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    FAQ/Walkthrough by youruglyclone

    Version: .5 | Updated: 12/20/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    No More Heroes FAQ Version .5
    Developed by Grasshopper Manufacture
    Published by Marvelous Entertainment Inc.
    Released on 12/6/07
    Available for the Nintendo Wii
    Table of Contents
            On Foot
            Schpel Tiger
            Battle System
                    I. Battle Techniques
                   II. Grapples
                  III. Slots
                   IV. Items
            Shoot'em Up
    Hotel No More Heroes
            Living Room
            Bed Room
    UAA Ranking and Walkthrough
            Rank 10 Death Metal
                    I. Stage Notes
                   II. Card Locations
                  III. Boss Techniques & Strategy
            Rank 09 Dr. Peace
                    I. Stage Notes
                   II. Card Locations
                  III. Boss Techniques & Strategy
            Rank 08 Shinobu
                    I. Stage Notes
                   II. Card Locations
                  III. Boss Techniques & Strategy
            Rank 07 Destroyman
                    I. Stage Notes
                   II. Card Locations
                  III. Boss Techniques & Strategy
            Rank 06 Holly Summers
                    I. Stage Notes
                   II. Card Locations
                  III. Boss Techniques & Strategy
            Rank 05 Letz Shake
                    I. Stage Notes
                   II. Card Locations
                  III. Boss Techniques & Strategy
            Rank 04 Harvey Moiseiwitsch Volodarskii
                    I. Stage Notes
                   II. Card Locations
                  III. Boss Techniques & Strategy
            Rank 03 Speed Buster
                    I. Stage Notes
                   II. Card Locations
                  III. Boss Techniques & Strategy
            Rank 02 Bad Girl
                    I. Stage Notes
                   II. Card Locations
                  III. Boss Techniques & Strategy
            Rank 01 Darkstar
                    I. Stage Notes
                   II. Card Locations
                  III. Boss Techniques & Strategy
    Santa Destroy
            Area 51
            Bar Model Plastic
            Beef Head Videos
            Free Missions
            Job Center
            Naomi's Lab
            Thunder Ryu Building
    The Future
    Credits and Thanks
    You're Travis Touchdown, just a guy trying to make his way to the top of the
    United Assassin Association. You're tasked to kill the 10 people above you.
    Armed with a Beam Katana he won on an internet auction site, can you take him
    to the top?
    Controls - On Foot
    Analog Stick            Move Travis
    C                       Camera re-focus
    Z                       Toggles First Person View
    D-Pad                   Camera Adjustment
    A                       Interact w/ environment
                            Saber Dig (non-concrete areas)
    B                       Run (Memories of Child required, uses "electricity")
    1                       Calls for Schpel Tiger
    2                       Toggles Map on/off
    +                       Pause/Menu
    -                       n/a
    Controls - Schpel Tiger
    Analog Stick            Steer Bike
    C                       Camera Change 
    Z                       Boost (uses electricity)
    D-Pad "Down"            Get off Bike
    A                       Get on Bike/Accelerate
    B                       Brake/Reverse
    1                       n/a
    2                       Toggles Map on/off
    +                       Pause/Menu
    -                       n/a
    Advance Driving Techniques
    Boost Start     To do this unnecessary move, put the bike in reverse, then
                    quickly accelerate to start driving with a boost of speed.
    Bike Jump       Flick your wiimote upwards (Think pull back on a fishing rod),
                    and the Schpel Tiger will gracefully soar into the sky!
    Controls  - Battle System
    Analog Stick            Move Travis
    C                       Camera re-focus
    Z                       Lock-on/Block (hold)
    D-Pad                   Camera Adjustment
                            Evasive roll (if locked-on is enabled)
    A                       Blade slash
    B                       Melee Attack
    1                       Enter electricity recharge stance
    2                       Toggles Map on/off
    +                       Pause/Menu
    -                       n/a
    I.   Battle Techniques
    Ia. Stances
    High Stance     Hold the wiimote so that the IR sensor is pointing upward.
    Low Stance      Hold the wiimote so that the IR sensor is pointing forward.
    High attacks will beat Low blocks, and vice versa.
    Ib. Charged Attacks
    Holding the "A" button will charge your katana. The longer you hold it
    the more powerful the attack will be, but the more electricity you will use.
    High Stance     A power vertical slash that knocks down an enemy,
    Low Stance      A horizontal swipe, it will knock down enemies, but not
                    long enough for a ground finisher.
    It should be noted that different katanas will have different charge moves,
    some charged horizontal slashes with certain models will fire projectiles.
    Ic. Death Blow Mode
    As you whittle your enemy's energy down, you might notice a dial with a
    direction in the middle. This signals you've just entered the Death Blow
    mode. Complying with the command will give you a spin at the slots (see
    subsection III, in this section for more info on slots). If you're lucky
    the death blow could knock down or kill other enemies in the area.
    Id. Down Attack
    If you happen to knock down your enemy during the fight, there is a good
    chance you can finish them off before they get up. just simply approach
    them and hit the A button when prompted by the screen and that's one
    less grunt to worry about.
    Ie. Emergency Evade/Circle Around
    When you lock onto the enemy (Z Button), pressing any direction (but up,
    cause rolling towards your opponent isn't a battle tested strategy...)
    on the D-pad will cause you to roll in that direction. If you time* it 
    properly, your roll can confuse your opponent, giving you the opening 
    you need to strike. Emergency evade is your friend, it's your savior,
    use it often!
    *Note: Currently I'm still not unsure when this point is, I suspect it is
           accomplished by rolling just as you block your opponent's attack.
    II. Grapples
    Suda51 really...and I mean really likes wrestling. So by proxy Travis
    also likes wrestling. Grapple can only be intiated when the enemy has
    entered a dizzy state. The only way to trigger a dizzy state is to attack
    your foes with melee attacks (B button). Once dizzy, Travis can initiate
    a grapple by pressing the B button on the wiimote. Following the directions
    on the screen move the nunchuck and wiimote to perform the move. Failure to
    follow the sequences will give the enemy time to recover. Successfully 
    executing grapples will leave many grunts vulnerable to down attacks.
