Where to get the silver net and fishing rod?

  1. Where do you get it.

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  1. Just for fun I'm going to list ALL of the silver tools and how to get them.

    Silver Axe: Toss an axe into the fountain by donating 500,000 bells.
    Silver Net: Rare item in place of net obtainable from level 2 upgrade and above (Nook 'n' Go).
    Silver Rod: Rare item in place of rod obtainable from level 2 upgrade and above (Nook 'n' Go).
    Silver Shovel: Obtainable from the Resetti Surveillance Center ocasionally open at 8:00 PM at the east of city behind the cones.
    Silver Slingshot: Rare item in place of slingshot obtainable from level 2 upgrade and above (Nook 'n' Go)
    Silver Can: Buy 50 bags of seed from Nook and it will be mailed to you.

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  1. You can get the silver shovel by visiting Resetti's Surveillance Center, which is available in the city on random evenings after 8 PM. If it's open, it's on the far right of the city, where the orange cones are.

    The silver fishing rod is occasionally available from Nook's shop after the level 2 upgrade.

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  2. To get the silver net/rod upgrade Nook's to the Nook n' Go level. He will then occasionally sell them for 500 bells each.

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  3. Quick question, canyou still get them after passing th eNook 'n' Go store?

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  4. At Nooks store, rarely will sell both the silver rod and net , but still 500 bells Only Nook N Go, Nookway and Nookingtons no nooks cranny

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