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    GUILT Guide by YokoshimaShonen

    Version: 1.24 | Updated: 06/15/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

            `..`````.``````.``` ````````.-:::------://:.`                          
           `..```..`````  ```````` ````````.://:::::/+//-`                         
          `-.``````````````````````` ``` ````.:/+++++++//:.`                       
         `--.````` `````` ``   ````````````````.:/++/++++/:.`                      
        .---.``  ```` ````````````````````  `````.:+++++++//-`                     
        .--.``````````````.-.````  ``````` ```````.:/+++++///-                     
         ..` ` ` `` `````.-....````````````````````-:/+++/////.                    
        ```  `` `` ```...-```.--.`` ```````` ```````::///:://::`                   
       ```  ```` ````.:--`````.-::.```..```.` ``  ``.::///::::/.                   
       ```   ````.``-:--`````````..----::.`..````````.:////:::/.                   
      ````     `..`.:...`````````````..-:::::-````` ``-:///::/+`                   
      `.`      `--`-.````` ````````.---....-:/. ````` .:///:/++                    
     `..````  `-:::-....`````````.--.```````.-:.``..```:/+//+o:                    
     `-.```` ``/:--....---``````````.-:++oo+-`.-```-.``-/+/+oo.                    
     `:-``.` ``/--////-.```````````.+::/+o++o/`-.``-:`.:/o++o/                     
         `.` .-`-oss+-....``.-----.--..```..:++o:``++///+/`                        
          `.` :`-:/o+:.-....-..-::-.......-/ooo+:./yo+//+/.                        
            ` .`-.`/+--:+++//:::-......-:::/ooo+::oso+/:/+:`                       
              `.-``:` `.+so+::------::::::-/oo+o//oy+o+/://:.                      
              `..  `   .+soo-.-::::::::::::+syoo++oy+oo+::..--``                   
              `-`      .+syy/-.--:///++ossyysooooooyo++++:-```..``                 
               -`      -ossossssyyyyyyyyyoo+/:+ooooyooooo/:-`                      
               `.      .+o-..-:/++++/+syy////:/+oooyoooooo+:.                      
                `      `/+.``.--::////oyyo//////ooossoooooo+:`                     
    TTTTTTTT  RRRRRR      A     UU  UU     M     M         A
       TT     R     R    A A    UU  UU    MM     MM       A A    
       TT     RRRRRR    AAAAA   UU  UU   MM MM MM  MM    AAAAA
       TT     R     R  A     A  UUUUUU  MM   MM     MM  A     A
    CCC       EE        NNNN NN     TT     EE        RR     R
    CCC       EE        NN  NNN     TT     EE        RR    RR
    SS        EE        CC       OO   OO  NNNN NN  DD   DD
          SS  EE        CC       OO   OO  NN  NNN  DD   DD
      OOO    PPPPPPP   III  NNN  NN  III    OOO    NNN  NN  
    OO   OO  PP     P  III  NNNN NN  III  OO   OO  NNNN NN  
    OO   OO  PP        III  NN  NNN  III  OO   OO  NN  NNN  
      OOO    PP        III  NN   NN  III    OOO    NN   NN  
    +                            Table of Contents                       +
    1)  Basic stuff
    1a) Legal St00f
    1b) Introduction
    1c) Version History
    2)  Story and mechanics
    2a) Story
    2b) Characters
    2c) Tools
    3)  GUILT
    3a) What is GUILT?
    3b) GUILT Stragegies and Treatment
    - Concealed Blades - Kyriaki 
    - Creeping Tumours - Deftera
    - Contagious Nightmare - Triti
    - Synchronized Venom – Tetarti
    - Armoured Bacteria - Pempti
    - Arrow to the Heart - Paraskevi
    - Face-off with Death - Savato
    3c) Unknown Terror - Bliss
    3d) Chart of GUILT Missions
    3e) Specific GUILT Strategies (None yet, read the segment)
    4)  Finishing stuff
    4a) Credits/Thanks
    4b) Contact Info
    1) Basic Stuff
    1a) Legal st00f
    First off, I don't own Trauma Center in ANY WAY WHAT SO EVER. All official TC 
    stuff you find is copyright to Atlus. Any fanfics, drawings, st00f like that 
    is all property of whoever made them. This guide is only to be hosted on 
    GameFAQs. Do not claim you wrote this guide. I'm absolutely fine with you 
    printing it off and showing it to your friends, or showing it to someone 
    online who needs help. Just don't say you wrote it. I spent a lot of time on 
    this, I don't want someone saying my hard work is theirs. And most 
    importantly, DON'T SELL THE DAMN THING. It's ridiculous that some people 
    actually want to sell guides on GameFAQs, where all this stuff is free! Note: 
    If you would like my guide to be hosted on another site, feel free to contact 
    me about it. My contact info is in section 4b. If I like the site, I'll let 
    them hose my guide. While I'd feel slightly honoured about someone giving my 
    guide to a site and crediting me because they felt it was good, please don't 
    do it. I'd like to know where my work is.
    Note: "I" = Me, YokoshimaShonen/YokoShono/Yokonono/VITALS DROPPING (yes, I 
    actually do use VITALS DROPPING as a joke name occasionally). Therefore, if 
    you wish to contact me, please refer to me as Yoko or Shonen. Both names are 
    1b) Introduction
    Hello, and welcome to Shonen's guide to GUILT! Since I see many questions 
    asking how to kill a certain GUILT, this guide is here to answer them! Note: 
    I will NOT be telling you how to complete non-GUILT missions. Nor will I 
    instruct you on any specific mission unless it is requested enough (see 
    section 3d/3e).
    1c) Version History
    Version 1 – First full version of the guide.
    Version 1.14 – Fixed contact info and a few typos
    Version 1.24 – Added section about Bliss
    2) Story and Mechanics
    Here in section 2, I'll inform you of the story, which is surprisingly good. 
    I'll also instruct you on the basic requirements for every surgery in the 
    game, knowing how to use the tools at your disposal.
    2a) Story
    Trauma Center: Second Opinion has largely the same story as the first game 
    (Under the Knife), with some few additions and losses. It tells the tale of a 
    young doctor, Dr. Derek Stiles, a surgeon who's just completed his residency 
    at Hope Hospital. Along the way, he meets a host of other characters, 
    (almost) all of them fighting to stop the plague upon humanity known as 
    GUILT. The biggest army fighting against GUILT is the organization known as 
    Caduceus (named after the Caduceus of Hermes, Greek God messenger, which is 
    the symbol of all medicine), an organization devoted to eliminating the most 
    "incurable" diseases in the world. In the year 2018, they have completely 
    wiped out cancer, the AIDS virus, and TFTA Influenza. Oh, if only they really 
    existed. >:
    2b) Characters
    Dr. Stiles/Derek Stiles 
    The main character of the story. At 26 years old, he's completed his 
    internship at Hope Hospital in Angeles Bay (a fictional city that I assume is 
    based of Los Angeles). At first, he doesn't take his job as a surgeon 
    seriously, until one of his patients nearly dies. As luck would have it, 
    Derek is supposedly descended from the Greek god Asclepius (Ass-klay-pee-
    uss), god of medicine. The Healing Touch allows him to...bah, I'll get to 
    that in the next secion. Late in the game, Derek is infected with two strains 
    of GUILT at the same time (Kyriaki and Paraskevi).
