How do I get an invitation to Red's shop in the City without going on wifi?

  1. I want to know who I have to go find to get this "invitation" to get into Red's shop in the city. Thanks. (provided you do help...>.>)

    User Info: Llama_tennis

    Llama_tennis - 9 years ago

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  1. FIrst you have to visit Redd's store in the city for him to tell you that you can't come in w/o an invitation. After that, a neighbor will ask you if you have heard about Redd's store in the city. At the next mail call (mail comes at 9am and 5pm) you will have an invitation that you take to Redd's store and you are welcome. As for the time it takes for a neighbor to give you an invitation, it can take between a day and a few weeks. So just keep talking to them as much as possible.
    PS- there are other questions just like this, so you should check before you ask. :)

    User Info: beast34443

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  1. simple after you've had your dialogue with red. go talk to your neighbors, after awile one of them will ask you if you have heard of reds shop, say no (remember, if you say yes, this will not work!) then your neighbor will send you a invation tommorrow (if you are very eager you may fool with your wii clock) AND THERE YOU GO!

    User Info: BobberyFan98

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  2. @BobberyFan98
    I've actually replied that I heard about Red's Shop and I still got an invitation.

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  3. After you visit Redd's store in the city, one of your neighbor's will mention him and ask if you need an invitation. If you say 'yes', an invitation will arrive in your mailbox soon.
    If someone in your town has access to Redd's store, Redd will occassionally give them an invitation to mail too. They must send it like any other letter. If you bring it to Redd's, he will let you in, just like if you got an invitation from any other neighbor.

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  4. Okay go talk to him,go to the left of the city all the way until u see a door thats blue try to open it (sometimes hes not there)then he answers then he says who are u then he says he cant let u in without a invitation then go back to ur town and go talk to all ur animal villagers,one will say have u heard of Redd, say yes or no doesnt matter then they will say okay i will write u a invitation tomorrow then wait a day or Time Travel for two days or 1 then u will see it take it then go back to the city and go to him, then he will say hey u know our cousin or brother(i forgot) then he lets u in then pay 3,000 bells to be a cousin so u buy his stuff.Ok Done!:)

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  5. talk to random CPUs in ur town and someone will give u an inviation

    User Info: paintkiller93

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  6. Go talk to Redd in the city and he'll tell you that you need a invitation. After that is done, talk to some of your neighbors. One of them will ask something like this: "Have you heard of Redd's Shop?" And you reply: "Nope". Then [insert neighbors name] "I'll send you a invitation in the mail. Wait 1 day and there you have it! All you need after this is 3,000 bells and there you have it!

    *BEWARE* Redd may sell you a forged painting, keep thatt in mind!

    User Info: SplinerCellz007

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