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"More "No More Heroes"!! RAWR! It was just....just....Moe~ :3"

Alright, here's the rundown on No More Heroes. It's a game from the Suda Goichi (51) development team; they were also responsible for Killer 7 on the GameCube. However, this game did not do as well as they would have liked, but that does not mean it's bad, it's just that people are too damn picky these days. But I digress, let's get to the meat of this review.

Story - 9/10

Alright, the story isn't complex or sophisticated in any way, but it IS very original and enjoyable to follow, unlike many other bland and dry stories these days.

The story revolves around this game's main character, Travis Touchdown; a crude and horny otaku. The story begins with Travis winning a Beam Katana on an online auction site. Soon afterwards, he runs into a mysterious woman from an Assassin Organization, Sylvia Christel, at a bar that gets him started on his trek to becoming the # 1 Assassin in the United States after he takes care of Helter Skelter (11th best Assassin).

This is where the gamer comes in, you start off as the 11th best assassin and have to climb up the ranks by killing the next best assassin of your rank until you get to the #1 assassin, which, and you guessed it, have to kill. So basically, you just have to continuously kill kill kill kill until you've reached the top of the Assassin ranks in the United States.

Gameplay - 9/10

Ok, the controls are damn near perfect in the sense that they are well-thought out and responsive, unlike many other Wii games out there. Move with the control stick, lock-on with "Z", kick with "B", and slash with "A". You basically have three types of attacks, slashing with your Beam Katana, kicking, and wrestling moves .

The Beam Katana attacks are very easy to execute, they are essentially based on your mashing the "A" button and the occasional swing of your Wiimote to unleash a finishing slash on your enemy. Your slashing is made especially enjoyable and fun with the game's lock-on function that is like Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess' lock-on function.

Your Beam Katanas list of different moves depend on you upgrading it, the higher the version, the more damage and combos you will be able to execute, which will make the game easier to get through, which is a big help considering that there are a fair amount of challenging bosses and stages in this game. A second way to up your damage and katana technique list is through exercise at the gym/Master Ryu's Dojo. Once there, you will have to pay for each workout which are basically mini-games and if done in succession a stat will be increased (Max Health, Damage, Max Combo, etc.)

Finally, the wrestling moves, they are devastating addition to your deadly cache of moves, especially in boss battles. There are only specific situation in which you will be able to execute them. Only when an enemy is stunned with a kick, by pressing "B", will you be able to execute a wrestling move by pressing "B" again upon being given the command, which are a couple of Wiimote command motions. They are easy to pull off, so don't worry about whether or not you will be able to execute them.

At the beginning of the game you start of with one wrestling move, and the way to increase you wresting move list, you have to go to the town's video rental store and buy wrestling videos that you must watch in your apartment, soon after watching them you will have a new wrestling technique ready at your disposal. However, the thing about this is that you cannot choose which wrestling move you want to use on an enemy, the move you use in completely random, which is kind of a let down, but it's a small complaint on my part.

Graphics - 7/10

Yes, the graphics aren't that great, they are average at best, however, that is only in terms of the game's surroundings and backgrounds. Characters however have awesome looks to them, they are Suda's signature shaded looks that were seen in Killer 7. But still, the majority of the game has relatively average graphics, however, do not let this discourage you, it is still a great game by all means.

Voice Acting - 10/10

It's just perfect, everybody sounds the way you would want them to sound, no awkward voices or anything and all of the lines are delivered flawlessly. Truly a triumph in its field.

Replayability - 8/10

Its got some pretty good replayability, finishing extra missions throughout the city, replaying the game in a higher difficulty, completing missions/jobs with Gold Medals, find all of the Lovicov Balls hidden throughout the town, etc. Also, you can collect the various hilarious and awesome T-Shirts that you can buy from the clothing store in town; it's just as you'd expect, fun, but it's nothing perfect.

Overall, this game is an action and blood-filled pack of awesomeness that is barely worth the $50, definitely $40, but $50 may be a bit too much for other people. However, for me, it was worth every cent.

Overall Score: 8.6/10 (since I couldn't choose 8.6 from the list above)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/03/08

Game Release: No More Heroes (US, 01/22/08)

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