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"If you don't like this game, maybe you need a second opinion"

Derek Stiles is back with all his tools and the healing touch in this adventure. Trauma center second opinion is a wii remake of Trauma center on the DS but does Derek Stiles still have the power to save people or is he going to be digging his own grave.

Game play: 10/10
The game has change from it DS counterpart with new controls. This time, you will have to use the wii remote and the numchuk to play the game. You point the wii remote at the TV and using the tool and use the numchuk to select tools to use.

Many tools are what real life doctors use like the scalpel, and forceps. There some new ones like the defibrillator and many more and your going to need them this time because this game is hard, make one mistake and you could lose and the reason for this is the guilt which can make the game hard.

Overall: The game play is new and has not been done before or seen in a game. With you saving lives every day, why would you not like the game play but the only abd thing I have with the game play is that you need to remember a lot of stuff to do later in game or else you will be back tracking yourself back to starting missions.

Story: 10/10
You are Derek Stiles working as newly licensed surgeon in Angeles Bay. He learn the basic of his normal check up from Mary Fulton, after she leaves a new girl name Angie Thompson who is a young but experienced nurse.

You guys help save lives but after a while, you gain a new power call the healing touch which gives you the ability to slow down time. Once this happens, a new disease called guilt appears and he finds out that the healing touch will be able to help him defeat these guilt. Also around this time, Caduceus USA starts to notice him and add Derek to there team at Caduceus which will lead to a long story filled with action.

Around the other side of the world, there a new girl to second opinion, Nozomi Weaver who also has the healing touch like Derek and runs into problems with this also.

The story overall is no different from it Ds version but it does add a new chapter just for the wii version and five other mission or chapter for the new character which you can learn more about her and Derek. The story is perfect for this kind of game but does go over the top sometimes.

Graphics 7/10
This is where the game is not perfect anymore. The graphic are mostly dated. No VA for a deep story makes you have to read the text which can get boring after a while. One good thing about the graphics is that it takes a more anime style which makes it good on it own.
Overall: The graphics are alright but nothing groundbreaking for the wii and these could have been done on the game cube.

Sound 8/10
The sound is good but most of the music can be forgettable over time. It does a great job here but without VA, it mostly just in game music with nothing much else other than that.

Overall here, the sound and music is great but not the best so next time Atlus, add voice actor.

Re playability 8/10
There over 40 mission that you will have to get a S or XS rank on each mission and there also a new harder chapter made just for this game but expect for that, there not much after that.

In the end, Trauma center is a great game even if the graphics, sound, and re playability are not perfect. If you have a wii, go get this game as soon as possible because you will have a great time with Trauma center Second opinion.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/13/07

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