    It should note that if the grunt's energy is completely depleted by the 
    grapple, the ending animation will be diferent. The beam katana will impale
    the enemy as it lands, killing them.
    Known Grapple Moves
    German Suplex
    Scoop Tombstone Piledriver
    Power Bomb
    III. Slots aka Darkside Mode
    Life's a gamble right? So when you finish off your opponent via the death blow
    dial (not a ground finish or a wrestling finish), a slot machine will appear!
    If you're lucky enough to line up 3 items (it's random), you'll be treated
    to the following effects. 
    The length of these effects will be indicated by the Tiger on the upper-right
    of the screen, when it reaches the goal the effect wears off. It should be 
    noted that when these effects are in place the amount of money you earn per
    kill increases. Powerful and Profitable, what a great combination!
    It should be noted that the slots only happen in Rank Matches, not 
    assassin gigs nor free missions.
    Result          Effect
    3 Cherries      Travis yells "This is the End!" and time is slowed. 
    3 Bars          Travis yells "Raspberry Chocolate Sundae!", and he screen
                    turns black and white, and when you are in the vicinity of
                    an enemy, a command will pop up. Hit the proper key, and
                    Travis will kill the enemy. Hit the wrong key, Travis will
                    just taunt the opponent.
    3 Bells         Travis yells "Blueberry Cheese Brownie!", a crosshair will 
                    appear on your screen, pressing "A" will cause your beam
                    katana to fire a projectile. If the projectile hits your
                    enemy they will die instantly.
    3 Grasshoppers  Travis yells "Strawberries on the Shortcake!", Travis goes
                    "Super Saiyan" and any attack that connects creates a
                    spinning death blow dial, slash in any direction to finish
                    your foe.
    3 Sevens        A demonic laugh is heard, and a seven is added under your 
                    electricity counter. At the end of the ranked match, it adds 
                    10,000 LB for each seven you've received. 
                    If you do get 3 sevens, the manual shows that Travis will
                    scream "Anarchy in the Galaxy". The screenshot in the
                    manual shows explosions on the screen. Perhaps this is
                    a screen clearing effect?
    IV. Items
    You might be the epitome of cool, but that doesn't mean you're invulnerable.
    Littered through out the stages there are boxes containing items to keep you 
    IVa. Pink Boxes can contain either
    Slice of Pizza  Restores a portion of your life
    Pizza Pie       Restores all of your life
    IVb. Blue Boxes can contain either
    Small Battery   Restores one block of electricity
    Whole Battery   Restores all electricity
    IVc. Treasure boxes can contain
    Money           You know what that's used for...
    Cards           Pictures of Lucha Masks and Concept Art (2nd playthrough)
    Heart Amplifier Increases your life bar (Given only after you've beaten the
                    boss at the end of each assassin fight.)
    Controls - Grastonberry Shooting Game
    This mini game is only played with the wiimote, so you remove the nunchuck,
    or the game will not let you proceed. Don't worry about continues, as you
    have unlimited supply.
    If you want to revisit the game after the 1st time, just go to the TV at your
    apartment and select "Video Game".
    D-Pad                   Controls Grastonberry
    A                       Bomb (Only usable when Special bar is full)
    B                       n/a
    1                       Fire
    2                       Sword (Charges your Special bar if you swat bullets.)
    +                       n/a
    -                       n/a
    Power ups
    T                       Twin Shot, fire 2 shots
    W                       Wide Shot, fire 3 shots that spread 
    Section - Hotel No More Heroes (aka Travis' place)
    The motel room is split into 2 sections, the living room and the bed 
    room. This is where you can save, view the cards you've picked up from 
    battles, change clothes, truly a versatile pad.
    Living Room
    Toilet          Save your game and relieve yourself, so so practical!
    TV              Watch video tapes that you've accquired, and who knows you 
                    might even learn something. Who says TV rots your brain?
    Fridge          Refill your energy with a quick snack (Kinda useless since 
                    you can't really get hurt in the hub world)!
    Jeane           You might kill for a living, but that doesn't mean you don't 
                    have a heart, selecting this allows you to play with your cat,
    Cards           View the cards you've collected during your adventure, Cards
                    1-50 are pictures of masks, but 51-150 contains concept art!
    Exit            Cause you gotta get out there if you're going to be number 1,
                    returns you to Santa Destroy.
    Bed Room
    Closet          This is where you can customize Travis using the clothes
                    you've bought, or found in dumpsters.
    Drawer          This is where you can change your beam katana.
    Map             Find the points of interests in Santa Destroy or check out
                    your results from assassination gigs and free missions.
    Telephone       Find out information on your next UAA bout, or find out what
                    movies Travis owes to Beef Head vidoes. It's more or less
                    useless outside of cutscenes.
    Section - UAA Ranking and Walkthrough
    This section will make sure your climb to #1 will go as smoothly as possible.
    Basic strategies regarding boss fights is as follows, most of their moves 
    will often leave them open as it completes. So resist the urge of rushing them
    whenever you can, as they will block most of your attacks. Any move that has
    the enemy surrounded by a yellow glow is unblockable. That applies to both 
    grunts and bosses. The UAA is always nice enough to leave you a full battery
    and a slice of pizza should you run low. 
    It should be noted that you will NEVER need to enter the fight without full 
    life, and here is why. In the pre-boss area, you can enter and leave the save
    point and both the battery and the pizza in the area will respawn.
    Name: Death Metal
    UAA Rank: 10
    Location: Mansion (outside of Santa Destroy)
    Entry Fee: n/a
    Cards:  01-05 (1st Play)
            51-54 136 (2nd Play)
    Troop Type: Men in Black Suits
    I. Stage Notes:
    None really...look for a detailed walkthrough in a later revision.
    II. Card Locations
    001 Outside of Death Metal's study/office (3rd Fl.)
    002 Inside of Death Metal's study/office (3rd Fl.)
    003 The atrium after the entrance hall (1st Fl.)
    004 Turn left after you exit the atrium (1st Fl.)
    005 By pool entrance aka the boss entrance (1st Fl.)
    III. Boss Techniques & Strategy: 
    Blade      A couple of swipes and then a downward strike. Evasive roll left 
    Combo      or right, wait till he does the downward strike and go in for the
    Afterimage Once Death Metal has been dropped to about 50%, he summons two
               clones of him. These clones have about the same energy as a grunt,
               Try to isolate them and kill them.