    Nurse Angie/Angie Thompson/Angella Blackwell
    Angie is a 21 year old nurse in the game, and Derek's love interest. At 
    first, Angie is (and pardon my language) a total bitch. She pretty much hates 
    Derek, because he's apparently "inexperienced" (we find out that she is as 
    well, in "Life or Death"). However, a series of operations and hardships with 
    Derek have brought the two together. One thing that confuses me: Angie is 
    introduced with the last name "Thompson." Yet later, her dad refers to her as 
    "Angella Blackwell." WTF? I'm just guessing that her mother remarried some 
    guy with the name "Thompson" after Angie's birth dad disappeared.
    Dr. Weaver/Dr. Kimishima/Naomi Weaver/Nozomi Kimishima
    Nozomi is the third of the three primary characters (Derek/Angie/Nozomi). She 
    too has the Healing Touch, but her's is completely different from Derek's. 
    Originally living in Japan as a widely-renowned miracle surgeon, she was 
    banned from the Japanese medical business after she was discovered to have 
    the Healing Touch (similar to witches being killed by ancient Europeans). She 
    left Japan for America, where she took several jobs with Delphi, the creators 
    of GUILT. Her Healing Touch kept their subjects alive long enough for them to 
    perfect GUILT, and they gave her the false name "Naomi Weaver." She is new to 
    the Wii version, so was never in the original DS version.
    Dr. Kasal/Greg Kasal
    Dr. Kasal is the head surgeon at Hope Hospital, at 35 years old. He is 
    Derek's mentor, similar to the relationship between Dr. Cox and JD on Scrubs, 
    except Greg actually likes Derek. As the head surgeon, he's incredibly 
    talented at his work, and expects perfection from the other surgeons on 
    staff. Later in the game, he is infected with the Tetarti strain of GUILT 
    while treating a patient with the same strain, and is operated on by Derek. 
    In "Shifting GUILT," he showed that he has the magical ability to pop up at 
    random in an area nowhere near his hospital or Caduceus.
    Nurse Fulton/Mary Fulton
    Mary Fulton is the first character introduced in the series (a bit 
    surprising, considering her first line is to yell at Derek). She is widely 
    considered to be the most skilled nurse at Hope Hospital. At age 39, she 
    leaves Hope in the Episode 1-4, transferred to another hospital by her 
    husband's job. She later gets one cameo near the end of chapter five, with 
    some punk-looking nurse and some doctor never shown. Originally, she was the 
    only one keeping Derek in line and coming to work on time, and tends to nag 
    people a lot. She looks rather frightening in this game.
    Linda Reid
    Linda is, essentially, an emo. She hates her life for several reasons 
    (school, pressure from her parents and friends, etc), and is eventually 
    suicidal. She is the first GUILT victim in the game, and first GUILT victim 
    in the world to be saved from it. Before Linda, all GUILT patients died. When 
    she feels the Kyriaki cutting her up inside, she "finally felt she was going 
    to be free." Emo. After her cuts are sutured for the first time, she has a 
    talk with Derek which changes her outlook on life, and gets her out of her 
    emo state. After the Kyriaki attacks her lungs again, Derek, Angie and Dr. 
    Kasal discover GUILT for the first time, and destroy it. After this, Linda is 
    finally cured. (Fun fact: After examining Linda for the first time, Angie 
    comments on some cuts she found on Linda's wrist. Nice humour, Atlus. XD)
    Dr. Chase/Tyler Chase
    Tyler is Derek's best friend in the game (with the possible exception of 
    Angie), and a rather brilliant doctor, or so we're told. In medical school, 
    he was one of the top five in the class, and is supposedly great at writing 
    papers and performing surgeries, though we never really get to see him 
    perfom. He is a Eunesthesiologist (is that even a word?), also known as "The 
    Death Doctor." If people want to die, to escape from the pain of their 
    illness or condition, he gives them a peaceful send off. He's practiced 
    Eunesthisia since he graduated from medical school, and swore to stop when 
    Derek saves his little sister. I assume Leslie is his assistant nurse.
    Amy Chase
    Amy is Tyler's younger sister...by 18 years. She's eight years old, and is 
    infected with the Deftera strain of GUILT for two years. Eventually, the 
    Deftera reaches her lungs, and she goes into critical condition, during 
    which, Derek operates on her and saves her. She's very happy and caring about 
    others. When she first fell ill, she actually kept it a secret from everyone 
    so they wouldn't feel sad or worried, even as GUILT tore her apart. While she 
    tries to smile for others when their around, she often cries when alone. Her 
    story actually depresses me. 
    Nurse Leslie/Leslie Clarks
    Leslie is a completely useless and unnecessary wallflower. In any anime drawn 
    show/game, there has to be at least one character with some unnatural hair 
    color, and that's Leslie (blue-green hair). Leslie has pretty much no role in 
    the game at all, other than to warn the characters of Amy Chase's condition, 
    after which she is completely irrelevant to anything. I assume she's Tyler's 
    Dr. Myers/Cybil Myers
    Dr. Myers is the head Anesthesiologist at Caducueus. She's very tough, 
    supposedly tougher than all the guys on the police force she used to work in. 
    She's known as "The Iron Vixen" (stupid name, if you ask me) by most. She 
    dated a man on the bomb squad, and becomes invaluable in "An Explosive 
    Patient," as she assists you in dismantling the bomb. Near the end of Chapter 
    Five, she's infected with the Paraskevi strain of GUILT, by Professor 
    Blackwell. What confuses me is this: You're on a romantic date, in the 
    perfect moment. You take the time to give your girlfriend a detailed 
    description on how to dismantle every type of bomb. Makes no sense.
    Dr. Clarks/Steven Clarks
    Dr. Clarks is the head surgeon at Caduceus, at age 42. He's virtually non-
    existent in the story, and really does nothing. He's renowned as an 
    absolutely BRILLIANT surgeon, and has a kind demeanor. I'm glad they 
    redesigned him to look less intense in the Wii version. He looked like he was 
    about to murder you in the DS version. 
    Dr. Kasal/Director Kasal/Sidney Kasal/Chief
    Sidney Kasal is the younger brother of Greg Kasal. After his wife died of 
    some unknown illness, he devoted his life to the study of medicine, and has 
    become the director of Caduceus USA. I cannot determine/remember his age. >: 
    He's commonly referred to as "Chief" by Angie and Dr. Myers.
