… (A4.1)
      *Thoreau……………………………………………………………………………………………… (A4.2)
      *Boomer………………………………………………………………………………………………… (A4.3)
      *Slim……………………………………………………………………………………………………… (A4.4)
      *Thudley……………………………………………………………………………………………… (A4.5)
      *Carrie………………………………………………………………………………………………… (A4.6)
      *Fleep…………………………………………………………………………………………………… (A4.7)
      *Cudge…………………………………………………………………………………………………… (A4.8)
      *Dottie………………………………………………………………………………………………… (A4.9)
    *Barry………………………………………………………………………………………………………… (A4.10)
    *Dashell…………………………………………………………………………………………………… (A4.11)
    *Piccolo…………………………………………………………………………………………………… (A4.12)
    V Items/Effect/Price…………………………………………………………………… (A5)
    VI Copyright and Contact Information………………………… (A6)
    VII Walkthrough………………………………………………………………………………… (B1)
      CHAPTER 3-1……………………………………………………………………………………… (G1)
      CHAPTER 3-2……………………………………………………………………………………… (G2)
      CHAPTER 3-3……………………………………………………………………………………… (G3)
      CHAPTER 3-4……………………………………………………………………………………… (G4)
      Castle Bleck…………………………………………………………………………………… (H1)
      Flipside……………………………………………………………………………………………… (H2)
      CHAPTER 4-1……………………………………………………………………………………… (I1)
      Flipside……………………………………………………………………………………………… (I2)
      CHAPTER 4-1……………………………………………………………………………………… (I3)
      CHAPTER 4-2……………………………………………………………………………………… (I4)
      CHAPTER 4-3……………………………………………………………………………………… (I5)
      CHAPTER 4-4……………………………………………………………………………………… (I6)
      Castle Bleck…………………………………………………………………………………… (J1)
      Flipside……………………………………………………………………………………………… (J2)
      Mirror Hall……………………………………………………………………………………… (J3)
      Flopside……………………………………………………………………………………………… (J4)
      Flipside……………………………………………………………………………………………… (J5)
      CHAPTER 5-1……………………………………………………………………………………… (K1)
      CHAPTER 5-2……………………………………………………………………………………… (K2)
      CHAPTER 5-3……………………………………………………………………………………… (K3)
      CHAPTER 5-4……………………………………………………………………………………… (K4)
      Castle Bleck…………………………………………………………………………………… (L1)
      Flipside……………………………………………………………………………………………… (L2)
      Flopside……………………………………………………………………………………………… (L3)
      Flipside……………………………………………………………………………………………… (L4)
      CHAPTER 6-1……………………………………………………………………………………… (M1)
      CHAPTER 6-2……………………………………………………………………………………… (M2)
      Flipside……………………………………………………………………………………………… (M3)
      CHAPTER 6-1……………………………………………………………………………………… (M4)
      Castle Bleck…………………………………………………………………………………… (N1)
      Flipside……………………………………………………………………………………………… (N2)
      The Underwhere……………………………………………………………………………… (O1)
      Flipside……………………………………………………………………………………………… (P1)
      Flopside……………………………………………………………………………………………… (P2)
      Flipside……………………………………………………………………………………………… (P3)
      CHAPTER 7-1……………………………………………………………………………………… (Q1)
      CHAPTER 7-2……………………………………………………………………………………… (Q2)
      CHAPTER 7-3……………………………………………………………………………………… (Q3)
      CHAPTER 7-4……………………………………………………………………………………… (Q4)
      Castle Bleck…………………………………………………………………………………… (R1)
      Flipside……………………………………………………………………………………………… (R2)
      Flopside……………………………………………………………………………………………… (R3)
      CHAPTER 8-1……………………………………………………………………………………… (S1)
      CHAPTER 8-2……………………………………………………………………………………… (S2)
      CHAPTER 8-3……………………………………………………………………………………… (S3)
      CHAPTER 8-4……………………………………………………………………………………… (S4)
      Flipside……………………………………………………………………………………………… (T1)
      VIII Side Quests………………………………………………………………………… (U1)
      VIV Version History………………………………………………………………… (V1)
      X Credits…………………………………………………………………………………………… (W1)
      XI Final Copyright/Final Comment……………………………… (X1)
    Hello all videogame players and thorough readers and welcome to my first FAQ
    guide this year in 2007.  Let me first take the time to thank GameFAQs for
    giving me the opportunity to contribute to their amazing website.  As you can
    tell, my first FAQ guide is based on the ever famous Super Paper Mario, sequel
    to the best-seller game, “Paper Mario
    The Thousand-Year Door.”  This is going to be a well-written and thorough
    guide.  I shall attempt to reveal everything and all secrets in the game in
    this guide.  May you comprehend and find my guide thoughtful and inspiring.
    Thank you.
    Mario: You should know him by now, right?  Mario, as usual, is the main
    character in practically every game that has the name “Mario” in its title.
    You will be playing with him often since flipping is mandatory and he is an
    enjoyable character to play with.  He is the older brother of Luigi, wears blue
    overalls, a red cap, and brown shoes.  Enjoy!
    Luigi: Mario’s younger brother is a hilarious character who likes to help his
    brother out even though he gets kidnapped at times.  He wears blue overalls, a
    green cap, and like Mario, brown shoes.  His super jump ability is very useful
    in the second-half of the game and you’re able to attack enemies from the
    bottom if you jump meticulously.  Finally, you can reach pipes and items that
    you can’t reach via ordinary jumping.  Enjoy as well!
    Princess Peach: Princess Peach, usually the damsel in distress in Mario games,
    shockingly joins your party and contributes to the group in very useful and
    unique ways.  First, you can use her pink umbrella by pressing down on the
    control pad to defend against enemy attacks, and secondly you can use her
    umbrella by jumping via the 2 button and then pressing 2 subsequently to float
    across large gaps; pretty useful huh?  Finally, she wears a pink dress,
    slippers, and a tiara-(or crown if you will since she is a princess) Enjoy
    Bowser:  The “great” king of the Koopas also shockingly joins your group in
    this great adventure.  He does have a crush on Princess Peach and has been
    abducting her for many years now as a result.  Although in the preceding Paper
    Mario game, Grodus’ minions kidnap the princess instead of Bowser, getting him
    upset in the making.  In this game, Bowser has two unique abilities: his
    ferocious fire breath and his stomps from his weight causing major damage.  His
    fire breath and stomps assists you in battling bosses as well as rigorous
    enemies such as chain chomps-(red, yellow, and black).  He wears spiky
    bracelets, has a tad yellowish nose, has spikes on his back, and has partially
    green and red skin.  Enjoy as well!
    Merlon: is a new character in the Paper Mario series.  Merlon represents
    Flipside and its inhabitants as a result of a reference of “master” earlier in
    the game by a local Flipsider.  Merlon gives you plenty of good advice
    throughout the game on what you should be doing and sometimes how you can get
    it done.  He, according to my description, wears a blue cloak along with a hood
    covering which conceals his face.  No offense, but he has a long, thick
    beard/mustache that should’ve been shorter in length.  Sorry, it’s true!
    Nolrem: also being a new character, Nolrem is Merlon’s alter ego.  Nolrem, like
    Merlon, represents Flopside and its inhabitants.  He doesn’t play a huge role
    in the game unlike Merlon but he does give you useful advice in the game such
    as where the next Heart Pillar is in Flopside, etc.  He is looks exactly like
    Merlon especially with their beards/mustaches but Nolrem has a more elderly
    appearance.  Let me explain: he wears a gray hood concealing his face and a
    gray/pink cloak.  Both Merlon and Nolrem conceal their faces so I guess we will
    never know how they look like.  All you can truly see is their small eyes in
    the hood.  That’s it.
    Bestovius:  is a clever wizard who teaches you the vital ability to Flip to 3-D
    and then back to 2-D.  He resides in Lineland your first official world you
    travel to in the game.  At first he didn’t recognize as the hero but after your
    good deeds, Bestovious recognizes you as a true hero.  He rests on a purple
    cloud and wears a colorful red and yellow cloak.  Bestovious alos has the
    appropriate mustache size an exemplary size both Merlon and Nolrem and learn
    Oldman Watchitt: the stubborn mayor of Yold Town allows you to proceed onward
    to the Yold desert and then to Yold Ruins where the first Pure Heart rests.
    There isn’t anything really unique about his character except that he enjoys
    saying “watch it” a lot.  He wears a groovy light brown hat, a blue t-shirt and
    pants, and simple brown shoes.  He also has an exemplary beard/mustache Merlon
    and Nolrem can learn from.
    Merlumina: is one of the ancients who established the Light Prognosticus and
    the world they live in-(possibly Flipside) and she is a spirit who protects the
    first Pure Heart in Yold Ruins.  You meet with her after defeating Fracktail
    your first chapter boss and she explains to you the current conflict of the
    Dark Prognosticus and its allies.
    Merlee: a mysterious fortune-teller who owns a mansion in Gloam Valley, your
    second world.  Merlee also owns a fortune-teller’s shop in Flopside all the way
    to the left of the 2nd floor and she is able to tell you about future events
    such as the location of the next Heart Pillar and give you charms which I don’t
    wish to describe here.
    O’ Chunks: is one of Count Bleck’s evil, yet silly minions.  He enjoys
    interfering with you during your journey-(not as much as Mimi) with his so
    called “fists” and ground-pounds.  He has a habit of using bad grammar but
    you’ll feel pity for him after some beatings and consequences are implemented
    on him.  He has a strange beard and wears red/black clothing which in my
    opinion, is difficult to describe.  He does however, have a square-like face.
    O’ Chunks develops a competitive attitude toward our heroes after Bowser and
    Mr. L are enrolled in the game’s plot.  You’ll see what I mean as you play the
    game.  Have fun!
    Dimentio: is one of Count Bleck’s evil, yet magical minions.  He usually
    follows orders as directed by the Count and isn’t as eager to spring into
    action like O’ Chunks or Mimi.  He enjoys playing with magic and he implements
    its deadly attribute during battle.  Dimentio wears a black hat along with
    simple purple and black attire similar to a clown/magician.  One thing’s for
    sure, Dimentio believes he is a master of prestidigitation.  He does play a
    pretty big role in the game in terms of creating his “secret projects” and
    assisting a minion, which I won’t state, in battle.  This game is filled with
    surprises from Dimentio and he actually leaves you wondering, “why!?”  You’ll
    have to get accustomed to his language however since it’s a bit sophisticated
    in terms of similes and comparisons.
    Francis: (see below)
    Squirps:  is the prince of Squirpia, an unknown outer space location.  You
    first meet him in Chapter 4 and he assists you in many useful ways to acquire
    the fifth Pure Heart.  Although he does leave you to figure things out on your
    own such as in CHAPTER 4-4 The Whoa Zone a rigorous chapter in my opinion.  He
    is miniscule in size and has green skin like Francis.  It is difficult to
    describe him since he is small but he does wear a star crown atop his head.
    Either or, he is a nice character and I think you’ll get accustomed to his
    behavior in a positive way.
    Natasha: is Count Bleck’s personal advisor/assistant.  Natasha is possibly the
    closest one to Count Bleck in terms of Social class and power.  She has deep
    conversations with Bleck about how things would have been different if it
    weren’t for… not spoiling it!  Natasha wears orange glasses, a white suit/skirt
    and I’m unsure if she wears shoes or any footwear.  She does have blue skin and
    lilac hair.
    Mr. L: (see below)
    King Croacus: (see below)
    Bonechill: (see below)
    Sammer: is the king of the kingdom of the 100 Sammer Guys.  He is a nice yet
    strange king who commands the hero, Mario, Peach, Bowser, and Luigi to battle
    against his 100 Sammer Guys to prove that you’re the true hero.  He obviously
    wears a crown and a red and yellow robe.
    Queen Jaydes: the queen of a place called the Underwhere, where those whose
    games are over are sent to.  Queen Jaydes has an intimidating appearance since
    she is tall and has imperious capabilities.  Queen Jaydes wears a crown and
    dark purple cloths such as a cloak and a robe.  She is a good person but it
    will take some time to get accustomed to her imperious appearance.  You’ll see
    what I mean after you first meet with her but I won’t say when!
    King Grambi: the king of the Overthere, sort of sacred heavenly places for
    those who have done good deeds go to.  It’s a pleasant place filled with clouds
    and ruins.  King Grambi is a Nimbi who rules over them.  He seems to be a nice
    fellow since he cares for the other local Nimbis and protects the seventh Pure
    Heart which I won’t spoil those details here.  He wears a… well he doesn’t
    really wear much just a robe and he has bushy eyebrows and no crown.  He is a
    good person and you’ll grow to like him.
    Flint Cragley: is a news reporter for the Cragnons.  Flint went to investigate
    the Floro Caverns to see how the Floro Sapiens interacted and worked as well as
    know the whereabouts of the kidnapped and brainwashed Cragnons.  You’ll
    eventually get accustomed to his journalistic attitude.  He wears orange
    shorts, camping suit, and a protective helmet.
    Fracktail: the guardian of the second Pure Heart and is literally a large
    machine-like dragon which has the ability to fly and attack others severely
    with an excruciating bite.  I won’t reveal anymore so that I do not spoil it
    for others who do not wish to know.
    Mimi: is an annoying boss/character that uses Rubees and her legs to annihilate
    her opponents.  Mimi can be annoying especially at distracting us and at
    restraining us from our goal with traps and schemes you’ll unfortunately get
    accustomed to once in CHAPTER 2-2 and so on and thenceforth.  She wears a pink
    ribbon, has light green skin, a square-like face and body, and emaciating
    paper-thin hands and legs.  Mimi is also one of Count Bleck’s minions in
    executing the Dark Prognosticus and stopping the Hero from saving the world
    from destruction.
    Francis: is the third chapter boss and an annoying geek/nerd chameleon.  He
    enjoys collecting anything “totally technical” and at one point in the game,
    abducts Tippi for personal satisfaction.  In addition, he wears a mushroom
    t-shirt and an ordinary pair of glasses.  Finally, he loves to take photos of
    the items he possess to gain more personal satisfaction.  In comparison to a
    wild chameleon, Francis has green skin, swirling black eyes, and a long green
    tail.  Francis can be quite annoying at times so please mind his overall
    MR. L: is the malevolent version of Luigi.  I won’t identify him for spoiling
    reasons, however.  Anyway, MR. L is somehow connected to the fulfillment of the
    Dark Prognosticus and you’ll see that at the end of the game before the
    official Final Boss battle.  He wears a gray cape, the same clothes as
    Luigi-(including green overalls and probably brown or black shoes) and a black
    mask concealing his true identity.  To be honest, Mr. L was in fact brainwashed
    by Natasha who is Count Bleck’s advisor/assistant.  Mr. L engages in combat
    either by himself or with his Brobot a machine reincarnated by the appearance
    of Mr. L himself.  When the going gets tough for him, he summons his Brobot to
    engage in more thrilling, exhaustive, and skilled battles.  This includes
    missiles and a potent laser beam.
    King Croacus-(IV): is the present-day ruler of the Floro Sapiens who orders the
    execution of the Cragnons for polluting the Floro Sapiens’ water.  King Croacus
    was made king after the death of King Croacus III and he established an equal
    balanced influence which made him popular and well-known.  He enjoys to
    mind-control Cragnons so that they can discontinue polluting their precious
    water source(s).  He, no offense, has a female appearance even though he IS a
    male flower.  King Croacus has pink/light red pedals and a green/yellow stem.
    He has the lips of a female flower since they are puffy and are red.  He like
    all things beautiful and magnificent which is one of the reasons he holds the
    sixth Pure Heart.
    Bonechill: was presumed to be a Nimbi before taking his horrid, massive, and
    eerie appearance.  Bonechill enjoys using ice attacks and its attribute to
    freeze living and non-living materials makes it one of the most significant
    attacks for Bonechill to inherit and implement.  He wishes to absorb the life
    force of a living creature that carries the eighth Pure Heart and I won’t
    reveal that here.  Bonechill, as you can identify simply by examining his name,
    is composed of bones and a cannon.  The cannon fires icicles towards you slowly
    which can be easily avoided by jumping at the “right” time.  Bonechill also
    like to use his ice breath to quickly freeze you temporarily and cause you
    extra damage.  Finally, he creates icicles on the ceiling for them to strike
    when they drop.  They can however, be easily avoided by using Peach’s umbrella.
    Count Bleck:  is the initiator and executor of the Dark Prognosticus.  He has
    an evil appearance but he can be a good person if he chooses to be.  He is the
    second to last boss-(yes, your read correctly) and he likes to freeze time
    itself and taunt you with his Void attacks.  In the beginning, he is invincible
    via the power of the Chaos Heart.  He wears a top hat as if of a magician’s, a
    white/lavender suit, and carries a diamond-shaped wand-(or staff).  He can be a
    tough boss to beat but it’s doable with the power of all eight Pure Hearts and
    your magnificent skills.
    FINAL BOSS: will not be described for spoil purposes.  See bottom of guide.
    (A3) Basic/Main Controls:
    PLEASE NOTE: You can always refer to these controls in the game by pressing –
    to activate the menu or by referring to them in the game’s instruction
    booklet-(page 5).  Either way, I hope you enjoy my similar version with a bit
    of enthusiasm.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!  Finally, you’ll be holding the
    Wii remote SIDEWAYS for most of the game.  However, some sections of the game
    force you to POINT the Wii remote vertically towards the television screen.
    * Control Pad: General movement
                 Walk/Crouch-(press and hold DOWN on the pad)
                 Guard: Press and hold DOWN while using Peach.
                 Fire Breath: Press and hold DOWN while using Bowser
                 Super Jump: Press and hold Down to build power and unleash
                             a powerful jump strike while using Luigi
    Speak/Communicate/Interact: Press and hold down UP when it
    appears near someone or something to interact with it.
    Opening a chest or examining objects in general: Press and hold UP
    on the prompt when the prompt appears.
    Viewing previous dialogue messages: Press and hold UP during a
    * A Button: While using Mario, simply press A to flip to 3-D.  This will only
    happen if you learned the technique from a person I will not mention here.  For
    more information, refer to the CHAPTER 1-1 section and read from there.
    During long and thorough explanations or dialogue, press A to
    skim through it or to just skip the messages.
    *1 Button: Use a Pixl
    At the time when a STAR image appears, press 1 to read the rest of
    the message or letter.
    *2 Button: Jump
               Float using Peach’s umbrella
               Confirm selection or use/select an item
               Read the rest of a conversation using 2 when a STAR image appears
    HINT: If you’re accustomed to the Gamecube controls like me, then
    just think of the 2 button as the A button for the Wii.
     + Button-(Plus): Display the menu on the screen
    -	Button-(Minus): Display the controls
     Pointer: Use Tippi by pointing the Wii remote at the screen
    You can view her hints and explanations on various things such as
    people or enemies.
    Use the Pointer to fully activate items that require you to point the
    Wii Remote at the screen.
    There are a total of 12-(including Tippi) pixls in this game and the mandatory
    ones are the following: Thoreau, Boomer, Slim, Thudley, Carrie, Fleep, Cudge,
    and Dottie.  Optional ones which I recommend are: Barry, Dashell, and Piccolo.
    Below is a brief and thorough description of each pixl in the game and of their
    unique roles.  Please take note of the ones that are mandatory and optional for
    they are labeled as: *MANDATORY* and *OPTIONAL*.  Finally, you also have the
    option to replace Tippi with Tiptron, a mechanical “pixl.”  You can only
    acquire her after you complete the game.  Please see Side Quests section for
    more information.  Thank you.
    (A4.1) Tippi: *MANDATORY*
     (possibly coming soon!)
    Please always keep in mind that I spent bountiful amounts of time on this guide
    and I will to be given credit for it.
    I give credit to GameFAQS for allowing me to post this appropriate and
    well-written guide on their web site and I gave credit to King_Gamer2828 for
    prominent information.  Thank you all to those who helped me create this guide
    and thank you all for making me become a better, and more inspiring author.
    Thank you.
    VIV (X1) Final Copyright/Final Comment
    COPYRIGHT 2007 J.C. PRODUCTIONS, INC.  All rights reserved.
    All in all, Super Paper Mario is one of the best games I have ever played in my
    6-7 years of videogame experience.  This game, in my opinion, incorporates
    commitment and the ambition to strive for success and personal satisfaction.
    It also carries along a prominent value to treat others with love and respect
    just like Mario and Tippi, and Tippi and Count Bleck.  Always strive for your
    dream and persevere for it.  This game is a masterpiece and all I have to say
    is well done… very well done.  See you next time!
    Items, in my view, are very essential to accomplishing the game efficiently and
    orderly.  Items can get you out of tough situations especially when you have
    low HP.  That is why I created an item section for this unique guide.  I hope
    you enjoy it!  Please be aware that you can, in addition to purchasing items,
    sell, store, pick up, and check your points at a local item shop.  Finally, the
    MAXIMUM amount of coins you can hold is 999-(that’s nine hundred and
    ninety-nine).  The following list of items along with their effect and price
    does NOT include other items you can obtain while playing the game, but when
    you purchase them in or at an item’s shop.  I also included a degree scale of 1
    to 5 according to the item’s price and effect.  Please refer to the SCALE KEY
    for more information.
    1-	item has a low price and does not have a potent effect on enemies/or yourself
    2-	item has an ordinary price and corresponds to a small effect to you or foes
    3-	item has a substantial price and effect towards enemies or your character
    4-	item has a high price and a potent/strong effect on you or enemies
    5-	item has an extraordinary high price and an excellent effect on either your
    character or opponents
    SHROOM SHAKE: Degree 2
    Effect: replenishes 10 HP and cures poison
    Price: 30 coins
    LONG-LAST SHAKE: Degree 3
    Effect: regenerates HP over a period of time
    Price: 30 coins
    LIFE SHROOM: Degree 4
    Effect: A) instantaneously replenishes 5 HP if your HP is depleted during or
    outside of battle
            B) if eaten any other time, it will restore 5 HP and cure poison
    Price: 100 coins
    FIRE BURST: Degree 1.5
    Effect: inflicts enemies with fiery flames
    Price: 20 coins
    ICE STORM: Degree 3
    Effect: inflicts foes with chilly fragments of ice
    Price: 40 coins
    SLEEPY SHEEP: Degree 2
    Effect: causes opponents to fall asleep for a brief time
    Price: 10 coins
    COURAGE SHELL: Degree 2
    Effect: halves the amount of damage you take for a brief time
    Price: 10 coins
    SHELL SHOCK: Degree 3
    Effect: inflicts damage on enemies when you strike the shell
    Price: 20 coins
    STAR MEDAL: Degree 4
    Effect: awards you 1,000 points to your overall score upon use
    Price: 50 coins
    GOLD BAR: Degree 2.5
    Effect: if sold, you can accumulate approximately 100 coins
    Price: 100 coins
    PLEASE NOTE: The ABOVE items can be purchased and obtained at Howzit’s Items
    Shop located in FLIPSIDE.
    SUPER SHROOM SHAKE: Degree 4.5
    Effect: replenishes 20 HP and cures poison
    Price: 80 coins
    Effect: replenishes 50 coins and cures poison
    Price: 300 coins
    THUNDER RAGE: Degree 4.7
    Effect: inflicts foes with potent and penetrating lightning
    Price: 80 coins
    STOP WATCH: Degree 3.5
    Effect: an odd watch that freezes time for enemies, leaving them immobile and
    frozen for a brief timeframe.
    Price: 50 coins
    MIGHTY TONIC: Degree 4.2
    Effect: a burly beverage that for a time doubles your attack power
    Price: 70 coins
    VOLT SHROOM: Degree 3.5
    Effect: briefly paralyzes foes you come in contact with
    Price: 30 coins
    BLOCK BLOCK: Degree 4
    Effect: creates an impenetrable barrier around you, making you invincible for a
    brief time.
    Price: 50 coins
    GHOST SHROOM: Degree 5
    Effect: calls forth a potent shroom to attack and defeat nearby enemies
    Price: 88 coins
    GOLD MEDAL: Degree 4.5
    Effect: awards you 10,000 points to your overall score upon use
    Price: 500 coins
    GOLD BAR X 3: Degree 4.3
    Effect: if sold, you can obtain approximately 300 coins
    Price: 300 coins
    PLEASE NOTE: the ABOVE items can be purchased and obtained at Notso’s Items
    shop in FLOPSIDE.  In this shop, items are more expensive since they correspond
    to a more sophisticated and potent effect that Howzit’s shop unfortunately
    lacks.  Finally, you can also sell, store, pick up, and check your points just
    like Howzit’s shop in FLIPSIDE.
    ADDITIONAL ITEMS: From other shops in Yold Town and Downtown of Crag
    POW BLOCK: Degree 4
    Effect: inflicts enemies with a potent quake on the ground
    Price: 80 coins
    MYSTERY BOX: Degree 2.7
    Effect: it’s a surprise!
    Price: 3 coins
    PRIMORDIAL FRUIT: Degree 2.5
    Effect: replenishes 10 HP and cures poison
    Price: 22 coins
    You are more than welcome to send me e-mails regarding questions, decent
    comments, and concerns regarding my guide at my e-mail address:
    .  To create the underscore or the line in between my first and last name,
    click SHIFT and then the dash key next to the “0” key.  Please do
    , under any circumstances, send me inappropriate articles.  This includes:
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    This is extremely annoying and unacceptable.  This is not only humorous, but I
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    VII (B1) FAQ Walkthrough
    Well here we go!  We’re about to begin one of my favorite games of all time,
    “Super Paper Mario!”  If you ever stumble, send me an e-mail since I check my
    messages daily and promise to respond.  Without further or do, insert the Super
    Paper Mario game disk into the Wii, click on Start and after watching the very
    first cut scene press 2, name your file, and begin the game!
    (B2) Mario’s House
    You first begin at Mario’s house and the two Mario Bros. talk.  After some
    chit-chat, Luigi suggests that they should go visit Mushroom Castle to see
    Princess Peach.  When they’re outside, Toad appears in a frantic and shocking
    manner. Toad, stuttering, reports that Princess Peach has yet again been
    kidnapped!  Luigi believes it’s the work of the “bad guy” and that we’ll have
    to infiltrate his castle to rescue Peach.
    (B3) Bowser’s Castle
    In here, Bowser is as cranky and as ruling as ever.  He is planning to
    infiltrate Mushroom Castle and kidnap Peach.  Wait, didn’t we think he already
    did that!?  Anyway, Mario and Luigi confront Bowser explaining how they entered
    the castle and why they are there.  Afterwards, Peach appears in this sort of
    holographic beehive cage along with Count Bleck, the main villain.  He says
    that he is the one who kidnapped her and is the current executer of the Dark
    Prognosticus.  In order to initiate this awkward and evil prophecy, he requires
    three already known individuals: Peach, Luigi, and Bowser.  Count Bleck departs
    with them along with Bowser’s many minions and leaves Mario behind.  Then, a
    strange butter-flied pixl appears.  She introduces herself by the name of Tippi
    explaining the following: the Dark Prognosticus, the interdimensional Void, and
    the safety of Mario’s friends.  Mario and Tippi flip and depart for an unknown
    (B4) Flipside:
    You wound up at the top of Flipside Tower where Tippi introduces you to a sort
    of wizard or professor named Merlon.  Merlon explains the “end of all worlds”
    by telling us about the lilac and black miniature void in the sky.  It will
    eventually grow and develop and swallow all worlds in the process.  It’s a good
    thing Mario is back to save the day!  Merlon then hands you your very first
    Pure Heart, which is essential to saving every world.
    Merlon tells you to insert the pure heart into a
    in which Tippi will guide you to.  So, that’s what we’re going to do.  Head to
    the left, away from Merlon, and press UP on the control pad to initiate the
    elevator and you will enter Flipside’s second floor; head to the right, past
    the inn, to reach Tippi as well as another elevator.  Activate it and it will
    transfer you to Flipside’s third floor.  Continue all the way to the left to
    reach your first Heart Pillar.  Once there, approach it and when you’re able to
    press UP, press it and insert the pure heart into the pillar.  Watch this brief
    cut scene to see a red door appear where you were before.
    Head back too Merlon the exact same way you reached the pillar by taking the
    first elevator to the second floor, saving your game as recommended by Tippi,
    and take the second elevator next to the Save block.  On Flipside Tower, Merlon
    will explain that this red “dimensional door” is meant to lead you to your
    second pure heart and that Tippi is to assist you find it and return to
    Flipside.  He will hand you the RETURN PIPE which allows you to return to
    Flipside anywhere in the game from afar.  Quick Tutorial: To use the Return
    Pipe, press + on your Wii remote, press “Important Things,” and select the
    Return Pipe.  Merlon advises you to seek a wizard named Bestovius who will
    teach you a critical and valuable technique. Enter the RED dimensional door to
    your first world.
    When you enter, you will watch a cut scene to get acquainted with your future
    enemies and major boss battles such as O’ Chunks, Mimi, Dimentio, and of
    course, Count Bleck.  They discuss an action plan for the hero of the prophecy
    and O’ Chunks volunteers to remove Mario and his friends from the game.  Along
    with O’ Chunks, Dimentio also joins to defeat Mario.
    HP: 10
    ATTACK: 1
    COINS: 0
    PIXLS: 1
    The world is pleasantly drawn out and Mario and Tippi step out from the door.
    Tippi advises you to use her ability of gathering and learning information from
    people and enemies by pointing the remote at the screen and focusing on the
    thing you want to know about.  Hint: things in red will be eligible for focus.
    After finding the focus point press the A button to gather and learn the info.
    You are now in Lineland Road, your first world.  Head to the right, jump and
    defeat the Goomba.  Afterwards, hit all the blocks and the brick blocks to
    receive coins as well as a MUSHROOM to recover HP even though you shouldn’t
    have lost any by now.  Head to the right until you reach a dead end consisting
    of a door surrounded by indestructible brown blocks.  Strike the coin block
    near you, jump on top, leaping onto the indestructible blocks, crossing them
    and landing safely on the other side.  Subsequently, jump over the small gap
    and enter the pipe in front.  In here, jump and open the chest to find a SHROOM
    SHAKE.  Leave thru the pipe on the floor.
    Outside, defeat the Squiglet, jump up, and Bestovius’ house will come into
    clear view.  Before entering, save your progress via the Save block to the far
    right and enter Bestovius’ home.  Inside… you will find nothing, or is there
    something?  Tippi suggests to use her unique ability to uncover hidden things
    so point your Wii remote at the screen, locate a wooden door in the center of
    the wall, press A to reveal it, and enter the now accessible and visible door.
    Inside the interior of the house, you will meet Bestovius, a clever wizard.  He
    recognizes you as a hero impersonator but Tippi explains the truth about
    Merlon’s suspicions and Bestovius finally concurs.  He offers to teach you the
    flipping technique for… 10, 000 coins!  Now that’s just robbing people’s money
    not to mention the hero of all time Mario!  Refuse or say “No” to the first two
    offers and say “Yes” when he offers to teach you the technique for free.  He
    will grant to you the vital skill of flipping and you will be able to flip from
    2-D to 3-D at will.  Remember, using your ability too long will cause you to
    lose HP so always verify and acknowledge your Flip Gauge on the upper-left hand
    side of the screen to confirm how much time you have left before loosing HP.
    After learning the technique, flip by pressing A and you will find the
    following: a SHROOM SHAKE and a SHELL SHOCK.
    Flip back into 2-D to build up your Flip Gauge and then, exit the interior and
    flip to find a FIRE BURST, and exit the house the same exact way you entered.
    Once outside, save your progress with the Save block and continue to the left
    to the door surrounded by the indestructible blocks.  Before doing so, flip in
    front of Bestovius’ house to reveal three-(3) blocks.  Strike them to acquire
    the following: one coin, PAL PILLS, and yet again, a single coin.  Still in
    3-D, head a bit to your left and fall off the edge to obtain approximately 5-6
    coins.  Finally, head to the door surrounded by indestructible blocks.