    The tattoos and glowing swords might be intimidating, but don't let it get
    to you. He's actually very predictable and has a limited moveset. Have
    patience, wait for openings and the number 10 spot is as good as yours!
    Name: Dr. Peace
    UAA Rank: 09
    Location: Destroy Stadium
    Entry Fee: 150,000 LB
    Cards: 06-10 (1st Play)
           55-57, 137 (2nd Play)		
    Troop Type: Baseball Fans in "The Warriors" Jerseys 
    I. Stage Notes:
    Batter Up!
    There will be 2 sections where the grunts are lined up ready to
    throw baseballs at you. Travis, the sportsman will oblige them. This
    triggers the batting mini game! 3 pitches to knock out the entire row.
    Aim for the Bleachers! If you fail to kill all the grunts with the 3
    pitches, it will revert to the hack and slash mode.
    II. Card Locations
    006 Make a left when you enter the stage (1st Fl.)
    007 Past first battling section left side (2nd Fl.)
    008 2nd battling area (3rd Fl.)
    009 Near vending machine by elevator to 4th fl. (3rd Fl.)
    010 Near E-01 sign enroute to the boss (4th fl.)
    III. Boss Techniques & Strategy: 
    Trick      Perched upon the pitcher's mound, Dr. Peace will rapidly fire
    Shooting   a barrage of bullets. There are two versions of the barrage,
               one where he expends all his shots in a single direction and
               the other where he shoots covering a 90 degree area. The
               rotating version ends with a pair of power shots. All of
               these bullets easily avoidable if you circle strafe, and if
               you do get caught, use an evasive roll to create some distance.
               Go in for the attack when he starts to reload. 
    Charged    Dr. Peace will glow (he's invulnerable in this state), he'll
    Shot       draw one pistol and fire. Circle strafing will keep you safe
               and if you're close, feel free to attack after he's fired.
               It should be noted that the bullet's slipstream will hurt you
               if you touch it.
    Quickdraw  When he is out of energy he'll shoot you to knock you back,
               charge at him to trigger this event, wait for a button to
               appear and hit it, screw it up and he'll shoot you.
               Succeed and you're now the 9th Ranked Asssassin!
    Circle strafe is your friend. The good doctor refuses to get off the
    pitcher's mound. Attack him when he reloads and you'll eventually get
    to the showdown.
    Name: Shinobu
    UAA Rank: 08
    Location: Santa Destroy High School
    Entry Fee: 200,000 LB
    Cards:  11-15 (1st play)
            58-61, 138 (2nd Play
    Troop Type: Bandana'd toughs with fishnet shirts and flannel vests.
    I. Stage Notes:
    Now you're playing with...FIRE!
    Once inside the school building you will encounter grunts with
    flaming 2x4s. If they hit you with it you will be engulfed with flames.
    Find the nearest fire extinguisher to put yourself out.
    A Shocking Development!
    After you exit the 1st area of the school, you're confronted by
    an enemy with those flaming 2x4s, but this time the grunt set off the
    sprinkler system! Blocking your entry into the gym and shorting your beam
    katana out, and even worst it's shocking you (Why Travis doesn't put it
    away is beyond me). Run to the utility closet and shut down the sprinkler
    system to gain access to the gym. 
    II. Card Locations
    011 Right side of the school building (Outside)
    012 First right after entering the building (1st Fl.)
    014 Left of the gym exit (1st floor)
    013 Behind staircase leading to 2nd Fl. (1st Fl.)
    015 Hallway before the right turn that leads to save point (2nd Fl.)
    III. Boss Techniques & Strategy: 
    Taunt      Shinobu seems to love running her mouth off, but the reason why
               I included this in techniques is because while she's performing
               the taunt, she does a sword twirl...it can damage you if you get
               too close.
    Thrust     You will see her charge up, and she'll quickly thrust her sword
               at you. Easily avoidable.
    Sonic      She sheaths her sword, only to quickly unsheath it, creating a 
    Sword      projectile. It moves pretty quickly, so roll out of the way.
               As the match draws on, she can also use a variant of this move,
               where she'll fire 9 projectiles at you.
    "Sky High" Shinobu does a somersault, and slashes at you. If it connects,	
               she'll hit you a couple more times before knocking you away.
    "RenGoKen" A horizontal slash that knocks you back if she connects with it.
    "GenGoKen" She'll charge at you with a vertical slash. It's unblockable 
               and if it connects, it more or less finishes you. Avoid at all
               costs! She usually uses this towards the end of the fight.
    Shinobu definitely mixes her movements up quite a bit. Sometimes she'll 
    be passively approaching you, while other times she will rush you. If you
    keep your distance, the likelihood of using sonic blade increases. She'll
    create some distance between you and her, by vaulting over you if you
    get too aggressive. Be wary when her energy is low, as she does have a 
    instant kill move "GenGoKen". If you see her with her sword sheathed, and
    the charging effects, run! Pay careful attention your surroundings, I know
    I've been hit by her attacks needlessly because I circle strafed into one
    of the many pillars that litter her arena.
    Name: Destroyman
    UAA Rank: 07
    Location: Bear Hug Film Studio (accessed via subway)
    Entry Fee: 250,000 LB
    Cards: 16-20 (1st play)
    Troop Type: Men with Camo Bandanas over their mouths (Subway)
                Men with Bags over their heads (Bear Hug Film Studios)
    I. Stage Notes:
    None really...look for a detailed walkthrough in a later revision.
    II. Card Locations
    016 First left, by the turnstiles (B1)
    017 Between the 4th and 5th pair of girders on departing station platform (B2)
    018 Between the 4th and 5th pair of girders on the destination platform (B2)
    019 By the bathroom area in the destination station (B1)
    020 After the first warehouse of Bear Hug Film Studios. Make a left, then
        another left. (1st Fl.)
    III. Boss Techniques & Strategy: 
    Destroy    Using his might, Destroyman smashes the ground, causing a small
    Punch      shockwave to spread in the arena. 