    Secretary Anderson/Richard Anderson
    The Head Director of Caduceus USA. He's also the Secretary of Health. I can't 
    remember or find his age, but I assume he's around sixty, considering he's 
    old friends with Robert Hoffman, who is 62. While giving a lecture somewhere, 
    Anderson is infected with the Pempti strain of GUILT, the first victim of 
    that particular strain. He fights against the disease harder than anyone at 
    Caduceus has ever seen. After three operations on his body, the Pempti inside 
    Anderson is finally killed. However, after three operations and much damage 
    to his body, it takes Anderson with it. I actually cried during the death 
    scene (Shut up).
    Dr. Hoffman/Director Hoffman/Robert Hoffman
    Dr. Hoffman is the director of Hope Hospital in the beginning of the game. He 
    has the Healing Touch, and is supposedly the one who gave it the name. Around 
    the age of 40 (he's currently 62), he mis-used the Healing Touch, and I 
    assume some patient died horribly (we're never told the real details). The 
    guilt of losing a patient due to his powers wracked his mind, much as the 
    death of a child wracked Professor Blackwell's. After said accident, he 
    simply gave up being a surgeon, and ran Hope Hospital. Eventually, after 
    Secretary Anderson dies, Dr. Hoffman is made the Head Director of Caduceus 
    USA, which motivates him to begin operating again. At the end of the game, he 
    is infected with a mutated strain of Savato, and saved by Derek, Nozomi and 
    Director Miller/Dr. Miller
    So I don't remember his first name, shut up. Dr. Miller is the Head Director 
    of Caduceus Europe, and is therefore in charge of the largest chunk of the 
    organization. After the British Navy raided Delphi's HQ, he ordered them to 
    confiscate Adam's remains, where they're currently used to produce a serum to 
    heal wounded soldiers. However, the serum goes horribly wrong, and a large 
    outbreak of GUILT occurs at an international medical conference. Niiiiice.
    Professor Blackwell/Kennith Blackwell
    One of the main reasons GUILT exists. Prof. Blackwell was a well-respected 
    member of the medical community, but dissapeared in 2005 (supposedly, 
    considering the dates of the game and all). In UtK, it is revealed that he 
    diseappeared to save his daughter, Angie. Delphi had to use children in their 
    experiments to perfect GUILT, and only children with a specific DNA 
    composition could host the original GUILT cells without horrible side-effects 
    to the virus itself. Angie had such a DNA pattern, and Delphi wanted to use 
    her in their experiments. In exchange for saving his daughter's life, 
    Blackwell offered to help Delphi create GUILT. In Angie's place, another 
    child is taken. This knowledge ate Blackwell alive, until he is borderline 
    insane when Derek and Angie find him (honestly, he thinks he's a ghost at the 
    time). Thankfully, after Derek and Angie save him from the Savato strain of 
    GUILT, he pledges his allegiance to Caduceus, helping them defeat Delphi. He 
    is determined to spend the rest of his life in prison, as atonement for his 
    Adam/Erich von Raitenau
    Adam is a much cooler name than Erich, so I'll just call him Adam from now 
    on. ADAM is the mastermind behind GUILT and medical terrorism. Born as Erich 
    von Raitenau in 1897, he is currently 121, last I read. He is obsessively 
    religious, and has interpreted some line he read (I honestly don't know what 
    he's reading) and thinks that humanity is sinful and should be killed. So, 
    Adam comes up with the idea of GUILT. He and Delphi believe that humans 
    deserve the "blessing" of disease, as it frees them from "the hell of life." 
    At the end of Chapter Five (Chapter Six in the DS version), Adam is 
    discovered aboard Delphi's main HQ. Little more than a corpse, Adam is 
    currently in suspended animation, similar to cryogenically frozen people. At 
    the end of UtK, Adam tells Derek, Angie, and Director Miller of the eighth 
    strain of GUILT, known as Bliss (covered later in the guide).
    2c) Tools
    The Tools of the game. You will use every single one of these tools 
    throughout your time in the game. Tools are selected by tilting the Nunchuck 
    in a the respective area of the tool. So, if you tilt the Nunchuck up, the 
    Gel (which is up) will be selected. This applies for all tools. And here they 
    are, starting at the top and going clockwise around the tool selection.
    Antibiotic Gel
    The Gel is used in every single operation (well, besides the puzzle 
    operations, but those don't count). It has two main purposes: One, to 
    disinfect the incision line, allowing you to earn a COOL on your opening 
    incision. It also heals small cuts, like the wounds left when you pull out 
    glass, or the incisions made when you drag out a Kyriaki. Also, when you 
    stitch up said incision, you disinfect the area with the Gel before you place 
    the Bandage on. Sure, you don't HAVE to, but you get a BAD for not doing so. 
    Also, whenever you burn away polyps (except for polyps created by Deftera), 
    you'll need to apply Gel to the area to heal the hole. Same goes for 
    synthetic membranes to cover holes left by tumours. Just apply Gel on the 
    membrane and it'll fuse with the organ.
    The Syringe is possibly the most useful tool, as it raises the patient's 
    vitals. The vitals start at 99 (usually, they can change depending on your 
    mission), and anything done to the body will lower vitals. The large green 
    jar at the lower corner of the screen allows you to suck up some of the 
    Stabilizer, then inject it into the body. On Hard mode, a full injection 
    raises the vitals about 12 points. Also, in some missions, you'll have 
    certain other medicines you'll have to inject into the proper areas. If you 
    inject it anywhere besides the indicated area, you get a MISS, your chain is 
    broken, and the patient's vitals drop.
    The Stitches are also used in every operation, to sew up your initial 
    incision and to suture any lacerations you find (which you'll find in at 
    least 60% of your operations). Not really much else. You suture by holding 
    down the button (A or B), and going over the laceration/incision repeatedly 
    in a zig-zag pattern.
    The Drain tool is used to, well, drain any fluids that are getting in your 
    way, mostly blood. If blood is floating up, you can't do anything to the area 
    underneath it until it's drained. Draining is also the key to killing the 
    Deftera strain of GUILT.
    Ah, the surgical laser. The sexiest of all operating tools. With the laser, 
    you can burn away polyps, kill GUILT cells, and basically burn through 
    anything you need. Just be aware, if you hold the laser in one area too long, 
    it can burn through the organ and leave a hole that could potentially 
    hemorrhage. If this happens, just drain the blood and apply Gel to the area. 
    The Ultrasound isn't used much in comparison to the other tools. With the 
    Ultrasound, you can find things that are hidden inside organs, like tumours 
    or Kyriaki bodies. The Magnification tool is used in maybe...four operations. 
    It basically lets you zoom in on an affected area for accuracy. However, 
    Magnification is not used in any GUILT mission.
    THE MOST IMPORTANT TOOL IN YOUR ARSENAL. The Scalpel allows you to make 
    incisions, excise things like tumours, and stab anything you need to. The 
    Scalpel is used in every operation, and is essentially the most important 
    tool you get. Believe me, once you get into the game, you WILL know what I'm 
    talking about.