    Once there, flip in front of the blocks to reveal a way to access the door in
    3-D.  When you’re in front of the door, press LEFT on your control pad and
    enter the door.  Here, continue to the left defeating          all the enemies
    including the Kola Troopa to earn points.  If you are       lucky, you will be
    able to acquire a TURTLEY LEAF which reduces all damage by half.  After the
    enemies you will encounter green pipes in your path which you can simply pass
    by flipping since you can’t jump over them so do that.  Take the MUSHROOM atop
    the pipe you can jump on and acquire the GOOMBA CARD.  Jump over the gap,
    collect ALL the coins here, and jump atop the center coin block to obtain the
    HAPPY FLOWER in which coins will begin to rain.  Please acquire 15 coins if
    After your fun, continue to the right to reach a large gap you cannot cross by
    jumping.  Flip to 3-D to reveal a path on the left hand side of the screen.
    Cross the path.  Defeat the Goomba in 3-D and then flip to 2-D.  Jump atop the
    indestructible blocks, jump over the small gap, and defeat the Squig.  Squigs
    are tougher versions than ordinary Squiglets because one, they have 4 HP and
    can cause damage to you by 1.  Jump on it, avoiding its attacks if necessary,
    and enter the door all the way to the right.
    Continuing on the path, you will come across an enemy named a Sproing-Oing, a
    monster who likes to jump endlessly.  Flip if you want or eliminate it for
    points and coins and continue to the right.  You will then have to jump on top
    of a yellow platform in order to ascend to the top of the hill blocking your
    way.  Simply press 2 twice when on the platform and you will succeed.  Defeat
    the enemies; collect the coins, flip to reveal a way through with many Squigs
    in your path, and pass them.  Jump on the blocks, jump over the gap, and enter
    the door at the end.
    Here, you will get to use my personal favorite item, the MEGA STAR.  First,
    bypass the Piranha Plants and strike the block to acquire your very first MEGA
    STAR.  Defeat ALL the enemies here with this new powerful item and finally at
    the end hit the STAR BLOCK to end this chapter.
    HP: 15
    ATTACK: 1
    LEVEL: 2
    COINS: 60
    PIXLS: 1
    Before officially entering this chapter, you should have saved your progress
    after hitting the star block and you should have gotten a LEVEL UP with 15 HP
    currently with 60 coins.  I’ll be updating you on what you should have BASED on
    my walkthrough so please keep up and there won’t be any surprises.
    Beginning, hit the four coin blocks to receive a MUSHROOM and three coins.
    Defeat the Koopa Troopas including the Para Koopa Troopa in 2-D and in 3-D.
    Once done, climb or ascend the mountain platforms.  At the top, you will find a
    strange mechanism.  Get in the middle of the red square to be transferred to
    the other side.  Cool.  On the other side, continue to the right to discover a
    blue switch you can’t press in 2-D.  So… flip into 3-D and jump on it to
    initiate the creation of more mountain platforms.  Ascend them and use the
    mechanism like before to get to the other side.
    Doing so, will allow you to enter the door but do not enter yet.  Jump off the
    ledge, avoiding jumping in the center of the ledge, to find one
    coin.  Hey… something is something.  Jump onto the ledge the door is on and
    enter.  Here, jump over the small gap, defeat the Koopa Troopa, and head to the
    right until you reach a “dead end”.  When you do, flip to reveal four coin
    blocks with coins you can get and jump on top of them to reach the ledge above.
    Here, you will find another set of four coin blocks.  Hit them, leap on top of
    them, flip into 3-D to jump onto the indestructible brown blocks above, and
    defeat the Koopa Troopas.  Afterwards, continue on the blocks all the way to
    the right and fall off the ledge.  You will find these dangerous, or should I
    say precarious spike-like Thwomp monsters, that can hurt you if you come into
    contact with them.  To avoid them, simply flip into 3-D to have a wider area to
    bypass them.  Follow the path up in 3-D until you reach a door you can enter at
    the end.  Enter.
    In this area, continue all the way to the right, avoiding the pipe for now to
    discover a sign which states: “Bridge Closed-Red the Bridgemaster” Enter the
    green pipe I told you to avoid earlier to wound up in the background.  Yes… the
    background.  Once there, continue all the way to the left to find a small,
    lonely house.  Enter via pressing UP.  Inside, climb the stairs to find sweat
    coming out of nowhere!  Flip to find Red the Bridge master who has been
    sequestered in 3-D.  Speak to him by pressing LEFT in 3-D mode and after
    chatting, flip back to 2-D to bring both you and Red to 2-D version.  Mario and
    Tippi request that the bridge be created to continue.  Red will then ask you
    this question: “What’s the manliest color in the entire universe, Red or
    Green?”  Answer “RED” and he’ll create the bridge for you to cross.  Exit his
    house, enter the pipe you used to enter the background, and cross the newly
    formed bridge.
    Once across, save your progress with the Save block and enter this strange
    little isolated area named Yold Town.  Enter the first building you see which
    is an items shop.  Here, I recommend you purchase the following: FIRE BURST,
    LONG-LAST SHAKE, and VOLT SROOM.  Since you should have about 70 coins by now
    and since I had 72 coins when I entered the shop you should have 30 coins left.
    Exit the shop to find a coin block containing a MUSHROOM inside then flip to
    3-D and enter the pipe that was behind the indestructible brown blocks.  Please
    take the 16 coins here and exit.  Head all the way to the right where you will
    again see a large gap requiring you to form a bridge.  This time, it’s with
    Green, Bridge Overseer.  Enter the green pipe to enter the background and enter
    Green’s home to the right.
    Inside, climb the stairs and speak to Green who is NOT in 3-D.  He says that
    you need to speak with Old Man Watchitt for his consent on activating the
    bridge.  Let’s go and do that.  Exit the house, enter the pipe and enter the
    first door you see when you head to the left from the pipe, that is Old Man
    Watchitt’s house.  Enter.  Speak with the man and he’ll tell you that in order
    for you to convince him that you’re the hero; you will need to find a
    .  That sounds familiar.  Exit the house and continue to left and enter the
    first building you see to your left.  Inside, you will see stalls colored in
    blue and red.  Head all the way to the left and flip to discover a green pipe
    behind a stall.  Enter.
    Underground, you will see gigantic Thwomps you can bypass using your flip
    technique.  Flip and head behind the 2-D Thwomps to the other side and enter
    the door.  In here, use Tippi’s unique ability to reveal a new door to your
    right.  Enter.  As soon as you enter, the only door leading out is locked by a
    strange cage-like object.  Anyway, open the huge chest to your right to obtain
    something very useful.  It’s… Thoreau!  Your second pixl that was inserted into
    that chest 1,500 years ago!
    Quick Tutorial: Thoreau, the hand-looking pixl, can be used adequately to throw
    objects at enemies and to hit objects such as switches that are out of grasp.
    Press 1 to grab the object, and press 1 once again to throw.  You’ll be using
    him quite often so please get accustomed to him as needed.
    After receiving him, it’s time to use his unique ability.  Using Thoreau, grab
    the white or red block to the right by pressing 1, jump over the chest Thoreau
    was in, run towards the blue switch, and when prepared, press 1 again to throw
    the block to the blue switch.  By doing so successfully, the blue switch will
    activate and the cage around the door will disappear making the door accessible
    again.  Enter and head all the way back outside to Yold Town, into Old Man
    Watchitt’s house.
    Speak to him and show him Thoreau, the hand-looking pixl.  He is convinced and
    will send “word” to Green of his consent to activate the bridge.  Let’s head to
    Green’s house.  Exit Watchitt’s house and head all the way to the right,
    entering the pipe, into the background, and into Green’s house.  Speak to him
    and he’ll activate the bridge.  Afterwards like Red, he will ask you this
    question: “Red or Green, What’s better?”  Answer “RED,” the second option-(any
    option gets you thrown out possibly) to get you unfortunately kicked out but
    our business isn’t done there yet.  Go back to Green’s house and climb the
    stairs to the second floor, or the floor Green is on.  Jump over Green and get
    in front of the green switch he lowered to create the bridge.  There, flip to
    3-D, and go behind his bed to receive a RED and GREEN CARD.  Once that’s done,
    exit his house and cross the newly formed green bridge.
    Once on the other side, continue a bit to the right to find the STAR BLOCK.
    Hit it to finally end this chapter.
    You will enter the Yold Desert.  Tippi suggests that our second Pure Heart
    isn’t too far since there are ruins near and she can feel its presence.  Not to
    be a spoiler, but we will not be receiving the Pure Heart this chapter.  Sorry.
    Once you’re ready to move on, continue to the right and strike the four coin
    blocks, three containing coins, and one containing a SPEED FLOWER.  Take the
    flower to temporarily speed up time.  Use it to earn triple the coins and
    points when defeating enemies to gain another LEVEL UP.  After defeating the
    Squigs and Squiglets, continue to the right to spot a red palm tree.  Remember
    where this palm tree is because we will return here for our quest.  Past the
    tree, pass the quick sand gap; use Thoreau to grab the Bald Clefts, and
    throwing them into the small quick sand gap we passed earlier.  Above the brick
    blocks there are two coin blocks one containing a MUSHROOM, the other a coin.
    Continuing to the right, you will discover this strange boxer- like creatures
    named Boomboxer.  Hit it from below the brick block, causing it to fall, and
    then jumping quickly on it to avoid damage.  After passing the second quick
    sand gap you will find a creature named Jawbus who bite anything, particularly
    anyone in range.  To defeat it, flip to get behind it, flip back to 2-D, use
    Thoreau to grab its tail and throw it into the quicksand to dispose of it.
    Continue to the right, past where the Jawbus was, and enter the door at the end.
    In this area, the only main way you need to go is to the right.  I’ll state it
    now so that I don’t have to say it for this explicit area.  Anyway, continue
    on-(notice how I’m not saying right anymore) to a Bald Cleft.  Grab it and
    throw it in the quick sand gap.  Afterwards, jump over the gap and you will
    encounter another creature named a Cherbil.  It’s pink and its pink gas can
    make you sleepy as well as lose HP.  Just jump on it or use Thoreau to defeat
    it and move on.  Defeat the Goomba in your path and stop when you come across a
    large rock looking literally like a triangle.  Next to that, flip to discover
    it’s actually an arrow pointing to the RIGHT.  Head in that direction and cross
    the thin path to the other side.
    There, continue in the only direction you can go-(right) until you can’t
    proceed no more and you reach an ancient signpost.  It states: “Find ye the tall
    of fortune, and leapeth under its branches 10 times.  Notice how I put “red
    palm tree” in bold and underlined it earlier?  That means that we must go back
    there.  Before doing so, let’s explore more of this area, just in case.  Head
    left and flip to 3-D to head left again and leave the area with the signpost.
    Pass the rock with the arrow or the triangle rock and continue to the
    right-(past the indestructible blocks by flipping).
    Defeat or throw the two Bald Clefts into the quick sand gap and for the
    Boomboxer, jump on it to receive some coins and points, but avoid its
    sonic-like waves.  Well, sorry I guess there’s nothing else to do in this area
    anymore!  Oh, if possible, flip behind a rock or boulder near a quick sand gap
    to receive a COURAGE SHELL.  Anyway, enter the door at the end.
    In this area we were in before head to the LEFT all the way to the red palm
    tree.  On your way, flip behind the rock after the first quick sand gap you see
    when you entered the door to defeat two Squiglets and receive a SQUIG CARD.
    Once under the red palm tree, jump or leap 10-(ten) times up and down to reveal
    a new door to enter.  Enter.
    In this brand new area, ignore the yellow platform and the mechanism on top of
    the indestructible brown blocks and continue to the right for now to collect
    some coins and goodies.  Flip at your first quick sand gap and jump over it to
    get across.  On the other side, hit the four coin blocks for three coins and a…
    ZOMBIE SHROOM!  Defeat it quickly and meticulously before you take damage,
    okay?  Afterwards, continue to the RIGHT until you reach a large quick sand gap
    you probably won’t be able to cross via ordinary jumping.  Flip to reveal a
    thin, but accessible path to cross the gap to the other side.
    There, don’t flip back to 2-D until you’re past the brown indestructible
    blocks.  Next to you there should be a yellow platform so jump on it using the
    2 button to reach the top of another set of indestructible brown blocks.  Jump
    off to one brown “you know what block” and use Thoreau by pressing the 1 button
    to activate the switch sequestered in the brown blocks.  By doing so, you will
    activate a mechanism you can use so get in the middle of the red square and you
    will promptly be transferred.
    At the end, fall off the brown “you know what blocks” and you can access four
    coin blocks, one containing a MUSHROOM, and three containing coins.  Next,
    continue to the right to reach a door and a Save block.  Save your progress
    first and then enter the door.  Inside… hey who’s that speaking!?  It’s… O’
    Chunks!  He knocks both doors off so that you can’t escape and Tippi identifies
    him as one of Count Bleck’s thugs, obviously!  Well, it’s time for our first
    formal and official boss battle, although this should really be a mini-boss
    battle since O’ Chunks is not, nor will ever be, the Chapter Boss.  Anyway,
    feel free to look below on my mini-boss tutorial and best of luck!
    HP: 20
    ATTACK: 1
    ATTACKS: Stomping on you
    BATTLE METHODS: I recommend using Tippi first to identify how you can battle to
    your optimum level.  To do so, use Thoreau to grab him-(press 1), use Thoreau
    to toss him-(press 1 again) and then jump on him repeatedly.  If you need to,
    use items such as the ones we’ve collected already to get this battle get it
    over with.  This is your first mini-boss battle against one Count Bleck’s
    minions so make a good impression!
    After you win, I must say it is atrocious how O’ Chunks left the scene.  Was
    that gas?  Bleh!  Anyway, he says to call it a tie-(yeah right) and that he’ll
    remember “Maria,” it’s MARIO!  Enter the door on the right that O’ Chunks was
    next to.  Here, to your left jump unto the brown “you know what” blocks, jump
    across the set of yellow moving platforms, and enter the door.
    In here, head to the LEFT and read the signpost which states: “Percheth ye atop
    the distant platform of blue and… (skipped a small section) Gaze ye at the side
    of this signpost.”  This is valuable information; however, we need one more
    piece of info before ending this chapter.  Before exiting this area, jump over
    the signpost to find 5-(five) coin blocks containing only one coin in each.
    Afterwards, jump over the signpost yet again, and exit this area via the only
    accessible door.  Back here, jump off the ledge you’re currently, head a bit to
    your RIGHT, flip near that rock, and take the astounding item, GHOST SHROOM;
    afterwards, head all the way to the RIGHT to come across another set of yellow
    platforms that can be accessed via the jumping platform on the floor, taking
    you to another new door.  Enter.
    In here are the ruins Old Man Watchitt was talking about.  We’re still missing
    vital information to end this chapter.  However, by experience, I shall tell
    you what you need to know in the interest of time.  Head all the way to the
    right until you reach a large blue platform.  Jump on top of it, looking
    towards the LEFT, not right, press 1 and – simultaneously to cause the STAR
    BLOCK to appear.  Walk up to it and give it a good smack to finally end this
    HP: 15
    ATTACK: 2
    LEVEL: 3
    COINS: 95
    PIXLS: 2
    We are now in the Yold Ruins, the exact ruins Old Man Watchitt had been talking
    about.  When you first enter, Tippi senses the Pure Heart being very close by,
    but also “something else” is waiting for us ahead.  Let’s see what that is then.
    Start by heading RIGHT down the stairs.  Defeat the Squiglet at the bottom and
    enter the door.  Here, you’ll start by encountering a Buzzy Beetle which you
    can easily defeat by jumping once on its shell, and once again on its shell
    into the quick sand gap ahead.  After defeating the first three, jump over the
    gap-(quick sand), avoid the fiery line of fire, and hit the block for a
    MUSHROOM, if you need it.  Swiftly, jump on top of the block from which you
    received the mushroom, jump again to a brown block, and again to a medium-sized
    ledge.  At the end of this ledge, use the yellow ladder to descend, follow the
    simple path, and open the chest to receive a LIFE SHROOM.
    Leave that area the same way you reached it, pass all the fiery line of flames,
    and enter the door at the end.  As soon as you enter, you will notice about 5
    lines of flames in total.  To avoid and bypass them, flip to 3-D, and simply
    pass them.  At the end of this area you will see a locked door which we
    obviously can’t access right now and another door in mid-air further to the
    right!  Well, that’s impossible and you’ll soon know why because the secret is
    hidden!  Flip to see two blocks you can strike in 3-D to form a way to the door
    above.  Once you’ve hit both of them, flip to 2-D and   enter the now
    accessible door.
    In here, you will find the same spike-looking monster named a Spiky Tromp.  You
    have to avoid them by flipping to 3-D.  Do that, continue UP in 3-D-(or RIGHT
    in 2-D) until you reach a yellow ladder.  Flip back to 2-D, climb the ladder,
    and open the chest to acquire a RUINS KEY.  Well done!  Now we can go open the
    door that was locked in the previous room.  Exit this room, head a bit to your
    LEFT, and unlock the door.  Enter.
    Here, there is a Save block as soon as you enter so use it to save your
    progress.  Afterwards, defeat the Buzzy Beetle, carefully enter the quick
    sand-(don’t worry, if you’re fast, keep moving, and are quick, you won’t die)
    and hit the four coin blocks here defeating the Squiglet.  Next, flip to 3-D
    and you will yet again, bypass Spiky Tromps.  At the other side, defeat the
    Squig-(purple) and you’ll notice another locked door and an unlocked door
    above.  Enter the door that is obviously unlocked and is above the locked door.
    In here, you will have to use Thoreau.  Head to the right, descend on the
    yellow ladder provided, grab the Squiglet that emerged unpredictably from the
    green pipe-(or wait for one if one isn’t there yet), and throw the Squiglet to
    the blue switch to cause something to happen outside this room, according to
    Tippi.  Climb the ladder and leave this room.  It may seem as if nothing
    happened when you reentered this room but looks can be deceiving.  Head to the
    left past the two Spiky Tromps to see a key sequestered by indestructible brown
    blocks.  Oh… whatever shall we do!  Ha!  Anyway, past the humor and emotional
    emphasis, you need to jump on either the right or left brown separated blocks
    that you can go on top of.  I chose the right block since its closer to the
    locked door.  Anyway, once there, use Thoreau’s throwing attribute to allow him
    to give you the RUINS KEY.  That wasn’t too hard was it now?
    Open the locked door to the RIGHT, past the Spiky Tromps, and enter the now
    accessible door.  Inside, descend the steps to find yet again another door in
    mid-air. If your presumption was to flip, you’re unfortunately incorrect.  Use
    Tippi’s ability by pointing your Wii remote at the screen, searching under the
    door for a ledge, and press A to reveal the ledge.  Enter the door above.
    Another locked door!  Isn’t this getting quite annoying by now?  Well, don’t
    worry because we’re almost finished.  In here, go RIGHT and defeat the Buzzy
    Beetle(s).  Continue headway in that direction until you reach a dead end.
    Flip to reveal a thin path you can cross.  Do so and the path will lead you to
    a chest.  Open it and take the BUZZY BEETLE CARD.  Afterwards, flip and defeat
    the two Buzzy beetles.  Finally, leave there via flipping and taking the thin
    path back and head all the way to the LEFT, past the fiery lines of flame,
    until you reach a key surrounded by another set of indestructible blocks.
    Instead of Thoreau doing all the work, Mario will be retrieving this one.  Flip
    to 3-D and enter the hole or space in the wall by going LEFT in 3-D.  Walk up a
    few steps and take the RUINS KEY.  With that in your possession, take that key
    and unlock the door to the right of the door that we used to enter this room in
    the first place.  Enter.
    Using the yellow platform a bit to your LEFT as soon as you enter this room,
    press the 2 button on your Wii remote to ascend to the LEFT, not right side of
    the gap we’re in.  Once you’re on the LEFT side, flip to 3-D to reveal a yellow
    ladder you can climb to reach a higher level.  Climb up.  On this level, drop
    down a bit and continue RIGHT to strike a blue switch.  By doing so, bountiful
    amounts of Spiky Tromps will begin to come out of the wall and a large
    intriguing red switch with an exclamation point will appear.  Quickly, jump out
    of that area and strike the large red switch.  This is funny, when you hit the
    switch, all the Spiky Tromps will fall all the way to the ground creating a
    bridge to the door in mid-air.  That was convenient of them.  Flip to 3-D and
    descend the ladder to the lower level and enter the door the Spiky Tromps are
    below of.
    In here are 4-(four) red switches that you need to hit in an explicit order to
    proceed.  I will be using numbers 1 thru 4, okay?  From LEFT TO RIGHT I
    numbered them.  Here is the order: 3, 1, 4, and 2. If this doesn’t work, then
    you are literally doomed because I verified that this order is correct and
    accurate.  Or, you can simply flip and the answer is on the side of each red
    block.  Without further or do, ascend the newly formed stairs.  At the top,
    first save your progress via the Save block and then hit the coin block to
    receive a SUPER MUSHROOM.  When you’re ready, enter the green pipe.
    You will emerge outside in the Yold Desert I believe you’re in regardless that
    the game does not say so.  Anyway, proceed a bit to the RIGHT, the pipe will
    disappear, and your chapter boss will emerge from the sand.  Fracktail, the
    guardian of the Pure Heart, identifies you as the legendary hero and apologizes
    for his accusation of you being an intruder.  Doesn’t he remind a bit of
    Hooktail from the preceding Paper Mario game: The Thousand-Year Door?  Anyway,
    before you can actually acquire the Pure Heart, Dimentio appears, reprograms
    Fracktail’s main computer since he is a machine, loses control of his actions,
    and the boss battle begins.  See below for Quick Tutorial:
    HP: 18
    ATTACK: 1
    ATTACKS: Charging at you
    Okay, he’s actually pretty simple-(and I truly mean that).  Firstly, dodge his
    attacks towards you on the ground.  Secondly, after he tries to attack you in
    2-D, he’ll try and shock you by attacking you at an angle where you can’t see
    him after flying to the RIGHT.  This is when you flip to see him charging at
    you with his ferocious teeth.  After you flip and after Fracktail’s head and
    teeth pass you by moving out of his trajectory-(or path) you will be able to
    jump onto his body and fly into the sky with him.
    In the sky, head LEFT toward Fracktail’s only weak spot, his antenna, and
    monsters called Frackles will begin to appear to protect Fracktail.  Grab one
    with Thoreau and throw them at Fracktail’s antenna to inflict damage.  Continue
    doing this until he is no more.  If you happen to fall off, you will not lose
    HP, just repeat the process as explained above and in this paragraph and you
    should be fine.  Good luck!
    After winning this amazing battle, Fracktail will apologize for his error,
    wishes you the best in saving the world, and disturbingly, his body
    deteriorates into bones showing his skeleton.  What a sad, sad, thing.  Anyway,
    enter the newly formed door that appears.  Walk down the steps and wait a
    second for Merlumina to appear.  She explains how she has wanted to give you
    the Pure Heart for 1, 500 years.  How patient are they!?  After some chatting,
    she’ll hand you the Pure Heart we have been thriving for.  End this Chapter.
    Well done!!!
    Two down and six more to go!
    (D1) Castle Bleck:
    After receiving this rather rigorous Pure Heart, you will watch a brief cut
    scene at Bleck Castle where O’ Chunks, being ashamed, reports his failure to
    the count.  O’ Chunks asks for forgiveness for his failure.  Count Bleck
    realizes that the hero is a force to be reckoned with, and orders Natasha to
    consult the prophecy and learn the whereabouts of Mario’s next destination to
    set and implement a trap.  Mimi, ordered by Natasha, was already sent to site
    pleasing Bleck and his commands.
    Natasha heads off to eliminate the Bowser organization-(his minions) who is
    still resisting assimilation and wants O’ Chunks to stay there while she’s
    gone.  We now see Princess Peach awakening from her long nap and wonder how she
    ended up there in the first place being forced to marry Bowser and all.
    Captain Hammer Brother commands that this Koopa will escort the Princess as
    well as the area immediately.  He goes helping his other “men” and we’re left
    to think about how we are going to get out of here.
    After the cut scenes, you finally control Peach.  Using her, follow the Koopa
    heading to the RIGHT.  Enter the door he instructs you to enter.  As soon as
    you enter, you will yet again see another cut scene.  Captain Hammer Brother
    finds two of his men who are possessed into honoring Count Bleck.  He orders
    them to cease the insubordination and commands “Johnson” to give him
    twenty-(push ups).  Natasha appears, explains that his orders don’t mean
    anything since they’ve sworn eternal allegiance to Bleck, and brainwashes his
    mind causing him to serve Count Bleck instead of Bowser.
    After this sad and strange cut scene, you gain control of Peach again.  Jump
    off the ledge you’re on, head LEFT, and enter the door.  Here, still no cut
    scene, continue all the way LEFT, descend the first set of stairs, and enter
    the first door you see in the middle of the room.  You are now currently
    outside so continue left to discover a dead end.  Watch the cut scene of your
    escort complaining, Peach will suggest returning and finding another way out,
    and Natasha appears.  She possesses your escort leaving a sort of doomed
    feeling.  After some chi-chat between Peach and Natasha, Peach is encircled by
    a strange barrier, and she disappears.  This “barrier” will seem familiar to
    you later in the game but I won’t spoil it!  If you’re observant and have good
    comparison skills, you’ll figure out who saved Peach in “no” time at all.
    Read this romantic and emotional dialogue that does not make sense at the
    moment but will later in the game and I wouldn’t want to spoil it now since
    it’s a piece of the puzzle to saving the world.
    (D2) Flipside:
    HP: 15
    ATTACK: 2
    LEVEL: 3
    COINS: 109-110
    PIXLS: 2
    Afterwards, you will emerge from the red dimensional door, Tippi will tell you
    to go to Merlon’s place and that’s where you need to go.  Head down to the
    second floor with the elevator and you will momentarily speak to Merlon,
    pleased that everything went well.  Enter his house as suggested, after saving.
    Mario and Tippi discuss their success of receiving the Pure Heart from
    Merlumina and after a little more discussion, a local citizen from Flipside
    reports bad news of a girl falling out of the sky.  Mario is advised to come
    along to see what the problem is so exit Merlon’s house, follow him to the
    right and enter the elevator that goes UP to Flipside’s third floor.  Continue
    left and you’ll see Princess Peach unconscious on the floor Merlon and the
    local Flipsider next to her.
    To awake her and cure her from her fever-like condition Merlon advises you to
    go visit a chef by the name of Saffron on Flipside’s first floor.  Do as
    instructed: return DOWN to the second floor via the same elevator you used,
    head LEFT to a new-(something we have not used before) elevator going or
    pointing DOWN to take us to Flipside’s first floor.  Hint: the elevator is to
    the right of the item shop.  On the first floor, go RIGHT and enter the second
    building you see after passing the elevator, the building has a
    yellowish-greenish pot symbolizing that it’s a cook shop.  Enter and speak to
    Saffron.  Mario will explain the situation of a friend being out cold and
    Saffron will be more than happy to prepare a unique soup for the recovery.  She
    tells that she requires a FIRE BURST for the soup so give her one.  However, if
    you do not have one-(which you should since I told you to buy one in Yold
    Town), head one floor UP to the second floor, enter and buy a FIRE BURST for 20
    coins at the item shop.  Afterwards, you will receive the SPICY SOUP which is
    the antidote for Peach’s sickness.  Go all the way back UP to the third floor,
    stand next to Peach, press UP, and administer the soup by pressing 2 when
    You will be escorted back to Merlon’s house instantaneously where Peach will
    share her knowledge of Count Bleck’s motives, where she was, what happened,
    etc.  Finally, after the chats, Merlon will advise you to search for the next
    Heart Pillar and that the subsequent door will lead to Merlee, Merlon’s
    long-lost cousin.  Peach then surprisingly joins your party and contributes to
    the game in very useful, powerful, and unique ways.
    Merlon then gives you an OLD KEY, “a key to a door somewhere in town.”  We will
    have to use that key to locate the next pillar. So after Merlon tells you to
    use that key somewhere near his house, exit his house, and flip to 3-D.  In
    3-D, head to the UPPER-RIGHT to find a door locked.  Use the key Merlon gave
    you to unlock the door and proceed thenceforth.  Hint: To find the door easier,
    flip in front of the elevator that goes UP to Flipside Tower and you should see
    the locked door directly to the RIGHT of the screen, literally.
    Enter the now unlocked gate, head UP in 3-D to read a sign sating the
    following: “Flipside Outskirts Ahead-(arrow pointing to the right) MONSTER
    ADVISORY.”  Well, Mario always confronts precarious situations instead of
    scurrying like most videogame characters-(Merlee); from the sign head right and
    cross the path to Flipside’s Outskirts.  Once there, continue to the RIGHT and
    enter a green pipe.  This will take you to Flipside Outskirts’ first floor.
    Head LEFT, jump over the gap, defeat the two Squigs, and read another sign
    saying: “Feeling stumped? Try flipping! It’s pretty basic!”  Flip in front of
    the sign-(stare at the stone pointing RIGHT) and pass the path going too the
    other side.
    On this side, go left a bit to see two stone platforms you can jump onto with
    Mario.  Flip to 3-D, jump to the highest or the second block with the sign, and
    switch to Peach.  You won’t have to read the sign since I’ll tell you what to
    do.  Using Peach as your current playing character, jump off the ledge with the
    2 button and then very quickly press 2 again to float to another stone
    platform.  Well done.  Being on this single stone platform, float to another
    platform using Peach’s umbrella again.  Continue until you reach the Heart
    Pillar.  Place the Pure Heart inside.
    Two Pure Hearts down, six more to go.  Placing the Pure Heart in the pillar
    will cause an orange door to appear on Flipside Tower.  Leave the Outskirts, go
    in the green pipe, flip to enter Flipside’s second floor, and save your game.
    Rest at the inn next to the elevator leading to Flipside Tower, exit, and go
    LEFT to enter the item shop.  If you want to purchase the following recommended
    items with 111-112 coins, please do so: SHROOM SHAKE, ICE STORM, and SLEEPY
    SHEEP.  When you’re done buying the items I recommended and what you desire,
    head to Flipside Tower via the elevator near Merlon’s house-(to the right).
    Enter the ORANGE dimensional door next to the RED door and let’s get started
    with our second world.
    HP: 15
    ATTACK: 2
    LEVEL: 3
    COINS: 62
    PIXLS: 2
    The second world, Gloam Valley is nicely drawn and we emerge from the orange
    door.  Tippi as usual senses the Pure Heart near by but says it could afar.
    Let’s finish this chapter as quickly as possible since it’s not very prominent
    in our task to acquire the Pure Heart.
    Our next world, Gloam Valley, seems to be a peaceful place but its home to many
    monsters.  Let’s get started.  Head RIGHT, jump on top pf the ledge, and defeat
    the red Koopa Troopa.  Hit the coin block atop the ledge, ignoring the Spiky
    Goomba, and continuing to the right.  Before entering the lake ahead, flip to
    3-D and go behind the ledge to take 4-(four) coins.  Not bad.  Jump atop the
    green ledge in mid-air before the lake-(not the same place where we found the
    four coins) and switch to Peach.  Float across the lake to the other side using
    her magnificent umbrella.  On the other side, hit the brick coin block to
    receive a mere coin;  moving on, head down a few steps and jump atop the green
    platforms floating on the lake’s surface.  Defeat the Cheep Cheep if you wish
    or jump across the platforms with ease.
    Defeat the Squig on the other side , flip with Mario and hit two blocks you can
    use to jump on to reach a green ledge.  Having hit the two blocks hit, flip
    back to 2-D and ascend to the green ledge.  Next to you there should be a
    Paratroopa-(red-colored) so jump on it, bringing it to the water, and
    unfortunately drowning.  Being now on the ground, ascend to the same ledge you
    were on and jump across all the platforms to easily cross all those annoying
    monsters.  At the end, you should reach a green pipe atop indestructible blocks
    and above a locked door.  Enter the pipe.
