How do i make some easy money?

  1. I just can't make enough money, I need help.

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  1. There are lots of ways to make money. The most common and easiest are the following:

    ~ Sell your town fruit

    ~ Sell shells

    ~ Sell bugs/fish that you catch

    ~ Sell the items that animals give to you when you do them favors

    ~ Sell the items that you get from shooting down balloons

    ~ Sell the identified fossils you find

    ~ Sell mushrooms you find (only in November)

    ~ Find your once a day money rock; hit it with your shovel to get bells/bell bags

    Some other ways that you can make money:

    ~ The 'Stalk' market: buy turnips from Joan on Sunday mornings, hang onto them through the week to see what Nook is buying them for and sell them when there's a profit (don't hang onto them for longer than a week; they spoil).

    ~ Buy a red turnip seed, plant it, water it every day and sell it within a week to Nook

    ~ After you get into Redd's, he will give you an invitation. If you send that invitation to another real player, and that person uses it to get into Redd's, the next time you go, he'll give you 1000 bells for the referral.

    ~ You can bury a bag of bells in your town and hope that it grows a bell tree (which will have 3 bags of whatever denomination you buried)

    ~ You can get out of town fruits from friends, plant them and make orchards of that fruit to sell, which will give you more money than your intown fruits.

    ~ You can sell the coconuts that wash up on the beach or plant them and get more to sell (not as much as out of town fruit, but more than in town fruit)

    Keep in mind that the object of the game is not to pay off all your mortgages in the first 5 days.... make enough money to buy the things you want and need for yourself (furniture, clothing, etc) and just try to pay off a little each day and maybe donate a little to the town fund.

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  1. *selling Unnative fruit *caugth fish *dinobones *money trees *elegent mushroom olny in (novmber) *unwaited event items like beds

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  2. I made thousands of bells by getting friends on wifi and exchanging fruit with them. If you get a foreign fruit and plant several trees of them around your town, you can sell them to Nook 500B apiece when they harvest, but ONLY FOREIGN FRUIT will sell for 500B Apiece.
    Think about it:
    4k off of 8 foreign fruit.
    Wow. :D
    But, if you get coconuts, they only grow on the beach!

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