    The Forceps are used to remove foreign objects from bodies. As you can 
    imagine, this is used quite a lot. With the Forceps, you can remove Triti 
    panels/thorns, take out tumours, and clip large gashes together after 
    draining the blood.
    Healing Touch
    The Healing Touch is an amazing ability, that select few doctors ever obtain. 
    Only those descended from Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine, can use this 
    amazing wonder. To use the HT, hold down both the Z button (on the Nunchuck) 
    and the B button (on the Wiimote). Draw a star in the air. Quality doesn't 
    matter here, just draw it as fast as you can. You can get up to 25 seconds in 
    HT mode, depending on how well you made your star. Derek and Naomi are both 
    endowed with the Healing Touch, but each one's differs. When Derek activates 
    his HT, times slows down for him. This gives you more time to react to 
    whatever situation is currently going wrong, and slows down the clock, which 
    is useful if you're running out of time. Naomi's HT doesn't slow down time, 
    but whenever you get an OK, a GOOD, or a COOL, vitals are raised by 20-
    something. It's incredible, and great to use if the screen is covered with 
    things to kill/fix and vitals are low. Note that in some missions (like Triti 
    missions and the X-Missions), using the HT deducts from your score. In these 
    certain missions, you cannot get an XS (or S, if you're playing Easy/Normal) 
    if you use either HT.
    3) GUILT
    Here's the meat of the GUIDE (Hilarious, aren't I?). Everything you need to 
    know about GUILT is here.
    3a) What is GUILT?
    GUILT stands for Gangiliated Utropin Immuno Latency Toxin. Basically, it's a 
    terrorist act. An organization called Delphi is actually creating the GUILT 
    viruses (virii?), and releasing them into society. How the hell they go 
    around stabbing people with syringes unnoticed, I'll never know. The only way 
    to defeat GUILT is through operations done by extremely skilled surgeons. 
    Ever since GUILT began to appear, none of it's victims have ever survived, 
    until Derek saves Linda Reid.
    Now, the only part of the guide you're probably interested in: GUILT 
    treatment. Note that I make long-winded treatment instructions for each 
    GUILT. However, GUILT treatment is a lot simpler in-game than it sounds on 
    paper, so don't feel overwhelmed.
    +                       Concealed Blades – Kyriaki                   +
    Kyriaki is the first GUILT you encounter. Kyriaki hides inside organs and 
    creates lacerations (large cuts in the organs). It's fairly easy to kill most 
    of the time (MUCH easier than it's UtK form), but many still have trouble. 
    Killing the Kyriaki is a simple process:
    First, take care of the initial lacerations. Deal with the large, gaping 
    would first. Select the Drain tool and drain all the blood from the wound 
    (three or four clouds of blood). Then, use the Forceps to grab one end of the 
    wound and pull it together. The other side will also magically close as well. 
    After that, it's just another laceration. Simply Stitch up the laceration, 
    but make sure that it doesn't re open. If it does, vitals will plummet. You 
    only have a limited window to stitch up the wound, so be quick. Suture all 
    the lacerations in the area. Before you suture the last wound (make sure it's 
    a small cut, not the large gashes), raise vitals to max, if you can spare the 
    time. I recommend doing this in all Kyriaki missions, unless you're going for 
    speed. If you're looking to complete the operation quickly (such as in 
    operations like Under the Knife and Fallen Heroes), simply keep vitals from 
    dropping too much in the pre-Kyriaki stage.
    Now, you must find the Kyriaki. To do so, use the Ultrasound all over the 
    organ. When you use it near a Kyriaki, you'll see a slightly transparent 
    version of said GUILT. Once you see it, stab that area with the Scalpel. You 
    don't need to cut a line; simply one press of the button over a Kyriaki 
    shadow will do it. Once the Kyriaki emerges, it will make another laceration 
    (what I call revenge cuts). Immediately suture the revenge cut, and laser the 
    Kyriaki. A Kyriaki will take either two or three hits with the laser to kill 
    it, depending on how far you are in the game. Repeat the process and suture 
    any lacerations. Remember that the cuts you make to expose the Kyriaki cannot 
    be sutured. You must spray them with the Antibiotic Gel.
    After you kill the first two waves of Kyriaki (the next wave only appears 
    after you kill all the Kyriaki of the old wave and heal all lacerations), the 
    Mature Kyriaki appears. The Mature Kyriaki will make three lacerations in the 
    shape of a star, and there's nothing you can do to stop it. After you suture 
    them (though occasionally, suturing the middle one will sometimes be detected 
    as one of the diagonals), go after the Kyriaki. After this, it's essentially 
    just like any other Kyriaki. I don't think the Mature Kyriaki's lacerations 
    are any bigger or cause more damage than a normal Kyriaki. Just cut out, 
    laser, and repeat. Note that a Mature Kyriaki will go back into the organ 
    every time you laser it, so you'll have to cut it out several times. 
    After you kill all the Kyriaki and suture all the lacerations, you're done, 
    and you simply need to suture your incision, Gel it, and place the bandage on 
    So, in review:
    -Suture all beginning lacerations
    -Find Kyriaki with Ultrasound
    -Pull out with Scalpel
    -Gel area you cut
    -Suture lacerations
    -Laser until Kyriaki is dead.
    +                      Creeping Tumours - Deftera                    +
    Deftera is the second type of GUILT. It is first encountered in Amy Chase, 
    the sister of Derek's best friend. Yeah. No pressure there.
    Deftera is, as Tyler Chase describes it, essentially a moving tumour. It 
    copies its tumour-forming DNA to every location it can in an organ, slowly 
    destroying their host. These tumours actually work almost exactly like polyps 
    in earlier missions, but you do not have to Gel the wounds when you've 
    incinerated them.
    Deftera comes in two separate types: Type A and Type B, also known as Red and 
    Blue. When Red and Blue Deftera bodies meet, they try to destroy each other 
    (go figure), but they're both equally strong. So, both fuse and...kinda...sit 
    there. However, if two of the same color join together, they damage your 
    vitals and create two or three large polyps. 
    Deftera is partially luck based, sadly, so you're going to lose every so 
    often, no matter how skilled you are. The Deftera will move around the organ 
    they've infected, and you have little control over where they move. You can 
    control them to some degree, but it's dangerous, and I think it's rather 
    unreliable. Spray some gel on the organ, and the Deftera will simply "bounce" 
    off it. In a sense, this creates a "wall" that the Deftera cannot get 
    through. However, doing so drops your vitals. A LOT. I don't like using the 
    gel to bounce the Deftera into each other, but it seems to work for others. 
    Decide whether you want to use it or not.
