What is the best way to make a lot of money?

  1. In AC:WW I have about $87,000,000. But my friend used cheats to get it for me so I have no idea how to make as much money as I need. Any ideas will help. Thanks in advance.

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    Video_Game_Grl - 8 years ago

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  1. I found it under question list but you need use Time Travel: This trick is useful if you want to earn quick money at the start.

    This also require a lot of work of preparation
    This trick requires the following:
    1: a shovel
    2: coconut
    3: axe.
    4: Net

    If you have read the other faqs on gamefaqs, you will read about the

    date and place where you can find the bugs. The most expensive bugs

    are the beetles:
    (the following info are from the bug guide from gamefaqs -> i just

    copy-paste it here)
    7pm - 8am = Goliath Beetle (On Coconut Trees)(8,000)
    11pm - 8am = Cyclommatus (On Coconut Trees)(8,000)
    11pm - 8am = Hercules Beetle (On Coconut Trees)(12,000)
    7pm - 8am = Elephant Beetle (On Coconut Trees)(8,000)
    7pm - 8am = Golden Stag (On Coconut Trees)(12,000)

    Some info a incorrect, but it doesn't matter right now, cause these 5

    beetles can be found in JULY and AUGUST after 7pm.

    So how do you catch these beetle in a fast way?
    1 thing you have to know first is that all different bugs are divided

    over in the whole town. You can think there are 15 bugs at the same

    time divided in the town. So E.G if you have a fruit tree, you can get

    a lot of different bugs on that fruit tree. This isn't what you want.

    You want a lot of beetle on the coconut trees.
    So how do you prevent these cheap bugs in your town and having only a lot of expensive coconut beetles:
    THEN Set the date to JULY or AUGUST and the time around 8PM.

    The preparation are done now!

    GO DOWN at the beach, and you see a lot of beetles:
    Goliath Beetle = 6000 bells
    and the rest is 8000 or more.

    So you can just catch the beetles with the net and because it's 8 PM you can sell it to NOOK if your bag is full. 1 FULL bag will sell around 110.000 bells (just in 5 min i think)

    I've earned around 6 million in a few hour, which was enough to buy everything I want. After you earn enough you can go replant your fruit trees again=)

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  1. In the very begining...
    --Fruit and bells till you can get a fishing pole.
    --Then fishing till you get a good base of $$
    -- Then the Turnips... if you can travel to other towns you may find turnips selling for HUGE profits.
    -- I have seen people looking for towns on the message boards saying they are being sold in their towns for 500+ bells.
    --> Look up Stalk Market in the forums to see more information on this.

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  2. The easiest way for me, personally, is to sell fossils. This gets you a huge amount of bells, relatively quickly. Another way is to get a foreign fruit in the mail of from a WIFI friend's town, and plant it. It'll grow a tree, then you'll have three of those fruit. Then, plant those. Now you have four trees; 12 fruits - 500 bells a piece. It's all about thinking cleverly. ;)

    The Stalk market, though does cost money, can make you a LOT. You need to spend money to make money sometimes. ;)

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  3. Well,
    If u dont have Wifi (Like i do -.-),
    Selling Fruit
    Try fishing
    Instead of donating fossils, try selling them
    Buy turnips and sell em x3.

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  4. This year Bunny Day is April 12 2009
    Go there and dig up the eggs, do what you want with the candy but save the foils up and change the date and come back to Bunny Day and do it again until you have a lot of bunny foils.
    A pocketful of these egg items can get you 100k or more

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  5. I agree with panicitsme in 20 min. u get 99,084 bells I've done it before.

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  6. Hi Video Game Grl

    My name is Poncho (not really of course) and I can give you tips.

    Ponchos Tips
    1. Dig dig dig!!!!!!!!!!!! The highest fossil you can sell is a T Rex skull. Nook buys it for 5,000 but at the stalk market you can sell for 10000.

    I'm sorry this is SO short but my pc is low on battery.
    I'll edit my post l8r.


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  7. The best way to make money is duplication,
    go to some ones town with ur pockets full of money(must be in pockets before going to this town) set it down any were in the town and go to the gate
    talk to cooper and after the first save and before the second one hit the restart button
    ya this sounds crazy but when u get back to ur town all of the money is still in ur pockets and when u go back to that town it is still there too!!!!!!!
    the best part u dont get reseti
    this dose this because the first save is when u r still at the town and it saves everything that is in the town then after u leave there is another save that saves everything in ur pockets
    and if it never saves whats in ur pockets they r exactly as they were when it saved when u enterd the town!!!
    this works and it a good what to make acouple mill

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  8. Go to Wii menu and switch date to your birthday on the present year, play game, you will get 5k from mom and an ABD Bank notice which says, you got whatever amount of interest. Put the 5k from mom in bank. Go to wii menu after saving game. Set game date to (birthday) 2035, and play again you will get 5k again and the ABD notice says you got a lot of bells.(if you have over 50k in bank, every time you do this, you get 99,999 bells in interest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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  9. OK you can earn lots of money two ways in this game. 1. sell fruits for example (pretend your home town fruit is apple. Sell cherries to earn 1,500 per tree!) 2. wait for Tom Nook to buy Turnips for like 200 or above. get turnips on Sundays from Joan he is out from 6:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. (CATION DON'T KEEP TURNIPS FOR MORE THAN A WEEK THEY WILL ROT!) Even Tom does not like roten turnips.

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  10. The best way I made money was I started playing animal crossing at around 11 o'clock and i caught the most rarest bugs/fishes e.g trantula, scorpion, shark, elephant beetle, golden stag, napoleon fish, bue marlin, I caught some of them more than once, they sell for alot I made over 100,000 bells in less than an 1 hour , its a really good tequnique.

    Hope this'll help

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