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"An excellent attempt hampered by mini games."

No more heroes is an attempt at something different on the wii. A semi free roaming beat em up. but just what do you get for your money.
As the 11th ranked assassin your job is to obtain the rank of Number 1. this you achieve by defeating the 10 assassins ranked in front of you. To enter each ranked fight you must come up with an entrance fee that you deposit into a cash machine. So the game splits itself into two parts, fighting and earning money.

Graphics 9/10
Stylish cell shaded graphics with an almost metallic holograph effect look great. The characters are well drawn the scenery is excellent if perhaps a little sparse. Members of the public have been quickly drawn and don't have much variety about them but they play no active role in the game. Cars look nice if boxy. It's really the kind of look you would expect from a console with the limited power of the Wii.

Sound 7/10
The sound is simple and can be a little repetitive. Fighting noise is noticeably poor with simple hacking and shooting sounds. All cars sound much the same and atmospheric sounds are not especially effective. Having said that the voice acting is excellent and really makes you believe in the people on screen especially the ranked assassins with all their own little personal quirks and hang ups.

Game play 8/10
This is undoubtedly where the game shows its greatest strengths and weaknesses. Fighting is fun and very simple to get to grips with. It's a satisfying experience getting stuck into a whole heap of henchmen on your way to the next assassin. Novel fighting methods have been slipped in as well. Of particular note are the baseball guards. They stand in a straight line and the front man throws a baseball at you. You swing the Wii remote like a bat and send the ball into the line knocking them down domino like. The assassins are quite simple to defeat they follow patterns that are very simple to follow allowing you to get in close for the kill. The addition of wrestling moves within the game is a nice touch and gives you another option instead of using your beam katana weapon that bears more than a passing resemblance to a light sabre. It's raising money to enter ranked fights that really lets this game down. You raise money by getting jobs. They can either be legitimate work or assassin based work. But either way they are just mini games. Be it collecting coconuts or mowing the lawn or killing some business rival for a client they quickly become repetitive and the weakest part of the entire game. Especially later on when you need truly terrifying amounts of cash to enter a ranked battle.

No more heroes has opened a door. through which we have been able to glimpse the future of gaming on the Wii. It is an evolutionary stepping stone and a considerable jump in maturity on a console trying to shake off a pink fluffy image. I'm certain there will be more No more heroes games in the future and I welcome them. But Please no more mini games. It's time to move on.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/07/08

Game Release: No More Heroes (EU, 03/14/08)

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