Where can I can I find it? (Good Herb Fish)

  1. In the game, HM:TOT, the objective of the game is to bring back all the rainbows to Waffle Island and restore the Great Tree along with the Harvest Goddess. In one of the Rainbow making process, you have to find a dish, a Good Herb Fish. When I asked the Harvest Spirt how to get this, he told me to take a good herb and a good fish and bake them together in an oven. I'm not sure how to get a good herb in the wild, or good fish, which would be one delema, but seeing as I already know I can grow my own herb and make it good, I thought I would do that. But I found myself in the season of fall, and alas, the farms around me do not sell herbs in Fall. So should I wait till Spring and Summer, or what?

    User Info: iDorkness

    iDorkness - 9 years ago

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  1. The herb doesn't matter: you can find herbs laying on the ground in praline woods and on brownie ranch, so just pick one of those up. In order for the dish to come out as "good" herb fish, the total selling price of the ingredients must be 300-600g. (For example: Carp (120 G), Carp (120 G), Catfish (80 G) + Green Herb (30 G) would work)

    Note: Green herbs have the cheapest selling price, and Blue have the most expensive selling price.

    User Info: VenomousX

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  1. Any herb will work and in order to get the herb fish to be "good" you need to combine 4 fish with the herb, try to pick fish that are worth a little more then more common ones.

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    Bewitcheddj - 9 years ago 3 3
  2. You also don't need to even need to have a Good Herb Fish. As long as it is good or better, it will be accepted. Just grow some herbs on your farm. You can grow them Spring through Fall, start cooking. Mix in at least three fish, plus your herb (any color will do). As long as it comes out good or better, the harvest sprite will accept it.

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  3. Good Herb Fish needs to be cooked. This is done by:
    1) Go to the General Store and buy an _oven_. Any oven will do.
    2) Go catch 4 fish: any type, any size.
    3) Go find a herb, these are usually found around Brownie Ranch or in the Woods at the North end of Ganache Mine District.
    4) Go to your house, go to your nightstand with your diary.
    5) Go to Furniture, find your oven, then place it. It must be place ON TOP of your counters near your sink.
    6) Go to the oven, "Check" it. Place the 4 fish and the herb inside. Then confirm.

    Ta Da~~ You now have a Good Herb Fish.

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    Keltset - 9 years ago 2 1
  4. All you have to do is get a fish with high price. for example an eel i found one in the caramel river district then get any herb it doesnt matter thenyou have to buy a stove if you dont already have one then combine those two things and ta da you have a herb fish

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