    Underground, defeat the two Squiglets and the only Squig down here to reveal a
    chest.  Open the chest to acquire a DOOR KEY.  Leave here via the pipe you
    entered, jump off the ledge the pipe is on, and unlock and enter the door.
    Here, hit the coin block to your very near left to receive PAL PILLS.  Use them
    to defeat the two Paragoombas in your path.  Head right to a green pipe you
    can’t enter-(I mean it).  There, switch to Peach and float using her umbrella
    to a mechanism atop brown, “you know what blocks.”  Float all the way to your
    LEFT, defeating the Koopas and Parakoopas, until you reach a pipe.  Enter to
    appear in the background.
    Once there, if necessary, float across the gaps with Peach’s umbrella heading
    RIGHT.  At the end, hit the blue switch to create a new door.  Leave the
    background, head all the way to the right and enter the newly formed door.  In
    here is the awaited item of glory, the MEGA STAR!  Jump atop the three brick
    blocks and strike the coin-(?) block for the MEGA STAR;  defeat as many
    monsters as possible, giving you a level up in the process, save your game at
    the end, and enter the door.
    In here, take the SLOW FLOWER, jump atop the brown blocks, defeat the
    Squiglets, and take the HAPPY FLOWER for some well-earned extra coins-(10 coins
    this time please).  Enter the green pipe after you have your fun.  Underground,
    there seems to be nothing but use Tippi’s unique ability to find an invisible
    blue switch Tippi can’t reveal!  No worries.  Just remember the switch’s
    approximate location and hit it when possible.  Doing so will reveal a green
    pipe you can enter.  Do so.  Heading deeper underground, you find a floating
    orange monster referred to as a Growmeba.  Like the cells in our body,
    Growmebas reproduce like a process known as Mitosis, a type of cell division,
    which creates more and more cells.  Past Biology 101, I would suggest using an
    item especially an ICE STORM or a FIRE BURST to help you get rid of the
    duplicates if it gets out of hand.
    Open the huge chest to acquire… Boomer!  Answer the questions as you wish but
    answer the last one “Umm… yeah” to stop the questions.  Boomer will evaluate
    that you’re worthy of his powers and Boomer will join you.
    Quick Tutorial: Boomer, the baby blue bomb-like pixl, is useful for blowing up
    and defeating enemies as well as activating switches Thoreau can’t reach.
    You’ll see what I mean in either later in the following chapters or in Chapter
    3-3.  Basically to use Boomer adequately, press the 1 button on your Wii remote
    and then press 1 again to detonate as described in the menu when pressing and
    reading Boomer’s description.
    After receiving Boomer, jump over the chest he was in; place him with 1 in
    front of the wall crack to the right and then press 1 again to detonate Boomer
    and create a path you can access in 3-D.  Flip and enter to find a chest
    containing a WATCHITT CARD.  Leave here through the pipe(s) and finally go
    outside.  Outside, head right defeat the Squig and the Jawbus with Boomer, and
    head to the right jumping to the brown blocks.  Bomb the brick blocks with
    Boomer and out of the 4-(four) doors, enter the one farthest to the LEFT.  In
    here, defeat the two Spiky Goombas-(one in 2-D and one in 3-D) then flip to 3-D
    to discover a brick/block section on the floor you can destroy with Boomer.  Do
    so by detonating him, and fall to a level with a blue switch.  Hit it or bomb
    it to have something happen outside.  Now we need to leave.
    Flip where you activated the switch to find a small hole.  Fall down, defeat
    the Spiky Goomba again-(2-D and 3-D) and leave through the door on this level.
    He wound up outside next to the first door to the RIGHT, the door you came
    from.  Head all the way to the LEFT to find and enter a golden door.  Defeat
    the Cherbil-(a pink-like monster) and flip to 3-D afterwards.  You’ll see a
    hole in the ground you can simply enter so jump in.  Here, defeat the two
    Swoopers and open the chest on the right for a SWOOPER CARD and then the one on
    the left for a SHLURP CARD.  Use the yellow platform here to return to the
    surface.  Lastly strike the STAR BLOCK to finally end this chapter.  Oh, and a
    special thanks to Moises for the card info here.
      HP: 20
      ATTACK: 2
      LEVEL: 4
      COINS: 111
      PIXLS: 3
      PURE HEARTS: 2
    We finally make it to Merlee’s mansion, an eerie mansion in my opinion.  Let’s
    investigate further what’s going on inside this mansion.  Right where you start
    this chapter, flip to 3-D to find a gap you can fit through to access a coin
    block containing 8 coins-(I think).  Leave here when your Flip Gauge has
    replenished and enter the mansion itself.  By the way, doesn’t the eerie music
    outside remind you of Luigi’s screams from the game “Luigi’s Mansion.”  It’s a
    good game!
    Inside, your first encounter will be with a monster-(a.k.a. Merlee’s) called a
    Gnip.  None of your attacks will work-(excluding items) so just flip or pass
    them as such and enter the door at the end of this hall by flipping to 3-D.
    Save your progress via the Save block to your left and speak to the housemaid,
    Mimi.  She welcomes you and tells you to enter the farthest room to the right
    on the second floor.  Go there.
    By the way, Mimi isn’t who you think she is and is tricking us.  Let’s just
    follow what she says for now, okay?  In this room, continue all the way to the
    left and press UP on the green switch when you can.  Notice how the title of
    this chapter has the word “trap” in it?  Well, this is obviously a trap; to
    bypass this challenge of spikes coming towards us-(like in Hooktail’s Castle),
    flip to 3-D and move to the wall to dodge the attack.  When the mechanism lands
    firmly on the floor, jump onto it and wait until it makes its return up.  Hit
    the question mark or coin block to receive a single coin and go left, jumping
    unto the brown ledges, bombing the first set of brick blocks, flipping to pass
    the set of indestructible blocks-(brown), bombing the second set of brick
    blocks with Boomer, and flipping to 3-D to bypass the second set of
    indestructible blocks.  After all this, jump to the brown ledge with a chest
    containing a HOUSE KEY.  Good job.
    Leave this room at last please.  You see, if you would’ve been following Mimi’s
    directions to find Merlee, you would be in a hectic situation with even more
    traps because guess what, she wants to kill you!  Although you should visit the
    MIDDLE room on the second floor for extra coins and if you fall into the trap,
    defeat the Swoopers, place Boomer on top of the red switch, detonate him, and
    then run towards the pipe and enter.  Anyway with the key, go down a few steps
    to the first floor where Mimi, Merlee’s “housemaid” is and continue to the
    right along the first floor.  Guarding the locked door we want to go into a
    monster called Gnaw, Merlee’s favorite pet.  Certainly being larger than an
    ordinary Gnip, flip to 3-D when it turns its back on you and quickly unlock the
    door.  Watch this hilarious scene when the Gnaw goes chasing Mimi down.  Good
    riddance!  I’m being mean because she is a really evil, devious person like
    Count Bleck.  Trust me, later in the game she is SO annoying.  Anyway, enter
    the door we unlocked.  In here, is our STAR BLOCK so hit it to end this chapter.
    It appears that we’re getting closer to the Pure Heart, according to Tippi.
    Something strange happens next though.  A hologram or a ghost/spirit of Merlee
    appears and says that she is very glad to see you and that you can’t meet with
    her there for something is amiss she says and that someone’s after her.  That
    was weird.  Anyway, descend the wooden set of stairs and at the bottom, flip to
    3-D to go behind the staircase and take a MUSHROOM, if you need it.  Flip back
    to the other side and enter the first door to the LEFT of the second door.
    Here in Room 01, defeat the Boos in here with Boomer and proceed to the next
    door.  In Room 03, quickly defeat the Growmeba before it duplicates itself too
    much.  Flip to find 4 blocks you can hit to access the door that you came from.
    Hit them and then flip back to 2-D.  Enter the door on the RIGHT side of the
    room.  In Room 02, hit one of the blocks to release a ZOMBIE SHROOM and the
    other to receive a mere coin.  Jump up the edges and enter the door above the
    one you came from.
    Here in Room 04, you will encounter your first Mister I, which from Super Mario
    64 DS and the original Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64, can be defeated by
    flipping one, and then by going around it a few times until it’s defeated.
    Afterwards, hit the block for a single coin.  Climb on top of the coin block
    and the brown blocks to enter a new door to the RIGHT of the room because we
    came from the LEFT side.
    Well here is where we wanted to go to.  We’re in the hallway now and our goal
    is to reach the highest, or the second level of this room to speak with
    “Merlee.”  Proceed to the left a bit and then flip.  We will then again have
    4-(four) yellow blocks we can hit in 3-D to access the next level.  Do so.
    When you’re on top of those four yellow blocks flip again and hit at least one
    before falling to the floor.  It’s not too hard.  Afterwards, jump to the
    second level, or the ledge “Merlee” is on.  By the way, are you really falling
    for this?  It’s actually Mimi!  Refuse ALL of her offers to discover it’s Mimi.
    Watch this disturbing scene as the real spiritual Merlee appears thanking you
    for not falling for the trap and Mimi transforms into this spider-like
    creature.  I guess you now know Mimi is the chapter boss.  You won’t fight her
    where you are now, however.  A barrier, according to Merlee, is protecting Mimi
    and we can’t fight her in her current status.  When you gain control flip or
    just pass her immediately and enter the door at the end.  In here avoid the
    Swooper or defeat it and then use Slim to pass through an opening in the ground
    at the very RIGHT.  I must suggest that you hurry in every room before Mimi
    enters and starts attacking.
    In this next room bomb away the Cursya using Boomer, hit and then jump atop the
    coin blocks, flip, and enter the door above.  In the following room, defeat the
    enemy with the blue cloud, place Boomer in the middle of the cracks in the
    wall, bomb it, flip, and enter for a SHROOM SHAKE.  Since Mimi is probably
    already in the room by now, exit the wall opening where you are right now and
    enter the door ABOVE the door to the LEFT.  Here, defeat the Boo via Boomer,
    jump to the ledge with a crack on it, bomb it, flip, and enter the door at the
    In here are Slurps but avoiding them in the interest of time, flip to 3-D to
    hit some yellow blocks.  Hit most of them then quickly go back to 2-D, jump to
    the blocks, and jump and enter the door to the LEFT of the room.  In this room
    is an Atomic Boo, or a large Boo you need to defeat.  Use Boomer to place next
    to the Boo, look away, and when he’s close, detonate Boomer to cause damage.
    Repeat this process until Boo is defeated.  Afterwards, use Tippi to reveal a
    staircase you must use to access the door above.  Enter once you’re there.  You
    will see two restrooms: Men and Women.  Before entering the Women’s restroom,
    since Merlee is a woman, hit the block for a well-earned SUPER SHROOM!
    BATTLE METHOD: Bowser, king of the Koopas, likes to stomp on you and use his
    ferocious fiery breath against you.  The most basic method is to use Boomer to
    cause major damage, use Slim to bypass stomps, and simply jump on his head.
    You can’t use Thoreau to pick him up because if you do, Bowser’s spikes will
    damage you, doing nothing to him on the process.  Avoid his fire breath at all
    costs because it can cause serious damage to you; either than that he’s pretty
    easy.  Good luck!
    After the battle, Bowser will complain about how Mario ruins everything for him
    and Mario, mostly Peach, will try to convince him to join our party.  It takes
    awhile to persuade him but he’ll join, he HAS to!  He explains what happened
    when he fell out of Castle Bleck and established his own castle in the
    Bitlands.  Afterwards, he finally joins your party.
    Quick Tutorial: Bowser, king of the Koopas, is very useful in terms of combat.
    His ferocious fire breath can be used to drop almost any enemy that stands in
    your way so use it as needed.  His large and penetrating stomps cause double
    the damage that Mario and Peach inflict when jumping on an enemy.  This is
    practically it.  Enjoy your new party member!
    After Bowser officially joins your party, some of his minions will appear
    saying their farewells and explain that some of his minions have been
    brainwashed and that he has the right to “dole” out punishment to those who
    reject Bowser’s rule.  After that cut scene, head to the right a bit and strike
    the STAR BLOCK to finally end this chapter.
    (G2) Chapter 3-2: BLOOPS AHOY
    HP: 20
    ATTACK: 3/6-(represents BOWSER’S ATTACK strength)
    LEVEL: 5
    COINS: 255-263
    PIXLS: 3
    It is relevant that Francis’ lair is somewhere across the Tile Pool.  Don’t you
    just love the music here?  Anyway, we have a few things to do in this chapter
    one involving a Mini-Boss battle, so let’s get started!  Before you do, I
    suggest that you switch to Bowser so that you can defeat enemies quicker wit
    his fiery breath.
    Swim to the Right by pressing 2 repeatedly, defeating the Cheep Cheeps, and
    taking the MUSHROOM in the block near by.  After passing that area you’ll come
    across a new and familiar enemy, a Blooper.  Just defeat it using Bowser’s
    “invincible” breath and take the HAPPY FLOWER-(11 extra coins please)
    afterwards in the block to receive some coins.  Pass the block with the flower
    and swim over the suction, collecting the coins.  Just continue to the right,
    collecting the coins you see, defeat the Cheep Cheeps and the Bloopers.  After
    passing the passage with monsters and collecting your coins, you will encounter
    a series of yellow-like “nails” that you need to ground- pound.  Ignore them
    for now and continue headway towards the right until you reach a green pipe
    sequestered in indestructible blocks, and a Save block.  Save first then switch
    to Mario.
    Using Mario, go underneath the green pipe and flip to 3-D.  In 3-D, swim UP and
    to the RIGHT a bit to access the pipe.  Flip back to 2-D and enter.  Switch to
    Bowser in this new area and continue to the right.  Okay, this area is more
    difficult to pass as well as avoid.  You will soon encounter whirlpools and
    Blooper tentacles that can be annoying and can inflict damage-(tentacles only).
    Swim as quickly as you can to dodge the tentacles and swim OVER or if possible,
    UNDER the whirlpools to avoid getting rotated.  Continue all the way to the
    right avoiding the tentacles and the whirlpools.  When you reach a dead end,
    swim up and jump out of the water to encounter a drawing of posts on the wall.
    The prominent clue on this drawing is the following: “From left to right: up,
    down, down…”  There is another piece to this clue and since I know it already
    the ENTIRE clue is “From left to right: up, down, down, up, down, up”
    Now it’s time to acquire the next significant piece to solve and end this
    chapter.  Leave the area with the drawing the same way you reached there and
    head to the left, passing the whirlpools and the tentacles, going UP again in a
    gap above, and entering the green pipe.  In here, continue to the right, defeat
    the Spiky Goombas, and enter the water at the end.  Defeat the monsters easily
    using Bowser’s fire breath and enter the door at the end which is actually
    underwater.  When you enter, the door is locked by the same cage-like object we
    encountered when acquiring Thoreau in Yold Town.  Defeat ALL the enemies with
    Bowser to cause a huge chest to appear.  Open it.  It’s Thudley your next pixl!
    He bases his decision on joining by awarding you “girth points” and when he’s
    done with his girth points’ strategy, he joins you!
    Quick Tutorial: Thudley, the upside-down pentagon-shaped pixl is very useful
    for ground-pounding in general on enemies to cause major damage and using his
    unique ground-pounding technique to hit and activate switches that require you
    to pummel them into the ground.  He has about the same color as Boomer, your
    second pixl and I’m wondering something.  Why do Mario and the others depend on
    these pixls so much?  Doesn’t Mario have this technique mastered already?  You
    can use him by first jumping on your own-(press 2) and then pressing 1 in
    mid-air to perform a powerful ground-pound.  Enjoy!
    Once you acquire him, you’re going to have to exit this room.  Swim to the
    yellow-like nail coming out of the ground.  Jump onto it, swim up by pressing
    2, and then press 1 to activate the ground pound technique pummeling the nail
    into the floor.  Exit via the now only accessible door.  Remember the series of
    yellow-like nails in the beginning of this chapter?  Well that’s where we need
    to go.  Exit through the pipe at the end of this area and in the next area
    continue to the LEFT, avoiding the whirlpools and the tentacles, and jump up to
    enter the pipe to exit this area. You should now be sequestered by the
    indestructible blocks and next you-(outside) the save block.  Flip with Mario
    again too 3-D and get out of there.  Save your game and move a little to your
    left to find the series yellow-like nails.  Head to the left of the first set
    of three nails and defeat the two Cheep Cheeps if they get in your way.  Using
    Thudley now, ground-pound the nails to have them appear in this sequence from
    LEFT TO RIGHT: up, down, down, up, down, up.  If you make an error,
    ground-pound the nails you made the error on and continue.  Successfully
    completing this simple puzzle will cause and create a door to appear.  Enter.
    Switch to Bowser as you enter this new area.  Swim to the right and defeat
    these indescribable fish-like monsters.  Once you’ve passed them and are still
    moving to the right, you will be stopped and a cut scene will occur.  An odd
    tremor will take place and a gigantic Gooper Blooper will appear with his
    “intimidating” blue, yellow, and red tentacles.  He wants to eliminate with a
    quote,” tentacle-sandwich.”  Anyway, let’s give him a beating.
    HP: 18
    ATTACK: 2
    ATTACKS: Using his blue and red tentacle to strike you…that’s it.
    BATTLE METHODS: Remember what the pixl in the first chapter told us?  Well, we
    have to attack the RED tentacle this Gooper Blooper has with Bowser’s fire
    breath.  Do this a couple times to inflict damage.  Do this a few more times
    and he’s a goner.  Swim quickly to dodge his attacks with his other tentacles
    so that you can avoid getting hurt.  Finally, experiment with Boomer on his red
    tentacle to see if this tactic works to possible inflict more damage.  Good
    When you’re victorious, the Gooper Blooper will leave in agony, leaving us to
    proceed.  Continue to the right to encounter a green pipe taking you outside.
    Enter.  Finally we’re outside!  Go and hit the STAR BLOCK to finally end this
    (G3) CHAPTER 3-3: UP, UP, AND A TREE:
    HP: 25
    ATTACK: 3/6
    LEVEL: 6
    COINS: 309-310
    PIXLS: 4
    Well, let me just state that we’re going to be here for awhile finding hidden
    items, pipes, etc.  Not to mention that we have another mini-boss in this area.
    When you’re ready, let’s begin.  Our first task is to scale this humongous tree
    so let’s do that.  Head up to the left to  jump to your first green platform.
    There, continue ascending and jump onto the yellow mobile platform to transfer
    you to another ledge you can jump on colored green.  Moving on, to jump to the
    second set of indestructible dark brown blocks and defeat the Paratroopa-(red)
    and jump across to the green platform to acquire a SLOW FLOWER.  Jump back atop
    the dark brown block you were on and continue to basically ascend to defeat the
    green puff cloud and gain a level up-(I did).  Ascend to the platform where a
    HAPPY FLOWER is encased in a block and where a virtual-like blue monster is
    encircling the platform.  Take the HAPPY FLOWER and ground-pound the monster
    twice to defeat it.  Jump onto the block the flower was in and hit the above
    block to receive a mere single coin.
    Jump back down and jump to the dark brown ledge to the left and flip to 3-D.
    Hit the yellow block-like platforms to create a ledge to the green one above.
    Go there; once on the green platform, switch to Peach. Use Peach’s umbrella to
    float to the other side where a platform is located.  Ascend twice to the ledge
    above that platform and use Peach’s umbrella to float to another platform.
    Jump to the next green ledge where a red Koopa Troopa is patrolling.  Defeat
    it-(ground-pound being recommended) and ascend to the next ledge to your right
    where the same yellow-like nails in the Tile Pool is.
    Ground-pound it using Thudley to reveal a yellow mobile platform that will
    transport you to another green ledge; jump onto it and jump again with Peach to
    a small dark brown ledge.  Use her umbrella there to float to another dark
    brown ledge.  Hit the block for a MUSHROOM and then defeat the green monster.
    On the above ledge, simply jump to the above ledges, defeating the enemies, and
    reaching the highest point you can go, where a door is located.  Use Bowser’s
    fire breath on the door to free it from the tree’s interior bark.  Enter.
    In here are many platforms, mobile platforms, ledges, pipes, blue/pink
    switches, and monsters.  Just follow my lead as best as you can.  First off,
    defeat the blue virtual-like monster you first see in here and then jump to the
    mobile yellow platform moving up and down.  Use it to let it transport you to a
    ledge with a yellow pipe.  Enter.  When your transfer is over, save your
    progress using the Save block and hit the blue switch to turn it pink.  Leave
    through the pipe you came from.  Back at the bottom, you’ll spot pink platforms
    generated via the switch we activated at the top.  Climb them up to the next
    ledge and defeat the flower-like monster spewing out musical notes to make you
    fall asleep.  After the flower is no more, hit the pink switch to turn it blue.
    This will make the pink platforms vanish and you can now access the mobile
    yellow platform going up and down, to another mobile yellow platform you must
    ride and then too a ledge with the yellow-like nail.  Ground-pound it to form a
    ladder you can access to go the bottom. Here, place Boomer next to the switch;
    quickly jump to the blue platform and then to the yellow mobile platform going
    up and down.  Once there, detonate Boomer to create pink platforms that you
    can’t see from where you are.  Ascend to the ledge where you defeated the
    flower and jump onto the pink platform to proceed to another ledge with another
    flower.  Defeat it and wait for another yellow platform to approach you and
    transport you to a ledge with…nothing!?  Looks can be deceiving can’t they?
    Flip to 3-D to discover a yellow pipe.  Enter.
    In here are many spikes going up and down, appearing, and disappearing.  Switch
    to Slim or use him if you have him already, and press 1 when they’re no spikes
    to proceed to the end.  When there are spikes, stay perfectly still until the
    spikes vanish so that you can proceed.  Don’t rush and take your time so that
    you do not take damage.  At the end, you should encounter a pink switch.  Hit
    it to switch the color to blue and then exit the area by doing the same tactic
    with Slim.  On a side note: those who’ve played the preceding Paper Mario game
    and those who have acquired Vivian, this area should be a piece of cake since
    she has the same ability as Slim in this game! Anyway, once you’re out of
    there, jump to the blue platform that was created by the switch we activated
    not too long ago and defeat the flower in the subsequent ledge.  The next part
    is tricky but I know you will master and overcome it.  On this same ledge the
    flower was on, there is a blue switch surrounded by dark brown
    blocks-(indestructible) and spikes.  Switch to Boomer and drop him onto the
    spikes to activate the switch from blue to pink.  This now pink switch will
    cause the formation of a pink platform to the following brown ledge we need to
    go on.  However, past that is a gap where a blue platform is supposed to be.
    To resolve this dilemma, drop Boomer in again but do not detonate him
    immediately afterwards.  Let him explode on his own time and jump across the
    pink platform to the ledge above and wait until Boomer explodes.  Successfully
    doing so will cause a blue platform to be formed so that you can access the
    yellow mobile platform to the next ledge.  If you did this correctly, give
    yourself a pat on the back!  Ride the platform to another mobile platform and
    then drop down to a yellow pipe extending from the wall.  In here, flip and set
    Boomer to detonate twice for each Chain Chomp-(they should be black).
    Defeating them will probably give you a CATCH CARD and will reveal a chest to
    acquire a PEACH (2) CARD.  Once you’re finished, exit thru the pipe and then
    jump to the mobile platform to the dark brown ledge above.  Use Peach’s
    umbrella to float across to reach a yellow pipe on the other side.  Enter.
    Don’t get frustrated because we’re almost done. In this new area, defeat the
    monsters if you desire then jump onto the yellow mobile platform.  While you’re
    on it, switch to Slim and use him-(press 1) to bypass the spikes in your path
    to the other side.  Jump off and switch to Boomer.  Move to your left a bit and
    jump into the gap down below.  Place Boomer next to the blue switch, do not
    detonate him just, jump out of that little area and detonate him to create pink
    platforms outside and turn the switch pink.  Leave this area using Slim and
    enter the pipe.  Back out here, use Peach’s umbrella to float to the other side
    and land on the ledge.  Once there, jump on the pink platform, switch to Mario,
    and flip to 3-D to jump up to the ledge above.  Finally on this ledge, hit the
    blue switch to create the door we have been waiting to form.  Ground-pound the
    block to receive a well-earned SUPER SHROOM and fall off this ledge along the
    LEFT side of the wall to reach the yellow pipe we first used when we entered
    the tree’s interior.  Enter the pipe to reach the highest point of the tree’s
    interior.  Save your game and when you’re ready open the newly formed door.
    You now being back outside, Dimentio greets in a faint language. He tells you
    how long you he’s been waiting to fight you and about the strange “festival of
    hair” that Mario has on his lip.  You are then taken to Dimension D, a green
    dimension where Dimentio’s attacks are quote, “256 times more potent.”  Don’t
    worry because no mini-boss nor boos in the videogame UNIVERSE has that kind of
    power!  Just ignore that comment Dimentio made because it’s just a way to
    intimidate you.  Let’s give him a good whipping!
    HP: 30
    ATTACK: 4
    ATTACKS: Cloning himself
             Zapping you
             Trapping you with boxes and firing you
    BATTE METHODS: Dimentio is more challenging than the other mini-bosses we have
    encountered in the past so you might need to put in more effort this time.  You
    can use Peach’s umbrella to avoid getting damaged by Dimentio’s zaps or at any
    other time to avoid getting damaged so use Peach at this time.  You can flip
    with Mario to also avoid attacks.  Use Bowser to cause a lot of damage with his
    ground-pound attacks and fire breath.  I also recommend using an item such as
    an ICE STORM if things get out of your control.  Good luck!
    After winning the battle, Dimentio wonders why this dimension didn’t really
    help him win this battle.  I told you it is impossible!!!  Anyway after he
    leaves like most mini-bosses, we still need to end this chapter.  Ascend the
    green ledges, defeating the Lakitu and the spiky monsters, all the way to the
    last green platform on top.  Drop down to the left a bit to find a brick block
    with some coins.  Ascend back to top.  Here, you will see some blue wind and
    some red wind passing/blowing by.  Jump atop the red wind just as the pixl said
    and let it transfer you to a long green pipe.  Enter.
    In this new area, flip to 3-D and go behind the green pipe you came from to
    find a coin block.  Hit it and take the coins.  Still in 3-D, head past the
    pipe and flip to 2-D.  Go to the right, past the pipe to find the STAR BLOCK.
    Smack it to FINALLY end this chapter.  Good job!
     HP: 25
    ATTACK: 3/6
    LEVEL: 6
    COINS: 334-335
    PIXLS: 4
    Our heroes appear and Bowser says that this must be the place where the “dweeb”
    Francis lives.  Bowser thinks that his castle is cooler, although I disagree.
    Peach starts to worry of the safety of Tippi.  Then we see the annoying
    chameleon, Francis taking pictures of Tippi inside a cage!  Okay, now this guy
    is creepy.  The cut scene ends and we gain control of our heroes.
    Walk to the right to discover that the door is locked.  This is an expected
    surprise.  Flip in front of the door to see a green pipe to the UPPER-RIGHT
    hand side of the screen.  Enter the pipe.  Underground, switch to Thoreau, grab
    the block, and strike the blue switch.  This will reveal a chest so open it to
    acquire a FORT KEY.  This key will unlock the front gate to enter Francis’
    fortress.  Leave and enter the front door using the key.  Save your game as you
    enter, and as you can see, Francis has maids and other servants working for
    him.  Either way, flip to 3-D and jump over the door to the right, but do not
    enter.  Enter the green pipe.
    In here, defeat the blue mechanical maids and continue to the right.  When you
    reach a long multitude of spikes, (which is considered a dead end since you
    can’t do anything to pass it easily), hit the yellow platform to flip it to
    3-D, you yourself flip, and jump atop a long ledge leading to the right,
    passing the spikes.  At the end you’ll see an incarcerated pixl inside a jail
    cell; ground-pound the blue switch to free Carrie, your next pixl.  He’ll ask
    you a survey to see if you both are on the same page about Francis.  Answer
    honestly and Carrie will join your party!
    Quick Tutorial: Carrie, the floating, or hovering-platform pixl is a useful
    pixl you will often use.  Using Carrie by simply pressing 1 and then mounting
    off him by pressing 1 again, you will be able to move quicker and bypass traps
    and obstacles in your way.  Carrie has mostly a blue color and looks like a
    perpendicular angle when not being used, and looks like a rectangle when being
    used.  Enjoy!
    After receiving him, it’s time to leave this area.  Use Carrie by pressing 1
    and then just simply and literally move past the spikes, flip, and enter the
    pipe at the end.  Back in here, flip to jump over the door, flip back to 2-D,
    and enter the door itself.  In here, pass the entire hallway, ignoring the huge
    door Francis and Tippi are in, and enter the door at the end.  In this new
    area, flip to 3-D to reveal a set of stairs you can climb to the second floor.
    Do so.  On the second floor, you’ll encounter a huge mechanical monster that
    throws out miniature mechanical maids which can also harm.  If you want to
    defeat it, switch to Thoreau and use his throwing ability to grab one miniscule
    maid, and throw it at the source, the huge maid, when it opens its
    mouth-(cannon).  Either or, enter the door to the left.  In here are two other
    doors-(three in total) that you must enter to proceed.  First defeat the blue
    mechanical maids and then head to the left to find a loose and wiggling door
    along the very top of the wall.  Use Thudley and ground-pound it to send it to
    the bottom.
    Do the same to the door on the left and enter this one.  Flip in here to climb
    the ledge closest to you, flip back, and then switch to Peach; float to the
    other side using Peach’s umbrella-(press 2 twice to jump and then again in
    mid-air).  Switch to Mario, flip, ascend the steps, and land on the third
    floor, or on the next level.  Defeat the maid(s) here and enter the door at the
    end.  You’ll end up outside so head to the right and wait for a flying
    miniature maid to come towards you.  When it’s close enough to grab with
    Thoreau, throw it at the blue switch to create the section of the fortress that
    serves as a bridge to the other side.  Defeat the maids along the way, if any,
    and enter the door at the end.  In here, speak to the green mechanical maid to
    be asked a series of questions to ensure that you’re Francis or “the master.”
    Answer TRUE to all questions and enter the code: 2828 to gain access to the
    private room.  Enter.  In here is a large gray mechanical maid that you cannot
    defeat.  Simply ignore it for now and hit the block for a MUSHROOM.  To reach
    the chest, we’ll have to wait until the maid is near the ledge, jump onto the
    maid, and the momentum from our jumps will push us to ledge where the chest is.
    Open it and take the FORT KEY.  Well, that’s one key down and one key left to
    go!  Exit this room via the only door.  Exit this room as well, ending up
    outside, and enter the door at the end of the path heading LEFT.  Flip with
    Mario to 3-D and descend the stairs to the second, or bottom level.  Enter the
    door.  Finally in here, head to the right a bit and enter the first door you
    see as you proceed.
    In this area, are spike traps which you can easily avoid by pressing 1 using
    Carrie.  Enter the door at the end.  You will see yet again another green
    mechanical maid you must speak to.  You will be asked another series of
    questions and answer TRUE to all of them and then enter the code: 2323.  Enter
    the newly formed elevator.  Once your transport is over, climb to the ledge
    with the chest using the gray maid’s help.  Open the chest to take the FORT
    KEY.  Those are the two keys we need to battle Francis!  Exit this room,
    descend with the elevator, exit this room, leave using Carrie’s unique hovering
    ability, and exit this room.  Here, head all the way to the right, flip to
    descend the stairs, and enter the door to the left.
    Go to the preceding room or the room before this one where we enter Francis’
    room, to save your game.  When you’re ready, reenter the door to you right,
    switch to Peach since only quote, “hot babes” are permitted to enter Francis’
    room, and place the two keys in the key holes.  You will be asked a series of
    questions to see if you’re “compatible” with Francis so answer TRUE to all
    questions and you’ll be granted access.  Enter.