    Killing Deftera is, as I've said, partially luck based. They float around 
    wherever the hell they feel like going. Along the way, the Deftera will 
    create the polyps I told you about. Simply laser them and get back to the 
    Deftera. Big polyps can spawn smaller ones, so burn the big ones first. When 
    different types of Deftera join together, drain them as soon as possible. 
    When they first fuse, you'll have to wait a second or two before you can 
    start draining them. Drain the Deftera bodies three times.
    After you've drained the fused Deftera for the third time, it'll turn red and 
    go berserk. It forms TONS of polyps, but simply ignore them. Focus on 
    excising the Deftera, which at this point has become nothing more than a 
    regular tumour. Well, one that creates lots of polyps and brutally drops 
    vitals. But after you're done cutting it along the Scalpel Line, it stops. 
    Burn away any polyps, take it out with the Forceps, and apply a synthetic 
    membrane. Congrats, you've killed Deftera. ^_^
    Remember, except for 6-7 (Fallen Heroes), Deftera always come in two sets. 
    The first set is in an abdominal organ, like the stomach, and contains one 
    pair of Deftera. The second set is always in the lungs, and contains two 
    pairs of Deftera. 6-7 contains merely one set, in the stomach. 6-7 and X-2 
    also have hemorrhaging organs. Basically, the organs are bleeding. 
    Constantly. Whenever you see a cloud of blood form, Drain it IMMEDITATELY. 
    have a berserk Deftera underneath blood.
    So, in review:
    -Wait for Deftera to fuse.
    -Drain them.
    -Do this three times.
    -Excise the berserk Deftera like a normal tumour.
    There ya go. :D
    +                     Contagious Nightmare – Triti                   +
    The third type of GUILT, Triti is either easy as hell or hell period. Triti 
    requires the most thought of any GUILT, and is more of a puzzle than 
    anything. All operations on Triti are on the pancreas (which, by the way, is 
    a LOVELY shade of purple. Go figure). 
    Triti is a membrane that covers the pancreas. Once the organ is completely 
    covered, it's petrified and ceases to work. So, since Triti always affects 
    the pancreas, diabetes all around, I guess. In UtK, Triti affected the 
    pancreas AND the stomach, the latter of which is much more deadly. The 
    membrane I spoke of is a series of triangles ("panels," from now on). Regular 
    panels are green, and charged ones are blue. Blue and Green panels lower 
    vitals separately, but blue lowers them more. Fastened to every corner of 
    every panel are three thorns. Triti cannot be excised until the thorns are 
    removed. The thorns can also vaporize, which is a potential hazard, but the 
    mist moves so slow, I can barely classify it as "dangerous." Both the thorns 
    and the mist are vital to Triti's regeneration pattern.
    You see the thorns I spoke of? Pull them off a Triti piece, and excise it. No 
    prob, right? Simple, right? No. The regeneration pattern is what makes Triti 
    THE most hated GUILT of all. As I said, Triti is a puzzle, so you have to 
    think ahead constantly. Now, this can be a little confusing read as text, but 
    I'll try to explain it:
    The regeneration pattern is completely dependant on the thorns. Whenever you 
    excise a Triti panel, additional panels grow wherever they can. You can 
    prevent them from regenerating entirely, if you think well enough. You see, 
    wherever there are two thorns next to each other, a Triti panel can grow 
    there. The panels will only reform when you remove a piece, and only if 
    there's a place for them to grow. Here's a video tutorial to help explain it 
    Made by ChewyLSB (AKA Chewy on GameFAQs), who is completely awesome. For 
    those who feel they're cheating by watching the video, don't worry. He's not 
    telling you what to remove in what order, he's telling you how to keep Triti 
    from multiplying. No cheating at all ;D.
    So, in review:
    -Remove the thorns (preferably so that the Triti cannot multiply).
    -Take out the Triti panels.
    -Drain any thorns that vaporize. 
    +                    Synchronized Venom – Tetarti                    +
    Tetarti is the fourth strain of GUILT in the game. Like Kyriaki, Tetarti also 
    comes in immature and mature versions. However, UNLIKE Kyriaki, you only 
    fight immature Tetarti in one mission. All other Tetarti missions (and 
    believe me, there are a LOT of them) are fought the same way, with only 
    increases in the Tetarti's speed.
    Tetarti is a poisonous GUILT. Literally. Three Tetarti bodies infect one 
    person at once, and emit a poisonous gas the entire time. Latency Toxin 
    indeed. Each Tetarti comes with it's own colour (purple, green, or yellow), 
    and emits a toxic gas. Your unbelievably astute assistant Angie only figures 
    out that the gas is toxic on the last Tetarti story mission. Amazing.
    Anyway, as I said before, the Tetarti come in Purple, Green, and Yellow 
    colours. Your main weapon during the Tetarti battles will be the Syringe, 
    which you must fill with serum and inject into the Tetarti. There's three 
    serums, Purple, Green and Yellow. You must inject a serum into it's 
    corresponding Tetarti. So, inject the Purple serum into the Purple Tetarti, 
    Green into Green, and Yellow into Yellow. Simple. However, if you inject the 
    wrong Tetarti, they'll form divirticula, which we'll go over in a moment.
    Okay, so. You open up their patient, and examine their liver (which Tetarti 
    infects 90%, if not 100, of the time). Most of the time, you'll see three 
    little coloured lumps. These are the diverticula I speak of. Each of them 
    will be a colour, like the Tetarti themselves. Inject each diverticula (I 
    really hate typing that word) with the correct serum and excise it. 
    Basically, they're just really messed up tumours. However, if you take too 
    long to excise a diverticula, it'll slowly get bigger, until it bursts. If it 
    does, toxic gas will be released into the body, and you'll have to neutralize 
    it with the Gel. So be quick with the excision.
    After excising the poison things, the Tetarti appear. Essentially, the look 
    like little white fish things with giant arms. When the Tetarti first appear 
    on the surface of the liver, they will each have a colour. DO NOT INJECT YET. 
    REMEMBER THEIR COLOURS. After the lose the colour and start moving around, 
    inject them each with their respective serum. If you can't remember which is 
    which, look at the mist they're making. The mist will match it's Tetarti's 
    colour. Now, in "Race for the Cure," you'll fight at least three immature 
    Tetarti's. Just inject it with the serum. It'll hide inside the person's 
    organ. Drag it out just like you would a Kyriaki. Inject it with the serum 
    and repeat this process. When Angie starts screaming and the immature Tetarti 
    goes insane, spray it with the Gel. A LOT OF GEL. Then pick it up with the 
    Forceps and place it on the tray. Slice it open with the Scalpel and Drain 
    it's fluids. You're done.
    So, in review:
    -Excise the diverticula.
    -Watch and remember the Tetarti colours.
    -Inject each with the proper serum.
    +                     Armored Bacteria – Pempti                      +
    Pempti is the fifth strain of GUILT. Pempti always infects the right lung. It 
    fills it with some gelatinous fluid, and hides inside it while slowly killing 
    its victim.
