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"Don't die on me!"

Trauma Center: Second Opinion Review
Don't die on me!

Storyline: (Taken from booklet)
In the year 2018, mankind has overcome a number of diseases once thought incurable. Cancer, AIDS, and TFTA are nearly things of the past. However, people still get sick, and doctors are still around to take care of them. This is as true anywhere in the world as it is in Angeles Bay...

A young man named Derek Stiles has just completed his residency at Hope Hospital and is ready to start acting as a full-time surgeon. Stiles didn't pull exceptionally high in med school, but he did pass all his classes and he understands the inner workings of human physiology. He made a lot of friends at Hope and his residency period filled him with a renewed ambition to become a great surgeon.

...Meanwhile, at nearby St. Francis Hospital, Dr. Nozomi Weaver is finishing up her first year in America on a doctor exchange program. Born and rains in Okinawa, Japan, Nozomi knew early on that she wanted to help save people's lives. Now, she's as highly skilled as she is professional, and it's a mystery why any hospital in Japan would want to let her go.

Of course, this new generation of doctors will soon face a new generation of threats, and rumours of a terrible new disease have already begun to surface. In fact, the world's only hope may lie in Caduceus International - a semi-covert organization designed to research and eradicate even the most "incurable" diseases.

But how can they possibly eliminate a disease they don't even know how to treat properly?

A complete Wiimake of the DS version Trauma Center: Under the Knife. The whole gang is here including a new playable character. You are Dr. Derek Stiles, a young hot shot doctor out to save the world from incurable diseases one patient at a time. Use your Wiimote to utilize the tools while using your nunchuck to select the tool of your choice to cut-out, insert, or remove anything from the patient depending on what the operation is about. Being a Wiimake and all you can expect everything that was in the DS to be in this version plus a few neat additions to keep you playing. All the levels are there including a new side chapter for the new playable character as well as some new tools for you to use at some points in the game.

The first few levels are a breeze to pass through teaching you step-by-step on how to use every tool with the new playing style the Wii has to offer. After completing an operation you are a given a ranking in the form of letters, XS being the highest and C being the lowest, giving you an edge to keep trying to ace every operation. After going through the standard procedures you will have the experience to be able to complete the preceding levels with minimal difficulty, but even the simplest operations can get tough. Like any game the procedures get harder as you continually succeed through them as you learn new techniques along the way to make your operations a little easier for you. Panicking is common in this game for some operations become to hot to handle and require further training. In the event of such, just relax and proceed as normal and you should be fine XD. Once you've completed the game you will be rewarded with a set of operation called "X" Operations, these are extremely hard versions of previous diseases encountered. These operations put your skills to the test to see if you truly are a master surgeon in the field. There are some operations that have been altered from slightly to completely. An example is the operation "An explosive patient" has been completely changed and chapter 6 has been changed to be 100% different from the DS version. The new tools games include*Spoilers*: Defibrillator, Penlight, 2nd version Healing Touch, some are compulsory to use while others can be used anytime. The game really gets you into the story as you follow along the 6 chapters to the surprising outcome once the game has been 100% completed (X Operations included)

The music in the game really suit the atmosphere in where you're operating on a patient in an attempt to save his/her life. Depending on the operation the music changes to make sense to what you are doing. After listening to the incredible music this game offers you'll be aching to find where to get them. The sounds have also been changed (Of course) with some sounding just a little bit off.

The game is beautifully presented best on an HD TV as I have seen before and makes this game that much more entertaining where you can see every little detail. It brings out a bright and clear picture that would keep your eyes glued to the TV screen.

Closing Comments:
Yet another game that I recommend you, the gamer, to pick up and play. In my estimation it lasts about 25+ hours, give or take, and has a high level of replay value to get the highest rank in every operation and get those well deserved bragging rights for all your hard work. Don't worry about blood or anything too graphic to handle, unless you're completely afraid at the sight of blood there's nothing terribly graphic to keep you from playing such a great game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/03/07

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