What is the quickest way to get money???

  1. I need to make a billion bells, FAST. Other than the Stalk Market, what else can I do to make that money, ASAP?

    User Info: SMASHbrono21

    SMASHbrono21 - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Okay... thank you everyone who decided to tell me how to cheat... now I know there are tons of people out there who like to cheat their way into getting money... but I would rather EARN my money, and earn it LEGITIMATELY! thanks for your help, though...

    User Info: SMASHbrono21

    SMASHbrono21 - 8 years ago
  3. Clarification Request::
    So, you don't want to cheat (which I assume includes time traveling) and you don't want to do the stalk market.

    What do you want us to tell you? Other than lots of foreign fruit, which has been suggested, you will just have to put in the time and get the money slowly. Like I said, if you get enough foreign fruit, you can make about 500,000 (approx. 334 foreign fruit trees) every three days. Lets say you can get another 500,000 every three days by money rock, selling fish and bugs, and getting rid of unwanted items. That's a million bells every three days. That is about the best you will do without "cheating" or using the stalk market.

    So, at this rate, to get to a billion bells, if you play every day, it will take you about eight years. Good luck. Hope this is "FAST" enough, because I don't think you will get any better suggestions.

    User Info: KittyMouseLove

    KittyMouseLove - 8 years ago
  4. Additional Details:
    I have another problem... I live in a town with three other members, so I cannot time travel, and we each have 1/4 of the land to plant trees in, so that poses yet another problem... everyone else nabs all of the dig spots first as well... is there ANYTHING else I can do?

    User Info: SMASHbrono21

    SMASHbrono21 - 8 years ago
  5. Additional Details:
    Just to let everyone know... All of the fruit in my portion of land is completely Foreign Trees... I harvest them as soon as I can, and am able to get around 20,000-30,000 bells per day, and I hit my money rock (with a silver shovel) every day also... I was actually wondering about a more lucrative primary activity, not dig spots, money rocks, or fruit trees... sorry I didn't clarify earlier.

    User Info: SMASHbrono21

    SMASHbrono21 - 8 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Ocean fishing usually gives pretty good bells.

    Also, you should pick the crappy seashells (sanddollar, proceletta) and attach them as gifts in letters to your villagers. I suggest sending one or two letters to each villager every day. They will send you back a letter with a present, and you can sell these things to Nook. If you're lucky with what they send you, that should be another 10,000 or so bells per day.

    3 or 4 word letters will get you fruit or clothes. Longer than that will get you walls, floors or other furniture.

    All of the ways to make money in this game are obvious. There is not a secret thing that you are missing that will let you make more money. Turnips, Fruit, Shells, Bugs, Fish, Money Rock, Dig Spots, Selling Stuff.....that's about all there is.

    User Info: KittyMouseLove

    KittyMouseLove (Expert) - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. u could sell all ur excess stuff... fish.... hit the bell rock (8,100 there) do work @-0 Umm.. you could beg for money, or glitch money, which i hate cuz its cheating

    User Info: greywolf676

    greywolf676 - 8 years ago 0 1
  2. U could also sell foreign fruit... especially online. i sell fruit 1000 apc. it makes money for me and money for others because they earn 500 bells

    User Info: greywolf676

    greywolf676 - 8 years ago 1 1
  3. If you need to "make a BILLION bells FAST" the only way to get that much money in a short amout of time is to cheat. Look up "duplication over WiFi", that will be your best bet.
    If you don't want to cheat, replace all of your trees with foreign fruit trees. That should give you about half a million every 3 days.

    User Info: KittyMouseLove

    KittyMouseLove (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 1
  4. The fastest way is hacking but besides that, sell turnips. Joan comes to your town every sunday between 6am-12pm. She sells 2 different kinds of turnips, white and red. Red are very rare, but a lot better then white turnips. Thy dont spoil and you can plant them.White turnips spoil, and you can t plant them. I hope this helped! :D

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  5. Sorry about that. I didnt see that you said besides stalk market.

    User Info: accffan1000

    accffan1000 - 8 years ago 0 0
  6. I made the most money July and August starting at 11:00pm. There are tons of bugs worth over 6,000 bells each. I made enough for the fountain and lighthouse and still have over 1 mil in the bank. be careful for the tarantula and scorpion.