    Destroy    This is the move Destroyman uses when he shook your hand,
    Spark      pretty easy to avoid. Use this to your advantage.
    Destroy    This Hadouken style move can be avoided with an evasive roll or 
    Cannon     circle strafe.
    Flying     It's not really flight...it's more like Hanging Destroyman, but
    Destroyman enough semantics. After you deplete enough energy from him, he'll
               activate some controls that lift him off the battlefield. Attack
               the flashing lights to unhitch the hanging items. Destroyman's
               hook is controlled by the Klaxon on the Eastern Wall (you entered
               from the south, the green wall is the north). Until you knock him
               down, he'll be hanging up there launching firing the Destroy
               Cannon at you. 
    Destroy    Eye Beams...he's got Eye Beams! can be easily avoided with either
    Beam       evasive rolls, circle strafe or you can stand behind some of
               items littered in the arena (crates, tables, etc).
    Destroy    If he's doing his pose and glowing it could only mean one thing
    Buster     He's ready to fire his...uh Crotch Beam. Similar to the Destroy
               Beam, but it hurts a lot more. Same techniques can be used to
               avoid it and if you're close enough, he's open at the end of
               the Buster.
    The set is your friend. Position yourself strategically and most of his
    more powerful attacks (Cannon, Beam and Buster) will be blocked. During the
    flying Destroyman sequence, if you want to play it safe. You can stand in
    front of the strobe light, let him fire the Destroy Cannon, and roll away,
    this will destroy the klaxon instantly. Take advantage of the giant opening
    he has when he's doing destroy spark.
    Name: Holly Summers
    UAA Rank: 06
    Location: Bodyslam Beach
    Entry Fee: 300,000 LB
    Cards: 21-25 (1st play)
    Troop Type: Soldiers
    I. Stage Notes:
    I hope you don't mine...I left you a present!
    There are areas with mines buried in the sand. If you picked up the
    "memories of three" upgrade from Lovikov(See Bar Model Plastic), this 
    section won't be such a big deal. Regardless, be wary of where you tread.
    II. Card Locations
    021 Turn left when you enter the stage (1st Section)
    022 By lifeguard tower (2nd section)
    023 By the second staircase (3rd section)
    024 By lifeguard tower (4th section)
    025 On the tower next to the bathroom/save point (5th section)
    III. Boss Techniques & Strategy: 
    Knife      Holly will throw a set of rocket propelled knives at you. It
    Toss       spreads as it travels, evasive roll should take care of it.
    Trenches   Before the match, Holly dug holes on the beach, if fall
               in and follow the command to dig yourself out. If you fail to
               do it in time the grenade she tosses will blow you up. You can
               uncover trenches using your beam katana.
    Sand Toss  Assassins don't fight fair, and if Holly needs to create space,
               she's willing throw some sand in your face. If she connects you
               will be coughing for a bit, allowing her to create some distance
               between you and her.
    Bomb Jump  If you get too close, Holly will try to create space by dropping
               a bomb on the floor, striking it with her shovel. The explosion
               will set her back a little and hurt you if you're caught in the
    Missile    Putting down the shovel and striking a pose, Holly launches several
    Barrage    missiles from her thigh, use evasive roll to dodge it.
    Grenade &  After you whittle her life to about 25%, Holly might jump on top
    Missile    of the rock on the northeastern part of the arena. She'll throw
    Barrage    several grenades onto the battlefield and she'll fire rockets.
               I found the best way to avoid this attack is to actually drop
               into the trenches.
    Environmental hazzards play a big part of her fight. Either find out the hard
    way or use your katana to reveal the trenches. If you're feeling brave, you
    can attack her after the missile barrage, but it's not recommended because
    you never really know if all the missiles have landed. She's most vulnerable
    when she does her shovel attacks. Either block and retaliate or sidestep and
    attack. Occasionally she will try to cover the trenches with a shovel of sand
    she's open for attack there. Thankfully this technique doesn't completely 
    obscure the trench, but rather leaves a slight shadow on the ground.
    Name: Letz Shake
    UAA Rank: 05
    Location: Some deserted highway (accessed via shaft at Atomic Drop Ward)
    Entry Fee: 350,000 LB
    Cards: 26-30 (1st play)
    Troop Type: Darth Vader-ish Shock Troopers
    I. Stage Notes:
    This literally is a linear stage, chase after that shadowy figure! There
    are 9, beam katana weilding troopers in the cooridor.  
    II. Card Locations
    026 Turn around when you enter, it's by the ladder (B1)
    027 Left of you when you reach the bottom of the stairs (B2)
    028 Right of you when you reach the bottom of the stairs (B2)
    029 Before you recieve your call from Sylvia (B2)
    030 Near boss entrance (B2)
    III. Boss Techniques & Strategy: 
    Letz Shake and his Machine Dr. Shake gets taken out by a non-sanction
    fighter, Henry. Enjoy the cutscene though.
    Name: Harvey Moiseiwitsch Volodarskii
    UAA Rank: 04
    Location: Theater (accessed via subway)
    Entry Fee: 400,000 LB
    Cards:	31-35 (1st play)
    Troop Type: Men with Camo Bandanas over their mouths
    I. Stage Notes:
    Dreaming of a...video game?
    Who doesn't love sleeping on a train? Well once you doze off prepare to
    play Travis' Dream. Remove the wiimote and get ready to play the shooter
    travis is dreaming of. Beat it and you'll wake up at your stop.
    II. Card Locations
    031 By ladies room in the departing station (B1)
    032 End of the platform of the departing station (B2)
    033 Behind you on the beginning of the destination platform (B2)
    034 By bench near staircase of destination station (B1)
    035 Between the 2 sets of turnstiles at destination station (B1)
    III. Boss Techniques & Strategy:
    Stick      Periodically he'll attempt to stab you with one of his weapons.
    Thrust     This is easily blockable and leaves him open.
    Doves      Like any magican, Harvey summons doves that will kamikaze
               themselves at Travis. Lock-on and circle strafe to dodge it. As
               usual if you're close enough to him, put some beam katana to flesh
               and take a few whacks. Audio Cue for this move is "Check it out!"
