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Reviewed: 06/06/08

A very original and humorous game.

OMG! No More Heroes a 10?! Yeah, that's right. Despite what the caption says about 10/10's being "perfect on every level," this game makes up it's flaws with some of the most satisfying gameplay and most humorous and witty dialogue ever in a game. And besides, if three major game review companies give GTA IV a ten, I can give this game a ten.


It's story is among some of the best and hosts many twists and turns near the end. You play as Travis Touchdown, you have no idea who the hell he is except that he's an assassin who loves wrestling, video games, manga, and his cat. Well in the beginning after you kill the 11th ranked assassin, you meet this girl Sylvia, who is a major character in the game. She says how you're now the 11th ranked assassin. She basically wants you to work your ranks up until you reach number 1. The interesting thing is, you don't know why the hell he is an assassin, neither does Travis. Suda 51 proved to be a master with stories twice with Killer 7 and this. Everything from the Story to the assassins names are original. I mean you buy a frickin' beam katana off of eBay.


Even for a Wii game, this game doesn't have the prettiest graphics. But it's not trying to have the best graphics, the incredibly gameplay makes up for it. It's also cel-shaded, but it does still look pretty good (No, I'm not saying just because a game is cel-shaded, it automatically means the graphics suck. I mean look at Okami). For No More Heroes, the game developers obviously didn't care about making the greatest cel-shaded graphics ever.

The graphics in the open-world are even worse. It's said No More Heroes has framerate problems in the enviroment, I have yet to experience this. But there are like buildings that randomly pop-up, like in many sandbox games and the texture and detail sucks. However, graphics aren't the reason why you play games, so it shouldn't really matter as along as you can tell what everything is.


The sound effects are just plain amazing. The beam katana sounds are just pleasent to hear and never gets old. Also when you kill a regular enemy, the "Ah" sound they make is one of the most memorable things in any game. The music, ah the music, goes perfectly with the situations are in. What's even better in voice-acting. On par with games like GUN and Vice City, despite not having the hit actors those games both host. The voice-acting is just excellent. Along with the voice-acting, before going into a ranked assassin battle, Sylvia will call you and you hold the Wii-Mote like a telephone. Pretty clever if you ask me.


Despite what kind of game it is, you don't swing the Wii-Mote to swing the beam katana. You swing the Wii-Mote when you're doing finishers and press A to swing the actually katana when you're lowering an enemy's health. It might sound as an absolute turn-off for you guys who are used to playing Twilight Princess, but I think the control scheme were totally necessary. Reason is, is that the combo's are fast and were probaly impossible to have the "Wii-Mote like a sword" controls. For wrestling moves, you move both the Wii-Mote and Nunchuck. I would of prefered just to use the Nunchuck for the wrestling, considering I always hit the nunchuck against my right thumb if I'm moving them to the side, but that doesn't matter. The controls involved in moving your player and engaging in combat work perfectly.

On the other hand, the motorcycle controls aren't as good. But at least it's not as bad as the Mako controls in Mass Effect.


The gameplay is what makes this game shine. The combat, all though simple and not complex in any way, is some of the best and most enjoyable. Blood spurts out literally everywhere in an amazing, unrealistic fashion. Which just adds to the arcade homage. For finishers, you can do a regular finisher with you're beam katana, a wrestling move, or the darkside moves. The beam katana finishers, or death blows, are the most used and famous in the game. It usually it's in a decapitation and a bloody mess, easily the most satisfying. A wrestling move is a bit harder to pull-off, but you just do a wrestling move and usually ends up with the katana falling and stabbing the guy. The "darkside" moves are the hardest to accomplish. Not because of them being complex, since you really just press A, but because you rely on a slot machine to get you it. Everytime you kill an enemy, a slot machine goes off. If three of the exact same things match up, you enter a darkside mode, which varies in style. They are basically one-hit kills no matter what. They are pretty rare to get however.

The open-enviroment parts of the game aren't really engaging as other sandbox games, like GTA. You have to raise money to go into each fight. Funny, eh? The hitman paying to kill somebody. And you do this by doing a variety of random chores. From picking up coconuts to killing guys for people. Besides buying new clothes, buying new tapes to learn wrestling moves, upgraded your abilities and beam katana, buying a new beam katana, there really is much to do in the enviroment except drive around.

Now people call the combat to be extremely repetitive, and yes, they're right. But with this kind of combat, the only thing that would make it better is more moves to learn. This is one of the only games where I would say that it being repetitive is positive.

There are many other elements that are worth mentioning, but you can get the point. This game's combat makes up for a lot of the "flaws."

Final Rating-10/10

No, this game is not perfect. But with it's story and impressive gameplay (the combat), I have no choice but to give it a ten. It's one of the most hilarious games that I've played, probaly the funniest to be honest. You can even tell by Travis's last name, "Touchdown" that this game is going to be funny. Now this game isn't for everyone. If you're looking for a true sandbox game, look somewhere else since you've come to the wrong place. But if you're looking for a game that's hilarious, bloody, and many more traits, than look no further because you have found it. It's definitely a must-buy for Wii Owners.


-Now people can't say the Wii is just for kids.
-The combat is amazing.
-The unrealistic bloodshed.
-One of the most original stories and excellent twists in any game-ever.
-The hilarious dialogue.
-Hosts some of the most epic boss battles.
-The repetitive combat system that never gets old (for me).


-The graphics, but it's not horrible. I'm sure you can manage. And again, you won't play this because of graphics.
-I felt the combat could've been more complex, but it'll do.
-People actually calling this a GTA-Ripoff. Yeah, pretty sad.
-It ending.
-Wondering if there will be a sequel.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: No More Heroes (US, 01/22/08)

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