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"Welcome to the Garden of Madness. Let's the bloodshed begin!"

After being introduced to Suda51 and Grasshopper by their games, I can't helped but to be attracted to their stylish games. Although I felt that Killer 7 did had some potential but failed on many levels, I wondered if Suda 51 would be able to created a game that would fulfilled my needs. Since the release of No more Heroes, I feel like they are slowly rising to the top reaching for the 1# status with this game. Hopefully, No more Heroes can be another stepping stone for Suda 51 and the Grasshopper studios.

The game is about Travis Touchdown, an otaku, who bought a beam katana from an auction one day. He was approached by a woman and offers him a job. The job was to assassinated this "drifter." As it turns out that this "drifter" was a professional assassin that was Rank #11. He was able to defeated the assassin and the woman told him that in order to become to become the best, Travis must journey and defeated the top ten assassin in order to become number #1.

What's great about Suda51's story is the characters themselves. These characters are some of the most memorable, outlandish, and stylish. The story itself might not make any sense but it the characters that is the most important because on some personal level, you enjoy knowing these characters and wish you could have known more. You might even noticed that some parts of the story makes a few pop cultural references including his other game, Killer 7. The music is also very catchy and helped emphasized the style of the game. The music consisted some techno beats, euro beats, and even some euro pop.

Unfortunately, the game does suffered quite a few technical problems. For example, the graphics have always been very stylish and yet simplistic but there are times throughout the game you will notice some frame rate issues. The gameplay does suffered a few issues too due to the fact that overall the game does not feel very polished and it does lack some depth. However, if you can look pass some of these issues, many would see that there are potential hidden within the game.

In order to move Travis, you would used the nuchunck to move him and use the Wii remote in order to use the Katana. You can moved the remote up and down in order to attack high or low while pressing A. You are also able to guard and target enemies just like any other action title depending which game you are playing. You are able to perform wrestling moves and by watching old wrestling tapes, you are able to learn different moves. During the fights, when you are performing the finishing move, an arrow will show up and you would need to follow it with your remote. There are times where it seems like the fights are slowing down due to the frame rate but however, it does created an interesting cinematic effect.

Another problem during these fights are the camera. The camera is wonky and does not move where you want it to move. For example, when you are fighting and running around the area, you might not able to see the enemies especially bosses and because of the camera, you might be caught off guard. However, targeting the enemies helps the situation but it does not completely fixes the camera issues that the game has.

Controlling your motorcycles is probably one of the most hardest aspect in the game but once you get the hang of it, you might even perform a few tricks. You can able to travel within the boundaries of the city, Santa Destroy and see the sights and sounds of it. Items are hidden within the city, there are places to visited and shop, and there are jobs that need to be perform. While traveling around the city, you would notice the random people walking around the city but you can not interacted with them other than trying to run them over with you motorcycle and hearing them yell. The frame rate of the game sometimes slow down and drags and there would be some glitches along the way.

The real meat of the game is the ranking fight but before you are able to enter the fight, you must earn money. These side jobs are rather pointless and annoying but it is worth the wait before entering the ranking match. Using the money that you earn, can also upgrade your weapons and stats. There are places where you can shop for clothing and also watch wrestling videos. Most people will realized after playing this game is not like sand box games such as Grand Theft Auto and other series. Unfortunately, this game does not contained a vast universe where the main character can run around endlessly and interacting with other people in the game. Although the world is not vast, the concept of exploring is not the main theme of the game anyways.

Overall, this game is not suited for everyone. This game is over the top which contains violence and sexual content and many people may not understand the plot or the point that Suda 51 is trying to make. Many people have complain about his lack of depth in his gameplay but I believed that he is trying to make it easy to learn and understand without being too complicated. Suda 51 wants us to enjoy the action of the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/21/08

Game Release: No More Heroes (US, 01/22/08)

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