    Teleport   He disappears and re-appears in a cloud of smoke, this is used as
               a keep away tactic. 
    Screen     Another one of Harvey's parlor tricks, it turns your screen upside
    Inversion  down, messing with the controls. It lasts for a short period of
               time. "Welcome to the nightmare!" is the audio cue for this move. 
    Twister    Harvey twirls around with his blades extended, the only
               way to avoid it is to run away. Undo Lock-on and run away.
    Box        Harvey will disappear, and a spotlight will be on the stage.
    Escape     If the spotlight catches you, you'll be forced to participate
               in another one of Harvey's tricks. He puts you and a grenade
               in a box. Follow the commands to attempt to escape the box.
               If you fail, you die. The audio cue that starts this move is
               "Now that's Entertainment...Music Begin" If you fail you die
    Harvey is the only boss in the game that uses screen distortions as part of 
    his repetoire. The screen inversion is annoying, but he doesn't really do 
    the Twister move when it happens. The biggest concern of the match is when
    he does the box trick...it's usually very hard to avoid and unlike with 
    holly, if you screw up the button press sequence you die instantly.
    Name: Speed Buster
    UAA Rank: 03
    Location: Speed City (accessed via bus terminal)
    Entry Fee: 450,000 LB
    Cards:	36-40 (1st play)
    Troop Type: Guys in purple suits and leopard print shirts
    I. Stage Notes:
    None really...look for a detailed walkthrough in a later revision.
    II. Card Locations
    036 Turn right when you enter the stage (1st Fl.)
    037 From stage entrance, past the first bus, make a right (1st Fl.)
    038 Left side of the bus terminal building (1st Fl.)
    039 By the restroom/save point of this level (1st Fl.)
    040 3/4th into the map of the boss run, in the alleys on the left side.
        It's in the same section as the utility pole you knock down to
        effectively end the fight. (1st Fl.)
    III. Boss Techniques & Strategy: 
    It's not a boss, it's really more of a gauntlet. Duck into alleys to avoid
    for beam cannon as you slowly make your way to her. If you're clumsy 
    enough to get caught in a blast, rapidly press "A" to minimize the
    electricity. Keep your katana charged at all times. There will be a point
    where there will be no more alleys to duck into anymore (about 3/4 into
    the map), on the left side,there is a row of utility poles. Break the
    first one to set off the chain of events that will put her beam cannon
    out of commisson. Run towards the end of the main street and avenge your
    This section is easier if you have the "Memories of Three", as any door
    that can be broken will appear as red dots on your map.
    Name: Bad Girl
    UAA Rank: 02
    Location: Destroy Stadium
    Entry Fee: 500,000 LB
    Cards:	41-45 (1st play)
    Troop Type: Baseball Fans with "The Warriors" Jerseys (Stadium)
                Gimps (Batting Cage)
    I. Stage Notes:
    Vehicular Homicide
    Once you've jumped your bike onto the field, some goons will
    jump out to stop your fun! Show them the true power of Schpel Tiger and
    ground them into the field...sure the groundskeeper won't appreciate it,
    but hey it's either you or them. I hope you have a lead foot, because if
    the enemies manage to knock you off the bike, prepare to have to run 
    all over field to trigger the waves of enemies. After several waves a
    trap door will open leading you to the sanctuary of Assassin #2!
    II. Card Locations
    041 Right Field (1st Fl.) 
    042 Left Field (1st Fl.)
    043 Behind Home Plate (1st Fl.)
    044 Cooridor leading to the boss (B1)
    045 Cooridor leading to the boss (B1)
    II. Boss Techniques & Strategy: 
    Bat Swing  Swings her bat 4-8 times, easily dodgeble and creates an
    Ground     Not exactly aiming for the fence, but bludgeoning you will
    Smash      do the trick. This move creates an opening when she misses.
    Twirl &    Bad Girl, twirls her bat (It will hurt if you get too close.)
    Smash      then she does and unblockable smash that knocks you back if
               it connects.
    Counter    If she's getting into the batting stance and she's not near
               the batting cage. Do not hit her, any strike will be returned
               with a crack to your noggin via her Louisville Slugger.
    Gimp       If she's in the batting cage area, chances are she's
    Summon     winding up to smack a gimp into the arena. Avoid the
               flying gimp and take them out like any regular enemy.
    Possum     Bad Girl really lives up to her name, when she's taking
               too much of a beating from you, she will feign defeat.
               You might think...Free hits! Well don't! Be a little bit
               chivalrous and let her regain her composure...cause if
               you stay too close, a cinematic will kick in where she'll
               trip you then straddle you (get your mind out of the
               gutter.) and pummel you with her bat. Once she's done,
               she'll throw in a kick for good measure. Needless to say
               this is more or less an instant kill.
    Fire Bat   After a taking her down to a certain percentage in health,
               Bad Girl will light her bat on fire. It adds a new attack
               to her arsenal.
    Jumping    With her newly lit bat, Bad Girl now does a jumping strike!
    Ground     A shockwave will be generated upon impact and it can hurt
    Smack      you. Evasive Roll away to avoid and attack if you're close.
    Bad Girl looks harmless, but that's all the pink and lace talking. She
    tends to wildly swing a lot, leaving her open at the end of her barrage.
    Make a point of strafing constantly when she starts to summon a gimp, 
    as they do hurt a lot. If she's lying prone on the ground, stay
    away until she curses, it's the signal that it's safe to attack her
    again. Even though her bat is on fire, it will not ignite you if she
    connects with it, but still make it a point to avoid it. Otherwise
    you should have no trouble disciplining the number 2 assassin.
    Name: Darkstar
    UAA Rank: 01
    Entry Fee: 550,000 LB
    Cards:	46-50 (1st play)
    Troop Type: Darth Vader-ish Shock Troopers
    I. Stage Notes:
    Enjoy that brisk run to the highway entrance? Well, chase after those
    guys who stole your bike. Avoid the random boxes littered on the
    highways. Be wary of the firebombs that the other bikers drop. Run
    into the enemy bikers to take them out, or just let them takethemselves
    out by colliding with crates (Thanks crappy AI!). You'll eventually exit
    the highway into a country road. Avoid fallen trees by bike jumping them.
