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"Blood, Gore, and Violence - Don't you love it already?!"

This is my first review, so bear with me.

From the minute you pick up "No More Heroes" and pop it into your Wii, you can tell - the originality is there.

The story starts with young Travis Touchdown, living in a motel inside Santa Destroy, a fictional Californian town. A devoted otaku, his room in "Motel No More Heroes" is littered with anime collectibles and other paraphernalia. While being a geeky otaku isn't the most honorable title, Touchdown makes up for it with his job as an assassin.

Throughout the game, Travis slays various rank holders in the UAA, or United Association of Assassins The UAA ranks assassins and the killers compete in ranking battles where one assassin must die and the other advances.

Travis must collect money to compete in these battles, but it is a minor drawback. While there are some stupid jobs, No More Heroes makes up for it with fun assassination gigs. In one slaughterfest, Travis is to slay 100 enemies in about five minutes.

When enough money is collected, it is transferred to an account and Travis is sent to a location in town to slaughter enemies and decapitate other assassins. The final battles between Travis and other UAA ranked killers test the player's reasoning and reflexes. The player must think while dodging dangerous attacks, some of which kill the player instantly.

Replay value is increased by the quests inside of Santa Destroy. T-shirts and other clothing can be obtained to customize Travis's appearance. Also, small items called Lovikov balls can be collected throughout town and brought to a "Drunken Russian Man" to teach Travis new skills (Suda 51 references their game, Killer7, in naming the skills).

Probably my favorite part was the Beam Katana that Travis starts the game with. It was refreshing to see that it wasn't just one katana used throughout the game, but three others can be acquired. Travis's original katana is the Blood Berry, but his friend, Dr. Naomi, creates the Tsubaki Mk-I. With information from the UAA and the traditional metal katana from Travis's master, Ryu, two versions of Tsubaki are made (the Mk-II and -III). While acquiring the Tsubaki Mk-III will frustrate you, it is worth it.

If the battle system wasn't totally badass, the Katana would be out of place. Luckily, Suda 51 took care of that. The original battle system involves not swinging the Wiimote, but pressing A to swing Travis's sword. While at the beginning, it seems like a waste, you later find that it is a smart move. When the opponent's health is taken down enough, a final blow can be dealt where an arrow appears on the screen and the Wiimote is to be swung in that direction, causing the opponent to be killed in some bloody way. At times, there's so much blood flowing out that seeing is impossible. Of course, this is mostly pretty entertaining.

Overall, I would say that "No More Heroes" is definitely entertaining and original. The creator have finally made a hack-and-slasher for the Wii that is really worth it (I'm looking at you, Red Steel!). "No More Heroes" is an amazing title that is surely worth the $50 you have to beg mom and dad for.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/03/08

Game Release: No More Heroes (US, 01/22/08)

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