    Francis is really surprised and anxious at the fact that a “hot babe” is in the
    room.  He boots up a computer program from his laptop to speak to Peach in a
    more romantic style and you’ll be asked series of question.  Answer them as you
    desire but Peach will become upset and puts emphasis on wanting to know where
    Tippi is.  Francis gets annoyed at the fact that there’s no answer for that and
    Peach uses Boomer to destroy this annoying program.  He becomes upset that his
    Nerr2Babe patch is gone and refuses to give up “Francine,” actually Tippi.  You
    know what this means… battle time!
    HP: 40
    ATTACK: 2-4
    ATTACKS:  Throwing maid bombs
              Swallowing you
              Taking photos
    BATTLE METHODS:  You shouldn’t stay in any one place because since Francis
    likes to disappear and then reappear, you can get hurt and possibly be
    swallowed by his tongue taking damage.  Ground-pound him when you get the
    chance or use Bowser’s fire breath to cause major damage.  Use Thoreau to throw
    the maids that Francis throws out.  This battle isn’t too hard.  Use your
    flipping reflexes with Mario to dodge some of Francis’ attacks and you should
    be fine.  Good luck!
    Yeah run off Francis!!!  I can’t stand him!  Anyway, after the annoying Francis
    departs, Tippi’s happiness reveals the next Pure Heart!  The Pure Heart was
    always within Tippi!  Tippi thanks Mario and the others for coming to her
    rescue and she encourages Mario to take it.
    YOU GOT TIPPI!!!- (once again…)
    Four Pure Hearts down; and four left to go.
    (H1) Castle Bleck:
    As usual at Castle Bleck, the foolish mini-bosses report their failure.  This
    time it’s Dimentio.  He reports how they managed to beat him and says that
    they’re very strong.  Dimentio even says that they might even be powerful
    enough to defy the prophecy. Bleck says that the Light Prognosticus is false
    and that it’s time to send “him” on our heroes.  The rest of the minions return
    to their posts and Natasha starts to wonder if what they’re doing is okay.
    Dimentio appears after everyone leaves and states that Bleck and Natasha have
    such “deep” conversations and that he has his own projects to attend to.
    That’s strange.
    (H2) Flipside:
    HP: 25
    ATTACK: 4/8
    LEVEL: 7
    COINS: 350-352
    PIXLS: 6
    Read the romantic dialogue between Blumiere and Timpani as they break up and
    afterwards our heroes exit the yellow dimensional door.  Afterwards, Merlon
    appears and explains that the reason why the Pure Heart appeared in that
    fortress was because the ancients hid it there safely and the seal protecting
    the Pure was broken via a powerful pulse of love and trust.  The
    interdimensional Void expands to a larger state of size and Tippi suggests that
    they should begin finding the next Pure Heart as soon as possible.  First, we
    need to rest, stock up on items, and then search for the Heart Pillar.  Take
    the elevator to the second floor and stay at the inn for a mere 5-(five) coins.
    Isn’t good to have Tippi back?
    After a good rest head to the left and enter the item shop to stock up on
    items, store, or pick up any.  Please spend a maximum of 70 coins so that you
    can keep up with my updates and the walkthrough!  Exit the shop, save your
    progress, and flip to head for the Outskirts.  Once you’ve crossed the path
    leading to Flipside Outskirts, head left to find a light version of the nails
    we found in Chapter 3; just head all the way to the left set of nails,
    ground-pound the first one, and then the second one.  In other words, the
    ENTIRE set of nails from LEFT TO RIGHT: down, up, down, up, and down.
    Successfully completing this will cause the fourth Heart Pillar to appear.
    Insert it adequately to cause a GREEN dimensional door to appear.  Good work.
    Exit the Outskirts,-(sorry for not going into detail) take the elevator to
    Flipside Tower after saving, and enter the YELLOW dimensional door to quickly
    return to Chapter 3-1 for an optional and useful pixl.
    Once you enter the Bitlands, head to the right a little and examine the bush by
    pressing UP.  The pixl is pleased to hear the news that you successfully
    rescued Tippi and since he doesn’t have anything else to do, he’ll join you.
    Quick Tutorial: The prickly-looking pixl, Barry, joins your party to help you
    counteract enemy attacks.  You can use him to create a protective barrier
    around you to defend and counteract attacks.  Be sure to have appropriate
    timing or else you’ll be damaged.  He either has a purple or lavender color.
    Remember to press only 1 only when you want to activate the barrier.
    After you acquire him, it’s time to leave for Chapter 4.  Press + to open the
    menu, press “Important Things,” and choose the RETURN PIPE to return from the
    Bitlands, to Flipside.  Once you return, head a bit to your left and enter the
    GREEN dimensional door to your fourth world.
    HP: 25
    ATTACK: 4/8
    LEVEL: 7
    COINS: 277-280
    PIXLS: 7
    The title certainly points out that our fourth world is in outer space!  That’s
    pretty cool.  Tippi verifies that we’re in outer space and then Mario starts
    shaking uncontrollably meaning that he needs air.  Question, how were they able
    to breathe underwater in the Tile Pool?  Anyway, Tippi freaks out and doesn’t
    know what to do about the dilemma.  They are flipped and end up in Flipside.
    (I2) Flipside:
    Tippi suggests that we should go to Merlon for advice.  Leave the tower and
    enter his house on the second floor.  Merlon is shocked at the fact that you
    ended up in outer space and that you should be okay if you had a space helmet.
    Merlon attempts to find the space helmet but figures out that he cleaned his
    shelves and gave the helmet to someone in town.  It was someone random so I
    guess we have to find him.  Exit the house.  Head to the right, past the
    elevator to the tower and take the elevator to Flipside’s third floor.
    Continue left to find a small boy holding a fish bowl with a fish inside.
    Speak to him.  He understands the situation like a decent, considerate
    individual and gives you the GOLDFISH BOWL.  You aren’t able to use this yet
    and we must find a place to set the fish, Captain Gills, in water.
    Take the elevator to the second floor, go all the way to the left, and take the
    elevator to the first floor; on this floor head to the right and take the
    elevator down to Flipside B1.  Head a bit to the right to see a “small” body of
    water that’s actually bigger, but you can’t see it.  Walk up to the surfaced
    section of the water, not entering, and press YES to release the goldfish into
    the water.  You will then receive the HELMET.  Now we can access and explore
    our next area well being outer space.  Return all the way back up to Flipside
    Tower using the proper elevators and enter the green dimensional door.
    HP: 25
    ATTACK: 4/8
    LEVEL: 7
    COINS: 277-280
    PIXLS: 7
    Emerge from the door to officially explore outer space.  Don’t you just love
    the music?  Anyway, let’s begin the exploration and the domination of this new
    chapter.  Shall we?
    Move to the right by “swimming” all the way to the right until you reach a dead
    end.  Once there, move down to begin to see these SOS signals.  Stop moving
    when you reach the source and use Tippi to reveal a spacecraft.  After it’s
    revealed, approach it and examine it by pressing UP.  An alien-like creature
    will rise from the spacecraft named Squirps.  Tippi believes the alien is
    allied with Count Bleck but denies and agrees that in order to get the Pure
    Heart, they both need to work together.  When you get an option I suggest you
    choose YES, SIR!  This response is probably more respectful and will please
    In order to proceed out of this area, you will need to warp.  To do so, press,
    hold-(15 seconds), and release A to give Squirps your own power-up energy;
    doing so successfully, you will warp to a new area.  To maintain briefness,
    Squirps will join you temporarily to defeat enemies by pressing 2 to shoot.
    Please move and continue to the right, defeating the Jelliens, and save your
    progress using the Save block, and then enter the warp hole.  In this new area,
    you will encounter rigorous monsters called Fotons.  Defeat them if possible
    with Squirps and continue space-swimming to the right.  At the end, you will
    find two warp holes.  Enter the one above the bottom one.
    Defeat the Jelliens and the Fotons, ignore the warp you see next to the one you
    came from, head all the way to the right defeating all the enemies, and enter
    the warp hole at the end.  In here, go to the left once you enter to defeat the
    Warpids by repeatedly pressing 2 with Squirps, and when you’re ready, enter the
    warp hole at the end to the left.  Here, continue to the right, defeating all
    the Fotons, and hitting the STAR BLOCK to end this chapter.
    HP: 25
    ATTACK: 4/8
    LEVEL: 7
    COINS: 297-300
    PIXLS: 7
    Mario and the gang travel with Squirps trusting him that he knows where the
    Pure Heart resides.  In this chapter you are taken to a miniscule planet called
    Blobule where Squirps says that there should be an entrance to the Space Byway,
    a detour to the Pure Heart.
    After some more dialogue of Squirps forgetting where the Space Byway is
    located, he whines that he has a strong urge to use the bathroom.  He runs off
    leaving us to search for clues ourselves.  Go to the right and fall off the
    ledge.  You will see a restroom and Squirps outside the lavatory.  Speak to
    him.  The bathroom is occupied by something actually and this can be proven
    when we find some toilet paper.  Speak to the person occupying the restroom
    from outside.  He says he wants toilet paper and has been waiting 100 years to
    have some.  Wait a little longer.  Jump to the small ledge of brown
    indestructible blocks and continue to the right.  Jump again over the huge gap
    to encounter a monster that moves its head, a Longator.  Watch your timing when
    he tries to attack you and jump on his head a couple of times to eliminate him.
    After the elimination, jump UP on the center of the ledge you’re currently on
    to reach a ledge with two blocks containing a coin and a MUSHROOM.  Jump down
    and continue to the right.
    If you jump all the way down you will find a locked door.  This clearly means
    that we need to retrieve a key.  Let’s do that.  Jump out of that area where
    the locked door is and jump to a ledge with a coin block on it.  Take the coin
    and jump to the right to reach a ledge with a Longator.  Defeat it quickly and
    jump across the large gap using the small brown “you know what block” and jump
    from there to another ledge.  Here, you will encounter a sparkling opening in
    space called a space rift above a statue with a large bearded man and a small
    bearded man on top of the large one.  Ignore the space rift for now but
    remember where it is since we must return here to interact with its secret(s).
    Jump off this ledge.
    On the very bottom of this gap, is a brick-like coin block you can strike to
    receive a few coins.  Flip to 3-D right there to see an opening leading to an
    ULTRA SHROOM SHAKE.  I highly recommend that you acquire this since it can be
    useful for emergencies when you’re low on HP and you’ll save 300 coins since
    that are what they cost at the item shop.  Jump out of this area with the help
    of the coin block and the brown block to reach a ledge with a Longator.  Defeat
    it and jump across the gap to reach a door covered in brick-like blocks.  Use
    Boomer to destroy these blocks to gain access.  Enter.
    Save your progress as soon as you enter this new area and jump out of this area
    to the RIGHT.  Flip to 3-D to reveal an emaciated opening in the wall you can
    cross with Slim.  Press 1 to do so and press 1 subsequently to return to normal
    status.  Once you cross this opening, you will encounter two things: coin
    blocks and a new enemy called a Boing-Oing, a more rigorous version of the
    Sproing-Oing.  Defeat them via Bowser’s ground-pound inflicting 16 points of
    damage per successful attack, and they should be history; strike the coin
    blocks for a mere coin and a flower which I forgot the name of.  Jump all the
    way up out of that area and head to the left to find a blue switch you can hit.
    Do so to reveal some brown ledges.
    Head to the right now please and defeat the Choppa, a helicopter-like monster
    with Bowser’s fiery breath, and continue to the right jumping to another ledge.
    Jump across the gap and enter the green alien-like door at the end.  This is
    the house of a yellow creature I do not know of.  He advises you to visit the
    elder.  Exit his or house and flip to 3-D.  You will see a thin path you can
    cross.  Do so and hit the block at the end for PAL PILLS.  Cross over to the
    other side and jump down to see a door.  Ignore that door and continue to the
    right since that door will bring us to an alien’s house which a complete dead
    end.  Jump to the bottom of the gap ahead and flip to reveal an opening you can
    cross to the other side.  Hit the coin blocks and climb them up to another
    ledge with a door.  Enter.  In here, jump onto the coin blocks, hitting them
    with Thudley and then receiving a SUPER SHROOM and a MEGA STAR!!  Defeat the
    Fuzzies ahead and the other monsters with the item of glory and jump up to
    enter the door at the end.  Here, we FINALLY get to see the elder.  Okay, jump
    off the ledge, defeat the enemies here with Bowser to make it easier and
    quicker, and enter the door at the end.  Speak to the elder-(who’s gray) and
    Blappy, 72, will offer the clue for 1,000 coins.  Reuse the offer by choosing
    the option: “Too rich for my blood.”  Pay the man either 100 coins or 10 coins
    since you should have that amount and he’ll give you the ANCIENT CLUE.  In case
    you ever forget what the scroll states I’ll personally write it here word by
    word which states: “By rock man’s noggin, when outer space is reversed, the
    door secret hides.”  Hooray!  This paper can now be used as toilet paper for
    the occupied person in the bathroom.  I’m deeply sorry, but I won’t be going
    into detail about how to return since that’s just too much to write.  If you
    have a personal question, do not hesitate to send me an
     e-mail message expressing your concerns.  Thank you.
    Once you finally arrive at the restroom, approach the door, press UP, and give
    the ANCIENT CLUE to the thing occupying the restroom.  It’s… Fleep!  Fleep was
    the one occupying the restroom for 100 years! Well that’s a long time.  Fleep
    sings his gratitude to you and joins your party!
    Quick Tutorial: Fleep, the pixl who’s reversible, is useful for revealing
    hidden items and tools by flipping them.  Using him, you can flip sections of
    the screen and uncover things that might be useful.  Press 1 to use him, direct
    him to a place to flip by using the control pad, and press 1 again.  Fleep has
    a rectangle figure overall, has two eyes like very other pixl, and these two
    miniature aqua wings on the side of his body.  Enjoy!
    After Fleep joins your party, Squirps exits the restroom with great relief and
    satisfaction.  Good.  Now it’s time to head for the space rift atop the two
    bearded statues.  Do you   remember where it is?  Either way, I’ll guide you
    there.  Jump atop the brown platforms, land on another ledge, and jump again to
    a higher ledge you can reach easily by jumping; continue past the locked door,
    continuing to the right jumping past the gaps, and jump up to the statues.  At
    long last, use Fleep by pressing 1; move him in front of the sparkling space
    rift and press 1 again to flip it.  Doing so successfully will cause a DOOR KEY
    to appear and fall atop the small bearded statue.  Return to the locked door
    you passed earlier, unlock it, and enter.
    Defeat the Fuzzies in your way with Bowser and at the end; strike the STAR
    BLOCK to FINALLY end this chapter!!!
    HP: 30
    ATTACK: 4/8
    LEVEL: 8
    COINS: 370-375
    PIXLS: 8
    We enter the Space Bypass with the help of Squirps and here, we have to find
    somewhere to access the Whoa Zone, a challenging and annoying chapter.  Tippi
    believes this is all a joke and again, demands answers.  Squirps releases
    gas-(ewe…) and we gain control in a place referred as the Outer Limits.
    Once you gain control after the conversation, head to the right destroying the
    brick blocks with Squirps’ power.  Defeat the Jelliens along the way and you
    will soon encounter an odd-looking platform called a Hedron which is
    indestructible according to Tippi.  Ignore it and continue to the right to
    encounter more Hedrons, Jelliens, and a block with a SUPER SHROOM.  Defeat as
    many Jelliens as you can and at then of this area, you will come across an “X”
    mark.  Use Fleep to interface with it by pressing 1 and then 1 again when Fleep
    is in front of the mark to cause the formation of two platforms; approach the
    one with the hole and press UP to examine it.  Choose the SQUISH option to
    squeeze Squirps into the hoe and cause a door to appear.  Enter.
    Head to the right to find another “X” mark; flip it using Fleep to reveal
    another set of green platforms, this time with two holes.  TWIST Squirps into
    the hole on the left and we now need to go get something that starts with “cho”
    and ends with “late” according to the sign.  I think it’s chocolate but to find
    out, enter the warp hole to right after saving your progress.  In this new
    area, space-swim to the left to find a greenish-like warp hole to enter.
    Collect the coins here and when you’re done, exit thru the green warp hole.
    Now, head to the VERY top or the highest upper-right hand side of the screen to
    find a blue warp hole enter.  If you continue a little more to your right you
    will find a shop that sells candy and other sweets.  Speak to the person on
    charge and purchase either a SWEET CHOCO-BAR, or a SHROOM CHOCO-BAR.  Exit this
    area through the blue warp hole, return to the purple-red warp hole to reach
    Squirps, and give him the choco-bar you purchased.
    The door will appear as soon as Squirps duplicates himself and inserts himself
    into the two “key” holes.  Finally, enter the door.  Defeat the Warpids and hit
    the STAR BLOCK here to end this chapter.
    HP: 30
    ATTACK: 4/8
    LEVEL: 8
    COINS: 327-360-(preferably the latter)
    PIXLS: 8
    The title of this chapter doesn’t quite fit the description of our current
    location, The Whoa Zone.  When you enter, Squirps is glad that we’re finally
    here and that he’ll be leaving ahead to where the Pure Heart awaits.  Tippi
    gets upset at the fact that Squirps leaves us at a time like this and she’s
    shocked that she can feel the Pure Heart somewhere in this area.  Let me just
    state that this place is EXTREMELY complicated and that you can get lost VERY
    easily.  Please, I beg of you, follow my words as we proceed because we’re
    going to be here for awhile.  When you’re ready, head to the right, save your
    progress, and enter the door.
    In here, defeat the Tileoids which come in red, yellow, and blue.  Collect the
    flower in the block to receive some coins-(10), jump to the other side, hit the
    block for a MUSHROOM, jump to the ledge above the door, flip, and enter the
    door revealed.  In here, defeat the Tileoid(s), take the SLOW FLOWER in the
    block, and jump down to meet a Pigarithm and defeat by jumping atop it
    3-(three) times.  Jump back to the ledge you were on before, switch to Peach,
    and use her umbrella to float and land on the other side.  Enter the door.  As
    soon as you enter you’ll encounter a monster that looks like a Mister I but
    it’s really a Barribad that can shield itself as you approach him.  You have
    two options to get to the chest: defeat it by using Bowser’s fire breath or
    flipping past it and reaching the chest.  I recommend you defeat it to receive
    some points to your score and receive some coins.  Either or, open the chest to
    acquire a DIMENSION KEY.  Good work.  Leave this room.  Back here, jump into
    and out of the gap.  Flip to 3-D to reenter the door we came from.  Leap off
    the ledge and enter the door below.
    Defeat the two Pigarithm as you enter this new area, continue to the right, and
    flip to 3-D to reveal stairs you can climb, ascend them.  On the subsequent
    level, you’ll see a Pigarithm on the ground and one on the ceiling.  Okay…
    defeat the one on the ground and unlock and enter the door at the end of this
    level.  You emerge from the door on the ceiling above the door we unlocked and
    gravity is reversed!  You won’t fall so don’t worry if you jump or get damaged.
    Defeat the Pigarithm and go to the right and enter the door at the end of this
    path by pressing DOWN.
    To be honest, we’re going to have to deal with this gravity business for most
    of this chapter so get accustomed to being along the wall, or on the ceiling.
    Literally, continue by pressing UP-(remember the controls are sort of reversed
    now) and jump into a small gap.  Jump past this gap and enter another small gap
    to access a door.  Enter.  You’ll land along the other side of the wall.  On
    this side of the wall, continue going DOWN along the screen following the path
    and enter the door at the end.  Hooray, we’re back to normal… for now!
    Continue to the right a bit and flip to reveal a green pipe.  Enter.
    Collect the coins here and go to the other side and collect the coins from that
    coin block.  Exit thru the pipe by pressing UP since we’re on the ceiling.
    Back in here, there’s a locked door we can’t access yet so just exit this room
    thru the door we came from.  In here-(follow these words precisely), go back by
    moving UP along the wall, jumping into a small gap, then jumping back out, and
    reenter the door-(press LEFT) you see to go back to the other side of the wall.
    On the other side, go backwards towards the right side along the wall jumping
    out of the gap.  Switch to Peach and float with her umbrella to the other side.
    Enter the door on the other side which you’ll see after your descent with the
    Switch to Mario after you enter and flip to 3-D to go down the stairs.  Still
    in 3-D, move to the left and then down to end up on the bottom level.  Defeat
    the Tileoids-(yellow and red) and then hit the black gravity switch- (which has
    arrows pointing up and down) to end up on the ceiling.  If you want, turn your
    own head upside-down to make it easier for yourself.  Enter the door at the end
    on the ceiling by ascending the stairs on the ceiling in upside-down mode.  In
    this new area, still being on the ceiling, continue to the right and defeat the
    Pigarithm.  Return to the first ledge that the door is on, switch to Peach, and
    float to the other side.  Afterwards, switch to Mario and flip to reveal a
    door.  Enter.
    We are now on the ceiling of the room where the door is locked and where the
    key is.  Continue to the right and at the end, open the chest to acquire the
    DIMENSION KEY.  Unfortunately, we have to return to this room in right-side up
    mode.  Flip, go behind the door, and reenter.  Back in this room, follow the
    path, jumping into the gap we crossed with Peach, and reenter the door at the
    end.  Descend the stairs on the ceiling and hit the gravity switch to return to
    normal and to the ground.  Flip at the bottom of the staircase on the ground
    and jump to the floor above.  Ascend the stairs and enter the door all the way
    to the left.  I hate being along the wall, don’t you?  Alongside the wall again
    go DOWN along the screen and enter the door in the small gap.  On the other
    side of the wall, go DOWN-(to the left not right) alongside the wall again and
    jump the ledges to reach the door we want.  Enter.
    We finally return to the room we entered the green pipe in and where the locked
    door is.  We should be on the ground not on the ceiling since we pressed the
    gravity switch.  Anyway, unlock the door to the right and enter.  In this brand
    new area, hit the gravity switch to wound up on the ceiling again and continue
    to the right until you reach a dead end and another gravity switch.  Hit the
    gravity switch to return to the ground and you’ll reach a “dead end.”  Use
    Tippi’s unique ability to reveal a hidden door and enter.
    In this room are Hooligans.  Defeat them with Bowser’s ferocious fire breath
    and at the end; hit the gravity switch to direct gravity to a 90 degree angle.
    Once you’ve made it all the way to the side of the wall-(90 degrees), defeat
    another set of Hooligans, hit the gravity switch twice-(the second time when
    you’re on the ceiling), ignore the door you see since we’re not ready, move on
    DOWN to reach a door.  Enter.
    Take a sigh of relief as you enter since the chest with the key is in this
    room.  Move down away from the chest to find a door.  Enter.  You’ll gladly
    emerge from the door on the ground to access three blocks containing a SUPER
    SHROOM, a ZOMBIE SHROOM, and another SUPER SHROOM!  Collect the two SUPER
    SHROOMS and defeat the ZOMBIE SHROOM for some coins and points.  All healed up,
    enter the door to the right, past the blocks.  You will land on the ceiling
    once more so follow the path to the chest containing the DIMENSION KEY!!!  Take
    it, reenter the door you came from to land on the ceiling, go to the left to
    enter the door, and follow the path UP to enter the door at the end.
    Back in this room, move down to hit the gravity switch to land firmly on the
    ground and then hit it again to move all the way down to the side of the wall.
    Go UP along its side and hit the gravity block to land on the ceiling.  Enter
    the door there at last.  In the second to last room of the Whoa Zone, hit the
    gravity block one “last” time to end up on the ground.  SAVE your progress and
    when you’re ready, unlock and enter the door.
    Squirps complains about how long it took us to reach him and by the way… does
    he have ANY idea how hard it was to get here!?  Anyway, the mysterious Mr. L,
    as mentioned at the title, appears.  Doesn’t he remind you of someone?  He
    kicks Squirps out of the picture after he introduces himself and mentions that
    his name is cool.  He’s annoying already so let’s just give him a good beating.
    HP: 40
    ATTACK: 3
    ATTACKS: Super jump
             Ordinary Jumps
    BATTLE METHOD: You can practically use anything to defeat in his first phase
    but don’t lose too much HP since you’ll battle him in his robot.  After
    defeating him face-to-face, he’ll bring out his BROBOT.  I suggest using Boomer
    to attack him in the first part of the battle since Boomer should cause about
    10 HP per successful hit.  Good luck!
    HP: 255
    ATTACK: 4-5
    ATTACKS: Launching Missiles
             Shooting at you with green zaps
             Shooting with a laser beam
             Shooting with LARGE Missiles
    BATTLE METHOD: Okay, this battle may seem difficult but it actually isn’t.  You
    can use Squirps now to attack for 2-3 damage per hit.  Grab the power ups in
    space to create barriers around, power-ups, and shoot missiles to the Brobot.
    Use an item if you have to but overall, it’s an easy battle.  Good luck!
    After the battle, Brobot is temporarily destroyed, Mr. L leaves sadly, and
    Squirps and the others pull themselves together.  After the cut scene, move up
    ahead to enter a door.  This is an odd scene.  The golden statue must be
    Squirps’ mother, Squirpina XIV.  Squirps is in fact the prince of Squirpia.
    Take the Pure Heart we have been thriving for.
    Five Pure Hearts down and three to go!
    (J1) Castle Bleck
    Meanwhile at Castle Bleck, Natasha assembles an orientation regarding Mr. L.
    Mr. L refers to the rest of Bleck’s minions as “juniors” making O’ Chunks and
    Mimi upset.  He departs to repair his Brobot and Count Bleck recites a passage
    from the Dark Prognosticus about the man in green standing up with the Chaos
    Heart bringing darkness to all.  Dimentio summarizes this as the
    minion-in-training, Mr. L.  O’ Chunks denies this fact and is sent on the
    mission to dispatch this hero.  The other minions depart and Natasha has a
    personal conversation with Bleck about how things would be different if she
    would have been Timpani.  Count Bleck says that’s not so and he departs leaving
    Natasha to wonder of his last words.
    (J2) Flipside:
    HP: 30
    ATTACK: 5/10
    LEVEL: 9
    COINS: 483-490
    PIXLS: 8
    Read the romantic and dramatic story between Blumiere and Timpani about finding
    a better location to better suit their love and get married.  Afterwards, the
    gang emerges from the door to Flipside and Peach realized a change from Tippi
    that she’s more cheerful. Merlon appears glad to hear that they found the fifth
    Pure Heart and then, Tippi collapses!  You are instructed by Merlon to come to
    his house and we do.  In Merlon’s house, Merlon explains how Tippi didn’t
    always used to be a pixl and that she was a human at some point when Merlon
    found her.  The Void grows larger and the scene tremors for awhile.  We are
    told to find the next Heart Pillar and Merlon will take care of Tippi.
    Head to the inn to recover, stock up on items-(90 coins maximum), and save your
    progress.  After doing all this it’s time to find the Heart Pillar.  The Heart
    Pillar is not in Flipside to be honest with you.  Take the elevator to the
    first floor and go all the way to the right.  On the wall you should see a
    crack so bomb that with Boomer to create an opening.  Flip to 3-D and enter.
    Go to the left for awhile and in between two buildings you should see a space
    rift like in outer space.  Flip it using Fleep to reveal a blue switch.  Hit it
    to reveal another path you can cross by flipping.  Enter the door at the end.
    (J3) Mirror Hall:
    Welcome to Mirror Hall!  In this quiet desolate place you’ll see 8-(eight)
    switches you can hit which represent the doors on Flipside/Flopside Tower.
    There are four on the right side and four on the left side.  Simply strike ALL
    of them from LEFT to RIGHT.  In other words, strike: red, orange, yellow,
    green, light blue, blue, purple, and black.  Successfully completing this task
    will cause the center glass in this hallway to shatter.  Walk up to it, flip to
    3-D, enter the other side, and enter the door UP in 3-D or to your LEFT in 2-D.
    (J4) Flopside: (for *UPDATE* refer to the Flipside section above)
    You’re now in Flopside, the town adjacent to Flipside!  Flip to across the path
    and enter Flopside first floor.  Even though we’re new here, it’s almost SAME
    thing as Flipside it just has a more “sophisticated” appearance.  Flip again or
    stay in 3-D and go UP to reveal an opening you can enter.  Enter.  Head to the
    right and take the elevator UP to Flopside second floor.  Continue to the left
    to meet the Flopside version of Merlon, Nolrem.  He explains to Mario and the
    gang that they’re actually in Flopside and that he’s not the Merlon they know.
    He’s pleased to meet you and Nolrem tells you that the Heart Pillar is one
    floor UP.  Let’s go there.  Take the elevator to the LEFT of Nolrem’s house to
    Flopside third floor; head to the RIGHT instead of going left like in Flipside
    to find the Heart Pillar.  Finally, place the fifth Pure Heart into the Heart
    Pillar to cause a LIGHT BLUE dimensional door to appear in FLIPSIDE.  Nolrem
    approaches and delivers the message that Tippi has been healed, and that
    they’re waiting at the top of Flipside Tower.  First, we need to officially
    enter Flipside.  Leave the third floor via the elevator to the second floor.
    If you have at least 300 coins at this explicit point-(and you should), head to
    the left and flip in front of the fortune-teller’s house-(Merlee’s) to speak to
    a man named Welderberg.  Welderberg will offer to build a blue pipe leading
    from Flopside to Flipside instantaneously.  If you do not have 300 coins or
    just don’t think it’s worth the money, go to the first floor here in Flopside.
    Once on the first floor, flip to 3-D to go all the way UP across the first
    floor with Carrie to move faster, and enter the opening to wound up on the
    other side.  There, head to the right and flip between the card shop and the
    locked building again to cross the path to Mirror Hall.  Enter.
    (J5) Flipside:
    Flip in front of the middle section of the broken window to access the other
    side.  Enter the door.  Flip, cross the path to the first floor, enter the
    opening that’s all the way UP in 3-D and all the way to the RIGHT in 2-D and
    enter the elevator going up to the second floor.  Save your progress before
    entering the elevator to Flipside Tower and when you’re ready enter the
    elevator to reach Flipside Tower, and meet Merlon and Tippi in front of the
    LIGHT BLUE dimensional door.
    Tippi explains that she feels better now and is ready to go.  Merlon will not
    disagree since Tippi’s knowledge is very useful.  Merlon requests that you take
    good care of her and when you’re ready enter the LIGHT BLUE dimensional door to
    our next world.
    HP: 30
    ATTACK: 5/10
    LEVEL: 9
    COINS: 395-400
    PIXLS: 8
    Our fifth world is drawn and the light blue door leads us into mid-air!  Tippi
    says that she cannot see the Pure Heart from where we are and Mario and the
    others fall to the ground.  These natives called Cragnons look like they’re
    going to eat us with their spears and all, but they aren’t.  They pick us up
    and take us to an elder’s house and they explain to us their unfortunate
    troubles with the Floro Sapiens and their kidnappings.  Agree to help them out
    by choosing the “Sure thing, brah” option.
    A Cragnon then enters reporting bad news of King Croacus’ return, king of the
    Floro Sapiens.  The elder begs for your assistance and afterwards, you gain
    control.  Exit the elder’s house.  You’ll then meet these sunflower-like
    creatures called Floro Sapiens.  They have a connection to the Pure Heart so I
    guess it’s a good idea to ally with the Cragnons knowing that we’ll receive the
    Pure Heart.  After the chat with the Floro Sapiens, defeat them by first
    dodging their attack and then I suggest using Bowser’s fire breath of
    ground-pounding them.  Following their defeat, you’ll find that more villagers
    are getting kidnapped by Floro Sapiens.  After them!