    This bike sequence ends when you reach a draw bridge, follow the on
    screen instructions to speed up then jump the bike again to clear the
    bridge and finish the section.
    Use the Force, Lu...I mean Travis!
    Once you're in the spooky, spooky forest you'll find that taking certain
    roads will cause you cause you to loop back to the beginning of the map.
    But fear not, a friendly apparition will point the way, however be quick
    about it, cause they'll only show for a brief period of time. If you're
    that slow and miss him every time, here's the paths you're supposed to
    	Right, Left, Right, Left (Pretty hard right?)
    II. Card Locations
    046 Behind you once you enter the forest (1st Fl.) 
    047 2nd Fork in the forest, next to the helpful apparition (1st Fl.)
    048 3rd Fork in the forest, next to the helpful apparition (1st Fl.)
    049 4th Fork in the forest, next to the helpful apparition (1st Fl.)
    050 Path after the 4th fork, next to the letter the helpful apparition leaves
        behind. (1st Fl.)
    III. Boss Techniques & Strategy:  
    No strategy again, since this assassin is taken out by another
    non-sanctioned fighter, Jeane. Unlike Henry you do have to fight her so
    here's some of her techniques.
    Name: Jeane
    Combo      This the attack she uses most often, it consists of three 
    into Palm  punches, two kicks and then an unblockable palm strike. 
    Rainbow    She periodically does a high arching kick, it's blockable,  
    kick       and leaves her open for a short time frame.
    Charging   She will gather energy, and then charge at you with a palm
    Palm       strike at blinding speed. This is unblockable.
    Double     She starts using it in the second phase of the fight, it's 
    Charge     charging palm strike, followed up with a slide kick. Both
    Strike     moves are unblockable.
    Stomp      A move she starts using after the 1st time she shrinks the
               ring, it's a move you've seen before from other bosses. A
               stomp that generates a shockwave.
    Triple     After she shrinks the ring for the 2nd time. She adds a second
    Charge     charging palm to the combo, and you guessed it...still 
    Strike     unblockable.
    Jeane moves at blinding speed and its pretty hard to pin down. Look for
    openings when she's done doing palm strikes. The stomp leaves her open
    as well. At the end of the match, you two will have a blade clash. She 
    will win no matter how hard you try. Once you see that she's punched 
    you in the chest, the final cinematic will play out and congratulations 
    you've beaten the game!
    And there were none... 
    You're number one! Now that you're the baddest of the bad, what will you
    do? Don't worry. The game's got you covered
    (Credits goes to Wizard_of_Odd for choice translation)
    1. Free Roam Santa Destroy 
    2. Fake Ending
    3. Real Ending
    Obviously there are spoilers...but then again you're reading a FAQ. Still,
    I'll be nice and put this spoiler alert.
    Choice #1 puts you back in control of Travis, you're allowed to run around
    town to tie up any loose ends you got going. Returning to the bathroom will
    prompt you to pick a choice.
    Choice #2 shows you pondering what's in the future, only to be interrupted 
    by a familar assailant! Cliffhanger! Credits play and you have to save
    (choose a free slot if you want to choose the other options) and you can 
    start the 2nd playthrough.
    Choice #3 is an extended version of choice 2, except you see that the 
    "familiar assailant" gets taken out by Henry (Man, this guy loves
    meddling...). You two proceed to go to the parking lot...and then IT'S ON!
    Name: Henry
    I. Boss Techniques & Strategy:
    Energy     Henry fires 4 energy orbs at you.
    Double     Star Wars have taught me, you can't hold energy swords without
    Twirl      someone doing a twirling horizontal slash. Henry keeps this 
    Slash      cliche alive with a pair of them!
    8-hit      This is more or less Henry's bread & butter. 6 standing slashes,
    Combo      1 downward stab, finishing with an unblockable somersault slash.
               The first 7 hits you can block, but roll out of the way of the 
               8th. It has slight homing quality.
    Counter    Henry will put the katana in front of him, with the tip pointing
               towards the floor. If you hit him he'll retaliate with an 
               unblockable slash.
    Charging   This is unblockable, Henry charges at you, and then finishes
    Slash      the move with a vertical slash.
    Death      Henry does into a sheathed stance, says "Nighty Night" and charges
    Move       at you. It's unblockable and if it connects. get ready to restart
               the fight, cause your current match is over. Henry runs you through,
               launches you into the air, then knocking you further into the air,
               then he throws you back down to earth, finishing off downward stab
               (to add some "OMPH!" to the stab, he's stomps on the sword).
    You've been waiting for this since Henry ruined your match with Letz Shake.
    Henry's a pretty speedy and aggressive fighter. If you're close to him, he
    has a tendency to rely on the 8-hit combo. Block the first 7 hits and roll out
    on the 8th. He's open when he finishes it. You can use the time Henry gives
    you when he does his counter to charge your beam katana. The Death Move must
    be avoided at all costs, use the audio cue he gives you (Nighty, Night!) to
    give yourself some room and to prepare to roll out of the way. Like all the
    bosses in the game, wait for him to whiff his moves then strike. Once you 
    finish him off, enjoy the "real ending"! You've earned it.
    Section - Santa Destroy
    Area 51
    Icon: A T-shirt with the number "51" on it.
    Unlocked by: Achieving Rank 09
    Tired of seeing Travis in the same old rags? Well this is where you can get
    new clothes without the stigma of having to go dumpster diving.
    Inventory Listing Coming Soon!
    Icon: A black dollar sign, superimposed in a yellow circle
    Unlocked by: Achieving Rank 10
    This is where you deposit your money to set up your next UAA ranked matched.
    Once the money has been deposited, you can return to your motel room and find
    out about the details of your next bout!
    Bar Plastic Model
    Icon: A	Mug of Beer
    Unlocked by: Achieving Rank 08
    Wondering what to do with all Lovikov Balls you've been collecting
    around town, redeem them here. The knowledge Lovikov imparts upon you (and
    the beating) will increase your abilities while you explore Santa Destroy.
    It should be noted that once you speak with Lovikov, all the ball locations
    are marked on the map. Each technique costs 7 balls (The game will give you
    an audio cue everytime you collect 7 balls). So that means there are 49 balls
    spread through out Santa Destroy.