    User Info: girlzillla2

    girlzillla2 - 8 years ago 0 0
  7. If you have all provisioned up the land to each have sections, I would say the fair thing, since you will get three fossils a day and three gyroids on days after it rains, would be for people to only be able to dig spots in their "section" of town. That's the only fair thing to do. The person who plays first will always have the advantage with special characters and getting stuff from recycle and lost and found. There's nothing you can do about that. It's lame, but you can't make multiple towns on the Wii.

    Do you have all of the foreign fruit yet? Send letters to all of you villagers that say "How are You?" and attach something cheap. Seashells and pitfall seeds work. The villagers don't care how nice the gift is. You'll get foreign fruit about 20% of the time.

    The other three people who play in your town may get bored with the game eventually. Good luck.

    User Info: KittyMouseLove

    KittyMouseLove (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0
  8. U could just play before the other people and get everything before they do, or just play as them and make them give u all they're money : )

    User Info: Themacarenaking

    Themacarenaking - 8 years ago 0 2
  9. i will tell u 2 way! i know u won't do this one but u can cut every tree of your town changer the time for summer make a lot of coconut trees and u can sell very rare bugs on the palms. one other help is to guard all your items exept your fishing pole and and fish a lot just keep red snappers and rare fish the other relase them. another way is if you see a lion with thrones and those items send hime a letter with a furniture and the other day watch the trash and get the items u will be come rish. another day is on the easter day you can find a lot of eggs and sell the easter furnitures and with 10 or 11 you will have 100,000 in no time! I hope this work

    User Info: kelvinsoberalor

    kelvinsoberalor - 7 years ago 0 0
  10. There are fossils but that is slow. You only get two a day and someone else could dig those up... They best thing is just to fish and catch bugs. You can also try to grow hybrids and sell them but since you share people might just steal them from you. The best time to get stuff is at night. You can collect at night and save in your house till the next day then sell. I do that a lot (My husband likes to claim the daytime). The nighttime has the best bugs and fish for selling. Good Luck.

    User Info: angelwolf666

    angelwolf666 - 7 years ago 0 0
  11. READ THIS IT WORKS: If you dont mind time traveling: Make it april 4 2010(bunny day) and you can dig up eggs and if you get bunny foil you can give it to zipper t bunny and he/she(no one knows) will give u furniture that sells for 9,000 a piece(each bunny day theres about 15 pieces of bunny foil. In each egg you will either get foil or candy(wich comes in handy later). Then sell it to nook. Make it February 15, 2010(the festivale) and you can use the candy from bunny day and give it to pave and he will give u furniture that sells for 12,000 a piece. If you run out of candy, you can get candy from the townspeople if you play a game. Keep going in a cycle from bunny day to festivale, and you will have millions in no time!!! It worked for me, i paid of my loan and got the lighthouse and gracie furniture!!! if you want to get rid of weeds: find a genie lamp and wisp will come that night. He will reward you for finding his lamp by pulling all the weeds.
    Another way to make money is to put 50,000 bells into the bank, change it to like 5 years later and you will get a letter from the bank that says you got 99,999 in interest(the money will be in your bank account!!) Hope this helps!!

    User Info: silver2096

    silver2096 - 7 years ago 0 1
  12. The best way is that you can neither sell foreign fruit or bury money and water the sapling everyday and for a few days the sapling will grow and repeat watering it everyday and it should become a money tree.

    User Info: Brian_23

    Brian_23 - 6 years ago 0 1
  13. @Brian_23, you can only bury money with a gold shovel and get money trees! I think thats a good idea though T.T... Okay so I suggest you hit bell rock (lol, name of demond in lord of the rings but i'm talking about rock). You can even get a whole bag full of 1,000 bells! You can also plant money trees like Brain_23 said! I think you should also sell any furniture in your wardrobe that you don't (even better would be rare furniture), Take advantage of the Flea Markets too! Foregion fruit will also be good because they sell for 500 bells! Also, on Bunny day go to the bunny and talk to him to play the game. When you crack open the eggs you'll sometimes find bunny foil. Give that bunny foil to him and he'll give you rare furniture! Sell that furniture to Nook's shop and you'll get money in no time! (no time traveling included). And when you get candy, save that candy ,you'll need it for halloween! so these are my suggestions for big bells. Hope this helps!