    Follow them to the right, past the location you landed when you entered this
    world, across a small bridge, to a door and a Save block.  Save first and then
    enter the door.  In this new area, we’ll see the Floro Sapiens carrying the
    villagers again and Tippi recommends we follow them.  Don’t go running towards
    them immediately because there are monsters called Moon Clefts on the ground
    camouflaged.  Use Carrie by pressing 1 to jump on them without getting hurt and
    continue by defeating the plant to the left in the green pipe.  Afterwards, hit
    the center block for a HAPPY FLOWER-(15 coins) to collect some coins; following
    your fun, jump onto the block and jump to the above ledges.  Defeat the Moon
    Cleft here and use Peach here to reach the other side and hit the block to
    receive a mere coin.  Jump down to reach a set of three empty blocks that we
    need to hit in a specific order.  Hit them in this sequence which I verified:
    middle, left, right, and middle.  Do so correctly to reveal a green pipe.
    Enter.  You’ll exit from the pipe to see the Floro Sapiens in the background.
    Move to the right and you will encounter a massive creature called a Muth.
    Easily defeat the Muth by using Bowser’s fire breath or use Boomer several
    times to eliminate it.
    Defeat the Floro Sapien as you enter and hit the large yellow block blocking
    your way forward.  Afterwards, hit the block to obtain the item of glory, the
    MEGA STAR!  Defeat all the enemies in your path and then head back to discover
    another large yellow block you can smash with Cudge.  Enter the door revealed.
    In here, strike the STAR BLOCK we’ve been dying to hit.  Great job!
    HP: 35
    ATTACK: 5/10
    LEVEL: 10
    COINS: 622-624
    PIXLS: 9
    As we enter deeper into the Floro Caverns, Flint entertains us with a brief
    news broadcast and then they run off to find something-(most likely the exact
    lair of King Croacus).  Okay we’re obviously going to get the Pure Heart this
    chapter so let’s do this right.  Head to the right, defeating the Putrid
    Piranha and the Floro Sapiens, and hit the block for a mere coin.  Continue to
    the right and drop down all the way to the bottom.  Here you’ll see 3-(three)
    blocks with a MUSHROOM, a ZOMBIE SHROOM, and a single coin.  Enter the small
    green pipe to the left of this area.
    As you enter this small area, a Crag will emerge from a door.  Descend from the
    ledges and save your progress via the Save block.  Let’s not enter the door the
    Crag came from since we require a CARD KEY which we do not have at the moment.
    Instead, continue to the right after saving dropping down deeper into this
    area.  Defeat the Floro Sapiens but do not overexert yourself since they will
    continue to appear from the green pipe.  Once done, hit the block near the pipe
    to receive PAL PILLS and then continue to the right to find a locked door.
    Remember where this door is and once you’re done right there, head a bit to the
    left and drop off the ledge the locked door is on.  Flip here to 3-D to
    discover a yellow ladder going down.  Use this ladder to descend to the lower
    On this lower level, you will encounter a few Crags but do NOT defeat them.
    Instead, switch to Thoreau to grab one of them and throw him to the red switch
    to the left.  When you have some room to step on the switch, jump onto it and
    your weight in addition to the Crags weight will cause a green pipe to appear
    from the right side.  Your other option I believe to making the green pipe
    appear is to throw both Crags here onto the red switch to cause the green pipe
    to emerge.  This might not work and you will be at the risk of losing at least
    100 points.  Please enter the newly revealed green pipe.
    Ignore the wooden door in this new area and enter the green pipe to the left.
    Defeat the two Spanias here and make note of the skull that has been drawn on
    the upper-left hand side of the wooden door in this area.  Use Fleep on the
    skull to reveal a CAVERN KEY.  Please take it and reenter the pipe to the left,
    the one we came from. Do you remember the locked door?  We need to go there
    right now.  Reenter the green pipe going up to return to the area with the red
    switch.  Climb atop the only brown indestructible block and flip to 3-D to
    ascend the ladder.  At the top, head to the right please and encounter the
    locked door.  Unlock and enter the door.
    Not to be a spoiler, but in here is our next pixl, Dottie.  Dottie is
    apparently having a conversation with a Crag that’s not possessed by the Floro
    Sapiens.  Jump to the lower set of brown “you know what” blocks and then to the
    higher set and then drop down to listen in on the conversation.  Gabbro,
    becomes extremely frightened at our intrusion and is concerned that we might
    capture him and bring him to King Croacus.  Dottie explains that they’re not a
    part of the Floro Sapiens’ group and that they will not hurt them.  Dottie
    shrinks him-(which I think is a bit cruel) to allow him to return to Flint and
    the village.  Gabbro is sad that Dottie can’t come with him since he does not
    know how to handle pixls and therefore shrinks him.  Dottie then joins you and
    is more than happy to lend her aid.
    Quick Tutorial: Dottie, similar to Barry, has a prickly-like shape.  Dottie’s
    pricks are colored in blue and green.  Her inside(s) has a circle shape and is
    mostly lavender and blue.  Dottie is useful to help you find hidden items that
    are stored in places that are hard to reach and he can help you avoid being
    noticed.  By converting you to a miniscule state, you can enter pipes and
    acquire items you couldn’t have in your regular size.  Get accustomed and enjoy.
    After acquiring Dottie, it’s time to get out of here.  Press 1 when using
    Dottie to miniaturize you and enter the small red door the Crag escaped
    through.  Back here, head to the left, defeating the Floro Sapien, and entering
    the door the Crag came from way earlier.  This is the entrance to the Process
    Center, the room we require a CARD KEY to access.  Head to the left past the
    two doors and press 1 using Dottie to become small and enter the small path
    leading to a CARD KEY.  Leave this small area using Dottie and insert the card
    into the slot to gain access.  Enter the now accessible door.
    Head all the way to the left and enter the green pipe at the end.  Here,
    descend the yellow ladder to find a large blue switch and the incarcerated
    Cragnons.  The Crags will be freed from their cages but it’s too late to save
    them since they’ve been brainwashed by the Floro Sapiens’ floro sprouts.
    Anyway, as soon as you release them, jump onto the brown “you know what blocks”
    and continue to the left as meticulously as you can to a chest containing a
    FLORO CRAGNIEN CARD.  Take it and return cautiously without falling to the
    right.  At the end is a green pipe you can enter.  Please do so.
    In here is our next mini-boss battle O’ Chunks.  However, Dimentio is the only
    one who seems to be speaking this is weird.  Dimentio taunts them on how it
    must be so tiresome-(it is) to collect these Pure Hearts and Tippi believes
    that no matter what it the battle will end the same.  Dimentio transfers us to
    Dimension D yet again but this time he administers a floro sprout onto O’
    Chunks to make him even stronger.  I believe that Dimentio is working with King
    Croacus and the Floro Sapiens to brainwash the Crags since he got his hands on
    a floro sprout.  Please do NOT get intimidated my O’ Chunks’ taunts because
    that’s always the trick.  Let’s show Count Bleck, Dimentio, the Floro Sapiens,
    and King Croacus that we’re no group to mess around with!
    HP: 60
    ATTACK: 3
    BATTLE METHOD(S):  To be honest, this mini-boss battle can be given an 8 out of
    a 10.  O’ Chunks is faster and stronger than ever before so might need to try a
    bit to pass this battle.  Mainly use Thoreau to toss him and then inflict any
    damage combination you like.  I recommend using Cudge to strike him with your
    mighty hammer and Thudley for a pummeling ground-pound.  If you run low on HP
    which is bound to occur, switch to Peach to guard against his attacks and use a
    SHROOM SHAKE or a LONG LAST whenever you need one.  All in all, this is a
    pretty tough battle so dodge when you can and avoid him grabbing you and
    tossing you around the screen.  ALWAYS avoid his ground-pounds.
    If you win the battle, since I have abundant faith in you, O’ Chunks will gain
    his consciousness and question what he’s doing here.  He spots Mario and the
    gang and he decides to depart since he’s running on an empty stomach and I must
    say he should be exhausted from the battle we just had.  He leaves the scene
    via atrocious gas and leaves us the floro sprout.  Acquire the FLORO SPROUT and
    choose to wear the floro sprout for now at least.  After administering the
    floro sprout leave thru the pipe on the right side.
    Before we catch up to our heroes, Dimentio makes a quick entrance to express
    his ideas on how they beat this powerful model of O’ Chunks and that he needs
    to prepare himself for upcoming events.  Okay… after that strange cut scene we
    return to Mario and friends emerging from the pipe.  Drop down from that ledge
    and hit the block for a SUPER SHROOM to replenish your HP from that rigorous
    battle.  Exit via the door on your right.  Please save your progress via the
    Save block here and ascend the brown indestructible blocks to another green
    pipe.  Enter.
    Before officially proceeding with the game, let’s acquire some coins.  Switch
    to Dottie and move to the right a bit to see a miniature green pipe you can
    enter when shrinked.  Please enter the miniscule green pipe.  In here, still
    small, hit the blocks to receive PAL PILLS, a SUPER SHROOM, and several coins.
    After acquiring all these precious items and goodies, leave thru the small
    green pipe when miniaturized by Dottie.  Once out, return to normal size by
    pressing 1 again and jump out of that gap.  Once you reach the ledge out of the
    gap, head all the way to the right to a door.  Please enter.
    You’ll see a Crag enter this mechanism that identifies you by a floro sprout.
    As long as you have the floro sprout on your head, you will easily pass through
    this mechanism.  Enter the mechanism, pass through it when you see a green
    check mark, and enter the greenish-blue door at the end.  Okay, as you can see
    we’re approaching the chapter boss.  Continue to the right and defeat ALL the
    Floro Sapiens.  Once done with the sapiens, go back to the beginning of this
    room and flip to 3-D.  If you go up a bit in 3-D you’ll notice a crack in the
    wall below the first painting of the King.  Destroy the crack by using Boomer’s
    explosive ability-(press 1 to set and press 1 to detonate).  Doing so
    successfully will reveal a hole you can enter.  Do so.
    Once you fall in, hit the block for an ULTRA SHROOM if you want one and then
    ascend the yellow ladder to land a single brown indestructible block.  Next to
    it is a blue block but it needs to be black so switch its color by throwing
    Thoreau.  Leave this hole and continue to the right. Flip in front of the next
    painting, destroy the crack in the wall to reveal a hole using Boomer, and
    enter.  This time using Thoreau, switch the block’s color from blue to white.
    Exit this hole and continue onward to the right.  Flip in front of the
    following painting, destroy the crack with Boomer to create the hole, and
    enter.  Well what do you know?!  The switch is already blue the color we want
    it to be.  Defeat the Crag on the bottom if you want, ascend the yellow ladder
    to exit, and continue headway to the right.  Flip in front of the next and last
    painting which is actually a painting of our boss.  Flip as usual in front of
    it, set and detonate Boomer to reveal the hole, and enter.  At the bottom save
    your progress and ascend the yellow ladder a bit to land on the brown
    indestructible block.  Switch the block’s color-(or hue) from blue to red.
    Finally the door we have been waiting and working hard for appears.  When
    you’re saved and ready enter the newly formed door.  In here lies our
    anticipated face-to-face showdown with King Croacus.  The annoying King
    identifies you as intruders that he has known so much about.  Croacus will not
    forgive your misbehavior and Tippi demands that Croacus releases the enslaved
    Cragnons.  Of course Croacus refuses and bribes you with the Pure Heart.
    Maintaining briefness, Croacus states that it will be an honor for him to trash
    you.  Let’s show him who’s the KING!!!
    HP: 50
    ATTACK: 2
    ATTACKS: Splitting and attacking you
             Attacking you with blades
             Flying around and hitting you with spikes
    BATTLE METHOD(S):  Climb atop his minions the three flowers and hit Croacus
    with Cudge for 12 points of damage per hit.  Once he splits apart, switch to
    Thoreau and grab Croacus and throw him to the blades to cause damage of 6
    points per hit.  Use Boomer when Croacus is near the ground and finally defeat
    this obnoxious king.  That’s it.
    What I love about Tippi is her emphasis on always winning.  Watch the long and
    dramatic cut scene as the Floro Sapiens explain the truth about King Croacus
    and his care for his people.  The truth was that the Cragnons were polluting
    the Floro Sapiens’ water supply.  That’s terrible! Flint and his camera crew
    enter surprisingly and report their “breaking news.”  Long story short, watch
    this dramatic scene and you receive the Pure Heart from the Floro Sapiens.
    Great job and our works here are done.
    Six Pure Hearts down and two left to go!
    (L1) Castle Bleck:
    The chapter finally ends and we see the pathetic and strange scene at Bleck
    Castle.  O’ Chunks, as a result of his multiple failures, has been forced to
    sing a motivational tune in honor to the Count.  Mimi appears complaining of O’
    Chunks’ singing and the breaking of windows.  Natasha is forcing O’ Chunks to
    sing the song 1,000 times.  Mr. L appears desires to go out and use the Brobot
    against our heroes.  Unfortunately for Mr. L, Count Bleck isn’t present and
    doesn’t have his consent to implement any evil plans on the heroes.  They both
    leave off to attack our heroes regardless of the Count’s orders.
    (L2) Flipside:
    HP: 35
    ATTACK: 6/12
    LEVEL: 11
    COINS: 670-675
    PIXLS: 10
    Read the dramatic and romantic dialogue between Timpani and Blumiere about a
    unique tradition of wishes.  Mario and the rest of the gang appear in
    Flipside-(isn’t good to be back) and the interdimensional Void grows and
    develops larger yet again.  After the cut scene, leave by the elevator and land
    on Flipside second floor where Merlon awaits.  He advises you that the Void has
    been getting larger and that some worlds have already started to deteriorate.
    We don’t have much time so let’s get to work.  The next Heart Pillar is in
    Flopside Outskirts but let’s first rest at the inn-(in Flipside), stock up on
    items IN FLOPSIDE-(130 coins maximum) and when you’re ready, read the next
    The main objective is to return to Flopside.  If you paid 300 coins for the
    blue pipe to be transferred there, enter that pipe which is probably on the
    second floor of Flipside.  If you did not, take the elevator to the first
    floor, continue to the right, flip to 3-D in front of the hole we blew up with
    Boomer, and enter to the other side.  Head to the left on this side of the
    first floor and flip in front of an opening that looks like a huge door.  Enter
    to cross the path leading to Mirror Hall.
    (L3) Flopside:
    For update see recent Flipside section above-(they’re the same)
    In this desolate place, cross over to the other side by flipping and entering
    the window in the center of the hall.  Enter the door on this side to return to
    Flopside.  Cross the path to officially enter Flopside first floor.  Okay, flip
    at the hole to the left and take the elevator to the second floor.  Here, flip
    in front of the building next to Nolrem’s house which is an elevator leading to
    Flopside Tower.  Enter the gate leading to the Outskirts and cross the path.
    Flip back to 2-D when you’re ready.  Head to the left to encounter a giant
    yellow block; smash it using Cudge to reveal and uncover a green pipe.  Enter.
    On the first floor of the Outskirts, continue to the right jumping over the
    stone platforms, defeating the Squog-(a new species of Squigs), and when you
    come to a sign that advises you to flip, do so and head left to enter a new
    section of the Outskirts.  Before you can, you’ll need to be miniaturized by
    Dottie to go under the stone platforms.  Switch to him, press 1, go under,
    flip, and press 1 again to return to your normal size.  Defeat the Squog and
    the Squig and jump over the gap with Peach or normally by using the thin stone
    platform to your right and then jump across.  At the end, flip to find another
    giant yellow block.  Smash it to destroy it with Boomer and a red switch will
    be revealed.  Jump onto it to finally reveal and create the sixth Heart Pillar.
    Place the Pure Heart into the pillar to cause a BLUE dimensional door to appear
    back in Flipside.
    Nolrem appears and quotes the Light Prognosticus of the duel of 100 and the and
    about what would happen if we fail the quest.  This might seem to discourage
    you but don’t get intimidated.  It’s time to return ALL the way back to
    Flipside.  Please do that the ordinary method or the shortcut method.  I
    recommend using the blue pipe Welderberg can construct for you for a fee of 300
    coins.  Do so by flipping on the -second floor of Flopside and ask him in 3-D
    in front of the fortune-teller’s building.
    (L4) Flipside:
    Enter the pipe to return instantly to Flipside.  When you’re ready, save your
    progress, take the elevator to the tower, and enter the BLUE-(or dark blue)
    dimensional door.
    HP: 35
    ATTACK: 6/12
    LEVEL: 11
    COINS: 543-545
    PIXLS: 10
    To be honest, this is the SHORTEST chapter and quest we will have in this game.
    The Chinese-like world is pleasantly drawn with the Void taunting us in the
    background. You will emerge from the door, Tippi and probably you will notice
    that the Void is MUCH bigger here than in ANY other world.  This clearly points
    out that this world is practically almost to its demise.  Well we have to hurry
    since the seventh Pure Heart is in this area.
    Go to the right and read the sign directing to King Sammer’s Palace.  Continue
    headway until you reach a red-blackish door.  Enter the palace.  As soon as you
    do, a local citizen will run out of the palace with shame about something we do
    not know about.  Keep listening to the Sammer guy talking about another
    unworthy opponent and the coming of the hero for him to challenge.  We approach
    him and Jade Blooper, guardian of the 1st gate, wants to challenge us. When
    “Round 1” begins, simply smash him to pieces with Cudge about three times-(3)
    and you’ll win the battle.  Afterwards, the king, King Sammer, will compliment
    you on your martial artistry and show you the treasure of the kingdom the Pure
    Heart.  It seems to be the same as the previous one but it isn’t.  Agree to his
    challenge of participating in a tournament in which we have to beat his 100
    Sammer guys.
    Don’t believe the king since we are here to only fight 20 Sammer guys.  Well I
    wish you the best of luck!  Okay I’m not going to leave you with no
    recommendations.  The best way to beat the 20 is to use Cudge and Bowser’s fire
    breath.  This will beat them easily.  Dodge with Peach if you need to and
    battle with great effort and ambition since there is a mini-boss after this.
    When you’re ready to get started, go to the right and enter the door to begin
    your 2nd battle.  Repeat this process until you’ve accomplished the 20th battle
    and read the following paragraph.  However, on the 10th and 20th round, I
    highly recommend using Bowser’s fire breath and a combination of Carrie since
    you’ll have faster speed and agility.
    After the defeat of the 20 Sammer guys, the Void will grow larger and Count
    Bleck appears saying that the light of the worlds will be devoured one by one.
    Tippi questions him o why he would want to do something so unspeakable.  After
    the cut scene of Count Bleck and Tippi lecturing each other on what’s worthless
    and what’s not, continue to the right and open the door.  Pass the Sammer guys
    since they will NOT challenge you can continue ALL the way to the area with the
    STAR BLOCK to end this chapter.
    HP: 35
    ATTACK: 6/12
    LEVEL: 11
    COINS: 545-550
    PIXLS: 10
    It’s a shame.  The title of this chapter doesn’t seem too promising or
    encouraging.  As you begin this new chapter, “King Sammer” will be relieved to
    see you and notifies you that since the situations are grave, you can go
    retrieve the Pure Heart on the 26th gate.  That’s where we are.  Go atop the
    duel stage and open the chest for… nothing!  It was a setup by Mimi this whole
    time.  She explains that you’re fools for believing that the King would give
    you the Pure Heart that easily.  Mimi wants a battle so let’s give her a good
    HP: 25
    ATTACK: 2
    ATTACKS: Creating a line of Rubees and throwing them at you
             Flipping to 3-D
             Launching Rubees at you
    BATTLE METHODS:  Mimi might be slightly stronger this time but she is still
    pretty simple to defeat.  When she begins to launch rubees at you, pick them up
    with Thoreau and try to hit her as many times as possible.  Get off the stage
    when she creates a whole line of rubees and launches them to the stage.  Use
    Bowser and Carrie when she’s near the ground to attack with your fire breath
    which will cause 12 points of direct damage.  Confuse her with Fleep if you
    want to stun her and then take that opportunity to attack.  Flip with Mario
    when you’re stuck in a corner and are unable to move around because Mimi is
    probably attacking you with Rubees.  You have many options in this battle so
    have fun and be creative with your attacks don’t only take my word for it.
    After this normal 7 out of a 10 battle, Mimi confesses that she was only trying
    to stall you by fighting you.  The Void will grow larger and the demise of this
    kingdom gets nearer.  Head to the right and enter the door.  Continue thru the
    doors and past the Sammer guys until you reach the gate with the Sammer guy
    warning you that we’re doomed.  He’s partially right.  Watch the cut scene of
    the Void consuming the entire area and we’ll appear back in Flipside.
    (M3) Flipside:
    Well, we’re back.  The “REAL” Void is here in Flipside so the effects of the
    Void in other worlds do not affect the ENTIRE universe.  The Void that has the
    influence on the entire universe is here in Flipside.    I just wanted to let
    you know.  Please read below.
    When we return, Tippi talks to herself saying that she used to know who Count
    Bleck is but can’t recall the full details.  Mario and heroes awaken and Peach
    questions the conclusion of the world being consumed by the Void.  Tippi
    suggests that we should return since the dimensional door leading back there
    still exists.  Don’t go back in just yet.  Take the opportunity NOW to rest and
    stock up on items since you must have low HP from the Sammer guys as well as
    Mimi.  When you’re ready, reenter the BLUE dimensional door.
    (M4) CHAPTER 6-1: NO TITLE-(N/A)
    You’ll exit the door and appear in white space, suffice to say “how sad”.
    There is nothing left and I hate this taunting music.  Tippi strangely senses
    the Pure Heart in this area and she wants us to investigate.  This is going to
    be a LONG ride.  Switch to Carrie and use him as a ride to the end of this
    area.  Don’t worry all you need is patience and effort to persevere the long
    path ahead.
    At the end, you’ll be stopped by a cut scene and you will see a dead and
    petrified Pure Heart in the ground.  Somehow the seventh Pure Heart survived
    the destruction of this world.  Mr. L appears makes his appearance once again
    and takes the Pure Heart.  Mario and heroes refuse to leave without a fight
    since Mr. L took the Pure Heart.  Mr. L doesn’t want to disappoint the
    temptation of combat and summons his Brobot.  Let’s give him a beating.
    HP: 64
    ATTACK: 5
    DEFENSE: 4
    ATTACKS: Ground-pound
             Launching its hands
             Launching nose
             Launching Missiles
             Laser beam
             Sucking you into its mouth
    BATTLE METHOD: Since Brobot’s defense is 4, your options are limited which can
    be a good thing and a bad thing.  Flip to 3-D and switch to Boomer.  Set and
    detonate Boomer next to Brobot’s feet to cause 10 points of damage.  Simply
    repeat this and guard with Peach if you’re about to be seriously attacked.
    Good luck!
    After the battle, Mr. L refers to your victory as preposterous and Tippi
    explains that he’s simply weak.  After the insults, Mario believes that he
    knows him very well it’s LUIGI for sake!  If you didn’t know this then I’m
    speechless.  Tippi thinks Mario’s just imagining and we acquire our seventh
    “stoned” Pure Heart.
    Seven Pure Hearts down and one more to go!
    Watch the cut scene between Mr. L and Dimentio as well as Mr. L’s thinking of
    why he can’t beat them.  Dimentio grasps the opportunity to get rid of Mr. L
    here in this area since he is just a failure in the Count’s book, according to
    Dimentio.  Dimentio sends him to the end of games a place we’ll visit soon.
    (N1) Castle Bleck:
    Back at Castle Bleck, Count Bleck is shocked to hear the disobedience of
    Dimentio, Mimi, and Mr. L that Natasha is reporting.  Natasha accepts full
    responsibility for it and Bleck explains that this prophecy will not be
    fulfilled without sacrifice.  Count Bleck leaves Natasha the right to carry out
    minion discipline.  Natasha notices something strange about Bleck and he says
    that he’s fine.  Natasha departs and Bleck wonders if Tippi is in reality,
    Timpani.  That’s about it.
    (N2) Flipside:
    HP: 35
    ATTACK: 6/12
    LEVEL: 11
    COINS: 540-545
    PIXLS: 10
    Read the dialogue of the troubles between Blumiere and Timpani and the fact
    that Blumiere cannot see Timpani anymore as a result of bringing shame to the
    Tribe of Darkness.  This is now a dialogue between Blumiere and his father who
    punished Timpani and sent her to another world.
    Back in Flipside, take the elevator down to the second floor and enter Merlon’s
    house next to the Save block.  Tippi and the others explain the situation of
    the Pure Heart’s status and how it happened.  Afterwards, Dimentio comes forth!
    He explains that all our hard work had been in vain since, according to him, is
    no possible way to revitalize the Pure Heart.  He sends our three main heroes
    Mario, Peach, and Bowser to the next world so don’t panic since it’s where we
    need to be.  Even if you did lose your pixls and your companions-(for now), you
    won’t be fighting much so don’t worry.
    (O1) The Underwhere:
    HP: 35
    ATTACK: 6/12
    LEVEL: 11
    COINS: 540-545
    PIXLS: 0
    You’ve lost almost everything except for your ambition and items.  Once you
    awaken in our next world the Underwhere, a strange half-dead villager, which
    are referred to as Shaydes, from this world speaks to us.  Mario explains how
    his game is not yet over and that he must persevere.  He advises you to go
    speak with Queen Jades about your troubles.  Let’s do that.
    A fountain is up ahead for you to heal and replenish HP.  Continue to the
    right, save your progress via the Save block near the door, and enter the door.
    Please continue to the right to encounter a girl-like person singing atop a
    green pipe.  She notices you and tells you to be gone since Mario isn’t her
    loving prince.  Ignore her for now but remember where she is okay.  Flip to
    3-D, avoid the Dry Bones, and continue along the RIGHT path.  Jump over the
    spikes and jump over the small gap ahead to reach another intersection.  Flip
    back to 2-D to replenish your Flip Gauge.
    Flip back to 3-D where you are and at the intersection, go to the LEFT and jump
    over the spikes.  Follow this path to jump over another set of spikes and
    another gap.  Once you jump over the gap, continue to jump over the third set
    of spikes to the door.  Do not enter yet.  You will notice a SUPER SHROOM SHAKE
    atop a green pipe we can’t reach.  In 3-D, hit the interchangeable yellow
    platform to access the shake in 2-D.  Take it and enter the door.
    In this new area is a purple river called River Twygz, the river of sins.  The
    man will offer to take you to the other side of the river to speak too Queen
    Jades for 4-(four) coins.  I recommend swimming across since it’s faster but
    it’s your call and the river will NOT hurt you.  On the other side, enter the
    door.  Continue to the right up the stairs and head all the way to the right to
    spot Queen Jades.  Looks may be deceiving but please speak with her.  Queen
    Jades explains that in the Underwhere your sins are weighed and if they’re
    light enough, you will be blessed with the Overthere.  Eventually, Mario shows
    Jades the Pure Heart and is shocked.
    Her cell phone rings and Grambi the king of Overthere speaks with the queen
    about a girl named Luvbi missing.  Queen Jaydes ask you to find Luvbi so agree
    to finding a Nimbi called Luvbi.  Queen Jaydes takes the Pure Heart to
    revitalize it and will return it when we return and she gives you a DOOR KEY.
    She also tells you someone dressed in green fell into River Twygz.  Our goal is
    to head for the bottom of River Twygz so let’s go there.  Leave this area via
    the door to the left and dive into the river.  Please avoid the white hands
    since they WILL cause damage to you.
    *UPDATE PURE HEARTS: 6* for the other updates, check above.
    At the bottom of the river flip to 3-D and swim into the hole you see on the
    ground.  You’ll find a locked door so unlock it and enter with the key Queen
    Jaydes gave us.  Swim to the right, avoiding the white hand, and to a ledge a
    blue block rests.  Push the block down by pushing it towards the RIGHT and swim
    down to it.  Down here is a red lever so press UP near it when you have the
    option to have the water recede and vanish into a drain system.  Please jump
    out of that gap using the blue block and the green pipe and land on the right
    side.  Jump up to the three brick blocks to destroy them and then press UP on
    the lever again to make the water return.
    Swim up out of that area and move past the area the three brick blocks were and
    continue to the right.  Jump off the end of the path to find a “dead end.”
    Flip to 3-D to reveal a path you can follow.  Enter the path and follow it to
    the right please.  When you cannot move further, flip back to 2-D.  In this new
    area, swim to the right past the large gap, ignoring the bottom since we’ll
    return there later; follow the path to the right and jump down onto the green
    pipe.  Flip there to 3-D to swim BEHIND the blue block and push it off.  Swim
    down to it and press the lever to have the water recede.
    Please jump out of this area and jump down into the gap we swam over.  At the
    bottom of the gap, hit the brick block to create a black ladder leading back
    up.  Don’t return yet.  Instead, flip to 3-D to reveal a path going to the
    right that we can take.  Enter it and follow it to a green pipe and a door.
    Enter the green pipe first.  In here are about 26 coins in total that you can
    take.  Take your coins and exit thru the pipe.  Enter the door to your right.
    It looks like we’re back outside.  Okay.
    Jump off the ledge the door is on and continue to the right.  Jump atop the
    fountains as platforms to jump to the other side’s ledge.  Once you’re there,
    Luigi is extremely scared and sad that he ended up in a place like this after
    Count Bleck’s minions grabbed him.  Mario greets his younger brother and asks
    why he is here.  Luigi doesn’t remember the details of him being Mr. L and
    causing us a lot of headache but Mario says that they’re in a place called the
    Underwhere the land of ended games.  After Mario explains that he’s looking for
    a Nimbi named Luvbi, Luigi is more than happy to join your party.  Great!
    After the cut scene, switch back to Mario temporarily and flip to 3-D to reveal
    a LONG LAST SHAKE behind the boulder Luigi was hiding next to.  Afterwards,
    jump off the ledge and continue to the left.  Under the ledge the door is on,
    flip to 3-D and move to the right a bit and then down to open chest with a DRY
    BONES CARD.  Leave that small area and switch back to Luigi.  Press and hold
    DOWN on the control pad to build up power with Luigi and then release to
    perform a Super Jump to reach the door.  Reenter.
    It’s time to exit this entire area and exit River Twygz.  Back inside, flip to
    3-D and cross the path to the left.  Use Luigi’s Super Jump ability to the left
    side to jump atop the green pipe and then again to the ledge.  Switch to Mario,
    flip to 3-D, cross the path, and return to the other side.  Super Jump again
    with Luigi to reach the ledge.  Continue to the left and fall off.  You have
    two options now: Super Jump with Luigi to exit this area or activate the lever
    to swim instead.  It’s your choice but at the end; enter the door to leave this
    underground area.
    We return to River Twygz.  Swim all the way to the top of the river avoiding
    the white hands, and enter the door on the LEFT side, which does NOT lead us to
    Queen Jaydes.  Remember the Nimbi that was singing atop the green pipe?  That
    was actually Luvbi.  In this previous area, flip and pass the intersections and
    the spikes to the beginning of this area.  As you can see, she isn’t there
    anymore so we have to find her ourselves.  Move to the left a little to find
    two tall green pipes next to the door.  Ascend them using Luigi’s Super Jump
    and jump to your right to access a new floor.
    Furthermore, continue to the right and Super Jump to the tall green pipe the
    Piranha Plant is on.  Wait until it goes back into the pipe to jump however.
    Continue to the right, jump over the spikes, and Super Jump over the green pipe
    another Piranha Plant is on.  After that pipe, repeat Super Jumping over the
    pipes and the Piranhas until you reach a block you can Super Jump to reach a
    HAPPY FLOWER-(8 coins this time please).  After your fun, Super Jump over the
    rest of the pipes and the piranhas until you reach a door.  Enter.
    When you enter you’ll notice someone singing.  That must be Luvbi!  Flip to 3-D
    to bypass all the pipes and the piranhas.  At the end, you will finally reach
    Luvbi.  She is angry with us again since her handsome prince has not found her.
    To prove to you that you’re not the prince she asks you a question about her
    name.  Answer “Luvbi” and she’ll come to her senses.  After realizing that she
    will NOT date you, she returns to her mother, Queen Jaydes.  We’re almost done
    with this area for now so exit this area by flipping and by entering the door
    at the end.
