How do I Cross Breed Roses?

  1. I want to get a Blue rose, but I don't know how to cross breed roses. I have 2 red roses next to eachother to try and get a black rose, but nothing is happening.

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    Kidedan - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Ok, so does that mean the newly produced hybrid flower will NOT appear next to the original roses?

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    Kidedan - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Found this for you.

    How to hybridize

    If you plant two different specimen of the same species next to each other, on the next morning, there is a chance they will hybridize and create a new flower in one of the spaces next to either of the parents. For example, red tulips and white tulips can produce pink tulips. There are a few guidelines to follow to do this.

    The parent flowers should be adjacent, either right next to each other or diagonally.
    There needs to be at least one space open next to each parent. Do not completely surround either parent with anything, including items, patterns, dig spots, or other flowers.
    Even if the hybridization conditions are met, there is no guarantee it will occur. Only 3-5 new flowers appear in a town in a day, and most hybridization pairings can produce a non-hybrid child, so it may take a while for any particular hybridization to occur. There are a few things that are thought to increase the chance of hybridization.

    Perfect town status
    Luck from positive feng shui
    Presence of Jacob's ladders next to either parent
    Watering dried out flowers that meet hybridization conditions
    Once a hybrid is produced, it can reproduce quickly by crossing it with any other flower.

    Hybridization chart

    Flower Color 1 Color 2 Possible outcomes

    Roses red red red, black
    Roses red white red, white, pink
    Roses red yellow red, yellow, orange
    Roses white white white, purple
    Roses white yellow white, yellow
    Roses yellow yellow yellow
    Roses black purple black, purple, blue
    Roses black (dried) golden watering can gold

    Cosmos red red red, black
    Cosmos red white red, white, pink
    Cosmos red yellow red, yellow, orange
    Cosmos white white white
    Cosmos white yellow white, yellow
    Cosmos yellow yellow yellow

    Tulips red red red, black
    Tulips red white red, white, pink
    Tulips red yellow red, yellow, purple
    Tulips white white white
    Tulips white yellow white, yellow
    Tulips yellow yellow yellow, black

    Pansies red red red, purple
    Pansies red white red, white
    Pansies red yellow red, yellow, orange
    Pansies white white white, blue
    Pansies white yellow white, yellow
    Pansies yellow yellow yellow


    Planting flowers

    Flowers from seeds
    Basic flower seeds (tulips, roses, pansies, cosmos) can be purchased at Tom Nook's store. You do not need special tools to plant seeds. Stand on the spot where you want to plant your the seeds, open your inventory, select the seeds, and choose "Plant" and the flowers will appear beneath you. If you continue to plant seeds, the flowers will appear around you until all eight spaces are filled.
    Also, I did once have 2 Pink Carnations in my game... They were purchased from seeds in Tom Nooks store.

    Picking flowers up
    If you stand in front of some flowers that are growing in the ground and press the B button, you will pick them up, and they will appear as a flower icon in your inventory.

    You can then plant them in any spot you want by standing on the spot, opening your inventory, selecting the flowers, and choosing "Plant".

    You can also place them in your house. In your house, open your inventory, select the flowers, and choose "Place in room" and they will appear in a planter and occupy a floor spot. Note that when you drag a rose to yourself, you keep it in your mouth, but anything else, goes to your hair.

    New flowers
    Occasionally, new species of flowers will appear in your town. Some may be due to hybridization (see below). The dandelion will appear randomly. The Jacob's ladder will also appear randomly, though it is believed that your town must be perfect for this to happen.

    Original flower list
    Flower name Origin
    Red Cosmos Seeds
    White Cosmos Seeds
    Sun Cosmos Seeds
    Red Pansies Seeds
    White Pansies Seeds
    Yellow Pansies Seeds
    Red Roses Seeds
    White Roses Seeds
    Yellow Roses Seeds
    Red Tulips Seeds
    White Tulips Seeds
    Yellow Tulips Seeds
    Dandelion Random new flower

    Jacob's Ladder Random new flower (when town environment is perfect)

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Other Answers

  1. To cross breed a flower they have to be placed like this:
    (the x is the flower)
    If you've done that then its a matter of patience.

    User Info: Meguel13

    Meguel13 - 8 years ago 1 0
  2. You can also crossbreed flowers diagonally like so:


    (X = Flower O = Empty Space).

    Basically, in order to be able to breed, 2 flowers need to be touching each other and diagonally counts as touching.

    Keep in mind that if a flower is wilted (brown) it cannot crossbreed and that crossbreeding does take time. You'll get an average of 3 new flowers in your town a day (sometimes more, sometimes less) and the more flowers you have planted near each other of the same type, the better your chances of a hybrid.

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