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Reviewed: 01/19/07 | Updated: 01/23/07

I Am Not A Big Fan Of Surgery, But I Am A Fan Of This Game

I heard a little while back that they were releasing a surgery game for the DS, and I thought that the concept was rather interesting. Then with the Nintendo Wii release, I heard that they would be remaking that surgery game, and once again I was excited about a game that would utilize the wii remote style in a particular way. Trauma Center: Second Opinion is a great game for those
who have purchased a Wii and are looking for a quality game that will last you for a decent amount of time. Even if you've played the one for DS, this one is still worth checking out with it's extra missions and unique style of play.

Graphics -
The graphics in this game are nothing to really spoil over, but the almost cartoonish style is a little detracting from the game. Before each mission you are shown a series of still drawings, and then once you begin the surgery, everything is rendered nicely. The organs are almost exact replicas of their real life counterparts, adding to the level of depth that is drawn out in front of you on the screen. As mentioned above, they are nothing special, but the graphics suit the game in its own sense.
Rating - 7/10

Gameplay -
Utilizing the Wii remote for this game is perfect. While the DS controls seemed tighter with actually being able to touch the screen exactly where you wanted, the pointer configuration of the Wii works great. It can take a little time actually getting used to where you are actually pointing at with the remote, but once you get the hang of it it becomes very simple. Using the nunchuk attachment, the control stick actually functions as a means of accessing the various surgical instruments. From your scapel, to sutures and syringes, and even lasers and ultrasound, this convention makes it incredibly easy to choose what you are to do, and becomes incredibly fluid once you use it. I'm sure most people know of the aspects of surgery, cutting open the body, determining the method of approach to solving the problem in it, performing various steps to correct the problem, and closing up the patient, all while monitering vital signs. Some missions can be difficult at first, but eventually it is easy to pass them once you learn the pattern to use. In the end, playing this game is incredibly fun, sometimes making you even believe so much that you are a surgeon.
Rating - 9/10

Story -
You play Dr. Derek Stiles, a newly licensed surgeon in Angeles Bay. While performing a routine operation, a new strain of virus called GUILT, Gangliated Utrophin Immuno Latency Toxin, is discovered in one of your patients. This disease is believed to have been engineered as a threat to humankind, but the origins and desires of it are unknown. As Dr. Stiles and newcomer Dr. Nozomi Weaver, you will face various strains of this hideous disease as you try to discover who is behind it all.
Rating - 8/10

Sound -
The audio in this game certainly suits it just fine. Each instrument boasts its own respective sound, and the music for each level blends in nicely in the background. While it is nothing special, and a lack of voice overs detracts slightly from the experience, it suffices.
Rating - 7/10

Replayability -
With about 40 missions, and multiple difficulties for each mission, there is plenty of operations to keep you busy for some time. It may only take you about 10 hours to complete the story, but trying to get the highest rank on each difficulty for each mission will take a while. It lacks a multiplayer, but I have found it sorta fun to play with a friend. One player controls the actual operating, while the other control what tool is used. It may sound kinda dumb, but it adds a little fun to the game instead of just playing by yourself.
Rating - 8/10

Overall -
Even thought it is just a remake of the DS version, Trauma Center: Second Opinion is fun regardless of it's predecessor. With new missions, and new characters, the story is added onto slightly, and with the number of missions throughout the game, it should keep you busy for a relative amount of time. Rating - 7 + 9 + 8 + 7 + 8 = 39/50 -> 8/10

Buy or rent -
If you are a fan of the original and want to enjoy the experience all over again, on a new system, this game is definitely worth your time. However, if you are just looking for a game to take up some time while you are waiting for the next big titles for the Wii to be released, this game is perfect for that as well. Regardless, anyone who plays this game should find some enjoyment in it. It all comes down to what you expect out of the game and how into you will become. I would say rent it first just to see if you will like it, and then buy it from their to add to your Wii collection.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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