    Back in here, to make our return faster and easier, flip to 3-D and simply fall
    into the huge hole in the middle of this floor to descend to the first floor.
    Fall to the left side and you’ll land safely or otherwise return the old
    fashion way by Super Jumping over the tall green pipes.  Enter the door at the
    end.  Swim across River Twygz and enter the door on the other side.
    Move headway to the right and enter the palace to speak to Queen Jades and
    Luvbi.  Luvbi apologies for your behavior towards Mario and Luigi and Queen
    Jades expresses her feelings of how worried she was of her “daughter” Luvbi.
    As a reward and gratitude, Queen Jades hands you the revitalized Pure Heart.
    Queen Jaydes offers you the opportunity to return to Flipside since both Mario
    and Luigi are still very much alive.  Choose “Return” to finally return to
    Flipside.  Hooray!
    (P1) Flipside:
    HP: 35
    ATTACK: 6/12
    LEVEL: 11
    COINS: 582-585
    PIXLS: 10
    Mario and Luigi land on Flipside Tower and awaken to be greeted by Tippi and
    Merlon.  Merlon invites Mario and Luigi back to his for some explanations and
    introductions.  After Luigi introduced himself and Mario explains how they
    returned, we gain control of our pixls and exit Merlon’s house.  This seems to
    be a good time to walk you through obtaining another optional pixl!  Firstly,
    head for Merlee’s fortune-teller’s shop on Flopside Second Floor and enter.  In
    here, leap over her crystal ball and speak to Merlee from that side-(RIGHT).
    Merlee will ask you to do a favor for her choose the option “Only if it’s a
    small one” to embark on a fairly long side quest toward the next optional pixl.
    Below are the locations you need to go to proceed through this side quest
    correctly.  Once there, you’ll have to speak to that person.
    1.)	Character: Merluvlee
    2.)	Character: Bestovius
    3.)	Character: Oldman Watchitt
    4.)	Character: Merlumina
    5.)	Character: Bestovius
    6.)	Character: Merluvlee
    7.)	Character: Merlee
    Quick Tutorial: (a portion taken from the Side Quests section) Piccolo, the
    musical pixl, can be used to play enjoyable melodies and cure curses and
    inabilities.  Piccolo has a musical note appearance and has two small wings at
    the tip of the note.  Piccolo has an aqua color and he’s an enjoyable pixl to
    have.  Reacquire
    (P2) Flopside:
    HP: 40
    ATTACK: 6/12
    LEVEL: 12
    COINS: N/A
    PIXLS: 11
    With that exhausting Side Quest complete, it’s time to advance further into the
    game.  Please read the next paragraph.
    Flip in front of the elevator leading to Flopside Tower and cross the path to
    enter the Outskirts.  Head to the left, enter the green pipe, and land on the
    first floor of the Outskirts.  Continue to the right to defeat the two Squogs
    and continue all the way to the right and enter the green pipe to land in
    Flopside Outskirts B1.  Continue by moving to the left until you find a high
    wall you can’t pass nor jump over.  Switch to Luigi and Super Jump-(press,
    hold, and release DOWN on the control pad) to the seventh Heart Pillar.  Insert
    the Pure Heart into the pillar to cause a PURPLE dimensional door to appear
    back on Flipside Tower.  Well that was our seventh experience with the Heart
    Pillar.  After you insert the seventh Pure Heart in place, Tippi says that it’s
    almost time to fight and defeat Blumiere!  Isn’t Blumiere the person mentioned
    in the dramatic and romantic dialogues after we acquire a Pure Heart?  Anyway,
    leave here by Super Jumping with Luigi and reenter the green pipe we used to
    get down here.
    Move all the way to the left to enter the pipe, leading back to the Outskirts’
    second floor.  Leave the Outskirts by flipping and crossing the path back to
    Flopside.  Move to the left past Nolrem’s house, the elevator and the
    fortune-teller’s shop, to enter the blue pipe at the end back to Flipside.
    (P3) Flipside:
     For UPDATE see above Flopside section-(same)
    Stock up on anything you need, save your game, and take the elevator up to
    Flipside Tower to enter the PURPLE dimensional door.
    HP: 40
    ATTACK: 6/12
    LEVEL: 12
    COINS: N/A
    PIXLS: 11
    Our next world, the Underwhere, is pleasantly drawn!  This is where the door
    led us!  Okay, Mario explains to Tippi that this was the world that both he and
    Luigi were sent to.  They wonder-why did the Pure Heart take them here.  Let me
    just state from experience that this is the LONGEST chapter filled with new
    characters, items, and enemies.  When you’re ready, enter the door all the way
    to the right of this room.
    Yes, it is the SAME place as before.  To pass this area and to enter the door
    at the end, either Super Jump over the tall green pipes with Luigi or flip and
    follow the intersections.  Enter the door at the end.  Swim across River Twygz
    and enter the door on the other side.  Walk up to enter the palace and speak to
    Queen Jades.  Tippi introduces herself to Jades and explains that we’re looking
    for the Pure Heart hidden in this world.  Since the location of the final Pure
    Heart is of high secrecy, Jades won’t tell you about it.  Instead, she
    instructs us to go and speak with Grambi, the king of Overthere.
    Luvbi appears to us again prepared to return to Overthere.  Queen Jades asks us
    to escort her there and Tippi questions this odd request.  The reason behind
    this is that a savage beast was freed by an earthquake and Jades is concerned
    about the safety of her “daughter.”  Say yes to the bargain of escorting Luvbi
    to Overthere, opening the path, and alerting Grambi of our departure.  Queen
    Jades summons and creates the door leading to Overthere.  Enter it when you’re
    ready after the cut scene of Tippi’s crush.  In here, move to the right and
    strike the STAR BLOCK to end this chapter.  This was easy, bit it’s only the
    HP: 40
    ATTACK: 6/12
    LEVEL: 12
    COINS: N/A
    PIXLS: 11
    We continue our adventure in a place called Underwhere Road.  Well, according
    to the title of this chapter we will be interacting with 3-(three) sealed doors
    that need to be opened to access the path to Overthere.  After the cut scene
    between Tippi and Luvbi, move onward toward the door to the right and enter
    We are now in a dark room but it’s not completely pitch black fortunately.
    Chase after Luvbi since she wants to catch and she will lead you to a door.  If
    you can’t catch up, read on.  Move to the right and jump to a small ledge along
    the wall.  Jump to the next ledge and move to the left; strike the block for a
    MUSHROOM if you need it and head to the left.  Jump to the next white ledge
    with a white hand next to it.  Quickly jump to the next ledge to the right and
    ride the mechanism to be transferred to the other side.  Jump up to the two
    white ledges and land on the next ledge to the left.
    Ride the mechanism to be transported to the other side.  Beware of the Dark
    Boos now since the closer you get to finishing, the more they’ll appear.  Jump
    up to the two white ledges along the wall.  Jump to the next landing to hit a
    block for a mere coin and then ride the mechanism to the other side.  Drop to
    the lower ledge with a chest containing a DARK BOO CARD.  Ascend to the ledge
    you were previously on, and jump up the white ledges along the wall to your
    next ledge.  Here, hit the block for a MUSHROOM and jump across the emaciated
    gap to your next ledge along the wall.  Climb up the white ledges to your next
    Finally, continue to the right to find Luvbi next to the first sealed door.
    Walk up to it and examine the door using Tippi’s unique ability-(point the Wii
    remote at the screen and press A when the door flashes in red) to speak with
    it.  The door’s name is Dorguy the First and he has been commanded by Queen
    Jaydes to guard the door.  To ensure that you’re trustworthy, he’ll ask you a
    couple of questions.  In the following paragraph are the questions as well as
    the CORRECT answer to those questions.  Please refer to it as needed.
    Q: “Who is the most powerful person in the Underwhere?”
    A: “Queen Jaydes”
    Q: “What is my name?”
    A: “Dorguy the First”
    Q: “How many times did I just say the word “apple”?”
    A: “6 times”
    After answering the questions correctly, Dorguy the First will permit you to
    enter and proceed.  Please do so.  In this next room, save your progress and
    you will begin to notice some tremors from someone or something banging against
    the wall.  Anyway, continue to the right to speak to 3-(three) D-men blocking
    the door.  They explain that they sequestered a raging beast inside.  Agree by
    saying “Yes” to taming the trapped beast.  Enter the door the D-men were
    guarding and let’s investigate the conflict and the cause of this disturbing
    Inside, continue by moving to the right and you’ll eventually see Bowser!  He
    is complaining and banging on the walls since he’s hungry and misses Peach.
    Mario and friends approach him and explain that they do not know the
    whereabouts of Princess Peach.  Bowser interprets this the wrong way and
    believes this is a trap to break up the relationship between him and the
    princess.  Bowser demands the truth out of you and since this is all the info
    we can give him, he decides to settle this with a battle.  Let’s get this over
    HP: 80
    ATTACK: 8
    DEFENSE: 2
    ATTACKS: Attacking with his ferocious fire breath
             Ordinary stomps
    BATTLE METHODS:  Firstly, confuse and stun him using Fleep and then switch to
    Boomer to cause major damage; attack with Cudge as well since with the mighty
    hammer you can inflict about 10-12 damage per successful strike.  Flip when
    you’re about to get attacked to move to the other side.  I recommend using
    items such as a THUNDER RAGE to also inflict major damage.  Try to avoid
    getting damaged since each time you do, you’ll lose 8 HP.  Finally, jump atop
    of Bowser by using Carrie.  Good luck!
    After this rather easy battle, Tippi explains to Bowser that we’re in the land
    of the Underwhere and that none of us know the whereabouts of anyone in our
    group including Peach.  Bowser understands the situation of Peach actually
    being lost somewhere and he immediately rejoins our party.
    After the reunification with Bowser King of the Koopas, we exit this room.
    Back in here we meet up and speak to the D-men.  Mario reports his success of
    taming the monster and they are so impressed that they give you the DOOR KEY to
    proceed further.  The D-man that remains on watch gives you a helpful tip about
    lighting the torches in dark rooms with flames.  Save your progress yet again
    and unlock and enter the door.
    In this new area, switch to Bowser and light the torches next to the door we
    just entered from to illuminate the area.  Climb up the ledges following Luvbi
    along the way and light every torch you can and see.  Defeat the Dry Bones
    along the way and ascend the ledges and stop when you reach a white ledge with
    a green pipe next to it.  Enter.  In this area, collect as many coins as you
    can and quickly since you’re timed and then exit via the green pipe we came
    from.  It’s almost pitch black in here so jump directly to your left and begin
    ascending again as carefully as you can.  Defeat the Dark Boos if you can and
    at the top, light the torches near the door and then examine it with Tippi to
    speak with Dorguy the Second.  Like the previous door, Dorguy the First, we are
    going to answer some more questions.  This time the questions are going to be
    asked via a screen or a projector.  Please refer to the next paragraph for the
    questions and their CORRECT answer.
    Q: “How many red objects were there?”
    A: “3”
    Q: “How many triangles were there, folks?”
    A: “2”
    Q: “What color were the moving objects?”
    A: “Blue”
    Q: “Off the top of your head, what number question is this?”
    A: “4”
    Q: “What shape was the most plentiful, folks?”
    A: “Triangles”
    After this security check and answering correctly, Dorguy the Second will grant
    you access.  Please enter the door and proceed.  In this area, the door we need
    to enter is unfortunately locked.  Enter the pink door with heart decorations
    to the right.  In this room you’ll encounter 3-(three) hag-like witches.  Save
    your progress to the left at the end of this room and then head back to the
    right to speak with the first hag/witch ALL the way to the right where you
    first entered this room.
    Hagra, one of the ancient sisters three, will tell you her conflict about a
    D-man who borrowed a certain book from her and now she needs it back.  When she
    requests your assistance to finding the book for her, agree by choosing the
    “Yes” option.  Hagra is sweet enough to transfer us to where the D-man is.
    When your transfer is complete, head to the right a bit and speak with the
    D-man to receive the DIET BOOK Hagra desires to have back.  Afterwards, enter
    the door next to the D-man.
    In this room we previously passed, light the torches to illuminate the room and
    ascend the ledges and use the mechanisms to reach the top and enter the door
    guarded by Dorguy the First.  Save your progress here and enter the first door
    you see to the right.  Repeat the same process here with Bowser and the torches
    and then ascend all the way to the top to enter the door Dorguy the Second was
    guarding.  In here, save and reenter the door with the pink heart decorations.
    Speak to Hagra and hand her the DIET BOOK we received from the D-man.  As
    special thanks, she awards you by giving you the DOOR KEY.  Move to the right a
    bit and unlock and enter the door Luvbi should be waiting by.  In this new
    area, we will dealing with Dorguy the Third.  Illuminate this room using
    Bowser’s fire breath on the torches and then flip to 3-D with Mario to find a
    staircase we can ascend.  However, there is a gap in the way so just switch to
    Luigi and ascend the stone platforms to the left of the door to land atop them.
    Light them with Bowser and cross over the gaps by jumping to the stone
    platforms and then drop to the staircase.  Here, like in Mount Lineland, flip
    to 3-D with Mario to bypass the precarious Spiny Tromps and land at the top of
    the staircase.  Once you’re at the top, defeat the Dry Bones either with Boomer
    or Bowser’s fire breath and light the torch here.  Switch to Luigi and jump to
    the stone platforms near the steps.  There, quickly Super Jump to reach the
    next stone platform, and the last staircase.
    Once you’re on the staircase, flip with Mario and ascend to the top.  At the
    top, light the torches and examine the door with Tippi which is Dorguy the
    Third.  Dorguy the Third will test your worthiness by challenging against a
    duel with three chain chomps in yellow, black, and red.  You’ll then enter a
    virtual type of battle game.  Switch to Bowser since he will cost the most
    damage and choose whichever Underchomp to attack.  Usually use a combo Thudley
    to ground-pound and inflict 20 points of damage.  You can also use potent items
    and use Boomer to cause 8 points of damage.  Most importantly, you can use
    Piccolo to make ALL 3-(three) Underchomps fall asleep for a crucial attack
    opportunity.  Use her often!  Good Luck!
    After you win this simple challenge enter the third and final door.  Please
    move to the right momentarily and then hit the STAR BLOCK at the end to finally
    end this chapter.
    HP: 40
    ATTACK: 6/12
    LEVEL: 12
    COINS: N/A
    PIXLS: 11
    Ah… clear blue skies.  We are now close to Overthere but to get there we must
    first pass through the Overthere Stair.  Tippi begins to worry about Peach and
    her condition.  Luvbi tries to cheer them up by proposing a crush between Mario
    and Peach.  Anyway, let’s get through this LONG chapter.
    We are currently in Stair 1.  Ascend to the cloud closest to you or the one
    near the ground.  Afterwards, jump up again to reach the second cloud.  Here,
    defeat the Parabuzzy by simply jumping on it and then jump to the right to your
    third cloud.  Jump again to the fourth cloud where there’s an Ice Cherbil and
    defeat it.  Still on the fourth cloud strike the 3-(three) blocks for a total
    of two coins and one SUPER SHROOM.  Afterwards, jump atop the set of three
    blocks and hit another block for a coin and go atop this one to hit another
    block for another coin.  Drop down to the cloud you were on.  That’s good.
    Furthermore, go to the right and wait for a yellow mobile platform to descend.
    Get onto it and let it transport you to the fifth cloud.
    Here on our fifth cloud, collect the coins and wait for the yellow mobile
    platform to return.  When it does, jump onto to it and jump to the left to
    reach the sixth cloud.  Collect the coins on our sixth cloud and switch to
    Luigi here.  Super Jump to the seventh cloud.  Jump across to the eighth cloud
    and defeat the Ice Cherbil and the Parabuzzy.  Flip on this eighth cloud to
    reveal yellow blocks you can hit to access the ninth cloud.  Once they’ve been
    hit, flip back to 2-D and ascend the blocks to the ninth cloud.  Here, defeat
    the Parabuzzies and head back to the right to find a huge cloud called a
    jump-over cloud.  Jump on it twice to ascend all the way to the top to the
    tenth cloud.  On our tenth cloud, defeat the Parabuzzy and the Spiky Parabuzzy
    and jump to the right to the eleventh cloud.  Defeat the Spiky Parabuzzy or
    Parabuzzy and then jump on the jump-over cloud to ascend to greater heights and
    the twelfth door.  Once you land read the sign which states “Here Endeth Stair
    1.”  Whenever you see these signs, it means that the stair has probably ended.
    Enter the door.
    In Stair 2, we get to see the interdimensional Void I was hoping we wouldn’t
    see.  On the thirteenth cloud, defeat the Beepboxer and hit the three blocks
    for a coin, a ZOMBIE SHROOM, and a FAST FLOWER.  After defeating the shrooms
    and the Beepboxer, jump atop the set of blocks and jump to the right to the
    fourteenth cloud.  Here, Super Jump with Luigi to the right to land on the
    fifthteenth cloud.  You can’t reach the sixteenth cloud via ordinary jumping.
    As a result, switch to Luigi to Super Jump to the right cloud which is the
    sixteenth cloud.
    Save your progress here on the sixteenth cloud and then jump to the left to the
    seventeenth cloud.  Jump across the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth cloud
    defeating the Spiky Parabuzzy.  On the twentieth cloud hit the block for a mere
    coin and jump to the left to the jump-over cloud.  Jump on it to ascend to
    greater heights and when you land on the twenty-first cloud, go down to hit
    three blocks containing a total of 3-(three) coins.  On this cloud continue to
    the right to acquire some more coins and then jump back up to the twenty-first
    cloud we were on before dropping down here.  Here, jump onto another jump-over
    cloud to ascend to another jump-over block.  Do the same to jump to jump to the
    twenty-third cloud.
    Please continue by moving to the right defeating the Beepboxers and the Ruff
    Puffs.  At the end of this cloud, jump to the right to the twenty-fourth cloud
    and then to the twenty-fifth cloud where there is an Ice Cherbil.  Defeat the
    Ice Cherbil and ascend to the twenty-sixth cloud.  Here, climb the cloud above
    you to land on the twenty-seventh cloud.  To the left is a jump-over cloud so
    jump onto it to ascend to the twenty-eight cloud.  Here, defeat the Beepboxer
    and then ride the yellow mobile platform which will take you to the left and
    will allow the acquiring more coins.  After the ride, jump to the twenty-ninth
    cloud and enter the door which ends Stair 2.
    As you enter Stair 3, move to the right on this thirtieth cloud to defeat the
    Beepboxers and hit two more blocks containing two coins in total.  At the end
    of this cloud, jump on the jump-over cloud to ascend to the thirty-first cloud.
    Please move to the right and drop to another cloud with a door.  Enter.  In
    here is a tree growing BLUE APPLES.  Take one by ground-pounding with Thudley
    and exit the door when ready.  Jump back up to the thirty-first cloud and
    continue to the left.  Jump to the thirty-second cloud and then to the
    thirty-third to defeat the Beepboxer and the Ruff Puff.
    After defeating them, continue to the left to find a brown block staircase
    leading up.  Flip to 3-D to pass the blocks and head further left.  At the end,
    open the chest to acquire a RUFF PUFF CARD.  Flip back to the other side of the
    staircase and climb them up.  On your thirty-fourth cloud, jump up to the
    thirty-fifth to defeat an Ice Cherbil.  Please continue to the right and jump
    up to the set of brown indestructible blocks to defeat a Beepboxer.
    Afterwards, jump to the thirty-sixth cloud.  Jump up again to the
    thirty-seventh cloud to defeat a Ruff Puff.  Jump up again to the thirty-eighth
    cloud to strike two blocks containing a single coin and a MUSHROOM.  Jump on
    top of these two blocks to jump to the thirty-ninth cloud and then up again to
    the fortieth cloud.  On the fortieth cloud, flip to 3-D to reveal a path of
    coin blocks leading to the next cloud.  Cross the path by going UP in 3-D and
    ground-pound the blocks with Thudley to acquire the coins if you desire to do
    Once you cross the path of coin blocks you are to be on the forty-first cloud.
    Here, drop down a bit to the right to land on the forty-second cloud.  Do so
    again but to the left to the forty-third cloud.  Head down in the same
    direction-(LEFT) to land on the forty-fourth cloud.  Once you’re on the
    forty-fourth cloud, jump and drown to the jump-over block to take you to the
    forty-fifth cloud.  Please continue to the left along this cloud and jump up to
    the left to the forty-sixth cloud.  Here, defeat the Beepboxers and when you’re
    done, enter the door ending Stair 3.
    Now in a new area on the forty-sixth cloud, jump to the right and then to the
    left to land on a cloud that has a Squog and a Squig.  Defeat them both and you
    should currently be on the forty-eighth cloud.  Jump down to the forty-sixth
    cloud where you entered Stair 4 and continue to the right.  Jump to the
    forty-ninth cloud and then up again to the right to the fiftieth cloud.  Jump
    to the left to the fifty-first cloud to defeat the Squog.  Afterwards, jump to
    the line of brown indestructible blocks and follow it to the right.
    At the end of this path, you’ll encounter a Lakitu enemy which throws out
    monsters with spikes at you.  Jump on it once to defeat it and use Cudge or
    Bowser’s fire breath to eliminate any more monsters the Lakitu threw at you.
    Jump down to the jump-over cloud at the end of this path to ascend to greater
    heights and to the fifty-second cloud.  Please jump to the fifty-third cloud
    where a door lies by jumping to the left.  Enter.
    In here is a tree which grows RED APPLES.  To reach and access it, jump across
    the clouds and hit the block along the way for a HAPPY FLOWER.  Collect as many
    coins as possible and continue jumping over the clouds ahead until you reach
    the tree.  Use either Cudge or Thudley to make a RED APPLE drop from the tree.
    TAKE ONE but DO NOT use it because we will need it later.  Leave this area via
    the door we came from.  Back on the fifty-third cloud, please jump all the way
    down to the beginning of Stair 4.  Once you’re near the door, jump up to the
    cloud a bit to your right and then jump to the second one to the left.  Here in
    this cloud, move all the way to the left and wait until a yellow mobile
    platform descends.  Ride this platform up to the fifty-fourth cloud.  Save your
    progress here and enter the door.
    In this new area, continue by jumping over the clouds until you reach Princess
    Peach sleeping under a tree?!  Mario, Luigi, and Bowser attempt to awaken her
    but their attempts are futile since they can’t wake her up.  Luvbi arrives and
    explains the situation that she has eaten the golden fruit or more specifically
    the GOLDEN APPLE.  Luvbi says that the golden apple makes people so satisfied
    that they fall into a DEEP sleep.  As a result you wake up 100 years later.  To
    maintain briefness, Luvbi says that a taboo fruit-(the BLACK APPLE) can awaken
    anyone.  Leave this area after the cut scene.
    Back on the fifty-fourth cloud, continue to the left of this cloud but wait for
    a yellow mobile to ascend.  Jump onto it and then jump to the next yellow
    mobile platform you see.  Ride this one up to the cloud to the left which is
    the fifty-fifth cloud having a chest with a SHROOM SHAKE.  Jump across the gap
    or wait until the platform returns to ensure a safe landing on the fifty-sixth
    cloud.  Here, move to the right and drop down a little to jump on the jump-over
    cloud which will take you to the fifty-seventh cloud.
    Here, move to the right and jump to the fifty-eighth cloud to defeat a Squig
    and a Squog.  After defeating them, continue to the right and then enter the
    door which ends Stair 4.  In this new Stair-(5), head to the right to encounter
    two Squogs so please defeat them.  Please return under the cloud where the door
    is and switch to Luigi.  Super Jump to the fifty-ninth cloud.  Jump up again to
    the sixtieth cloud where a door and two blocks lie.  Strike them to obtain a
    MUSHROOM and a total of 6-(six) coins.  Enter the door once finished.
    AS you enter, the door behind you is locked and you’re left to face new specie
    of monsters called Skellobits.  Defeat them all either with Cudge or Bowser’s
    fire breath.  Once you’re done, the door will unlock and you can leave.  Do so.
    In case you’re wondering why I told you to do that, the purpose was to get you
    accustomed to these monsters since we’ll be facing more of those in the future
    and you need to be prepared.  You’ll see why during the chapter boss.  Back on
    the sixtieth cloud, move to the right and ride the yellow mobile platform up to
    the bottom of the sixty-first cloud.  Quickly switch to Luigi before the
    descent and Super Jump to the above cloud.
    On the sixty-first cloud, you’ll encounter a sign which states: “Black Fruit
    Hither.”  This is the type of fruit we want and need to awaken Princess Peach.
    Flip in front of this sign to reveal a path to the door with the black fruit.
    Follow this trail and enter the door once there.  In here, head to the right a
    bit and you’ll encounter the BLACK APPLE(S).  Use Thudley or Cudge to create a
    mighty force to send at least one BLACK APPLE to the ground.  Take one and of
    course DO NOT use it.  Leave thru the door we entered from.
    Here, flip back to 3-D to enter the path leading back to the sign.  Now that we
    have the BLACK APPLE, it’s time to return to Princess Peach to administer this
    taboo fruit.  To do so, fall off the sixty-first cloud all the way to the
    bottom and reenter the door leading back to Stair 4.  Defeat the Squog and the
    Squig and then descend using the yellow mobile platforms to the cloud with the
    Save block and the door leading to whereabouts of Princess Peach.  Enter the
    door.  Go to her, examine her by pressing UP, and choose the BLACK APPLE to
    administer it and awaken her.
    Peach awakens with a loud “GROSS” expression and she comes to her senses.
    Tippi explains that Dimentio’s attack sent her here and Peach comprehends the
    situation.  Luvbi introduces herself in a rude and stubborn attitude and then
    she departs to quote “dawdleth not.”  This is an awkward ancient language these
    Nimbis inherit and communicate with.  Peach apologies for her absence and
    rejoins our party in our quest to Overthere.  Please leave this room and once
    you’re outside, save your progress and return to Stair 5 via the yellow mobile
    platforms and the jump-over cloud.
    Once you return to Stair 5, Super Jump to the above cloud which was the
    fifty-ninth cloud.  Here on the fifty-ninth cloud, move to the left and jump on
    the jump-over cloud to land on a new cloud, the sixty-second cloud.  On this
    new cloud-(the sixty-second), Ascend and climb the brown indestructible blocks.
    When you can’t go higher, use Peach’s umbrella to float to the sixty-third
    cloud.  There is a jump-over cloud here on the sixty-third cloud so use it to
    ascend to another jump-over cloud and another one until you reach the highest
    point where you’ll encounter Ruff Puffs.  Defeat them all and when you’re
    ready, enter the door here on the sixty-fourth cloud to end Stair 5 and enter
    Stair 6.
    We enter Stair 6 and are now on the sixty-fifth cloud.  Please proceed to the
    left to encounter a Skellobit and a Reversya Cursya.  Defeat them both but do
    NOT jump on the Reversya Cursya or else you will be cursed.  Continue to the
    left to encounter more Skellobits you can defeat.  Once you’re at the end of
    this cloud on the LEFT side, strike the block for a SUPER SHROOM and ride the
    yellow mobile platform up.  Aboard the next yellow mobile platform you see to
    your right and let it transport you to seventy-second cloud.  Here, enter the
    door entering Stair 7 and ending Stair 6.
    On the sixty-sixth cloud-(a.k.a. the first cloud on Stair 7), proceed to the
    left to defeat the Skellobit and then defeat the Skellobomber by Super Jumping
    with Luigi.  Proceed to the left and strike the two blocks for a total of two
    coins.  Move on to the left to a jump-over cloud to reach the sixty-seventh
    Here on the sixty-seventh cloud is a Skellobit I recommend you defeat using
    Cudge.  Afterwards, jump to the left to a jump-over cloud and jump onto it to
    land on the sixty-eighth cloud.  Here, hit the brick block for 5-(five) coins
    in total and jump atop this block to another brick block containing a total of
    6-(six) coins.  Jump back down to the cloud (sixty-eighth) and jump onto the
    yellow mobile to let it transfer you mid-way to the sixty-eight block
    containing a Cursya you can easily defeat and a chest containing a LONG-LAST
    SHAKE.  Subsequently, wait for the yellow mobile platform to return so that you
    can jump onto it and let it take you to the highest point possible.
    Once at the highest point jump to the left to these statue-like poles; jump
    across all of them proceeding to the left to then switch to Luigi and Super
    Jump to the sixty-ninth cloud.  Jump to the seventieth cloud following and then
    the seventy-first.  On the seventy-first cloud continue to the right to defeat
    the Skellobits and open the chest containing a THUNDER RAGE.  Afterwards, move
    back to the left and then jump up to the left to the seventy-second cloud.
    Here is a ruin-like stage with Skellobits on it.  Proceed to the left on the
    stage using Bowser’s fiery breath and at the end, you’ll meet a premature
    jump-over cloud Cyrrus.
    Cyrrus tells us his wishes of wanting to be a big cloud and that if we have
    something that can grant his wish, to please give it too him.  You SHOULD have
    the RED APPLE to give him or else please return to Stair 4 and retrieve one.
    If you do have one, give it to him when directed to cause him to turn into a
    huge jump-over cloud with his new name being “Super Cyrrus.”  Jump on top of
    him since he’s VERY bouncy and you’ll jump up so high that you’ll even enter
    outer space!  Don’t worry though since you will slowly return to earth.  Once
    you gain consciousness from that tremendous leap, proceed to the right onto the
    ruin-like stage with a door on it.  Do not enter yet.  Instead flip to 3-D to
    reveal several coins you can acquire.  Once you’re ready and prepared, enter
    the door here.
    In this final area, proceed to the right and read a sign which aptly states:
    “Here Endeth Overthere Stair The Overthere is Over There.”  Afterwards, switch
    to Peach and use her umbrella to float and cross to the other side.  Proceed to
    the right onto the ruin-like stage and strike the STAR BLOCK to finally end
    this chapter.  Good work.
    HP: 40
    ATTACK: 6/12
    LEVEL: 13
    COINS: N/A
    PIXLS: 11
    The title of this chapter doesn’t seem to promising in my opinion.  Our heroes
    appear and Luvbi wants us all to behave with good manners as we meet her
    “father” Grambi.  After Luvbi tells us her experiences with her mother Queen
    Jaydes and father King Grambi, it’s time we go and have a talk with the king of
    Overthere and obtain our eighth and final Pure Heart.  Following the cut scene,
    proceed to the right further in to Overthere Sector 1 and defeat the Skellobit
    along the way.
    After you pass the ruin stage, wait for mobile cloud to descend and Super Jump
    to it to have it transport you to a cloud with a Skellobit and a Spiky
    Skellobit.  Defeat them both using Cudge and proceed to the right riding
    another cloud across the gap to another cloud.  You’ll encounter a ruin stage
    with a locked door.  Please remember where this door is located and how you can
    reach it.  Afterwards, turn around to the left and simply fall off this cloud’s
    edge.  At the bottom strike the blocks organized in a staircase manner for a
    coin, a FAST FLOWER, and a MUSHROOM.  Before entering the door to the right,
    proceed to the left to defeat the Skellobit enemies.  When you’re ready, turn
    around to the right and enter the door at the end.
    As you enter, a cut scene occurs.  A helpless Nimbi is being taunted and poked
    with the Skellobits’ weapons.  Mario appears and the Skellobits assume that
    since we’ve befriended Luvbi, we’re their enemy.  They obviously want you dead
    and gone out of their way and that’s when we have to battle.  When you gain
    control, use Cudge to inflict 12 points of damage per successful strike or just
    simply use Bowser’s ferocious breath.  Dodge by flipping and guarding with
    Peach’s umbrella and this battle is done.  Afterwards, the pleasant music will
    resume and you’ll need to speak to the Nimbi who was being taunted.  Do so and
    he’ll thank you and explains the current situation of the Overthere.
