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A remarkably charming and unique game.09/28/07Anclation
Great Story + Obtuse Game play = Quite possibly the most overrated game of the year. Get it anyway.04/19/07DorotimusWitik
Two rights make a wrong04/23/07noyesmachine
A brilliant combination of gameplay styles, old and new aspects08/31/07terrisus
A brilliant light in an otherwise dull gaming world.04/17/07_Spin_Cycle_
Digibutter.nerrr Detailed Reviews: Super Paper Mario10/30/0747pik
The best and worst of both worlds12/25/07Arkrex
A fun 2-D/3-D Mario game with light RPG elements05/14/07BassForever
Perfect on paper, not quite as good once executed01/03/08bluej33
Super Paper Mario - Flippin' Sweet!04/17/07Bulerias
The closest Intelligent Systems has come to letting me down01/03/17buruburu1
Paper Mario should have stuck with stars instead of hearts04/06/09Cappy1992
Mario's losing weight04/16/07clarkisdark
Paper Mario 2 - Paper Mario + Super Mario Bros = Super Paper Mario10/12/09Crack Addict
Nice addition to the series, but not the best.02/07/08Crofty
Another Good Paper Mario Game07/20/07Darkdoomsday
Others take a different view...04/18/07discoinferno84
Incredibly fun, but also incredibly easy...04/30/07FadeddreamsXXX
Utterly disappointed06/26/07Galactus21
Mario's newest adventure that blows the other Paper Marios away!07/09/07gothic_chic
Not so super07/15/08horror_spooky
The fine print.11/10/14Malorkus
Paper Mario Gets A New Style06/04/07Marioface5
This game is so hi-technical!01/29/08megaslush
A great start to the Wii for Mario.10/03/07Nemesissy
Where did all the good RPG Elements go?10/26/09Quilavatrainer
Now for something completely unique.06/04/12RageBot
A little bit RPG and a whole lot platformer, but not outstanding in either07/20/07RockyRan
Elevating Mario to the Level of Fine Art07/14/17SavageWizzrobe
14% disappointing, 86% therapeutic03/02/11StephenYap3
Not Quite Super, But Certainly 'Pretty Good' Paper Mario04/08/16Suprak the Stud
Old School Mario and Mario RPG in one game06/25/07VirtuousYoda
A superb title for the Wii. For a few days.08/29/08YellowKoopa

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Review TitlePostedAuthorRating
Dissappointed Paper Mario fan.04/13/07xuphor
2-D and 3-D combine for a great Wii title04/11/07abiscuit
An overall enjoyable game, held back by some major flaws that could have been prevented.08/04/08chaos5fanatic
'Super' cool or 'Super' bad?10/12/07ChrissieXII
The Idea Was Great On Paper, But In Execution... still good05/07/12ChronoCactaur
The Paper Mario series, to me, is now THE Mario series.08/31/07CK114
Super Paper Mario uses a totally new formula. What happened to the original formula?03/04/08Darkdoomsday
My world just turned from 2D to 3D...Oh wait, that was just Super Paper Mario!!06/18/09DaZinga
Alot of fun but why did they call it Paper Mario?04/16/07eaglefan210
Super Mario is now Super Paper Mario02/04/08Firestorm85
Super Paper Mario's innovative gameplay is what truly makes this game shine!04/24/07FOXHOUND7575
Super Paper Mario: A Must-Have for the Wii!04/24/07frodiusmaximus
All Wii players should at least RENT this one.05/07/07Ilsoap
A different Mario experience that's just as enjoyable and charming as any other.11/11/08Kunlun
Best compared to a paper cut in the ***02/07/08Laharl_PWNS
Awesome game, too bad it's so short and easy...04/23/07Linkums
An amazing game with only one major flaw: TOO MUCH DIALOGUE.04/16/07LOLWTFBBQ2006
A Sequel Worthy of Praise?09/06/07luckylime
Pretty suface, mediocre gameplay.04/20/07mfspectre_basic
Finally, a good Paper Mario game11/08/11MikeS_r
Another of Nintendos little miracles.04/16/07MisterMarioMan
The best game for Wii and for a long time!04/11/07myname123456789
Fresh Addition to the Mario Series04/09/07NintendroneZero
Paper thin world with big problems!09/19/07NTT
This game is SCHWEEEEEEEEEEEET!04/16/07Number1YoshiFan
'One of the Greatest Games that I've Ever Played'07/09/09PokeMario61
This wacky homage to the platforming days serves as a great addition to any Nintendo fan's fledgling Wii library05/08/07RadioactiveApeX
A hit by any standard04/11/07rightarmiron
Old school Mario platform game with RPG and puzzle elements04/12/07Santman
Yet another cutting-edge experience!04/12/07Seagaia
In retrospect: Super Paper Mario01/11/08shezamiah
Good On "Paper", Average In Reality.04/17/08so_hai
Mario reborn...Paper style.04/11/07soldjango
Not up to par.05/05/08Stranger2347
RPG or Platformer? I can't decide...05/01/08SuperMan678
A Huge Letdown04/30/07TidusYunaFan
The Paper Universe is Waiting For You04/11/07WilyWizard
Very good, but not without it's flaws03/16/09Wolfvie
One of the best Wii games that there will be04/17/07xmunamaniacx
Very different but very good04/16/07XxXMegaGamerXxX

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Super Paper Mario Review
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