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"On the same level as the DS entry"

I enjoyed Trauma Center on the DS for what it was worth. It did have its flaws and I didn't care for the plot all that much. That being said, I was excited for this game on the Wii. Then I learned it's just a port of the DS game. Is this worth playing again or is it a shoddy port? Or is it some how better than the DS version.

Trauma Center follows the tale of a new doctor. Dr. Stiles is your normal doctor and works on normal cases but as the plot unfolds someone is unleashing a new deadly virus and it's up to him to bring it down and find a cure for these new illnesses. Pretty basic and I really dislike the virus idea. I think it would have been awesome to just perform real operations but oh well.

The graphics are much crisper now. Cut scenes are static backdrops with anime character portraits. In game graphics are bland and uninteresting. Vague body types are shown but that is about it.

The sound in the game is a let down. I was hoping for voice work but the game has none. It could have really brought personality to these characters and there is no reason for not having voice work. Music is alright but nothing special and the sound effects are almost non-existent.

The main draw to this game for me was the control. How could they make this game control like it does on the DS. Well, they don't try for that but they do there own thing and it works. This game requires the Wiimote and the chuck. You sue the analog stick to select tools from a wheel. This works perfectly and much better I might add than those controls in the DS version. It allows quick access and once you know the wheel it makes it much easier. On the screen will be a laser point of sorts and the Wiimote moves that around. A usually does the action for you but sometimes, like with tweezers, you use the A button and the button on the bottom of the Wiimote to grasp items. Really cool idea. This is the first Wii game for me that had controls that were spot on but they do allow room for those who don't have the steadiest hand and that is a very important thing.

The game is split up into missions. Some are just text while others are operations. I don't remember off hand how many operations there are but there is enough.

The idea is that you have X amount of time to rescue this patient. There is a life bar at the top and as you carry on with the operation it will slowly decrease but you can heal the patients with a serum so that is always there to fall back on.

Some of the basic stuff in the beginning is cutting up someone, using an ultrasound machine to detect tumors. Slice open where the tumor is and suck out the stuff with the suction. Now you need to cut around the tumor, pick it up with the tweezers and but some gel on it to heal. Back out of the patient sow them up and then bandage them. That's a simple operations but it gets way more complex as it goes on.

The highlight with this game is that the controls work really well and provide a nice leniency that really helps the game out. The game is of decent length but not very long. It offers some extra missions and grades at the end of each stage. I don't remember if the DS version did this but when being graded you see what you gained points for so that's always a nice touch.

Would I recommend Trauma Center? Yes and no. There is nothing new here for those who have beat the game and it's the reason I won't be buying this game. It makes an excellent rental though as you can breeze through it quickly if you beat the DS version. But it's also a cool title to showcase the system with. Each to understand controls and the game play itself is rather fun.

Story - 7/10
Graphics - 7/10
Sound - 5/10
Control - 9/10
Game Play - 8/10
Replay Value - 3/10

Final Score - 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/02/07

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