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"Can a Second Opinion be more Valued?"

The original Trauma Center was insanely difficult to the point where stylus' were snapped and bitten into dust out of anger yet it still possessed the unexplained ability to drag you back for more, even if it was probably harder than performing real spinal surgery. The GUILT virus angered as much as the toughest boss battle ever has over gaming's history, nevertheless, it utilised the DS to the point of perfection and is an obvious choice as a port to the Wii, which may allow it to get the public recognition it deserves.

But, how does the Wii remote match up to the precision of the stylus?, it can't but don't give up on the game yet. The main problem is accuracy; the stylus allowed for a pin-point slice to be made whereas the Wii remote doesn't. The boffins at Nintendo planned for this and allow some errors of margin to be taken into account, which can save you on the extreme levels nearer the end. Even if you miss a cut-line by centimetres, the game still gives you a 'cool' rating so you need not try and perfect your accuracy to a tee. While it seems that it may take away from what made the DS incarnation so tough, Nintendo really had no other choice to take so it becomes somewhat acceptable.

The nunchuk is used far better however; primarily used to shift between instruments with a slight flick of the analogue stick. Multi-tasking suddenly becomes far more manageable and becomes invaluable as the game spikes in difficulty.

An obvious improvement on the handheld version are the beefed-up graphics; while the Wii doesn't pack the graphical clout of the Xbox360 or the PS3, the visuals in Trauma Center work very, very nicely. Cuts that looked ropey on the DS now look like crisis-inducing ones and the simplistic, but effective, manga style for the characters allows you to identify with them easier, especially the newer ones.

Despite the fact it is a great game, the handheld prequel is far superior which is testament to this games '8' rating; while the Wii remote isn't quite up to the standard of the stylus, the obvious problems have been addressed and the newer operations make it seem like a true sequel, rather than a hastily re-hashed port, which it so easily may have been. Still, it's an essential purchase for all owners of the Wii, seasoned gamers as well as new and it adds a dose of flavour to an already colourful console.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/02/07

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