Review by Tanoomba

"It really is a blast to play."

Ahh, Barrel Blast. Easily the most underrated game, probably ever. I'll never understand the low reviews. Is it because the so-called "pros" didn't give it a chance? Were they expecting the best racing game ever? Who knows. What I do know, is that this game is very fun and challenging. I made the mistake of not picking this game up over two years ago. I finally picked it up, and was instantly filled with regret of not playing it sooner!

Graphics - 9/10

The graphics are your average normal Mario-y graphics. Colorful, vivid, and set in an active world.

Sound - 10/10

The music is catchy. The character's voices are a little weird at the beginning, but they're easy to get used to in due time. Gotta love Funky Kong's voice!

Gameplay - 10/10

This game can be surprisingly hard (and no, not because of the controls). If you want to complete Candy's Challenges, expect to have a lot of do-overs. There is little to no rubber banding that titles like Mario Kart fall back on, so this game takes skill. It's actually fast-paced with the special moves and in Expert mode. The items aren't too helpful, but they're very good throwbacks to the old Donkey Kong Country games. Speaking of Donkey Kong Country (and Donkey Kong 64), returning characters such as Wrinkly, King K. Rool, Cranky, and even Kopter are playable. They even added new Kremlings, such as Kludge, and the first ever female Kremlings, Kass and Kalypso. Now that's good fan service!

Controls - 8/10

The controls will be a problem from time to time. However, it's not THAT bad. It doesn't make the game unplayable like some people like to think. I like it, too, because it makes me feel like I'm doing more than just sitting on my ass playing a video game. It's not tiring, and at the same time, it takes a little physical work. A unique and fun control scheme, with just a little problems from time to time.

Conclusion- Sadly, this game wasn't given the time of day by reviewers, and Nintendo didn't advertise it. It really is one of the best racing games I have ever played. If you like Donkey Kong Country, you'll love the way some elements are present. I recommend picking this game up, new or used. You will not regret it, and definitely be surprised at how fun it is, because odds are you will be getting it with low expectations like I was.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/30/10

Game Release: Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast (US, 10/08/07)

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