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  1. In the game, HM: TOT, one of the open males that you can marry is Chase. Since I first saw him in the back of the starter book, I decided that I would go after Chase in the game. But unlike the other Harvest Moon games that I have played in the past, not all the men are here in the start of the game. I realized that as you make more Rainbows, the more people will come to the island, including Shelly the Tailor. I was wondering, does Chase come later on in the game, and if so, how many rainbows, or how long?

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    iDorkness - 8 years ago

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  1. Chase is one of the arrivals after the first rainbow, as is Calvin, Phoebe, Taylor, Julius, Grey, and some others. They come on the 1st and the 15th of each season. I do not remember how long it took Chase to arrive, but as you wake up it will be announced the morning of his arrival that a new arrival has come to Sundae Inn. Otherwise any of the current residents will tell you that a new arrival has come and some, like Jin, will tell you where and that you should go say "Hi".

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  1. If you had made the green rainbow by 1 summer the he will come fall1 meet him in the inn around 11 not 3 and up cause you will probaly see his rival event. Glad I could help ;)

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  2. You need only create the first rainbow in order for Chase to show up. Once Daren's Rainbow is restored, the ferry will begin bringing new residents on the 1st and 15th of each season until all residents have arrived.

    The arrival schedule for bachelors/bachelorettes is as follows:
    First group: Candace and Luna. Candace's Introduction Event - Walk toward the Tailor Shop. Luna's Introduction Event - Enter the Tailor Shop.
    Second group: Calvin. Calvin's Introduction Event - Enter 10th floor of Ganache Mine.
    Third group: Chase. Chase's Introduction Event - Enter the Sundae Inn.
    Fourth group: Phoebe. Phoebe's Introduction Event - Enter the Ganache Mine (after her arrival is announced).
    Fifth group: Julius. Julius's Introduction Event - Walk toward the Smithy.

    Therefore, Chase will arrive somewhere between a season-and-a-half and two seasons after you restore Daren's Rainbow.

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