    A link to a map will in a later edition.
    Memory Name                     Effect
    Memory of Three                 Enemies and Hazards appear on the map	
    Memory of Demon                 Pending Translation
    Memory of Child                 Allows you to Run
    Memory of Woman                 Pending Translation
    Memory of Mask                  Pending Translation
    Memory of Tattoo                Adds Chain Counter
    Memory of White                 Pending Translation
    Beef Head
    Icon: A pair of steer horns, superimposed on a brown circle.
    Unlocked by: Achieving Rank 08
    When Travis isn't renting tapes, he's probably buying them here.
    Tapes from this shop teach wrestling techniques Travis can use against his
    enemies. The question now is...when Bishop is delivering Travis' bike,
    Who's watching the Beef Head (Probably Diane...)?
    Tape                Unlocked by
    Video Vol. 1        
    Video Vol. 2        
    Video Vol. 3        
    Video Vol. 4        
    Free Missions
    Icon: A blue "M", superimposed on a white circle.
    Unlocked by: Completing Jobs with Gold Medals
    You've killed their employer, the grunts have to do something right? Why
    not kill them all! There's a twist however, you have to kill them all
    without getting hit. Sounds hard? Well no one says you have to do them...
    Free Missions spawn after you've finished a UAA match and they respawn
    sporatically and thus makes it a good place to make LB...assuming you
    don't suck!
    Full Mission Listing Coming Soon!
    Job Center
    Icon: White stick figure holding a parcel, superimposed on a pink circle
    Unlocked by: After entering K-Entertainment for the first time.
    So you want to earn an honest day's wage? Well keep your hands
    clean by finding employment here. A pink "M", superimposed on a white
    circle is how an active job are shown on the map.
    Unlocks might work like this, for each medal you get an unlock.
    Bronze = 1st Assassin Gig
    Silver = 2nd Assassin Gig
    Gold   = Free Mission and a 3rd Assassin Gig (if applicable)
    Job 01 - Coconut Collector
                    Unlocked by: Achieving Rank 10
                    Pay: 2000 LB X # of coconuts gathered
                    Location: Body Slam Beach
                    Time limit: 3 minutes
                    Strategy: Find a tree with coconuts (A word bubble with
                              pop up), punch the tree till coconuts drop.
                              Travis can carry up to 3 coconuts. Once you have
                              the coconuts, repeatedly press the "A" button to
                              move faster to bring them back to the stand.
                              Falling coconuts can hit Travis, dizzying him.
                    Unlocks: Assassination Gigs 01 & 02
                             Free Mission 01
    Job 02 - Lawn Mowing
                    Unlocked by: Achieving Rank 09
                    Pay: 300 LB X % grass cleared
                    Location: Random
                    Time limit: 2 minutes
                    Strategy: Press "A" to push the mower, "B" to reverse. "Z"
                              will do a sharp turn. Use the wiimote to dictate
                              the direction travis mows. 
                    Unlocks: Assassination Gigs 03 & 04
                             Free Mission 02
    Job 03 - Garbage Collection
                    Unlocked by: Achieving Rank 08
                    Pay: 1000 LB X # of garbage collected
                    Location: Industrial Area
                    Time limit: 3 minutes
                    Strategy: Find pieces of trash on the ground, press "A" to
                              start the pick up process, flick the wiimote "up"
                              to dump it into the bin.
                    Unlocks: Assassination Gigs 05 & 06
                             Free Mission 03
    Job 04 - Gas Station
                    Unlocked by: Achieving Rank 07
                    Pay: 2000 LB X # of cars filled properly
                    Location: Luchaco Gas Station
                    Time limit: 3 minutes
                    Strategy: Hold the "B" button to start filling up the cars.
                              Release the button after it passes the arrow,
                              release it too soon it won't count. Letting the
                              tank overflow will ignite Travis, wasting time.
                    Unlocks: Assassination Gigs 07, 08 & 09
                             Free Mission 04
    Job 05 - Mine Detector
                    Unlocked by: Achieving Rank 06
                    Pay: 2000 LB X # of mines sept
                    Location: Body Slam Beach
                    Time limit: 3 minutes
                    Strategy: The detector will react as you reach a mine, the
                              "A" button will pop up when you are in position
                              to sweep the mine. Avoiding running as you could
                              run over the mine, blowing you up. Get blown up
                              three times will cause you to fail the job.
                    Unlocks: Assassination Gigs 10 & 11
                             Free Mission 05
    Job 06 - Graffiti Clean Up
                    Unlocked by: Achieving Rank 05
                    Location: Downtown
                    Time limit:
                    Strategy: Dirty walls are listed on the map, run to the
                              closest wall, press "A" to start wave the
                              appropriate device (nunchuck or wiimote) to
                              clean the graffiti.
                    Unlocks: Assassination Gigs  12, 13 & 14
                             Free Mission 06
    Job 07 - Meow Meow
                    Unlocked by: Achieving Rank 04
                    Pay: 3000 X # of cats caught
                    Location: Suburbs
                    Time limit: 3 minutes
                    Strategy: The cats are marked on the map, look for white
                              patches on the ground. Using Catnip, wave the
                              wiimote as the indicator dictates, and when the
                              "A" button pops up, hit it to pick up the kitten.
                              Kitten are shown on the map by a cat head icon.
                    Unlocks: Assassination Gigs 15 & 16
                             Free Mission 07
    Job 08 - Scorpion Extermination
                    Unlocked by: Achieving Rank 03
                    Pay: 3000 LB X # of scorpions caught
                    Location: Atomic Drop Ward
                    Time limit: 3 minutes
                    Strategy: Similar to the Garbage Pick up Job, but if you
                              run over the scorpion, you will be poisoned.
                              Once poisoned you have a total of 30 seconds
                              (The time is cumulative) to get back to the
                              foreman for an antidote. Scorpions are black
                              blobs on the field.
                    Unlocks: Assassination Gigs 17 & 18
                             Free Mission 08
    Job 09 - Bike Jump
                    Unlocked by: Achieving Rank 02
                    Pay: 50000 LB
                    Location: Across the Street from the ATM.
