Question about arranging furniture and items in house?

  1. Hi,
    I have that 3 drawer blue dresser. Is it possible to store items IN the dresser? I also have a low wooden chest. Can I put items on top of that chest, like a lamp or maybe some of my tools like the slingshot? If so, how?
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    nummysmom - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Hi.

    In order to find out if you're able to store items inside of a particular piece of furniture, place the furniture in your home, walk infront of it, and press the A or C button. If your character pulls open the drawers or opens up the doors, you'll be taken to a screen which you can store items in. If not, you're unable to store items in that particular object.

    Note- Remember that all item storage systems are linked together, so if you store an item in one dresser, you'll see it in another dresser as well.

    In order to see if you're able to place an item ontop of a piece of furniture, place the furniture in your room, walk next to it, and try and place the object (like a lamp) in your room. If you're able to place the item on the furniture, it will be placed ontop. If not, then it will be placed to the side.

    Hope that helps.~

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Other Answers

  1. Stand in front of the dresser and press A. This will let you open the dresser and place items from your pocket into the dresser. Every dresser in your house will hold the same items. These are the same items that are in your storage area in the auction house.

    Some items can be placed on some tables. Just stand in front of the table and drop the item.

    User Info: KittyMouseLove

    KittyMouseLove (Expert) - 8 years ago 1 0
  2. Thanks for much to both of you for great answers. I appreciate it..:-)

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