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"The makers of Killer 7 deliver another clunky title"

No More Heroes came out recently for the Wii and I just had to play it. No clue why because I knew nothing of the game. Only thing I knew was that it was made by the team that made the god awful "Killer 7" and that this was getting a ton of good reviews.

So I placed this in my queue on Gamefly and it shipped almost immediately. That should have been a warning but I ignored it and opened the little sleeve with glee. I threw the disc into my Wii and started the game.

It starts off with you entering a mansion and it's your first of 10 assassinations. You run around this mansion killing people until you finally reach the big bad guy who has a giant sword and kicks a lot of butt I guess. He falls quickly and then the game really starts.

This is a sand box title (think Grand Theft Auto 3) and to be fair the game looks about on par graphically with GTA3 except cell shaded graphics. I know the Wii can do better (Mario Galaxy). This game chugs along at a skipping pace and it's just annoying. The real kicker is how small the city itself is and there should be no reason for this as the city seems dead as you'll rarely see a living soul or a vehicle moving around this town.

I'm jumping a head though because I need to tell you the story and really I think the reason people like this game is because of the story. A young otaku (crazyed manga fan boy) is pretty much a big loser. He sits around his rented room at the No More Heroes hotel. He dreams of becoming the top ranked assassin so he needs to take them down.

There's one problem. He needs money to ugh go and kill these guys. That's right, he needs to go around and do chores (mow grass) and other lame side quests over and over to rank up enough money so he can buy a way to fight the next assassin. What makes this slightly better is that you can also buy new clothes and weapons with the money but it becomes monotonous by the end of the game.

The game does have a kind of fun fighting engine behind it. The analog stick on the nunchuck will move your guy around. Now you just keep bashing the A button to attack so you run up to an enemy and hit A over and over until an arrow prompt pops up. Now you just need to swing your Wiimote in that direction and you'll do finisher. The blood gushes like a geyser and it becomes so bad that you can never see anything on the screen. As the blood flows though you gain more coins.

It works fairly well and as you get better skills it gets a little more fun. The game just wasn't fun or entertaining to me. I've played a lot better sand box titles and to be honest this plays like a poor mans Crackdown and besides the lead character I see no other reason for people loving this game.

Besides a harder difficulty the game really has not other replay value (unless you like to collect cards). It might make a fine little rental but it definitely isn't worth the $50 price tag. It looks and plays like a bargain bin title and like most other third party Wii games it's a mediocre title all around.

Story - 7/10
graphics - 5/10
Sound - 4/10
Control - 8/10
Game Play - 6/10
Replay value - 2/10

Final Score - 5/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 01/29/08

Game Release: No More Heroes (US, 01/22/08)

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