                    Time limit: 3 minutes
                    Strategy: Follow the path of spheres, build up speed,
                              do the bike jump (upward flick, while driving)
                              on the ramp.
                    Unlocks: Assassination Gigs 19 & 20 
                             Free Mission 09
    Icon: Skull
    Unlocked by: Achieving Rank 10
    This is where you can take on assassination jobs to earn money towards
    paying for your UAA matches. Jobs types vary from killing everyone,
    killing a single target,and depending on your performance you can earn
    Full Gig Listing Coming soon
    Naomi's Lab
    Icon: Sword superimposed on a baby blue circle
    Unlocked by: Achieving Rank 09
    Blood Cherry gets the job done, but what happens when you need a little
    something extra? Naomi stocks the latest models of katanas and the
    accessories to tweak your blade.
    Name                       Cost Unlock Requirement
    Tsubaki                98000 LB Rank 9
    Tsubaki MK-II         148000 LB Rank 6
    Tsubaki MK-III        498000 LB Give Japanese Sword to Naomi?*
    Accelerator            29800 LB Rank 9
    Energy Save I          29800 LB Buy Tsubaki
    Power Up I             29800 LB Buy Tsubaki
    Energy Save II         29800 LB Buy Tsubaki MK-II
    Power Up II            49800 LB Buy Tsubaki MK-II
    Energy Save III        99800 LB Buy Tsubaki MK-III
    Power Up III          999999 LB Buy Tsubaki MK-III
    * You get this from beating Speed Buster (Rank 3), after the fight
    go to the lab and she'll take the sword, and the next time you come back
    she has the Tsubaki MK-III available at the shop.
    Thunder Ryu Blg.
    Icon: Yellow Kanji of "Dragon" with Black outline
    Unlocked by: Achieving Rank 09
    Sure your weapon of choice is a katana, but that doesn't mean you
    can't hone your body. Train with Thunder Ryu and build your strength 
    and learn some moves.
            Usage:  Alternate lifting your nunchuck and wiimote upwards
            Set:    30 Reps
            Time:   30 Seconds
            Cost:   2,000 LB (Rank 9)
                             (watch a video purchase from Beefhead)
                  400,000 LB (seems to be unlocked by Tsubaki MK-III)
            Notes:  I find it easier if you tap your shoulders when doing this.
                    Unlike the other exercises this one seems to have
                    requirements beyond Ranking up, it would seem you would
                    need to watch videos and obtain certain weapons.
    Bench Press
            Usage:  Tap the "A" button until you reach the peak, then repeat.
            Set:    10 Presses
            Time:   1 Minute
            Effect: Increases your Strength Bar by one block
            Cost:   1,000 LB
                    1,000 LB
                    2,000 LB
                    4,000 LB
                    8,000 LB
                   16,000 LB
                   32,000 LB
                   64,000 LB
            Usage:  Swing the nunchuck and wiimote downward together
            Set:    20 Reps
            Time:   30 Seconds
            Effect: Increases your Life Bar
            Cost:   1,000 LB
                    1,000 LB
                    2,000 LB
                    4,000 LB
                    8,000 LB
                   16,000 LB
                   32,000 LB
                   64,000 LB
            Notes:  I find it to be more effective if you stand up and tap
                    your thigh with both controllers. 
    Section - Extras
    Did You Notice?
    -The Santa Destroy star on the loading screen can be manipulated by pressing 
    the A button, if you push the star out of the screen it will re-appear in a
    different color. Blue, Orange, Violet, Lime Green, Black and then the cycle 
    -On the shelf near the fridge there's a N64.
    -Letz Shake puts on a Virtual Boy visor when he's about the fire Dr. Shake.
    -Thunder Ryu "IS" NMH's Obi Wan Kenobi(Star Wars)
                -Trains the main hero
                -Gets killed in front of the hero's eyes
                -Continues to assist the hero from the grave.
    -Is Henry supposed to be Travis' Vergil (Devil May Cry Series)?
    	"Cool handsome foil...who happens to be your twin brother"
    -Jeane originally refuses to tell her sordid tale, fearing that the game
    will have to be re-classified by a ratings board. She doesn't want the
    game to become "NO MORE HEROES FOREVER", a nod to the eternally delayed
    Duke Nukem Forever.
    -The fake ending credits is a parody of the Star Wars Credits
    -The "To Be Continued" graphic at the end of the real ending credits 
    is a parody of the Back to the Future Font, and is also an homage to the 
    ending of Back to the Future 2.
    Section - The Future
    Things to add in future updates
    -Detailed walkthroughs of the Stages (Enemy Details, Card Locations, Item
    -2nd playthrough changes
    -Lovikov ball Locations
    -Dumpster Locations
    -Medal requirements for the various jobs, gigs and free missions.
    -Differences and Censored bits(When the US version comes out)
    Section - Credits, Sources and Thanks
    des326, his youtube videos help me flesh out some of the boss attacks and 
    frankly kept me occupied at work. 
    Visit his youtube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/des326
    Some details about the game was uncovered by this article
    These details include:
    Lucha Masks in the pre-boss area
    That collecting cards 1-50 will unlock something
    Wizard_of_Odd on the gamefaqs board
    for revealing what the 3 choices were after you recieved Rank 1
    Thanks to:
    -Suda51, the staff Grasshopper Manufacture, for creating such an awesome game!
    -Nintendo, for creating such an interesting machine that help spawn this game!
    Now could you guys come out with more non-mini game compilations?
    -Marvelous Entertainment Inc., for publishing it!
    -Ubisoft, for picking it up here for the US (PLEASE keep this game 
    -FAQ writers everywhere, cause of all the hard work you folks put into making 
    sure others can enjoy a game to it's fullest. This is my first time writing 
    one and I now know how labor intensive this can get! Thanks to anyone who has 
    ever written one.
    -Some of the posters on the NMH Board of Gamefaqs(particularly des326 and
    Wizard_of_Odd), who helped flesh out some game components.
    -Gamespot, despite the whole Gertsman affair, their site does have some useful
    -Exclamation Points, for making sure these thanks have more feeling in them!
    -You, for reading this FAQ.

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