    He states that the Skellobits seek the Pure Heart and are planning a devious
    control over the kingdom.  Luvbi concludes that since her father-(Grambi) is
    the only one who knows the Pure Heart’s resting place, he’s in great danger.
    The Nimbi gives us a DOOR KEY to help us pay a visit to Grambi’s palace.  After
    the cut scene, proceed to the right.  As you move through this precarious area,
    attempt to defeat ALL the Skellobits and at the end, switch to Luigi and Super
    Jump to a block that contains PAL PILLS.  Turn around to the left a bit and
    Super Jump to the above cloud.  Super Jump again to another higher cloud you
    can reach.  Here, strike the two blocks for a SUPER SHROOM and a GHOUL SHROOM.
    Defeat the GHOUL SHROOM and jump atop the two blocks and Super Jump to the
    above cloud.  Afterwards, jump to the left across the gap to the cloud with a
    Spiky Skellobit.  Defeat it and jump again to the left to reach a ruin
    platform.  In its center is a frozen Nimbi sequestered in ice.  Switch to
    Bowser and use his fire breath to thaw the ice and free the Nimbi.
    This Nimbi seems to have amnesia since he has absolutely no idea who he is and
    where he is.  Anyway, ignore him for now since we’ll deal with his issue later.
    Simply jump off this ruin’s edge to the LEFT and proceed to the left all the
    way to the door reenter it.  Back here in Overthere Sector 1, proceed to the
    left and climb or ascend the blocks arranged in a staircase and unlock and
    enter the door I told you to remember.  As you enter you’ll notice another door
    that is locked.  Well, let’s find that key!  Jump over the ruin-like pillar as
    you proceed to the right and after the ruin platform, save your progress via
    the Save block.
    Subsequently saving your progress, jump over the gap to reach a cloud with a
    Skellobit on it; defeat it and jump across another gap to the next cloud.
    Here, strike the yellow interchangeable block to cause it to appear in 3-D.
    Flip to 3-D and jump onto it to reach a block with a mere coin.  Afterwards,
    flip back to 2-D and then switch to Peach.  Use her umbrella to float cross the
    gap to the other side.  A Nimbi that’s sobbing and a Nimbi that frozen in ice
    will come into view; speak to the Nimbi that’s crying and she’ll introduce
    herself as Fallbi.  Fallbi requests you assistance and that’s what we’re here
    for.  Switch to Bowser and use hi fire breath to defrost the Nimbi frozen in
    The boyfriend of Fallbi gives you his gratitude and offers to help us in
    exchange.  After the cut scene, switch to Peach cross the gap we crossed
    earlier via her umbrella.  Proceed to the left until you reach Fallbi and her
    boyfriend on the ruin platform-(boyfriend on the ruin).  Speak to Fallbi’s
    boyfriend on the ruin platform.  He is operating an elevator and we need to use
    it.  When he asks if you’re ascending, choose the “Yea” option and you’ll be
    elevated to the above level.  Proceed to the right getting off the elevator
    called an Overator and you’ll encounter 2-(two) more Nimbis frozen and
    sequestered in ice.  Free them using Bowser’s fire breath to thaw the ice and
    at the end, enter the door.
    In this new area, the sign to your left states that we’re in Overthere Sector
    4; we’re making steady and efficient progress.  Proceed to the right to find
    several Nimbi frozen in ice.  Defrost them ALL via Bowser’s fiery breath and
    once you defrost the final Nimbi, he’ll introduce himself as Whibbi.  Luvbi
    imperiously charges at him demanding answers of her father’s condition.  Whibbi
    explains that the fiends wrecked the bridge and that help is unable to reach
    him.  Bowser recommends some initiative such as rebuilding the bridge.
    However, to rebuild the bridge, we require the assistance of Rebbi, Blubi,
    Yebbi, and their THREE ORBS.  To assist, Whibbi gives us the DOOR KEY.  Turn
    around and return by proceeding to the left and reentering the door we used
    earlier to enter this area.
    Remember the locked door we saw earlier?  That is our next destination.
    Proceed to the left past the Nimbis you defrosted and speak to Fallbi’s
    boyfriend once again to descend to the lower level.  Once you’ve descended,
    proceed to the left to reach the door that is locked.  Unlock and enter the
    door.  Now in Overthere Sector 5, proceed to the right and strike the red
    switch to activate the transporter and let it transfer you to the other side.
    On this side, flip and go behind the ruin stage to access a door.  Enter.
    We’re currently in sector 7 just so you know.  Jump over the ruin pillar and
    switch to Peach.  Use her umbrella to cross the gap and land on the other side.
    As you proceed, you’ll encounter Rebbi fighting against the Skellobits.  Rebbi
    requests your assistance in defeating the rest of the Skellobits so do that
    easily by confusing them with Fleep and then using Cudge to eliminate them.
    You can also use Bowser’s fire breath to make this a simple chore.
    Speak to Rebbi following this simple battle to have him give you the RED ORB.
    This is one of the three orbs we require to access the temple.  Rebbi then
    returns to the area where Whibbi is and desires to meet again to save the
    kingdom.  Switch to Peach following this cut scene to cross the gap with her
    umbrella.  Reenter the door at the end.  You don’t need to flip again so just
    proceed to the left to exit the area with the door leading us to Rebbi’s
    previous location.  Continue to the left and strike the red switch again on the
    ruin transporter to transfer us to the other side.
    On the other side, ignore the door you first see proceeding to the left and
    jump over the small gap to encounter some Skellobits.  Defeat them ALL and
    Super Jump with Luigi to the above cloud.  Defeat the Skellobit on this cloud
    and Super Jump again to the next cloud to enter a new door.  In this new area
    proceed to the right with Luigi and jump on the SECOND ruin pillar you see.
    Super Jump to hit two blocks containing a MUSHROOM and a coin-(allegedly);
    return to the door we came from but do NOT enter.  Instead, flip to 3-D to
    discover a path of clouds leading to a new area.  When you’re next to the first
    cloud leading to the new area, jump to the RIGHT and then repeat this for the
    next clouds.  Once you’re on the other side, hit the block to your left to
    acquire the item of glory the MEGA STAR!  Trample and defeat ALL the Skellobits
    in your path using this powerful item and follow this path all the way to the
    Once you can’t go further at the end of this cloud, flip to 3-D using Mario to
    discover another new area.  Follow the path of clouds to the LEFT and flip back
    to 2-D when you’ve crossed.  Proceed to the right to land on a ruin stage with
    a restroom on it.  Examine it by pressing UP when directed to and someone from
    inside will nervously speak.  He asks you the question: “By the way, who art
    thou?”  Answer “A monster” and he’ll recognize and a monster would never admit
    that he or she really is a monster.  As a result, he exits.  He introduces
    himself as Yebbi and Luvbi requests the YELLOW ORB.  Yebbi gives us the YELLOW
    ORB one of the three required to create a bridge to Grambi’s palace.  Yebbi
    says that he shouldn’t have hidden like a coward and that he’ll be more than
    happy to assist the others.  Yebbi then departs.
    We already found two of the three orbs and persons.  Our second to last task in
    this chapter is to locate Blubi and the BLUE ORB.  Let’s get started.  Proceed
    to the left and flip to follow the path to the area where you used the MEGA
    STAR.  Proceed ALL the way to the left and at the end, flip to 3-D to follow
    the path of clouds to the LEFT.  Finally, proceed to the left to reenter the
    door we used to enter this area.  Once you’re back in this area, fall down to
    the cloud-(or “ground”) and enter the door exiting sector 5.  Remember the
    Nimbi that had amnesia?  That’s Blubi!  Jump over the ruin pillar to your left
    and enter the door.  Simply jump off this edge and proceed to the right past
    the pillar and enter this door.  Currently being in sector 2, proceed to the
    right jumping over the ruin pillars and at the end, Super Jump past the above
    clouds to the top.  Here, jump across to the left and you’ll reach Blubi the
    Nimbi with amnesia on a ruin platform.  Speak to him and he’ll slowly begin to
    remember the recent details.  He remembers that he is indeed in fact Blubi and
    Luvbi demands the possession of the BLUE ORB.  Blubi hands you the BLUE ORB in
    an attempt to acquire the Pure Heart and he departs as well.
    We now have ALL 3-(three) orbs to rebuild the bridge.  Our next goal is to
    return to Whibbi.  Jump off this ruin platform to the LEFT and reenter the door
    we came from.  Ascend or climb the staircase-like blocks to the door we
    unlocked earlier.  Enter.  Here, proceed to the right and request from Fallbi’s
    boyfriend that he ascends us to the second level.  Before doing so, I highly
    recommend that you save your progress.  On the above level, proceed to the
    right and enter the door.  Here, proceed to the right onto the ruin stage, past
    the defrosted Nimbis and to Whibbi.  Speak to him and he tells you to place the
    three orbs upon the pedestal.  Move past him and jump onto a ruin-like pedestal
    to begin the placement of the three essential orbs.  Insert the BLUE, YELLOW,
    and RED ORBS to cause a HUGE rainbow bridge to be created and rebuilt.
    Afterwards, Whibbi asks for your help in saving all them from the dangers that
    Grambi is in.  Following the cut scene, gladly cross the newly rebuilt rainbow
    On the other side, proceed to the right to enter the door.  In this honorary
    area, proceed to the right to then be stopped by a Spiky Skellobit that is
    shocked to see us here since they destroyed the bridge.  After Luvbi’s insult
    towards the Spiky Skellobit, he summons an entire army against us to prove how
    scary and dominating they can be.  Don’t worry since we will NOT fight them.
    Afterwards, Rebbi appears and decides to take them on with his army of Nimbis.
    They both forge on with no mercy towards each other and we’re left to sneak
    past them.  However, on the cloud you’ll have to defeat some of them so defeat
    all of them and ascend the stairs to Grambi’s palace.  Once you reach the
    bottom part of the stairs, flip to 3-D and go behind the staircase on the LEFT
    side to reach a chest with a SPIKY SKELLOBIT CARD.  Anyway, at the top, strike
    the block for an ULTRA SHROOM and then save your progress via the Save block to
    the right.  Enter the door when you’re ready.
    In this grand palace, we see Grambi partially injured but conscious.  Luvbi
    rushes to her father’s need and he explains that they shouldn’t have arrived
    here.  We then see-(“hear”) an evil voice and it’s the voice of our chapter
    boss the ruler of all Skellobits and the rest that escaped the Underwhere.  The
    enormous creature introduces himself as Bonechill and Luvbi says that her
    father will NEVER give him the Pure Heart.  Then a Bonechill admits a chilling
    tale that Luvbi IS the Pure Heart itself!!!  Tippi says that we can talk about
    all this later since we have some business to attend to and it’s too perilous
    for them to be near.  Let’s give this chump a good beating shall we.
    HP: 80
    ATTACK: 4
    ATTACKS: Ice Breath
             Launching Ice cubes
             Creating a line of icicles on the ceiling
    BATTLE METHOD: Bonechill can be intimidating just by his appearance but remain
    calm since it’s key to scare you and make you feel like you can’t succeed.
    Bonechill can ONLY be damaged on his head or his large skull.  Switch to Luigi
    and wait for the precise moment to Super Jump and attack his skull for 14
    points of damage per successful strike.  Flip with Mario too dodge his ice
    breath and perhaps his ice cubes since they can be a handful.  You can also use
    Peach to guard against his icicles on the ceiling.  Finally use Bowser and
    Carrie to melt the ice with his sweltering fire breath and overall this battle
    is doable.  Good luck!
    Following this grand battle, Luvbi and Grambi emerge from the door looking very
    sad.  Okay, this is going to be a dramatic cut scene especially with the music.
    Luvbi asks if the words of that creature were true about Grambi and Jades not
    being the true mother and father.  Queen Jades then appears wondering of our
    safe arrival.  Jades confesses that Luvbi isn’t really their child.  Luvbi
    recognizes the sad reality of the situation and we see a glimpse of the eighth
    Pure Heart from Luvbi’s body.  Watch the rest of the cut scene of Luvbi
    expressing how she feels to Jades and Grambi about not having a life and being
    scolded.  Luvbi says her farewell to her parents and she turns into the eighth
    and final Pure Heart.  Grambi and Jaydes bestow upon us the FINAL Pure Heart!
    Good job everyone-(mostly you, Mario, and Luvbi).  This final Pure Heart was at
    the cost of Luvbi’s life so let’s not disappoint her or her inner soul.
    All eight have been acquired and it’s time to face Count Bleck!
    (R1) Castle Bleck:
    As Count Bleck and his other minions come into view, Bleck receives terrible
    news.  The news is that the heroes still live and that they will be here soon.
    O’ Chunks, Mimi, and Dimentio leave but Dimentio hesitates upon his departure
    and asks if the name Blumiere rings a bell.  Count Bleck is shocked and wishes
    to know where he heard that name.  Dimentio answers that Mario’s pixl kept
    going on and on saying that she must stop Blumiere.  Dimentio departs and
    Natasha concludes that there is still time to stop the prophecy.  Count Bleck
    disagrees that not even him can stop it and that Blumiere “died” long ago.
    (R2) Flipside:
    HP: 45
    ATTACK: 7/14
    COINS: 910-999
    PIXLS: 11
    We now read the dramatic story of Blumiere’s conflict with a certain book and
    his father.  Apparently, Timpani had vanished and without her, Blumiere’s life
    is completely empty.  He opens and calls upon the powers of the Dark
    Prognosticus and is now referred to as Count Bleck the initiator of the Dark
    Prognosticus.  We then see Tippi speaking about Blumiere not doing these evil
    things and the rest of our heroes try to snap her out of it.  Tippi apologizes
    for startling you and Luigi suggests that they return to Merlon to announce
    their success of obtaining all four heroes and all eight Pure Hearts.  Merlon
    asks Tippi what troubles her since she does not wish to destroy Count Bleck.
    Merlon says there is no other choice and that Count Bleck was the one that
    summoned the Chaos Heart and brought this world catastrophe.  Merlon says that
    we need to insert this Pure Heart into the Heart Pillar and then we need to
    head for Flopside Tower.
    As you exit Merlon’s house, you’ll notice that the Void has become much bigger.
    Fortunately, there is still plenty of time.  First, save your progress.
    Secondly, head to the inn-(Tinga’s) to heal for the night for 5-(five) coins.
    After healing it’s time to return to Flopside where you must insert the final
    Pure Heart and can stock up on any items you might want.  Exit the inn and
    proceed to the right to enter the blue pipe leading back to Flopside.
    (R3) Flopside:
    You should emerge from the blue pipe on Flopside second floor.  Proceed all the
    way to the right and enter the item shop at the end.  I HIGHLY recommend the
    following items for you to purchase: SUPER SHROOM SHAKE, THUNDER RAGE, BLOCK
    BLOCK, and a GHOST SHROOM/or MIGHTY TONIC.  Exit the shop when you’re all
    stocked up on the items you want or need,  It’s time to place the final Pure
    Heart into the Heart Pillar so proceed to the left and stop in front of the
    Flopside Tower elevator that’s to the left of the Save block.
    Once there, flip too 3-D and enter the gate to your left crossing the path,
    into the Flopside Outskirts.  Flip back to 2-D after officially entering the
    Outskirts and proceed to the RIGHT from where you flipped to 2-D.  You will
    soon encounter these ruin-like pillars we saw in the Overthere Stair and
    Overthere.  You can simply jump over tem or flip to 3-D to avoid the extra
    effort.  Once you’ve crossed the pillars, you’ll see the final Heart Pillar.
    Approach it and press UP when directed.  This will place the eighth and final
    Pure Heart inside and a BLACK dimensional door will be formed on Flopside Tower.
    Well, it’s almost the end of the game; only one more chapter which is the
    eighth!  I HIGHLY recommend that you revisit other chapters especially Chapter
    3 and 5 to gain some more experience as well as level ups.  I will be doing
    that as well so don’t feel discouraged.  After ALL your errands are done to
    gain some more experience, items, and level ups, exit the Outskirts and enter
    the elevator next to the Save block to allow it to transfer you to Flopside
    Here, at the top of Flopside Tower, Merlon and Nolrem are awaiting your
    arrival.  Once you arrive, proceed to the left to initiate a cut scene with
    Merlon and Nolrem.  First we begin with Nolrem.  He tells you that it’s time to
    head for Castle Bleck and that it’s now eight Pure Hearts versus the Dark
    Prognosticus.  Afterwards, it’s Merlon’s turn.  Merlon quotes the last page of
    the Light Prognosticus summarizing that those who have hope can defy the
    prophecy of doom.  Merlon and Nolrem encourage us by saying that we made it
    this far because we believed in brighter future.  Tippi concludes that she will
    be joining us in this epic battle.  The Void becomes slightly larger and after
    Merlon and Nolrem’s words of encouragement, we are left to decide to either
    enter the door or enter later on after we’re ready.  Since I told you to do
    that already, please enter the BLACK dimensional door leading us to Castle
    Bleck and the executer of the Dark Prognosticus, Count Bleck.  Watch the cut
    scene of Merlon giving us his last words of encouragement as enter the door and
    begin Chapter 8, the final chapter.
    HP: 50
    ATTACK: 8/16
    LEVEL: 16
    COINS: 914-999
    PIXLS: 11
    I believe in you too you know.  Everything has come down to this: 8 Pure Hearts
    against Count Bleck and destruction itself.  Let’s do it.  We emerge from the
    dimensional door and Tippi announces that we’ve made it to Castle Bleck.  Count
    Bleck’s castle is HUGE and is home to almost EVERY monster-(excluding some
    chapter bosses) we have faced and battled in the past.  Count Bleck was
    preparing for our arrival just in case we assembled the Purity Heart and here
    we are. After this taunting cut scene of the castle, proceed to the right.
    We cannot enter the castle in 3-D.  When you’re near the end of this area when
    moving to the right, flip to 3-D and approach the door to press UP on it and
    officially enter his daring castle.  Once you’re inside proceed to the right to
    encounter probably our first Koopatrol, the most potent species of Koopas with
    armor and spikes. You CAN stomp it if you use Carrie for safety precautions or
    otherwise use Cudge to obliterate it.  Proceed to the right defeating the rest
    of the Koopatrols and another new monster and enter the door at the end.
    In this new room proceed to the right to encounter ordinary Goombas descending
    the stairs towards you.  Defeat them as such and slowly start to ascend the
    stairs.  You’ll encounter Boomerang Bros. TO defeat them, approach them when
    their boomerangs are thrown away from them and either jump or smash them with
    Thudley or Cudge.  Ascend the stairs all the way to the top of this area and
    enter the door at the end after defeating all the enemies.  As soon as you
    enter this new room, you will encounter a Mister I; flip to 3-D and travel
    around it to defeat it.  After defeating the first Mister I, you will see a new
    enemy called a Red I.  Defeat it the same exact way with ordinary Mister Is and
    you should be fine.  Defeat the following Mister I after the Red I and switch
    to Luigi.  Super Jump to the above ledge the monsters were BELOW of and enter
    the door.
    Outside in a new area, proceed to the left with Luigi and Super Jump to the
    above ledge when you can’t proceed further.  Proceed to the left to continue
    and open the two chests here for a STOP WATCH and a LONG-LAST SHAKE.  Now for a
    key; proceed to the right jumping off the ledge with the two chests, passing
    the door, and Super Jumping to a new ledge to the RIGHT of the door.  Here,
    switch to Peach and float across the gap to a ledge with a pipe-(black).
    Enter.  In this new underground-like area, proceed to the right to encounter
    another Blue Magiblot we defeated in the first room.  Defeat it by smashing it
    with Cudge or Thudley and dodge its attack.  Proceed to the right to continue
    and you’ll encounter a Soopa Striker.
    To defeat it WITHOUT losing HP, I suggest you switch to Boomer, flip, set
    Boomer near the Soopa Striker, move away from the monster, and flip back to
    2-D.  Repeat this process with others and proceed to the end of this path.  At
    the end, open the chest to acquire a CASTLE BLECK KEY.  Now, turn around and
    proceed all the way to the left to reenter the black pipe we used earlier to
    land here and return outside.  Back outside, float across the gap with Peach’s
    umbrella and jump off the ledge to reenter the small door we used earlier.
    Jump off this ledge to the RIGHT and unlock and enter the door at the end of
    this path.
    In this new area, switch to Bowser and Carrie.  There are a lot of monsters in
    here including: Dull Bones, Magikoopas, Cursyas, and a Gawbus.  Defeat them ALL
    out of your path using Bowser’s fiery breath or be creative and flip and use
    Boomer.  At the end of this long hallway, enter the door.  In this new room,
    are I believe the strongest species of the Bros., the Fire Bro.  Flip to 3-D
    near the stairs to avoid its flames and taking damage of 3 points per strike.
    Afterwards, you can defeat them by using Boomer and detonating him in 2-D OR
    use Fleep to stun them and then go on the offensive.  Simply defeat them or
    bypass them by flipping and ascending the stairs.  Proceed to the right and
    defeat the rest of the Fire Bros to climb the second set of stairs.  At the
    end, defeat the Koopatrol cautiously, hit the block for an ULTRA SHROOM, and
    enter the door.
    As you enter, you’ll clearly see a Save block to your near left.  Save your
    progress and switch to Bowser.  There is a set of 5-(five) torches to the right
    that can and must be lit.  Use Bowser’s fire breath on the SECOND, THIRD, and
    FIFTH torch.  I will also provide the answer using digits in the order of the
    torches from LEFT to RIGHT: 2, 3, and 5. Successfully completing this minor
    task, will cause the creation of stairs to our next door.  Please ascend the
    newly formed stairs and enter the door at the top by flipping to 3-D.  As soon
    as you enter, you’ll see a voice speak.  No offense to the person’s grammar,
    but you can easily identify that it’s O’ Chunks.  He’s surprised to see us here
    and insults by saying that he’s going to take us on AGAIN!  Bowser makes fun of
    him and challenges him with a one-on-one match.  He grows larger and the rest
    of our heroes leave the scene.  Let’s give O’ Chunks a taste of his own
    HP: 100
    ATTACK: 4
    ATTACKS: Swirling attack combo
             Grasping you and tossing you around the screen
             Departing upwards and stomping you-(avoid this)
             Throwing a fragment of the floor at you
    He mostly the same as usual except with the floro sprout that made him almost
    unbeatable.  Firstly, use Thoreau to grab him and send him flying.  Use Fleep
    to temporarily confuse him and then use Thudley for a sizzling ground-pound.
    Use some items if you want for additional damage and TRY to move as fast as you
    can using Carrie when needed.  Overall, this is an o.k. battle.
    After this silly battle, O’ Chunks gives up and desires to be ended by one more
    of Bowser’s powerful attacks.  He says that there is no shame in being defeated
    by a huge grand boss and the area begins to quake.  The ceiling shockingly
    comes smashing towards our heroes and O’ Chunks holds it up for us.  Bowser
    asks why he saved us from obliteration and it’s because we defeated him and we
    have the right to pass.  Bowser admires his courage and effort and decides to
    assist O’ Chunks.  Bowser demands that the rest of our heroes take the princess
    into the next room and Princess Peach remains almost speechless and concurs.
    After the rest of our heroes escape, Bowser and O’ Chunks bicker about who
    should leave, survive, and be “the tough guy.”  The ceiling “SEEMS” to reach
    the floor as we see our heroes anxious in the next room.  Luigi examines the
    door and it won’t budge.  They-(mostly Peach) decide to forge on with
    everything they have into the rest of the castle.  Proceed to the right and
    strike the STAR BLOCK at the end to end this sad chapter.
    HP: 50
    ATTACK: 8/16
    LEVEL: 16
    COINS: 999
    PIXLS: 11
    The title of this chapter does seem suspicious but I guess it’s nothing to
    worry about.  As we begin this chapter, another tremor occurs.  Luigi looses an
    estimate in how many there have been so far and Peach expresses her concerns.
    Peach wonders that since this castle is Bleck’s private home, why would he let
    the destruction of the world affect his own area?  Good question!  After the
    cut scene, we’re introduced to Castle Bleck Foyer.  Please proceed to the right.
    As you do, you will encounter a Zoing-Oing, a different type of Oings.  Simply
    jump on it or use Cudge for instant obliteration.  Do this to the other enemies
    following this Zoing-Oing and defeat the Red I by flipping and such.  For the
    grayish-looking Blastboxer, jump on it or use Barry to deflect and
    counterattack.   After defeating ALL the monsters, enter the door at the end of
    this long hallway.  In this room you’ll see… Merlon!?  You’re not falling for
    this are you?  This is actually Mimi in disguise as Merlon to be honest.
    Anyway, Tippi questions the reason why Merlon would be here and he responds
    that he located an interesting page in the Light Prognosticus.  “He” says to
    reach Count Bleck we must hit the blue block that’s supposedly “unsuspicious.”
    Once you gain control, since the next door IS locked, we have no other choice
    but to strike the blue block so do that.
    Once you do, the trap will be initiated and we fall into the gap on this floor.
    Mimi referring to us as “suckers” leaves and we’re left at the bottom.  Tippi
    doesn’t seem surprised about what happened and we once again, gain control.
    Behind the wall is a black pipe we don’t really have to enter for now.
    Firstly, proceed to the right to notice a small crack on the wall.  Destroy it
    or annihilate it using Boomer and flip to 3-D to enter.  On the other side,
    enter the black pipe.  Here, you will see a series of other black pipes.  Jump
    off the one we entered from and flip to 3-D.  If you proceed UP, you’ll
    discover a THUNDER RAGE behind the farthest black pipe to the right.  Good job!
    Afterwards, enter ANY other black pipe in this room to return to the level we
    were on-(NOT the floor Mimi was on.)  Flip to pass the black pipe to the left
    or just enter the door to the left of this room.  In this room are a series of
    flame torches.  Simply proceed past them to the left by flipping to 3-D and at
    the end, strike the red switch TWICE to cause a tremor and something to happen
    in the previous room.
    Please return by flipping to bypass the torches and reenter the door we came
    from to the right.  Back in here, reenter the black pipe.  In this room are
    3-(three) chests containing a COURAGE SHELL, CASTLE BLECK KEY, and a LIFE
    SHROOM.  Once you’re done, you MUST acquire the CASTLE BLECK KEY.  Flip to 3-D,
    and enter the hole on the floor past the chest containing the LIFE SHROOM.
    Once you’re finally back in the room that Mimi tricked us, unlock and enter the
    door to the right.  In this brand new room, proceed to the right to encounter
    Gloombas descending a set of stairs.  Simply defeat them any way you wish and
    as you get closer to the stairs, Hammer Bros will start to attack you.  Flip to
    3-D immediately and start to ascend the stairs.  Switch to Boomer and
    set/detonate him as you climb up and try to dodge the hammers they throw at you
    in 3-D since these monsters can flip to 3-D now.  When you’re done, climb the
    stairs to the top.  In this center area of the room, proceed to the right yet
    again and enter the door you see.
    Outside in a new area, defeat the different types of Cursyas using Cudge and
    proceed all the way to the right.  When you can’t go further, flip to 3-D and
    move to the LEFT a bit to reveal a path you can follow.  Follow this path to
    the end and open the chest to an ULTRA SHROOM SHAKE!  Return via the path you
    just used-(flip first) and reenter the door we came from to the left.  Now we
    need to deal with more monsters and ascend the second set of stairs.  Flip to
    3-D and proceed UP towards the second staircase.  As you do, Fire Bros will
    flip to 3-D as well and of course, instead of flipping, I suggest switching to
    Peach to guard with her umbrella and then using Boomer to obliterate them.  At
    the top, defeat the koopas and enter the door at the end.
    In here are three MUSHROOMS along with their trap.  If you have full HP or are
    close to the maximum level, proceed to the right and only take the third and
    last MUSHROOM to the right.  As soon as you do, a trap will be triggered and
    you will fall.  Here, Chromebas that can only be visible in 3-D.  Defeat them
    by defeating the primary parent that clones itself of use an item such as a
    THUNDER RAGE to annihilate every single Chromeba.  Doing so will reveal the
    CASTLE BLECK KEY and the black pipe that is essential to exit this area.  Enter
    the pipe to return to the floor we were on before the trap was initiated.
    Proceed to the right to save your progress and then unlock and enter the door
    at the end here.
    As you enter this new room, you’ll find “Merlee.”  She requests that we not run
    off and she will begin to ask you 3-(three) questions.  Answer them any way you
    like but do NOT choose the Francis option since we will have to fight Francis
    in the third room IF you choose him.  After this questionnaire is finished
    proceed to the right to enter the door.  In here deal with whatever you chose
    either an enemy or an item and proceed to the room on the right.  Enter.  Do
    the same in this room and proceed to the next room.  In this room, deal with
    what ever you chose and enter the door on the right at the end of this hallway.
    Here, we will see Merlee whining on how we passed all those “icky” things in
    the preceding rooms.  She converts herself to Mimi her true form and continues
    to complain.  Our heroes approach and Peach lectures her on how she should be
    ashamed of herself of all the dirty tricks she’s caused us to go through.  Mimi
    insults Peach on how she can’t manage on her own with her two “boyfriends”
    always rescuing her.  Peach decides to teach her a lesson by fighting her alone
    and Mario and Luigi exit the room.  Let’s give Mimi a good beating with Peach!
    HP: Infinite-(the explicit section is her legs)
    ATTACK: 4
    ATTACKS: Flying and swirling in mid-air
             Flipping to 3-D
             Launching Rubees at you
             Creating row of Rubees on the floor
    BATTLE METHODS: Using Peach in this battle is a very good advantage since you
    can avoid ALL of Mimi’s attacks using Peach’s umbrella.  Usually, use Thoreau
    to grasp the Rubees Mimi throws at you and throw it back at her; when Mimi
    becomes drowsy after a few strikes, ground-pound her or simply jump on her head
    to inflict extra damage.  When she uses her powerful attacks, immediately use
    Peach’s umbrella-(press DOWN) to dodge and avoid loosing HP.  Repeat this
    process of jumping on her after becoming drowsy to defeat her legs and she’ll
    be defeated and become immobile.
    After you take away all her legs she will fall to the floor.  Mimi is shocked
    that she was defeated by Princess Peach and even laughs about it.  Mario and
    Luigi approach and Peach insults Mimi since she did DEFEAT her.  Luigi
    compliments and another tremor occurs.  Tippi suggests that the destruction in
    spreading and that we shouldn’t dawdle here.  Mario and Luigi head for the next
    room and Peach hesitates by giving Mimi some advice of moving somewhere safe.
    Mimi is shocked that she cares and then… BOOM!  I’m not sure what happened but
    we then appear to Mario and Luigi in the next room.  Luigi examines the door
    and it obviously doesn’t even budge.  In the preceding room, we see Peach and
    Mimi hanging for dear life.  Mimi asks what on earth is she doing and Peach
    explains that she was taught to care for those in need.
    Subsequently, another tremor occurs and Peach and Mimi fall to their “doom.”
    In the next room, Tippi suggests that we continue forward since Peach would
    have wanted us to forge on and never give up.  Yes, that’s right.  Mario and
    Luigi agree and they proceed to the right.  Once you gain control, continue to
    the right and at the end, strike the STAR BLOCK to end this chapter.
    HP: 50
    ATTACK: 8/16
    LEVEL: 16
    COINS: 999
    PIXLS: 11
    Okay, please do NOT get intimidated by the title of this long chapter since
    nothing serious is going to occur.  As we begin, Tippi senses the power of the
    Chaos Heart getting closer as we get closer to Count Bleck and that we need to
    hurry since the end is almost here.  Well, let’s get started.
    Please proceed to the right to encounter some Skellobombers.  Use Thoreau to
    grab the heads of the miniature skellobit head it throws at you and throw it
    back at the Skellobomber.  In addition, you can also jump on them when they’re
    near the ground to defeat them quickly.  Afterwards, defeat the rest of the
    Skellobits with Cudge and on your way; acquire the FAST FLOWER in the block.
