When does summer happen?

  1. It's June(5), and there are no changes since spring. I got this game in the winter(beginning), so I don't know what summer looks like. Could someone please describe to me when the game changes over(I do not see it in any FAQs) and what the significant changes are if there are any besides the grass pattern. Also detail if there other events/lack of events besides the fact that there will not be any metoer showers until July 15. You can tell I did my homework on this.

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    Sorta, except my experience conflicts with what you know about seasons. I've read in FAQs" first day of (insert random season here)" but they didn't have summer. The firts day of spring for me was absolutely massive change as all the trees turned green, all snow went away, and you could see the roofs of all the houses, and all in one day.

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    bryce264 - 8 years ago

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  1. The "game" is more like real life. There is no sudden "change" from one season to the next. There are subtle changes....the snow disappears....lots of new bugs come out....different fish are there to catch. I would suggest checking the printable catalog pages here.....www.acfun.wallypogsbog.com/catalog.htm. Go to where it says "Miscellaneous Collections" on the right hand side. You'll notice the list of bugs has dates and times that they are available to catch. The fish list shows times and dates too. I was very excited when June came around....the bugs and fish are all over the place!! :-)
    One really visually noticeable change is during springtime.....the snow is pretty much gone and the tree leaves turn pink(as though they were all cherry blossoms). Then after a time, they all fall off and are carried through the town on the soft breezes. Its very pretty!
    I hope this is what you were asking about........

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  1. You really can't tell the changes in the game because there isn't many in real life, and Animal Crossing is a game that takes fter real life.

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  2. I agree with BostonDori

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