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"Who knew that playing as a nerdy California resident that enjoys killing people could be so fun?"


Welcome to my second review here on GameFAQs. Today's review is of No More Heroes for the Wii. I wasn't looking forward to this game all that much, but once I played it, I was hooked.

No More Heroes plops you right into the story, as soon as the game begins. You play as Travis Touchdown, a hitman, living in Santa Destroy, California. Utilizing his trusty Beam Katana, Travis is out to become the #1 hitman around. To move up the rankings, Travis must eliminate - and by that, I mean kill - the assassin just ahead of him in line.


NMH uses the Wii's sensitivity very well. The battling is great. Unlike other hack-and-slash sword titles for the Wii, this game simply uses A to use Travis's Beam Katana. Then, as your opponent is about to be killed, the action will freeze and arrow will appear. Point the Wii Remote in the direction of the arrow to deliver a finishing blow. This will lead Travis to cut off the opponent's head in a fountain of blood. The opponent will then blow up in an explosion of blood (Yeah, this game is very violent). The B button results in a kick that stuns opponents. Other techniques include a sword clashing minigame where you must spin the Wii Remote in the direction shown wile clashing with an opponent to knock 'em out. You can also pull off wrestling moves, using the arrow minigame mentioned above. When Travis isn't slicing off heads, he's doing one of the following: Traveling the city or completing some somewhat boring sidequests.

In Santa Destroy, Travis drives his motorcycle place to place. Although this is a free-roaming game, there is next to nothing to do while traveling the city. The only things to do is collect Lovikov Balls (used to purchase techniques) and digging up small amounts of cash. Perhaps a little more open city would have been better. You feel boxed in. There are many shops, like clothes and weapon shops, but... yeah. I would have enjoyed secret areas, and a little more room to explore. Sidequests inlcude things like coconut collecting, mowing the lawn... Meh. You must complete sidequests like this to earn money to go after the next assassin. They're not that fun. Overall, everything besides assassinations feels like filler. There wasn't much of point to a city if they weren't going to do anything with it.

Boss fights, however, are extremely fun. They make up for the tedious side quests and such.


Ugh. one of the biggest dissapointments in No More Heroes are the graphics. This cel-shaded game does have a great art style, but it's hard to look at. The town is very ugly... everything just looks blocky. I realize that this is for the Wii, but look at games like Super Mario Galaxy! I wish NMH could have looked like that.


Audio is pretty good. Voice acting is done well and sounds are realistic. Innapropriate humor is a plus. Few songs play, but they are quite good. They fit the game well. A nice touch is the use of the Wii Remote's speaker. Before a boss, Travis will recieve a phone call. Hold the Wii Remote up to your head like a phone to hear. I know, that's awesome, right?




No More Heroes is great, and one of greatest games for Wii. If you can look past the ugly graphics and the stuff in between assassinations, It's a definite BUY.

By minishPM

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/19/08

Game Release: No More Heroes (US, 01/22/08)

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