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Reviewed: 01/16/07

Dr. Stiles: Or how I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the GUILT

Dr. Stiles: Or how I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the GUILT

I'd first like to say I hope some people got the reference in the title of the review. Second of all I'd like to say, this game is awesome. I picked this game up on a feeling that it would be cool to pretend to operate on people. You know, all the fun of cutting someone open and playing around without the mess of cleaning up afterwards. On to the review!

Story 8/10

I wasn't really looking for a story to wrap my head around so I had a tendency of just skimming a lot of the cut-scene text. You follow the career of a young, talented but lazy young doctor, Derek Stiles (hence the title, Dr. Stiles). As the game goes on another playable doctor get's introduced with similar abilities to Derek. You meet several interesting characters along the way and eventually you square off with GUILT. (hence the other part of the title) GUILT is a disease that is being used in medical terrorism throughout the world. Are you a bad enough dude to stop GUILT?

Gameplay 10/10

Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun. Open patients up, suture wounds, remove pieces of glasses, repair broken bones, remove tumors, laser things down, use ultrasound to check for more things, drain excess blood, use your forceps to remove things, the list goes on.

You progress though the games story mode and you must do operation missions. You are briefed on what you are going to be doing, normally by your current assistant or sometimes by another doctor. The game is almost overwhelming at first but does a good job in slowing down that rush of "Oh no oh no oh no what do I do next?" Before you know it you'll be taking out tumors and suturing patients back up as fast as you tie your shoes in the morning.

Controls 10/10

The learning curve for me was about 10 minutes. I was a little confused at first with how to select the tools and what buttons to use them. But after you get over that slight little hump, you will be amazed at how awesome this game handles. Use your little yellow dot to guide you and you'll begin to notice how hard it is to perform surgery, even in a simulated version. Think you've got a steady hand? You're more than likely wrong as you will botch up a few incisions or miss a few spots with the laser. But regardless the controls are perfect for this game.

Audio 9.25/10

There is no voice acting for this game, which I'm thankful for. I'm not a big fan of voice acting in video games. Also this game has a lot of text, which would of been annoying having to listen to VA's yap back and forth to each other. The sound effects fit the game pretty well, and everything sounds the way you think it would.

The music. Oh my the music. It takes something for me to notice music in a video game, and this game has something special to it. I never even realized it but the music had me so tense that I was operating, gripping the nun-chuck and wiimote really tightly when my mom tapped me on the shoulder and I jumped. She said "You look really tense, calm down a little bit." I mean I'm normally a pretty relaxed guy and it caught my off guard that the music did something like that to me. While it is the same music for most of the operations, it does the trick in setting the atmosphere for the surgeries. And one more thing, getting ready for some epic music at one point in the game. I really dropped my wiimote said "oh ****, this is going to be nuts" when a certain piece of music came on.

Difficulty 8.5/10 (flexible rating)

I ran through the game on Easy with almost no problems, I'm trying it now on Normal and haven't even though of touching the X missions yet. So based on my prediction the difficulty gets an 8/5

Replay Value 8/10

There is three difficulty modes, and some X missions which are unlocked after beating the game. You also receive rankings for each mission you do. You can always go back and try to get higher rankings on all your missions and then the X missions. This buys a little bit of replay value but I imagine once you get real good, there's not much else to do. On a side note, you can always make videos and upload them. You should really check them out after you've played the game a little bit. I've seen some XS ranks that literally made my mouth drop open.

Rent or Buy?

I blind bought this and was extremely happy with it. While the story mode does not last long, it's a blast, and you should probably go through it three times, one on each difficulty.

Side Note

For the squeamish, there really is nothing bad about this game. You don't see any organs in disgusting detail, and not that it has a cartoony feel to it but there's a certain type of animation used during the surgeries that makes you feel like you're not even viewing someones insides. Kind of hard to describe. You know what just forget it, it isn't bloody at all and shouldn't cause any problems in the squeamish.

Final Statement

I never played the DS versions of this style of game, so I can't compare, but I can tell you this much. If you've ever watched ER, House, Scrubs, or any type of medical show, give Trauma Center a shot, I think you'll be quite happy with it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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