Can someone explain the Lovikov Techniques?

  1. Names all of them and tell us what they do. How to use it. All the junk the dumb Russian didn't tell us

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    CandoraAuthes - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Memory of Child - When not in a combat zone, B button becomes a dash.
    Memory of Woman - Dark Side Modes last twice as long. Automatic.
    Memory of Three - Enemies appear on the minimap radar. Automatic.
    Memory of Tattoo - Unlocks a "Max Combo" bonus in each ranked mission. This is the largest number of enemies you killed without getting hit in between. Automatic.
    Memory of Demon - Unlocks a jumping slash attack that is very powerful and usually knocks down anyone it hits, but takes a while to unload. Shake the Nunchuk.
    Memory of White - Allows you to perform attacks on enemies who are on the ground from nearly infinite range, but you have to still be locked onto them, which is difficult. Press A, just like the regular "Down Attack", but when standing farther away.
    Memory of Mask - Increases the range of your grabs for wrestling moves. Automatic.

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