What do neighbors do in your birthday??

  1. Its because in the game,it was my birthday,and I talked to the neighbors and they didnt say anything,and in Animal Crossing Wild World,when its your birthday,neighbors visit you to your house,what do they do in City Folk?? Its because they didnt give me the Birthday Cake. :(

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    Emi3280 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. In AC:CF, they do not visit your house. One of the characters will send you a birthday cake in the mail. But....you need to have a "close" friendship with at least one of the villagers for them to do that.

    If you'd just started the game when your character had their birthday, you won't have had time to create that close of a friendship with a villager. Or...if you ignore them all, or are mean to them, then it won't happen.

    To get my birthday cake, I picked out one villager and for the week before my birthday I sent them letters with gifts attached. That "creates" and improves the friendship with them. Then the day of my character's birthday, I got the cake in the mail. :)

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Other Answers

  1. Sorry, Dude. In AF:CF they dont give you a cake. If your REALLY close to someone, they might go, " oh hey, (insert name here), i heard it was your b-day. bye!"

    The most aknowledgement youll get is your b-day on the bulletin board in town square. Just be REALLY sure to be nice to a certain villager, and theyll send you a cake on your b-day in the mail.

    Hope this helped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. @boredperson...you contradicted yourself. First you said "Sorry, Dude. In AF:CF they dont give you a cake.". Then you said "Just be REALLY sure to be nice to a certain villager, and theyll send you a cake on your b-day in the mail."


    Just to clarify, in AC:CF which is what this board is for, your character DOES get a birthday cake on their birthday...from one of the villagers.

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  3. On your birthday, when you step out of your house right after you started the game, the neighbor who you have a good friendship with, will be waiting for you, he or she will hand you a birthday cake. You can eat the cake like you do with fruit, or you can put it in your house to use it as furniture.

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  4. Hi boredperson806! Remember me! I answerd your qeustion on the "anyone??? I need help with bugs again!" But someone please tell me whats going on! i'm confused. Cakes? AC:CF? what is that? I would think Dizzy would give me a cake since we're good friends (Dizzy, the Elaphant) I do know that on your birthday Pelly will write Happy Birthday so in so on the Bullitine board.

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  5. Another way to celebrate is with your friends! A great game to play is SUMO! You make a ring with fabric and put another fabric in the middle. Get pit fall seeds and plant them around the ring and dig holes arond it again (just holes). A good way is to drop the pit fall seeds so that they'll be there already. Some1 counts from 3 and you fight! Try to push your friend into the pitfall and you win! Then you can let the other to people play. :-)

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  6. It is supposed to give you a birthday cake, maybe its because you might have wrote in the begining something like january 1, if your birthday would be like june 54 i dont know
    it should say though on the news board thing next to the town hall that it is your birthday

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  7. I think they decorate and dance around

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  8. In Wild World they ask you your birth date but in City Folk they don't. At least I don't think so! That stinks. Pelly will announce any B days on the billboard, but, alas, NO CAKE!!!!!!!

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  9. yes they give you cake in mail (how could you put cake in your mail, so stupid)
    and yes they do come to your house on DS

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