    Using this item, defeat the following Skellobits and acquire the PALL PILLS in
    the next block.  Defeat ALL the enemies with caution and acquire the SLOW
    FLOWER.  Proceed to the right defeating ALL the Skellobombers with a Super Jump
    if needed, and enter the door at the end.
    Okay, in here you MUST defeat EVERY enemy in this room; knowing this, proceed
    to the right to encounter a Pigarithm.  Jump on it quickly three times to
    defeat it with ease.  Do the same with the other three Pigarithms and proceed
    to the end of this path.  Switch to Luigi and step in front of the door we
    CAN’T access since we need to defeat EVERY enemy.  Super Jump to the high ledge
    to the left of the door.  Up here are two Sobarridads.  They seem to look like
    a Mister I but they aren’t.  To defeat it, flip to 3-D using Mario and set
    Boomer near it.  Afterwards, move away from it a bit and then flip back to 2-D
    to detonate Boomer by pressing 1.  After repeating this same process with the
    next Sobarridad, jump off the ledge and proceed to the right and enter the now
    accessible door.
    This new room is really a big pain.  In here are Dimentio clones but not the
    REAL Dimentio.  The object-(in terms of games) of this room is to find the
    mirror that isn’t shining and then flip in front of it to enter in 3-D.  As you
    proceed further to the right, avoid the attacks of the Dimentio clones and
    cautiously defeat the Longadile red-like creatures that stretch their heads to
    attack you.  The mirror we’re looking for is literally on the FOURTH ledge from
    the door we came from.  Once you reach that ledge, flip in front of the mirror
    and enter by holding LEFT on the control pad to enter the other side.  In this
    new area of the room, proceed to the left to find and open a chest containing a
    CASTLE BLECK KEY.  There is also another chest containing an ICE STORM on the
    right side of this hallway.  When you’re done in this area, return to the
    mirror that we entered this side from and flip to reenter it to the other side.
    Flip back to 2-D and continue to jump over the other ledges to the right to
    unlock and enter the door at the end.
    In this new room we have to repeat the process of the stairs and the Boomerang
    Bros.  Firstly, strike the block here for a MUSHROOM and then flip to 3-D to
    reveal an opening in the center of the stairs.  Proceed into the opening and
    flip back to 2-D once you’ve made it to the other side.  On this new side of
    the staircase are more Soopa Strikers.  Defeat them by jumping on them of
    setting Boomer in 3-D and at the end of this path, enter this small door.  In
    here, defeat the Blue Magliblots and Super Jump to the THIRD block to the right
    with the “X” mark on it to create another door.  Enter.  Here, defeat the Red
    Magliblots and Super Jump to the SECOND or middle block.  Enter the newly
    formed door.  In here, defeat the Yellow Magliblots and Super Jump to the THIRD
    or RIGHT block in the direction you’re facing.  Enter the newly formed door.
    In this new room is one of each: Blue, Red, and Yellow Magliblot.  Defeat them
    all and strike the three blocks in this order: MIDDLE, RIGHT, and LEFT.  Super
    Jump to them in this order to reveal a chest containing a CASTLE BLECK KEY.
    This is what we’ve wanted all along.  To maintain briefness, return ALL the way
    past the doors and rooms to the staircases with the Boomerang Bros where we
    entered in the middle in 3-D.
    Once you reach the other side of the staircase by flipping, ascend them and
    defeat the first set of Boomerang Bros with Boomer.  To do this in a simpler
    manner, jump to the step before the Bro and set Boomer there.  At the end of
    this staircase, defeat the Koopatrols and hit the block for a HAPPY FLOWER.
    Proceed to the right to the second set of stairs and ascend them to more
    Boomerang Bros.  Defeat them via Boomer or Cudge on the step before and climb
    the rest of way up.  Strike the block at the top to defeat a GHOUL SHROOM and
    then unlock and enter the door at the end.
    In this new room are Skellobits that can flip to 3-D.  Defeat them all using
    Cudge or use Carrie to jump on them and then return to the beginning of this
    room since we MUST do something in an exact order before entering the door at
    the end.  Back at the door, Super Jump to the above ledge near the door and
    then jump off it on its RIGHT side.  Afterwards, proceed to the right past the
    ledge and on the second ledge’s RIGHT side, Super Jump to it to land on this
    ledge.  Proceed to the left a bit and then Super Jump to the above LEFT ledge
    on it’s the only RIGHT side.  Here, defeat the Skellobait   and the
    Skellobomber if there is one and then jump back DOWN to the ledge we were on
    previously.  Back here, Super Jump to the ledge on the RIGHT SIDE and land on
    it.  Defeat the Spiky Skellobait and the Skellobomber and then jump off this
    ledge on its RIGHT side.  Finally, enter the door.  If my instructions did NOT
    work, flip to 3-D and follow the arrows on the wall but you shouldn’t have to
    since that is what I followed.
    We now enter a new room with shining mirrors.  As we did earlier find the
    mirror that is not shining but this time it’s on the FIFTH ledge.  When you’re
    in front of it, flip and jump into it to enter the other side.  On this new
    side, is an army or a large multitude of Dimentio clones.  Don’t worry since
    they won’t hurt you at all.  Proceed to the left ignoring the Dimentio clones
    to a chest with a THUNDER RAGE.  Further to the left is a block containing a
    SUPER SHROOM.  Once you’re done on the left side, proceed past the Dimentio
    clones to the right side.  On your way there, you can use Boomer to create some
    more space for you to move more efficiently and you can use Carrie to move
    faster.  Once you’re on the right side, open the chest for a CASTLE BLECK KEY
    and strike the block further to the right for another Super SHROOM.  Once
    finished here, proceed to the left and reenter the mirror in 3-D we used to
    enter this side.  Back here, proceed to the right past the Longadile(s)-(defeat
    them using Boomer when they stretch) and save your progress via the Save block
    and unlock and enter the door at the end.
    As you enter you see another person speaking and that is actually Dimentio.
    He’s glad that we’ve made it this far and Tippi demands him to move out of the
    way.  Dimentio “concurs” to move out of the way and tricks us since we have to
    defeat him first.  Dimentio challenges us to catch him in a game of tag before
    officially battling.  Okay, I’m not going to go into FULL detail about how to
    win this tag game but the key is to use Fleep on the sparkling space rift.  Do
    this to the space rift in this room now to cause a blue block to appear.
    Strike it to vanish and reappear in Lineland.  In the next paragraph I shall
    provide the location of each space rift you must interface with Fleep.
    Remember you should move in the direction Dimentio moves towards.  Good luck!
    Lineland: the very end of this area to the right past the monsters
    Merlee’s Mansion: the safe where the 1,000,000 Rubees was stored
    Tile Pool: the very end of this area to the left
    Outer Space: to the right in past the green door and in a gap.
    Gap of Crag: flip once at the end of this area and enter the bottom level
    Sammer’s Palace: to the right and in the wall, the rift will sparkle.
    The Underwhere: in front of Dorguy the First at the top of this room
    That’s it.  We return to the same room where we were before the tag game began.
    Dimentio asks if we’re enjoying his game of tag-(I’m not) and Luigi demands
    that he stops messing around and fight him for real.  Dimentio disagrees saying
    that magic is no laughing matter and that he’s always deadly serious.  He then
    asks us a STRANGE question of teaming up and defeating the Count!!  Dimentio
    explains that Count Bleck has betrayed him and about the lies of creating a
    perfect world.  Listen to the rest of his reasons and as much as it sounds
    great, DO NOT believe him.  Say “No” when you have the option and then “No
    way!” for the second option.  As a result, he decides to battle you and insults
    Luigi’s mustache.  Luigi insists that his brother-(Mario) moves ahead and let
    him deal with Dimentio.  Watch the rest of the cut scene and let’s show
    Dimentio some REAL power!!!
    HP: 90
    ATTACK: 4
    ATTACKS: Flipping and zapping you
             Ordinary zaps
             Clones attacks
    BATTLE METHODS: Okay this battle is completely straight forward.  You have
    neither pixls nor any characters whatsoever so your options are limited since
    all you CAN do are use items, jump, and Super Jump.  Using Luigi’s ordinary and
    Super Jumps, you can dodge most, and if possible, all of Dimentio’s attacks.
    Watch your timing and Super Jump or simply jump on him when you have the
    chance.  Overall, it’s an okay battle.
    After this rather difficult battle, Dimentio cries and whines for the pain is
    strong.  Luigi says that he took Dimentio head o and didn’t need his superstar
    brother to help him.  Dimentio says that he can’t let Luigi fall into the Count
    Bleck’s hands.  Afterwards, Dimentio encircles himself and Luigi in square-like
    trap and… they both have their “game-over.”  Mario examines the door and it
    obviously does not budge.  Mario insists that they forge on considering the
    circumstances.  Once you gain control, proceed to the right and hit the STAR
    BLOCK at the end of this room to end this chapter.
    HP: 55
    ATTACK: 8/16
    LEVEL: 17
    COINS: 999
    PIXLS: 11
    Well, Mario is the “only” hero left and as we enter and start this chapter
    Tippi makes a comment about a time she met someone for the first time.  Tippi
    apologizes that she would help Mario find his friends but now they’re “gone
    forever.”  Mario comforts Tippi by saying that they are not dead and that they
    are still very much alive.  Tippi makes a final comment of believing in them
    and we gain control.  This is the FINAL section in terms of the story mode in
    this game.  Let’s end this well and save the world!
    Proceed to the right and defeat the Copta easily by jumping on it and then
    defeat the Poison Pokey by either using Cudge or by using Carrie to defeat it.
    Afterwards, defeat the Cursya and then strike the 3-(three) blocks for a
    MUSHROOM, a coin, and another MUSHROOM.  Proceed to the right to defeat more
    Coptas and Poison Pokies and then enter the door at the end.  In here, defeat
    the Yellow Magliblot and then at the end, use Tippi’s unique ability to reveal
    a hidden door.  Enter.  In this new room are ledges or platforms that move up
    and down.  Simply follow the path to the right by jumping onto the moving
    ledges.  Defeat the Parabuzzy and the Spiky Parabuzzy on the way and when you
    can’t proceed further, flip to 3-D.  In 3-D, jump to the moving ledge next to
    you on the LEFT and then jump UP to the next moving ledge.  Repeat this process
    when you can’t move further-(move to the RIGHT in 3-D and then UP) and at the
    end, enter the door.
    In this room is another set of moving platforms but they’re slightly different
    than the ones we dealt with in the preceding room.  To pass this room, we need
    to find a key.  Firstly, jump to the moving ledges and pass them by jumping to
    the next ledge going up.  Once you reach a center ledge that does NOT move,
    flip to 3-D and then move to the LEFT to discover a black pipe.  Enter.  In
    here, we get to use a pixl we haven’t used in awhile.  Switch to Dottie and
    then flip to 3-D.  Miniaturize yourself by pressing 1 with Dottie and then move
    UP in 3-D to enter the ant-sized hole in the wall.  Follow this path all the
    way UP and then open the chest to acquire the CASTLE BLECK KEY we were looking
    for.  Return to the pipe using Dottie and entering the ant-sized with Dottie
    and then reenter the black pipe at the end.
    Once you return to the area with the moving ledges, proceed all the way to the
    right by jumping onto the ledges and then proceed by jumping to the subsequent
    ledge going up.  At the end, unlock and enter the door.  In this new area are
    powerful creatures called Mega Muths.  They have 200 HP and they can be hard to
    defeat.  I suggest you avoid them by flipping to 3-D or you can CAREFULLY
    attack them with Cudge or Boomer.  Afterwards, defeat the Cherbil or bypass the
    rest of the Mega Muths to enter the door at the end of this long desolate
    As we get closer to Count Bleck, the rooms begin to get more sophisticated and
    difficult to pass. A perfect example of this is the room we’re currently in.
    The key is to enter the opening in the wall that leads to the other side of
    this room and then we have to repeat this process.  Firstly, defeat the
    4-(four) Koopatrols on this side of the room and then return to the entrance of
    this room.  Flip to 3-D and then enter the SECOND opening on the RIGHT side of
    the wall.  Here, defeat the Soopa Strikers and then head ALL the way to the
    back of this room to the left side.  Flip to 3-D and then enter the THIRD
    opening on the RIGHT side of the wall.  In this area are 3-(three) Pigarithms
    to defeat here.  Afterwards, head to the back of this room on the left side not
    the RIGHT side and flip to 3-D.  Enter the THIRD opening again.
    On this side are Cursyas and Coptas which you can and should annihilate.  After
    they’re defeated by using Cudge, proceed to the right and enter the door OR you
    can proceed to the other side-(THIRD opening from the LEFT side) to defeat some
    Koopa Troopas and then open a chest containing a SHOOTING STAR.  Anyway, in the
    next room is another series of walls with openings to go through.  This time
    you can either head to the right side or the left side but only ONE side has
    the door.  Let’s first head to the LEFT side since it’s where the door is
    located.  On this side with the door we just entered from, defeat the Poison
    Cherbil, the Ice Cherbil, and the Cherbil and enter the FIRST opening on the
    RIGHT side.  Hint: since I will not be explaining the right hallways, the chest
    at the end contains a SUPER SHROOM SHAKE.
    Here, defeat the Cursya and the Pigarithm and then flip to 3-D and then enter
    the SECOND opening on the RIGHT side.  On this side are Poison Pokies, Cursyas,
    and a Koopatrol you can easily defeat with Cudge so do that and then enter the
    SEVENTH opening on the LEFT side.  In here are two Hooligans and two
    Zoing-Oings you can simply jump on to defeat them.  At the end of this path to
    the right, enter the door at the end.  There are MORE halls to go through!?
    Don’t worry since we’re almost done with this.  Proceed to the right to defeat
    a Gawbus using Boomer and then defeat the Pink Fuzzies by jumping on them.
    Afterwards, return to the entrance of this room and enter the SIXTH opening on
    the RIGHT side of the wall in 3-D.  Proceed across in 3-D into the FIRST
    opening to acquire an ULTRA SHROOM SHAKE in a chest.  Return to the other side
    again in 3-D and head UP and too the RIGHT to enter the FOURTH opening on the
    RIGHT side.
    Here, proceed past the two Spanias and to the opening on the RIGHT side.  Here,
    proceed to the left and defeat the Shlorp by setting Boomer near its mouth and
    detonating Boomer inside the Shlorp’s body.  Repeat this one more times and
    it’s defeated.  After defeating the other two or three Shlorps, return to the
    hallway with the chest which contained the second ULTRA SHROOM SHAKE and then
    head DOWN in 3-D to enter the SECOND opening on the RIGHT side of the wall.
    Proceed further into the next opening to encounter Skellobits and
    Skellobombers.  Defeat them all by either jumping on them or by using Cudge.
    Finally, proceed to the right to enter the door we’ve been searching for.
    Proceed to the right and ascend the stairs to a block with an ULTRA SHROOM and
    then continue to the right to save your progress via the Save block and when
    you’re ready, enter the door to face our arch nemesis.
    In the final room, Tippi senses something very powerful that could be the Chaos
    Heart.  We then come in contact with our arch nemesis, Count Bleck!  Bleck is
    pleased that we’ve finally arrives and identifies us as the hero of the Light
    Prognosticus.  Bleck intimidates us by saying that it’s too late to stop the
    prophecy as well as him.  Bleck continues by saying that all worlds are
    meaningless and that he’ll cause them to seem as if they never existed.  Tippi
    refers to Bleck as Blumiere and Bleck calls her Timpani saying that he does not
    have to answer and that the hour has grown too late.  Bleck demands Natasha to
    deal with these two heroes ALONE and she sadly leaves.  LET’S END THIS!!!
    ATTACK: 8
    ATTACKS: Throwing a Void fragment at you
    BATTLE METHODS: Count Bleck’s first phase is practically pointless since we
    can’t hurt him.  Try to jump on him a few times and a cut scene will be
    Tippi explains that Count Bleck is being shielded by our attacks by the Chaos
    Heart itself.  Afterwards, try to continue attack him and another cut scene
    will occur.  As the END gets closer, Count Bleck begins to initiate it.  Our
    other three heroes Peach, Bowser, and Luigi come to help us!  They insult the
    Count and are ready to team up with you to beat the Count.  They regroup and
    cause the eight Pure Hearts to destroy Count Bleck’s barrier.  Now the TRUE
    battle begins.  Let’s do this!!!
    HP: 150
    ATTACK: 8
    ATTACKS:  Slowing you down
              Throwing a Void fragment
              Creating a huge Void whirlpool to lure us in
    BATTLE METHODS: The windows of opportunity have finally opened.  Use Mario and
    Thudley or the opposite with Bowser to inflict serious damage.  I also suggest
    using the SHOOTING STAR against him if you have one.  Remember to guard with
    Peach if you’re in trouble and Super Jump under Count Bleck to also inflict
    serious damage.  Do WHATEVER it takes to beat Count Bleck since we need to show
    him who’s boss around here.  Finally, use Bowser’s fire breath and cause to
    inflict 20 points of direct damage.  Good luck!
    After this battle, the Chaos Heart separates from Count Bleck and Bleck falls
    to the ground in pain.  Bleck explains that they need to finish Bleck in order
    for the Chaos Heart to vanish and have the prophecy be undone.  He explains
    that without Timpani-(Tippi) the world had no meaning or joy and that’s why he
    wanted to destroy the world.  After some dramatic talk between Bleck and Tippi,
    Natasha shields Bleck from Dimentio’s attack!? Dimentio wants to give the Count
    the everlasting peace he desperately wants and Dimentio commands Mr. L-(Luigi)
    to come forth and absorb the Chaos Heart.  Dimentio explains that he planted a
    seed in Luigi’s consciousness to possess and control him.  Dimentio fuses
    himself, Luigi, and the Chaos Heart together to form a very destructive and
    powerful force.  He sends Tippi, Count Bleck, and Natasha to another dimension
    and we’re left to fight our final boss.  You should have received a LEVEL UP
    during the second battle with 55 HP and your attack should now be 9/18.  LET’S
    ATTACK: 6
    ATTACKS: Ground-pound
             Block attack
             Super Punch
    BATTLE METHODS: Well, even though we don’t have Luigi or Tippi, our attack
    power hasn’t really changed that much.  Since he’s invincible, try to perform
    some ordinary jumps or ground-pounds to pass the time until a cut scene is
    The end of the universe “begins” and we see cut scenes at many different places
    such as Flipside and Downtown of Crag.  Afterwards, we see Tippi, Natasha, and
    Count Bleck in Dimension D.  Tippi urges to assist our heroes and Bleck
    explains that it’s impossible without the power of the Pure Hearts, it’s
    pointless.  After some words of encouragement from Tippi, O’ Chunks and Mimi
    appear giving some more words of encouragement.  All this love and trust in one
    another creates the Purity Heart the fusion of the eight Pure Hearts!  Tippi
    takes them to Mario and they destroy the barrier around Dimentio’s
    creature-like boss.  Now that we HAVE POWER, let’s beat him ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!
    HP: 200
    ATTACK: 6
    ATTACKS: Super Punch
             Block attack
    BATTLE METHODS: Now that Super Dimentio’s barrier is gone, we can inflict
    damage.  Your main focus is to attack the head which looks like Luigi’s head.
    Ground-pound, jump, use fire breath, ANYTHING to inflict damage and guard using
    Peach since she’s very vital to maintaining optimum HP.  Please use a SHOOTING
    STAR or a THUNDER RAGE if necessary.
                       *WARNING: SPOILER ENDING!!!*
    After this epic battle, Super Dimentio shall fall and Dimentio will obviously
    whine how our heroes defeated him.   Our heroes insult him and Dimentio
    explains that this isn’t the end and that he still has one surprise left.  He
    vanishes and Luigi and the Chaos Heart will separate from him.  Luigi regains
    consciousness and Count Bleck, Mimi, and O’ Chunks will appear.  Bleck explains
    that the end of the world is upon us and that Dimentio left behind a shadow of
    his power to continue controlling it.  There is one thing left that can be done
    and Count Bleck summons a HUGE door to appear.  Our heroes enter and the room
    is drawn out to seem like a marriage altar or ceremony.
    In this next room, Count Bleck-(Blumiere) will say to Tippi-(Timpani) that the
    reunification and fusion of them two and the Pure Hearts will destroy the
    prophecy at the “cost” of their life.  They move on to the altar and say their
    vows of love to each other and what they have wanted to say.  Bells will begin
    to ring giving their blessing to Blumiere and Timpani and the Void is finally
    destroyed.  Worlds return and we then see the final dialogue between Timpani
    and Blumiere.  They venture off to the place they will love and care for each
    other forever and we appear back in Flipside.  The Void vanishes forever and
    Natasha regains consciousness.
    (T1) Flipside:
    Merlon appears and thanks and congratulates us for working hard and saving the
    universe.  Merlon wonders where Tippi is and Mario explains that they have left
    to be happy.  Natasha gets emotional about the Count leaving and Timpani and
    Blumiere living in happiness.  Merlon asked Saffron to prepare some goods and
    treats for us as a result of our hard work.  The rest of the heroes but Peach
    hesitates and asks Merlon what’s wrong.  He wonders if Timpani-(Tippi) is truly
    happy now and Peach ensures him that she really is.  Merlon concurs and they
    depart to have some snacks at Saffron’s.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my guide and for completing this epic
    game.  May you find inspiration and enlightenment from it.
                                               - Juancarlos Manon
    There are still more things to be done!
    VI (U1) Side Quests:
    Okay, now that you have completed the game, you can save your progress and then
    complete the side quests of the game.  Below are a few of them: (the remaining
    will be added as I update the guide daily)
    Flipside Pit of 100 trials: (Acquiring Dashell)
    The Pit of 100 trials is the most prominent and sophisticated side quest one
    can achieve.  In room 100, is a boss called Wracktail, a more complex version
    of Fracktail from Chapter 1-4.  Defeating Wracktail will cause you to acquire
    Dashell, the speedy and dashing pixl.  In addition you will receive 9 special
    cards that can be kept or sold at a HIGH price.  The Flipside Pit of 100 trials
    is obviously located in Flipside and on its B2 floor.  Please remember to
    rejuvenate your HP and stock up on all significant items since you’ll be here
    for a long time and you can be defeated very easily if you do not make the wise
    choices.  Before entering, always remember to save your progress via the nearby
    Save block.
    Flopside Pit of 100 trials:
    This is the most rigorous version of the Pit of 100 trials.  Here, all the
    enemies from the entire game-(excluding bosses) are dark versions and the boss,
    Shadoo, is composed of the dark versions of Mario, Peach, Bowser, and Luigi.
    Defeating Shadoo and completing the entire trial will give 9 additional unique
    cards and I believe 4-7 more for defeating Shadoo.  You can only face Shadoo by
    passing this pit of 100 trials TWICE.  Doing so will award you the special
    cards and you will be granted the ability to stay in 3-D for eternity.  The
    Flopside Pit of 100 trials is obviously in Flopside and on its B2 floor,
    similar to Flipside’s.  REMEMBER: Replenish your HP, stock up on your prominent
    items including any unique recipes, and save your progress before entering the
    Acquiring Barry:
    Please note that I do specify how to receive Barry in my walkthrough above.  If
    you haven’t read that section as of yet, visit CHAPTER 3-1 again and then
    examine the first grassy bush you encounter.  After some compliments for
    rescuing Tippi from Francis, Barry will be more than pleased to join your
    party.  This, in my view, is the easiest optional pixl you can acquire in the
    game.  It might even be a fact if I do say so myself.  Barry is a useful pixl
    that can create an indestructible barrier around you for a brief time to
    defend/counteract enemy attacks.  I recommend using him often.  Enjoy!
    Acquiring Piccolo:
    Piccolo, the musical pixl, can be acquired by completing a long side quest.
    You must first speak to Merlee in her fortune-teller’s shop in Flopside.  Agree
    to her request and you will embark on a journey to acquire a crystal ball and
    the key to the building Piccolo is locked in.  Don’t give up though!  Persevere
    and you will eventually acquire Piccolo.  Once you acquire Piccolo, you can
    cure the curses monsters give you such as Poison or the inability to flip.
    Acquiring Tiptron:
    After Tippi departs with Count Bleck, you have the ability to replace
    Tippi-(sadly yes) by paying a good ole visit to Francis at his castle in
    CHAPTER 3-4.  Before paying him this visit, I highly suggest that you
    accumulate a total of 999 coins to purchase Tiptron from Francis.  After the
    hard committed work of accumulating these 999 coins, visit CHAPTER 3-4 and pay
    him the 999 coins he requests.  If you don’t want Tiptron then you do NOT have
    to!  This is completely optional and it’s not required.  I did it since I felt
    pity for it and I desired a replacement for Tippi since Mario and the others
    probably need something to take her place.  However, Tippi can never be
    replaced and I hope you’ll miss her too just like me: - -
    Sammer Guy Showdown:
    After completing the game itself, you can return to Sammer’s kingdom and face
    off against his 100 Sammer Guys.  I recommend leveling at least up to 37 like
    myself to be able to complete this long and exhaustive side quest.  Defeating
    all of them will reward you 7 special cards.  Also keep note that you must
    strike the STAR BLOCK at the end of each set of 20-25 to proceed to the next
    chapter and face against the next set.  Good luck!
    Catch Cards:
    Even though I haven’t mentioned this in the guide thus far, you can use CATCH
    CARDS OR CATCH CARD SP to obtain several monster cards.  I do mention how to
    obtain some monster cards in the walkthrough such as the GOOMBA CARD in CHAPTER
    1-1.  If you have a CATCH CARD in possession and do not have an explicit
    monster card on it, you can use the card to catch the foe’s soul and engrave/or
    insert it into the card.  I don’t recommend doing this as a result of the
    stress and a lot of hard committed work.  Best wishes!
    VII (V1) Version History: Below are the accurate dates on the progress of my
    guide.  Although they might not be exclusively helpful, they provide the
    concept of how long it took me to complete this walkthrough which was a LONG
    time.  Just keep in mind the hard work we kids go through to help others.
    Thank you.
    6/11/07: Guide was started
    6/21/07: Guide is mostly complete
    6/27/07: Guide is officially complete
    7/15/07: Guide was updated for the first time
    7/23/07: Guide was updated for the second time
    8/3/07 Guide was updated for the third time
    ?/?/07 Guide will be updated for the fourth and last time
    VIII (W1) Credits
    Okay, I’m NOT going to inherit ALL of the credit for this amazing guide.  I am
    an honest individual and I am not afraid to admit any assistance I might have
    in this guide.  I will also include thanks to the websites which posted my
    FAQ/Walkthrough on their site.
    Author: Juancarlos Manon for 99.2% of this guide and its contents
    Colleague: Mountrussmore for a portion of Bosses/Mini-bosses’ HP-(.4%)
    Colleague: King_Gamer2828 for prominent info in CHAPTER 5-1-(.4%)
    *Special thanks to the following websites for having my guide hosted and for
    following my personal regulations:*
    (A4.2) Thoreau: *MANDATORY*
           Location: Yold Town-(underground)
    Description: Thoreau, the hand-looking pixl allows you to pick up and
    throw things with mighty force.  He was sequestered in a chest for 1,500 years
    and was-(or will be) released.  According to Tippi, Thoreau may sound
    upper-class but he is not afraid to get his hands dirty and help the Hero.  See
    Quick Tutorial in the walkthrough for more info.
    (A4.3) Boomer: *MANDATORY*
           Location: Gloam Valley
    Description: Boomer, the blue bomb-looking pixl, can help you destroy
    and blow up things in general.  He can be used to inflict serious damage so use
    him often if you need to.  Boomer, according to Tippi, is more than happy to
    obliterate anything for the legendary hero.  See Quick Tutorial in walkthrough
    for more info.
    (A4.4) Slim: *MANDATORY*
           Location: Merlee’s Mansion
    Description: Slim, the triangular-shaped pixl excels at moving you
    sideways so that you can bypass obstacles and avoid damage from enemies.  You
    become paper-thin to the point that no one or nothing can see you.  He was
    guarded by Merlee Mansion’s masters so that the Hero can acquire him and
    proceed further into the quest.  According to Tippi, he loves excitement and is
    happy to travel with the legendary Hero.  See Quick Tutorial in the walkthrough
    for more info.
    (A4.5) Thudley: *MANDATORY*
           Location: Tile Pool
    Description: Thudley, the burly ground-pounding pixl gives you the
    ability to ground-pound enemies and inflict serious damage-(double).  You can
    use Thudley to interface with hard materials that can’t move easily such as
    poles and boulders.  Thudley, according to Tippi, is an ex-wrestler and an
    expert on all girthy things.  See Quick Tutorial in the walkthrough for more
    (A4.6) Carrie: *MANDATORY*
           Location: Francis’ Fortress-(underground)
    Description: Carrie, the perpendicular-looking pixl, can assist you in
    hovering over spiky traps or over water and quicksand.  Like Slim, Carrie can
    help you bypass traps but can help you move slightly faster.  According to
    Tippi, Carrie enjoys to have the same feelings for the other person to avoid
    conflict and remain on the same wavelength.  See Quick Tutorial in walkthrough
    for more info.
     Fleep: *MANDATORY*
           Location: Planet Blobule
    Description: Fleep, the rectangle–shaped pixl can be used to flip the
    fabric of space and confuse enemies.  Fleep was stranded on Planet Blobule in a
    restroom without paper waiting for the hero to arrive.  See Quick Tutorial in
    walkthrough for more info.
    (A4.8) Cudge: *MANDATORY*
           Location: Gap of Crag
    Description: Cudge, the hammer-looking pixl can help you smash things
    into oblivion with mighty and potent force.  He is my favorite pixl and
    contributes to fighting enemies efficiently and destroying huge objects such as
    a gigantic yellow block.  According to Tippi, Cudge is very enthusiastic about
    hammering things into oblivion.  Cudge was stored in the sky monument in the
    Gap of Crag and is happy to free assisting the legendary heroes.  See Quick
    Tutorial in walkthrough for more info.
    (A4.9) Dottie: *MANDATORY*
           Location: Floro Caverns
    Description: Dottie, the shrinking-prickly pixl can be used to shrink
    yourself to the size of a flea, an ant, or anything small just not a cell or an
    atom’s size.  Dottie is useful for possibly not getting you noticed and she’s
    useful for helping you reach places you can’t access in your normal size.
    Dottie slept at the bottom of the Floro Caverns according to Tippi and she is
    sad that the power of the Ancients is or was used to destroy the worlds.  See
    Quick Tutorial in the walkthrough for more info.
    (A4.10) Barry: *OPTIONAL*
            Location: The Bitlands
    Description: Barry, the prickly-looking pixl creates an
    indestructible/impenetrable barrier around you so that you can defend against
    enemy attacks and counter attack them.  According to Tippi, Barry became tired
    of resting and roamed the Bitlands before encountering Mario.  He is
    embarrassed and ashamed that he didn’t realize Mario was the legendary hero.
    See Quick Tutorial in walkthrough for more info.
    (A4.11) Dashell: *OPTIONAL*
            Location: Room 100 of the Flipside Pit of 100 trials
    Description: Dashell, the dashing and sprinting pixl allows you to run
    or should I say dash to advance to your destination in a shorter amount of
    time.  It is a fact that Dashell was spending his time in the last room-(Room
    100) of the Flipside Pit of 100 trials.  According to Dashell and Tippi,
    Dashell strongly believes that life is a sprint not a marathon.  I don’t really
    know what that means but it does have a unique message, definitely.  See Side
    Quests section for more info.
    (A4.12) Piccolo: *OPTIONAL*
            Location: House in Flopside
    Description: Piccolo, the musical pixl plays music based on who and
    what’s around.  Piccolo is useful for curing curses and inabilities.  Piccolo
    can add sounds to your jumps and other things.  Experiment and have fun!  See
    Side Quests section for more info.
    This finally concludes the Pixl section.  Thank you for reading.

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