    The entire Pempti virus is controlled by a single "core." The core controls 
    everything in the virus, and is protected by the fluid. The core itself does 
    nothing. However, it produces three types of mini-cores. The pink mini-cores 
    come first and create large lacerations. The blue mini-cores surge through 
    the liquid and create tons of polyps. The last type are small boxy mini-cores 
    that just damage your vitals. How? I have no idea, but they're deadly. 
    When you first open up the patient, the fluid will be blue. However, you'll 
    see some darker blue circle in the fluid. Unlike in UtK, the area is easy to 
    see, and DOESN'T move. Take the Syringe and pull up the orange serum. Inject 
    it into the circle, then fill up again, and inject once the haze appears 
    somewhere else. Once you've injected it twice, all the fluid will go to the 
    bottom of the lung, turn orange, and the mini-cores will stall there. From 
    now on, you must both attack the Pempti core AND defend the body from the 
    mini-cores. During every Pempti operation, you're armed with a special laser. 
    It's much more effective than your old laser, and physically cannot burn out. 
    Also, the actual Pempti core can come in and out of the lung whenever it 
    feels like. When it's inside the lung, you can't get to it, so simply wait 
    for it to emerge again.
    When the pink, laceration making mini-cores (the mini-cores will be called 
    Pemptites from now on) appear, they will stall in the orange fluid. It's 
    fully possible to laser all of them before they cause the cuts. The cuts are 
    DEADLY. It's especially infuriating because with all the action going on on-
    screen, you barely have time to suture any lacerations. So, don't let them 
    make the cuts, or you WILL pay.
    The long, blue Pemptites come in sets of five, and form polyps. They'll sit 
    in the fluid for a brief amount of time, then the fluid will "surge." All the 
    fluid will come rushing up through the lung, and bring the Pemptites with it. 
    In the small time you have before the surge, you can laser two or three 
    Pemptites. However, you have almost no chance of lasering all of them. Place 
    your laser in the small space between the Pemptites, and you'll laser two at 
    a time. Try to kill as many as possible. When they surge, they will all make 
    roughly five polyps. Unlike Deftera polyps, you'll have to Gel the polyps 
    after lasering them. If there are any polyps left during the next surge, the 
    polyps will explode, and cause serious damage to your vitals.
    The last type is the blocky blue Pemptites. They emerge from the Pempti core, 
    and rotate around it, somehow causing danger to your vitals in some unknown 
    manner. Simply place your laser over the Pempti core, and you'll laser the 
    Pemptites as soon as they come out. If any manage to escape the wrath of your 
    laser, simply chase them around with said tool. If you leave them there for 
    more than five seconds, however, they can be more deadly than the laceration 
    Pemptites. Vitals drop RIDICULOUSLY fast unless you kill them fast enough.
    In the midst of all this chaos, you must find time to put your laser on the 
    main Pempti core. By doing this, you're burning away the core and getting 
    closer to killing it. Keep your laser on the core for as long as you can, and 
    when you get an OK, you're closer to its death. I believe you must do this 
    seven times, but confirmation on this would be appreciated. 
    In review:
    -Inject the orange serum into the dark blue circle in the fluid
    -Constantly laser the Pempti core
    -Defend the body from the Pemptites.
    Yay, no more Pempti.
    +                    Arrow to the Heart – Paraskevi                    +
    Gah, Paraskevi. The sixth type of GUILT, it was much more frustrating on the 
    DS version. Paraskevi somehow always starts inside the patient's small 
    intestine. From there, it will proceed to burrow into it and bloodily 
    mutilate it (which you will not see). After ruining the small intestine, it 
    will escape to the stomach. From there, it goes to the liver, and finally, 
    the heart, destroying said organs along the way. When the Paraskevi burrows 
    into the heart, no matter how big it is, the patient dies.
    To simply pull the Paraskevi out would be too simple. No, Victor/ATLUS wants 
    you to suffer. Treating Paraskevi will involve much lasering and cutting. 
    When a Paraskevi emerges, you must laser its pointy tail. By doing so, the 
    Paraskevi will be briefly stunned. Take the time to cut it in half with the 
    Scalpel. Whenever you do this, the Paraskevi will split into smaller pieces. 
    A full Paraskevi has 16 body segments. The first time you cut it, it'll split 
    into two 8 body-segmented pieces. From there, it goes to 4, then 2, and 
    finally, 1. Once the Paraskevi is down to a single body segment, you can 
    freeze it with the laser and pull it out with the Forceps. Try it on any 
    other size Paraskevi, and your vitals will drop dramatically, and the 
    Paraskevi will fall back down.
    Onoze! Lacerations! Yes, whenever you cut a Paraskevi, it will create two 
    large lacerations. Since Paraskevi victims tend to have unstable vitals, 
    you'll need to suture these as soon as possible. When the lacerations have 
    been healed, go after the newly formed Paraskevi.
    Again, you'll be starting at the small intestine most of the time. However, 
    unlike in UtK, Paraskevi segments escaping to other areas does NOT lower your 
    score. Hell, it's fully possible to get an XS when the Paraskevi is at the 
    heart. I personally try to keep them in the small intestine, but in X-6, you 
    really can't do that without killing the patient.
    -Laser the Paraskevi's tail
    -Cut in half with the Scalpel
    -Repeat until it has one body segment
    -Remove with the Forceps
    +                      Faceoff with Death – Savato                   +
    Adam's "perfect image of Death itself." Savato is the final form of GUILT, 
    only encountered in three people, all of whom are incredibly important to the 
    story: Professor Blackwell, Dr. Hoffman, and Adam himself. In every Savato 
    mission, you'll have 10 minutes to kill the damn thing.
    In UtK, Savato resembled...well, a blob. I'm serious. In this game, Savato 
    now resembles a turtle. In UtK, you could tell how much armor Savato had left 
    (later) by how clearly you could see the core. In this game, Savato appears 
    to be on fire, and the smaller the flames, the less armor it has.
