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Reviewed: 01/03/08

Original, very fun and insanely hard - every gamer should give this game a go

Trauma Center: Under the Knife was released on the DS only a couple years ago and was a game renowned for its originality, its fun gameplay, but most of all its hard as nails difficulty. Second Opinion is a remake of Under the Knife with better controls, more missions and most importantly for the fans of this series – a higher difficulty level.

You play a Derek, a new doctor with a rare ability called the Healing Touch. Throughout the storyline you climb your way up through the ranks of doctoring and face a unique disease called GUILT which was unleashed onto the world by the terrorist organisation Delphi.

The gameplay is based around surgeries performed by you and another doctor and range from removing tumours, healing bones and killing GUILT to transplanting kidneys, healing internal cuts and diffusing bombs. The variety in this game is quite astonishing.

Of course even more astonishing are the controls. The Wiimote and Nunchuk add a lot of potential that wasn’t there in the original. The Wiimote possesses pinpoint accuracy and feels far more like you’re actually operating due to the arm movement involved. The Wiimote also allows you to spin objects which is an ability not available on the DS and will be put to good use in spinning round bone fragments and turning screws. You change between your 8 surgical instruments with the Nunchuk (each instrument having its own direction). This new method of choosing instruments allows for a lot more speed to be exerted during the operation than the DS version allowed.

The graphics are very basic, though this is the style of the game and not due to lazyness on the developer’s part (and it’s actually a pretty nice art style that allows for quick identification of GUILT). The music is a true highpoint of this game with it varying from genuinely exciting and blood pumping to being tense enough to cut with a knife to being amazingly emotional.

The game is roughly 10 – 15 hours in length though most people will return to it for another 15-30 hours of gameplay purely for high scores (yes, it is THAT addictive).

This game is a wonderfully original game that will keep you glued to your Wii for quite some while. It is difficult yet also very fun and the music is exemplary.

Gameplay = 9.5/10, very fun and very difficult with a lot of originality
Graphics = n/a, they don’t try to be brilliant, but instead go for a nice simplistic look
Music = 10/10, ranging from generally exciting to tearingly emotional.
Length = 10 – 15 hours for the main storyline
Replayability = Very high, you can easily get another 15-30 hours out of this before getting bored

Final Score = 9.5/10 (rounded to 9/10)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Trauma Center: Second Opinion (EU, 08/10/07)

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