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"No More Heroes: Don't forget to use the restroom!"

Let's start this by saying something simple. I very rarely complete games anymore. And by complete I mean "beat the last boss." Before this game, the last game that I finished was in early 2007. Yeah, like January 2007. So that's gotta mean something.

Anyway, where to begin. The creator of the game is Suda 51, same group that made killer7. No More Heroes is about a guy named Travis Touchdown. He is an anime otaku video game loving perverted star wars fan. AKA, he is supposed to represent us. That's fine. I guess.

Story 9/10
If you're looking for a serious game, don't get this. The game constantly breaks the 4th wall and there are jokes left and right. That's not to say the story is bad. It's awesome. There are so many twists at the end that will just...just...awesome. Travis wants to be the #1 ranked Assassin in the world. He's the 11th ranked assassin in the world. To get to the top, he needs to kill all the other assassins. Pretty straight forward story.

Gameplay 8/10
I love the fighting in this game. The wiimote controls are used but not a lot meaning you won't get your arms tired our your wrists worn out.

You press A to slash with your sword. The more you press it the more hits you do. The final hit of the combo brings up the finisher arrow. It points either Up, Down, Left, or Right. You swing the wiimote in whatever direction it says and he'll do the finishing move. There are Low and High hits. Holding the wiimote normally you are in low mode. Pointing it up, you go in high mode. So if someone attacks you with a high while you are using a high you will go into a weapon clash. You rotate the wiimote until you overpower them and you get a free finishing move. Pressing B does a kick, it breaks guard. You can do it during the middle of your normal combos even. Hit them during certain moments and they will get stunned. Pressing B near one while they are stunned allows you to grab them and perform a wrestling move. Like maybe move both the wiimote and the nunchuck up to give them a suplex. Fun stuff. Every time you kill with a finishing move, a roulette goes at the bottom of the screen. If it matches up you will get a darkside power that you can use briefly. One even has Travis go super saiyan <_<

Now, while the gameplay is great, there are some gripes. During the nonmission parts where you aren't fighting, you are in a town. It's similar to GTA. You drive your motorcycle, run around, find stuff. But it lacks random pedestrian killing, you cant steal cars, if you crash your bike into a car the car doesnt even get phased. Stuff like that may seem just kinda...strange but I mean it's okay. The town is boring. Just remember. The town is boring. But you shouldn't spend so much time there anyway.

Now before you can do a ranking match, you have to make the entry fee. There are two ways to do this. The first is to take an odd job. From mowing lawns to finding lost kittens to racing your bike to gathering coconuts. Just, random stuff. The other choice is mini-assassination gigs. These can range from killing a designated target to killing x amount of people in x amount of time. Once you get the money, you have choices. You can buy new clothes for Travis to wear, new beam katanas, wrestling video tapes to learn some new moves, get some training at the dojo or just continue with the game. You could also search for hidden balls that will allow you to learn other moves.

Music 10/10
This game has a great track, seriously. A lot of the songs are remixes of the main theme but there are some cool things here and there, like an industrial/alt rock remix of Eye of the Tiger from Rocky. That's just great. Rank 9 also has an amazing song with it.

Characters 9/10
Every character is awesome but one. Every character has a fun battle but one. Everything about every character is awesome except for one character. And that character is bad enough to make this not a 10/10. Nonetheless, the game has some awesome characters, Rank 9 and Rank 1 come to mind.

Replayability 8/10
Beating the game gives you a new game+. Replay through it with all your stuff. Why would you want to? You can collect a new set of trading cards that gives info on every Ranking assassin as well as the other characters. It's the only way to find the real names of some of the assassins and the like. Just a nice way to find more info on some characters you might have liked.

All-in-all, I love this game. Seriously. I think it's one of the best games I have played in a long time and the story is funny with a hint of serious all at the same time.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/01/08

Game Release: No More Heroes (US, 01/22/08)

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