    Savato ALWAYS affects the heart. It starts out by sapping the energy of a 
    person with its web, which it spins to encase the heart. This web drops the 
    pulse of the person and any energy it makes is absorbed by Savato. The web 
    alone is deadly, as the person can eventually collapse from a lack of energy 
    and oxygen. However, once you cut the strands (again, later), Savato takes a 
    more direct approach. It starts creating large lacerations in the person's 
    heart. It can make either three at once (more common) or a single large cut 
    that spawns multiple Savatolings. This is pretty much the only way it can 
    damage a person. The Savatolings, however...they can be deadly. Savatolings 
    (also known as "bugs") are infant Savato bodies. Alone, they pretty much just 
    scuttle around the heart. Sure, they can bite it, but I'm not sure if this 
    does anything at all to your vitals. However, if there are five or more on 
    screen, they can rush together. If a whole bunch of bugs are grouped together 
    and flying around, they're going to form a blue immature Savato, which 
    basically is a tumourous-looking blob. However, it's deadly, as it physically 
    blocks vitals from being raised. With one blue Savatoling, vitals can only go 
    to 75. With two, vitals stop at 50. Three blue Savatolings keep vitals at 35 
    max. I personally laser the bugs (infant or immature) as soon as they appear, 
    but most people tend to ignore them. I cannot do this. In UtK, it was so much 
    easier to ignore them. Here, I can't help but laser them. D: 
    Now, here's Later. To kill Savato, one must first destroy its web. Oh sure, 
    it "saves" the patient from death by lack of energy, but its in-game purpose 
    is to open Savato up for attack. The web is intricate, with several strands 
    crossing over at once. Take your Scalpel and cut directly on an area where 
    the strands cross. You'll know you're cutting it when the strand starts to 
    shake. ALWAYS cut at the places where the strands overlap, it saves tons of 
    time and can save the patient. However, by the time you cut a strand, your 
    Scalpel will have melted. This is unavoidable. In the time between this 
    happening and Angie fetching you a new Scalpel, raise vitals or laser 
    Savatolings. You can't do anything to speed up your Scalpel gain. To counter 
    this, you need to be fast when your Scalpel returns. I cannot emphasize this 
    enough. MOVE. FAST. If you don't cut the web in time, it'll start to turn 
    red. If it turns completely red, the screen will shake, Angie will scream 
    "VITALS ARE SPIKING" and vitals will PLUMMET. I am not kidding, the red web 
    can HALVE your vitals in X-7. Right after it turns red, it goes back to 
    white. Just cut the web as fast as you can. And remember, it CAN and WILL 
    turn red while your Scalpel is gone in X-7. Not pretty. Once you completely 
    cut the web, Savato runs away to the bottom half of the heart, and makes more 
    strands. The only difference here is the increase of strands. It'll repeat 
    this process once more at the top of the heart. After the web has been 
    destroyed for the third time, Savato is open for attacking. 
    Savato becomes more aggressive in this phase. It can use its triple-
    laceration attack and Savatoling-raising lacerations at any time. You'll know 
    which attack it's doing before it does it. When Savato raises one if its 
    "legs" and slams it down, it's going to form Savatolings. Right now, your 
    only option is to laser the hell out of the GUILT. Just keep your laser 
    trained on it at all times. You'll feel the Wiimote gently vibrating in your 
    hands when the laser is burning away at Savato. When Savato dashes to use 
    either of its attacks, your laser will cease to work, and you'll have to wait 
    until Savato is done attacking. Oh, sure, one or two seconds doesn't seem 
    like that much, but every second is crucial when Savato can lower vitals so 
    quickly. Like I said earlier, the flame on Savato's back determines how much 
    "armor" he has on protecting him. Every time you burn away a bit of the 
    armor, you get an OK, and Savato does the Savatoling summoning attack. 
    Whenever a cut is made that Savatolings come out of, train your laser on the 
    middle of the cut, where the bugs are coming out of. You'll burn them all 
    away at once, if you're quick enough. After you burn away Savato's armor 
    completely (all the flame is gone), stab it with the Scalpel. It'll run away 
    to the lower half of the heart again, where you'll have to repeat this 
    process of burning and stabbing. Once you do this for the third time, you're 
    about to enter the third phase. Take the newly appeared black medicine for 
    you Syringe and inject it into the Savato while it's just floating around all 
    RAISE. VITALS. NOW. If your vitals are 30 or below, RAISE THEM. Even 31 is 
    good. As soon as you inject Savato, it goes berserk. It creates nine (NINE) 
    lacerations at once, and vitals lower to 30. If your vitals are at 30 or 
    below when you enter the third phase, vitals will drop to 0. Your patient 
    won't die, but if ANYTHING lowers their vitals after that, yes, they will 
    die. Anywii, Savato keeps up its constant nine-laceration attack. The Healing 
    Touch automatically activates. See? Now you can inject Savato, right? This is 
    why I told you not to use it before, right? Wrong. Even with the 
    automatically activated HT, Savato is still far to quick to inject. That's 
    why you must now activate your HT again. The one that activated as part of 
    the story is slowing down time right now. But, you have to activate it 
    yourself. Draw the star and time stops completely. At this point, suture up 
    any lacerations you see. This is why I like to let Savato go on for a bit 
    before I activate the HT. By the time Derek says "I have to concentrate!" or 
    Naomi says "I'll have to try it the way Derek does...", there's plenty of 
    lacerations on the screen. If you're using Derek (Death Awaits All and X-7 
    for Derek), raise vitals until he starts talking to himself. If you're using 
    Naomi, just constantly suture the lacerations as Savato makes them; her 
    Healing Touch will raise vitals more than Savato's lacerations drop them. 
    Suturing them all gives you a tremendous boost in points, which you'll need 
    if you want that XS. Anyway, now that all the lacerations are sutured and 
    Savato is vulnerable, INJECT IT. Take the black medicine again, and inject 
    Congrats, you've killed Death incarnate. Celebrate!
    In review:
    -Cut the web with the Scalpel without letting the web turn red
    -Do this three times
    -Laser Savato until its flame is completely gone
    -Stab Savato with the Scalpel
    -Do this three times
    -Inject Savato with the black medicine
    -Activate your HT after the game automatically uses it
    -Suture any lacerations on screen (OPTIONAL)
    -Inject Savato again
    And, that's all I can teach you on GUILT treatment. May you save lives, and 
    have XS's a plenty.
    3c) Unknown Terror - Bliss
    Bliss is the supposed eighth form of GUILT. However, you never really get to 
    see what Bliss does. It is only mentioned in the ending cutscene of UtK. When 
    Derek, Angie and Director Miller encounter Adam in his chamber, aboard the 
    Delphi ship, Adam speaks with them. Well, actually, his speakers talk to 
    them. He tells them of the eight strain of GUILT, Bliss. It's never mentioned 
    what Bliss does. However, Adam says that it is only given to those like him, 
    who accept death and agree with his views on humanity.
    However, there is a hint that Bliss might be in this game. In Chapter Six, 
    the Z-Cells created by Caduceus Europe were made using GUILT cells. 
    Therefore, when the Z-Cells "go horribly wrong," the people treated with them 
    were all infected with a random mutated strain of GUILT. Many people believe 
    that the Z-Cells are, in fact, Bliss. I however, do not. Simply because of 
    this: It's a virus that should be deadlier than any other GUILT in existence. 
    It's only given to those who believe what Adam does. No way it could be 
    something lame like giving you a random strain of GUILT. 
    Dr. Kimishima's speech is one of the key reason's people believe the Z-Cells 
    are Bliss. She mentions that the Z-Cell "treatment" is merely the eighth 
    GUILT, and she's against it. Adam mentioned Bliss as the eight GUILT, leading 
    to a plausible connection. However, Adam says that only his people (people 
    like Delphi members and those who wish for humanity to end with GUILT) are 
    worthy of being infected by Bliss. I don't think the random people around the 
    Earth all believe what Adam does.
