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"Finally, I control if someone lives or dies."

They run through how to control the game in only 3 missions, and the controls are easy and fun to use. With the Wii-mote and Nun-chuck in hand, I actually feel like I'm using the Defibrillator, Scalpel, or Forceps. It really helps the experience of being a doctor, not to mention makes it a lot of fun, and very easy!

Alright, I got this game because I wanted to treat real diseases. That is what it is like for the first 2 full episodes. Then, however, a virus called GUILT truly shows it's face. After that, almost every mission is just treating the GUILT. I wanted to stuff like kidney transplants, appendicitis, and lots of other things. I am glad they tried incorporating a story, but angry I was preoccupied with one disease for so long.

I loved the characters in this game. Like Derek Stiles, a young surgeon still trying to master surgery, Victor, a stuck up genius who always comes through, or Angie Thompson, a nurse who lost her father at a young age but is always ready to kick some butt. The way these characters talk to and react to each other really helps the experience, plus their emotions at almost saving or almost losing a patient.

In all honesty, the only reason this game would only work with a Wii is because of motion censoring. The Game-cube could very easily emulate the games graphical capability. Although I didn't really notice it, as the game was to much fun.

All the tunes in this game really flow perfectly to the situation. You hear drastic, yet somewhat heroic tunes when GUILT epidemics break out and it is up to the doctors to save them, and sad tunes when a patient may not make and there is nothing a doctor can do. The only real problem with this is the surgery music. I wish it had a little more variance. There is only one song for surgery except operation 5-9, which is like the closest you'll ever get to a boss battle in this game.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/02/07

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