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"A fantastic way to get out the stress"

Lightsabre? Check. Otaku fanservice? Check! BLOODY MESSES ALL OVER THE PLACE?!? You got it.

I bought this game the day after it came out in the US.. after viewing a few trailers and such on youtube and a few other places I have to say that I was impressed, thus I went out and spent my hard earned cash on some gaming merchandise. I got home, plugged it up, and let the gaming begin...

I'm going to go ahead and say that I greatly enjoyed this game from start to finish... however I'm also the kind of person who enjoys hack and slashers such as Dynasty Warriors and the like. If you do not enjoy senseless violence then you will NOT like this game. Also due to explicit language and decapitated heads, it definitely isn't for children.

Storyline: 7/ 10
Boy wins a lightsabre off an internet auction... ? Wait What?!? HAH!
This game's storyline, despite it's serious overtones, has some very funny stuff in it.. some of it is nonsensical, dumb, or just plain toilet humor. There are even references to older games and movies, and Starwars fans will get some serious chuckles. It's not Final Fantasy... nor does it try to be, it's a straight up hack and slasher with some story thrown in for some laughs, don't take it too seriously. There are plot twists, hidden secrets and such, but the main focus is, as always, on the action.

Gameplay: 9/10
This is where it gets good. Simplistic controls, and the game itself isn't actually all that hard... however there are hidden secrets to the controls that you can learn (And I won't give them away.) that make fights so much funner. You use the wiimote to do finishing moves on goons, as well as to perform wrestling moves on stunned opponents. The amount of style that can be seen in each strike (As lightning fast as it is) is amazing. The protagonist studied anime to learn his moves, and it shows. The different swords you can use each have their own 'fighting style' as well, so you can choose which one you like best (Though naturally as the game progresses the older ones will find their spots under your bed gathering dust.) You can buy upgrades to life and health, as well as just jimmy around town on your bike, which has it's own set of controls... and it's own nifty little tricks to get around faster as well, however it gets rather boring as there are no enemies to fight (No random encounters) and nobody to really talk to outside of the guys that teach or train you, or places going to get the minigames or assassination missions. After doing a certain amount of 'work'.

Work is split into three things:
1) Assassination missions: Go here, kill this guy (Or guys) with various rules in effect. Easy and gives good money, and most of them are rather enjoyable. Some are just there to 'do' to get gold medals, but some can be bread and butter money makers and are just plain fun to do.

2) Free missions: Go here, kill these guys. Oh, and you only have one hit of health. That's right, these are the 'mastery' missions. You don't have to take them if you don't want to, and they don't give quite as much money as the Assassination missions, but you can access them at any time (And they respawn if you fail). So if you are going to go train your wrestling moves, and theres a free mission, why not give it a shot? They CAN however, be extremely difficult. You must play very defensively in order to even come close to finishing. Getting a gold medal on all of these means you've mastered the game.

3) 'Mundane' missions: Various minigames, like mowing the yard, picking up trash, or cleaning graffiti off of walls. Getting a gold in these unlocks the other missions, and they are generally easy and make decent money. If you suck at fighting, these will let you pass through the game the boring way.

After gathering enough money, go turn in the money at the ATM and then get ready for the boss fight! Each is unique, and has their own tricks and special attacks that you must learn to avoid. Playing defensively is the key, as some of them even have moves that can instant kill you if you are not paying attention. Lightning fast reflexes are the key, as well as keen decision making!

The only problem I've had with anything in this area is the occasional slowdown right after doing a finishing blow that kills more than four guys at a time. The electricity effect and blood splatters causes things to slow down for a few moments, but it's nothing too bad, still VERY playable.

Graphics: 6/10
The graphics were good... okay... well, some of the environments are somewhat bland... Hallway.. hallway... More hallways.... but if you are in this game looking for picasso then you are again in the wrong place. It's all about the action! The game is cell shaded, so it looks like it came out of a comic book... some of the shadows can be harsh (Especially when you really like the t-shirt you have on but can't see it due to Travis' head)

Presentation: 10/10
The game oozes style all over the place. Using the bathroom to save, hanging out in the apartment(Playing with his cat, as amusing as it is). You can buy various clothes and sunglasses to customize Travis. Each sword has it's own fighting style, and the way you earn money sometimes is rather funny. The cel shaded graphics again adds to all of this in a unique way. To be totally honest it's hard to explain why I'd give this such a high rating to be precise. It just... IS.

Overall: 8/10

I picked it up, then I couldn't put it down. I'm currently on my second time through the game and I'm enjoying it even more than the first (You keep all your old equipment!). I've had a blast cutting through these goons, and I can already tell that I haven't figured out all the secrets that the game has to offer in it's simplistic seeming fighting styles. Learning how to play is easy, but mastery of it is difficult but very rewarding.

"It's game time!"

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/29/08

Game Release: No More Heroes (US, 01/22/08)

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