    User Info: prsflnt

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  14. Every day there is a money rock. Find the rock, as u hit the rock slowly move forward. Once the rock is out of money time travel to a different day, find the money rock, get the money. Then go back to the current day and you can get more money out of a different rock.THIS REALLY WORKS I DO IT ALL THE TIME. I hope you use this, it gets u big money! PEACE!!!!

    User Info: skye921

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  15. Oh yeah u need a shovel, any kind of shovelll!^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    User Info: skye921

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  16. Ok I'm Going to tell you a secret it takes just a lil pacience unlike coconut farming, (this works on jingle too)
    At October time travel to everyday and collect all candy you can, On halloween (oct 31) Keep finding jack and get a pocket ful of spooky items Sell them all! I paid off most of my mortages by this!

    User Info: LolitaBot

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  17. Pick up some pears then sell youll get a over 1000

    User Info: SkullBasherX

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  18. I would continue with the fruits and rocks and just do small things such as fishing, catching bugs, collecting fossils (one of my personal favorites), etc. Also, participate in events like the fishing tournaments and the flea markets (another major money maker!).

    User Info: FreakFangirl

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  19. Look for some sort of cheats, IF you want to cheat your way through in a game, which I like to. Or, you can pick fruits from foreign trees and also hit the money rock.

    User Info: higabiga

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  20. Here is a non-time traveling glitch that can get you money fast.
    What is needed is only a friend and all your monies. Take your money to your friends town. Drop it and pick it up again. Have your friend save. DON'T END THE PARTY THOUGH! Drop the money once more and go into the gate. Tell Copper you want to leave. And as soon as he says, "Well then, (your name)"; reset your wii! Copied money instantaneously. You can either go back to your friends town and take the money back or let them have it. And the best part is; NO RESETTI!! Hopes I helps!!

    User Info: Aquayzar777

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  21. Well what i do is plant one coconut wait till it grows then plant a bunch more and then you get 1k bells every tree.

    User Info: Val2061

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  22. Set the date for 1/1 and your mom will send you 5,000 each time just changing the year.

    User Info: Gamer_4_Score

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  23. i have a good idea !!
    try to do this it maybe long but you have to try
    you can find easy money that way.
    you may find sometimes a coconut in the beach of your town go plant it
    after a few days it will become a treetake the 2 coconuts plant them(you will need time to do that)after a few days you will have three coconut trees.
    take them and plant them after a few days you will have nine coconut trees.
    you will have 18 coconuts on the trees
    go and sell them 500 bells each
    i hope it help you


    User Info: sondos-217631

    sondos-217631 - 4 years ago 0 0
  24. It helped me alot when i try to do it

    you have to try hard to get the thing that you want

    User Info: sondos-217631

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  25. If it helps please tell me!!

    User Info: sondos-217631

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  26. Does it helped?or it is that hard to do?

    User Info: sondos-217631

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  27. If you want i will give you another way!

    User Info: sondos-217631

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  28. Change the date into the bunny day in 8 of April
    talk to Zipper he will tell you to find the eggs that he has buried search for them open
    them you may find a candy or a bunny foil(it is a prize ticket)
    if it a bunny foil give it to him he will give you egg furniture.
    Go and sell them if you find a candy keep going till you find a lot of candies save and quit.
    change the date again to the Halloween31 of October
    you will get a letter in your mail box from jack czar of Halloween the villagers will try to take your candy so they will chase you the only one that will not chase you is jack give him a candy he will give you a spooky furniture sell them.

    and like that you will get alot alot alot alot of money

    User Info: sondos-217631

    sondos-217631 - 4 years ago 0 0
  29. You can find fossils...Make sure that owl guy checks it to identify. You can sell it to Tom Nook for 4,500 bells each. I found 8 and i didnt know what to do with them. I sold them and got over 35,00 bells! Make sure you make the owl identify it first or this wont work

    User Info: Game_girl0212

    Game_girl0212 - 4 years ago 0 0

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