MY character get tired after 5 minutes !?!?!

  1. My character get tired and drowsy when I plant stuff then i got to go bed at 7 am ... what can i do!?

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    vizi0nx - 8 years ago

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  1. In the beginning of the game, it is hard to keep your stamina up and stop getting drowsy. You shouldn't be working all the time. Though, there are a couple of things you should do to keep you stamina up while you're working.

    First off, the best way to stop regain you stamina is to go to the hot springs. Take advantage of this being in the game, especially in the beginning. Its free, but you can only use it once a day.

    Also, bring food where ever you go. There are lots of things that you can forage around town and eat to regain stamina. But the things you forage may be easy to get, but they don't always let you regain a lot of stamina. Buying food and cooking food are a good way to get food that regains a lot of stamina. The only down side is that you need to find or buy the ingredients to cook the foods or you need to buy the food itself.

    Another way to regain stamina is to buy Bodigizers (if you only have a little bit of stamina like in the beginning of the game) or Bodigizers XL (if you have a lot of stamina after a couple of power berries). You can get these from Meringue Clinic anytime. These regain a lot of stamina at one time but they cost you a fair amount of gold.

    To save you the stamina so you can't lose so much stamina at a time, you should try upgrading your tools to iron, cooper, silver, then gold. By doing this you waste less stamina using that tool. You can upgrade your tools at the general store or the blacksmith. The general store cost three times as much but the blacksmith requires you to bring an ore.

    Getting a power berry allows you to have more stamina. There are a total of five power berries. They are located at:
    -The 30th/last floor in the Ganache Mine (just use the holes to get down a couple levels and then just go use the stairs then on)
    -Till 1000 squares with your hoe (till the same couple of squares with your hoe)
    -Go to the Goddess Spring
    -Level up your fishing rod to level 3 and when you try to fish, you should catch the berry instead of a fish (fish a lot of times and you'll level up your rod)
    -Get one of your animals from the coop or barn to have 10 hears (once you get you animal from 9 to 10 hearts, you'll receive the berry)
    To raise the heart level of your animal you should:
    Livestock (Cows, goats, sheep, horses and ostriches):
    Talk to, shear/milk (not for horses or ostriches) , hand feed, brush, or let them outsid
    Poultry (Chicken and ducks) and Silkworms:
    Hand feed, pick up, and let them outside (not for silkworms)

    When you don't have the stamina to work anymore, I suggest doing tasks that don't require stamina. You can make better friends with the villagers, forage for items to sell, buy things for your house or animals, work part time, or discover other things to do that are worth while.

    I hope this helps.

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  1. Well,one very good way to get your energy back up(If your not already drowsy)
    Go to the Carmel falls and follow the trail up until you get to the hot spring.
    This will make your energy go up ALL the way(If your not drowsy)

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  2. I have LOTS of tips! Some are...

    1) Always keep food in your pockets so that they are available to eat at all times
    2) Use the hot springs at caramel falls and it will fully restore your energy no matter how weak you are

    These tips are ones that will help you keep your energy. Some are...

    1) Get a some animals that live in the barn and once they mature, they will bring back a power berry. A power berry will raise your max stamina up so that you have more energy over all. And note that the power berry will only be found in one of your animal's mouth's (it will have a cut scene) VERY RARELY!! But it is very much worth it. You can not buy the power berry anywhere but you can find it far into the story....
    2) Upgrade your tools that you use daily to gold or silver. If you do this you will use MUCH less stamina. (Upgrade at Ramsey's with your tool and the select metal in your pockets or at the general store with tool in your pockets)
    3) This tip doesn't realy help your stamina (it sort of does) but you should try doing part time jobs when you don't have enough stamina to do much else. It doesn't use any stamina and you make a little money.

    Hope this helps!! :-)

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  3. Well there are two different things you can do and they are both FREE!!! You can take the walk up to Carmel Falls and go tho the hot spring. This wil give you full stamina, but can only be used once per day. The other thing you can do is go to the mine and just pick all the mushrooms you possibly can. They will give you a nice bit of enerygy, but you will need to eat like 8 or 9 to make a significant impact. What you don't use you can sell for money. Plus if you have like 30 you can baisicly fill your energy with some shrooms to spare. You can also get married and receive box lunches, but by that time you will have solved the problem.

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