How do you complete and acess rainbows?

  1. I want to get to mount gelato but I heard you have to complete rainbows.

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    bockbock7 - 8 years ago

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  1. Eventually the mayor will give you half a quilt. Then you have to talk to his son and then find the other half -- you have to upgrade your house first IIRC.

    Once you have both halves of the quilt, water the single flower at the base of the big trees (The first one is located near the Town Square). That will awaken one of the Harvest Sprites, who will tell you the ingredients for the rainbow. Bring him those ingredients and the rainbow will be completed (5 total).

    If you want more detail than that, consult one of the FAQs.

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  1. There are 5 different harvest sprites with 5 different recipes that you must complete in order to activate their rainbows.

    Edge (purple, 5th): tuna, lapis lazuli, perfect honeydew, snowflake flower, red honey.

    Ben (blue, 2nd): grilled eggplant, char, green herb, plain omelet, good tomato.

    Daren (green, 1st): grilled yam, carp, good herb fish, common seashell, apple.

    Collin (yellow, 3rd): saury, blue wonderful, perfect spinach, banana, red wool yarn.

    Alan (red, 4th): toadstool, wood fish, green bell, ostonnaise, carrot cake.

    Bens rainbow will take you to Mount Gelato. However, you must also complete Collins rainbow before you are able to cross Bens rainbow.

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  2. When the Mayor gives you half a quilt, upgrade your house to level 2 (at the carpenter) then talk to Gill.
    Talk to Dale (carpenter shop)
    Talk to the mayor in his house.
    Go to the bell in the square.
    then you can water the flowers, talk to the sprites, and get their recipes!
    when you have all of the ingredients bring them to the sprite and they will let you walk across the rainbow!
    Although the blue guy lost the badge that lets you so you have to complete the yellow guy's, find the badge on the beach, and then give it back to the blue one.

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