    And no, "Unknown Terror – Bliss" was not in the game. I made it up, because I 
    thought it sounded right after all the GUILT codenames given in the X-
    UPDATE - Agent_Koopa from the TC boards has a few words to say about Bliss:
    I would just like to note that Bliss was taken from Adam's body without his 
    leave, though doubtless he would be pleased to know that everyone was getting 
    killed by it. In UtK, from what I've read, Adam claims to have died, yet 
    still live. In Second Opinion, the cells taken from Adam's body have the 
    power to regenerate tissues. Bliss could very well be a form of GUILT that 
    causes the infected to continue to exist in a sort of coma. Adam has 
    transcended death.  
    It is my theory that Bliss continues to regenerate cells, while continually 
    destroys them. I believe that Adam's corpse is infested with all forms of 
    GUILT, which tear his organs apart from the inside and ravage his body, but 
    also sustain it, keeping him in a quasi-death state. I think that Bliss takes 
    the form of various kinds of GUILT. The "Z-cells" which have awesome 
    regenerative power, were slowly turning the soldiers and doctors into 
    miniature Adams, infested with Bliss in the form of the strains of GUILT. 
    Derek and Kimishima saved the victims from their fates by removing all traces 
    of GUILT from the infected. It is strongly hinted that the X missions are the 
    removal of Bliss from Adam's body, causing his death, but this is 
    contradicted by X-5, where you clearly operate on a fat guy. The 
    manifestation of Bliss as varying strains of GUILT could also be explained by 
    the laziness of the game's developers. ;P
    3d) Chart of GUILT Missions
    Here, I list all the GUILT missions, their operation number, what GUILT you 
    operate on, and any special info you should know. MISC INFO is where I put 
    anything that separates this mission from the others. If I put "None," the 
    mission is simply a "Kill the GUILT" mission, with no tricks.
    To save space, I had to abbreviate the GUILT names. Here they are:
    Kyriaki   = KY
    Deftera   = DF
    Triti     = TR
    Tetarti   = TT
    Pempti    = PM
    Pemptites = PPS
    Paraskevi = PS
    Savato    = SV
        MISSION NAME      |    #    |   STRAIN    |           MISC INFO  
    Please Let Me Live    |   2-9   |     KY      |              None
    GUILT                 |   3-2   |     KY      |              None
    Something Precious    |   3-4   |     DF      |              None
    Pandora's Box         |   3-10  |     TR      |              None
    Race for the Cure     |   4-2   |     TT      |        Immature Tetarti
    Stepping Up           |   4-4   |     TT      |              None
    The First Step        |   4-6   |     PM      |       Cannot Kill Pempti
    The Next Step         |   4-8   |     PM      |       Cannot Kill Pempti
    Prolonged Struggle    |   4-10  |     PM      |              None
    Under the Knife       |   5-2   |     KY      |  10 minutes to save 5 
    Shifting GUILT        |   5-3   |     TR      |              None
    GUILT Evolves         |   5-4   |     TT      |              None
    Infection             |   5-6   |     PS      |              None
    A Devil               |   5-8   |     SV      |      Only Immature Savato
    Death Awaits All      |   5-9   |     SV      |              None
    Relapse               |   6-3   |     TT      |  Colour Only Shown Through 
    Second Opinion        |   6-4   |    KY/PS    |  Only Small Paraskevi 
    The Future of GUILT   |   6-6   |     PM      |              None
    Fallen Heroes         |   6-7   | TR/KY/DF/PS |  10 minutes to save 4 
    Vulnerability         |   6-8   |     SV      |     Use both Derek and Naomi
    Sayonara              |   Z-5   |   ISV/KY    |  Must capture at least one 
    X-1 – Kyriaki         |   X-1   |     KY      |   Start with FOUR large 
    X-2 – Deftera         |   X-2   |     DF      | Stomach & Lungs are 
    X-3 – Triti           |   X-3   |     TR      |  Must drain at least six 
    X-4 – Tetarti         |   X-4   |     TT      |    Can MISS and still get XS
    X-5 – Pempti          |   X-5   |     PM      | Multiple PPS can appear at 
    X-6 – Paraskevi       |   X-6   |     PS      |    Vitals can only go to 50
    X-7 – Savato          |   X-7   |     SV      |              None
    No, I'm not going to provide strategies for each and every one of these. It 
    would get insanely repetitive, and there are already other guides on GameFAQs 
    that can tell you how. However, I will cover certain operations in the next 
    segment if there's enough requests (read: Enough people whine about it) for 
    it. However, I'm not going to do simple missions like Please Let Me Live or 
    The Future of GUILT. Even if enough people whine to me, asking for help on 
    Pandora's Box, I'm not going to write a whole other strategy for it. My GUILT 
    treatment instructions are there for a reason, folks. If requested enough, 
    and I feel it's worthy of a strategy, I'll write it (these "worthy" missions 
    are usually ones like Fallen Heroes, Second Opinion, and the X-Missions. 
    However, it's very unlikely I'll write the X-Mission strategies).
    3e) Specific GUILT Strategies
    Like I mentioned in the above segment, this is where I'll post strategies for 
    operations that get enough requests/I think are worthy of a strategy. Until 
    then, this segment will remain blank.
    4) Finishing Stuff
    All good things must come to an end, like this guide. *sniff*
    4a) Credits/Thanks
    I couldn't have made this whole guide by myself. These people are those who I 
    want to thank:
    ChewyLSB – For making the completely pwnsome Triti guide, and making tons of 
    videos to help me improve my scores. May he forever be awesome.
    Windy Kun and CreamyNougat – For inspiring me to write this guide. ^_^
    CjayC - ...for kinda MAKING the site that I hope will host this guide.
    ATLUS – For MAKING the game that I've spent the past several weeks writing 
    4a) Contact Info
    Want to talk to me? Wanna point out something in my guide I missed? Tips on 
    improving the guide? Feel free to contact me! I have two e-mail addresses:
    It's probably better to e-mail me with the verizon.net e-mail. I'm also on 
    MSN and AIM, though I rarely sign on MSN, and almost never get on AIM. So, 
    it's best to send an e-mail to my Verizon e-mail. 
    Note: If you're going to critique the guide, be constructive. Point out 
    errors I've made politely, suggest improvements for it. Say I messed up the 
    pattern for Triti:
    "You messed up the pattern for Triti. This is the real pattern...<insert 
    pattern here>"
    Something along those lines. Be polite, I love getting criticism on something 
    I've made, as long as it's constructive. Do not write me something like this:
    DUSNT FORM LIEK TAHT!!!!1!1!11"
    I don't actually expect e-mails so poorly written, but I do not accept e-
    mails that essentially say "You suck, I could do this so much better." You 
    think you can? Fine with me, make your own guide, I'd love to see it ^_^.

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