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"No More Heroes, Forever"


Playing this game is absolute fun. If you like bloody games you'd love this one. Decapitations, splitting in half, fountains of blood. But this game isn't all about Blood and Violence, funny cut scenes make up the game too. You also have your side jobs to make some cash, ranging from random odd jobs (mowing grass, and nabbing coconuts.) to assassinations, then onto your main mission. Trust me, you want to buy this.

Gameplay - 9/10

The Gameplay of the game is fun. Although it doesn't take the Wiimote to its extent, it's still fun. Attacking is basic, Mash the A button while blocking your enemies attacks and locking on with Z (Auto on Sweet mode) and the occasional knock out your enemy and then throw them with B (Your sword and knockout punch can be charged by holding down their respective buttons.) You have two positions, High Position (Wiimote and Chuck pointing up) and Low Position (Wiimote and Chuck pointing forward.) The High and Low Positions differ for combos and need to be switched for certain enemies and bosses. Also when throwing and using finishers they use the Wiimote and Chuck (buttons as well) so they do utilize the Wiimote and Chuck.

The Enemies are generic, sad to say but true, each version is stronger but you have your basic enemy. First you have your normal enemy, s/he uses their fists to fight. Then your blunt weapons enemy, they use random objects (sticks, stop signs, bats, fire sticks, ect.) Next your Katana enemies which attack you either with a normal sword, and the stronger version with the Beam Katana's. Finally you have your enemies with guns, ranging from handguns to Uzi's, they like to run away, and shoot.

The Bosses are fun and usually you will die on every boss. Although most of them have their unique way of fighting, they have the same generic attack strategy: Attack, Block/Dodge/Sidestep/Run Away, Attack again/struggle, get a stun in and throw them, Attack, rinse and repeat.

Yes, there is an upgrade system, Strength (from what I believe the power to knock people out more, not the power of your Beam Katana), Vitality (Health), Vitality (Yes again, with defense), Secret Power ups, and Beam Katana combo upgrades (One for each.) Yes, you can buy more and upgrades come with them as well, play the game to find out those upgrades.

You have clothes too, which you can buy at a store, or find them in dumpsters around town. You can change them in your apartment, which also has some options. Saving your game (Bathroom), playing with your cat, watching TV, grabbing a snack (restores health, useless because you don't loose any in Free Roam), and switching your weapon.

Cards, fun little things you get throughout your main missions. They are in treasure chests, make sure not to miss any of them! There are two different sets, be sure to collect them all since you cannot go back and collect them again unless you start a new game!

Another fun thing is the slot machine you get for killing an enemy a certain way. If you get three of the same pictures lined up in a row, you get powered up. There are many power ups, all which are fun and unique in their own way. Only way to see them is to play the game.

One flaw, Free Roam. I'm not saying Free Roam is a bad thing to have in a game but they could of done more with this one. This Free Roam is basically hop on your motorcycle, ride around to do various odd jobs. The Missions are fun and some get you quick cash.

Story - 10/10

The story is good and entertaining, some parts will leave you with your jaw dropped, I can't say much though without spoiling it. The Protagonists name is Travis Touchdown, he loves Anime, girls, and fighting, ranked 11th by the UAA. He gets his missions from the mysterious Silvia. His goal is to be #1.

Graphics/Sound 8/10

The graphics are alright, but this game isn't really about graphics though, but I can tell you the graphics fit the gameplay. The sounds are also alright, has a nice music list that will be fun to listen to. Most of the talking is done in the cut scenes though.

Play Time/Replayability: 10/10

It depends what you are after, a quick play through [12 hours with cut scenes, 6 hours without cut scenes] (zipping by everything without going after power ups, upgrades, weapons, ect), a thorough play through [24 hours with cut scenes, 12 hours without cut scenes](grabbing the needed things, weapons, power ups, upgrades) just to unlock everything [46 hours with cut scenes, 24 hours without cut scenes], and the complete play through (Cards, Clothes, Upgrades, Weapons, Power Ups, and Gold Medals.) Once you beat the game, you get New Game +, you'll be surprised what's in store for you.

Final Recommendation - 9/10

If your thinking of buying it or renting it, go for the buy, it's worth it. I was lucky I got it when I did since I didn't pre-order. I went back two hours later to the store to check the sales and it was gone, like it never existed. Good luck trying to find it, if you do get your hands on this masterpiece you will enjoy every second of it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/06/08

Game Release: No More Heroes (US, 01/22/08)

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