[DISCOVERED?] 100.000 bells in 5 min : LEGAL beetle trick

  1. This trick is useful if you want to earn quick money at the start.

    This also require a lot of work of preparation
    This trick requires the following:
    1: a shovel
    2: coconut
    3: axe.
    4: Net

    If you have read the other faqs on gamefaqs, you will read about the

    date and place where you can find the bugs. The most expensive bugs

    are the beetles:
    (the following info are from the bug guide from gamefaqs -> i just

    copy-paste it here)
    7pm - 8am = Goliath Beetle (On Coconut Trees)(8,000)
    11pm - 8am = Cyclommatus (On Coconut Trees)(8,000)
    11pm - 8am = Hercules Beetle (On Coconut Trees)(12,000)
    7pm - 8am = Elephant Beetle (On Coconut Trees)(8,000)
    7pm - 8am = Golden Stag (On Coconut Trees)(12,000)

    Some info a incorrect, but it doesn't matter right now, cause these 5

    beetles can be found in JULY and AUGUST after 7pm.

    So how do you catch these beetle in a fast way?
    1 thing you have to know first is that all different bugs are divided

    over in the whole town. You can think there are 15 bugs at the same

    time divided in the town. So E.G if you have a fruit tree, you can get

    a lot of different bugs on that fruit tree. This isn't what you want.

    You want a lot of beetle on the coconut trees.
    So how do you prevent these cheap bugs in your town and having only a lot of expensive coconut beetles:
    THEN Set the date to JULY or AUGUST and the time around 8PM.

    The preparation are done now!

    GO DOWN at the beach, and you see a lot of beetles:
    Goliath Beetle = 6000 bells
    and the rest is 8000 or more.

    So you can just catch the beetles with the net and because it's 8 PM you can sell it to NOOK if your bag is full. 1 FULL bag will sell around 110.000 bells (just in 5 min i think)

    I've earned around 6 million in a few hour, which was enough to buy everything I want. After you earn enough you can go replant your fruit trees again=)

    User Info: fong06

    fong06 - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    i mean cut all the trees in town, then plant coconut trees near the beach like you normally plant. So you only have coconut trees

    User Info: fong06

    fong06 - 8 years ago

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  1. um, this isn't a question. This is better suited for the message boards.

    And if you need to time travel (since it's the only way unless you wait half a year) it isn't LEGAL. Legal in Animal Crossing implies not using glitches, hacks, or time travels.

    User Info: neb555

    neb555 (Expert) - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. Coconut trees will only grow down by your beach (within 10 shovel hole spaces of the ocean), so cutting down all of your trees away from the beach is pointless.

    User Info: TheLastDuchess

    TheLastDuchess (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 1

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