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    Happy Room Academy FAQ by Speed

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/13/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ___    |_________(_)______ _________ ___  /
    __  /| |_  __ \_  /__  __ `__ \  __ `/_  / 
    _  ___ |  / / /  / _  / / / / / /_/ /_  /  
    /_/  |_/_/ /_//_/  /_/ /_/ /_/\__,_/ /_/   
    _________                          _____                
    __  ____/_____________________________(_)_____________ _
    _  /    __  ___/  __ \_  ___/_  ___/_  /__  __ \_  __ `/
    / /___  _  /   / /_/ /(__  )_(__  )_  / _  / / /  /_/ / 
    \____/  /_/    \____//____/ /____/ /_/  /_/ /_/_\__, /  
    __________________             __________     ___________  
    __  ____/__(_)_  /_____  __    ___  ____/________  /__  /__
    _  /    __  /_  __/_  / / /    __  /_   _  __ \_  /__  //_/
    / /___  _  / / /_ _  /_/ /     _  __/   / /_/ /  / _  ,<   
    \____/  /_/  \__/ _\__, /      /_/      \____//_/  /_/|_|
    Happy Room Academy FAQ and Guide
    Version 1.2
    Written by: popdacracka
    This guide was written in the hopes of helping everyone better understood 
    the purposes of the Happy Room Academy and what they are all about. I plan 
    on listing various items that can help you out, specific scores that you will 
    get for certain items, the rewards you can get, and so on and so forth. I'll 
    try my best to answer any questions and to make this guide as complete as 
    Table of Contents
    0. Version History
    1. The Happy Room Academy
    	1.1. Feng Shui
    	1.2. Lucky Items
    	1.3. Furniture Series, Sets and Themes
    	1.4. Happy Room Academy Prizes
    2. Frequently Asked Questions
    3. Contact Info
    4. Copyright Info
    0. Version History
    12/03/08 - Version 1.0
    Start of the guide. Everything needed is pretty much listed. Any additional
    information that I may have missed should be given to me so I can write it
    in and give proper credit to those individuals. This version is just 1.0
    so that just in case I have to make edits I was a step ahead. Oh yeah.
    12/04/08 - Version 1.1
    I gave permission to GamesRadar, Cheatplanet, and Neoseeker to host this guide.
    I also corrected some spelling and grammatical errors I saw. 
    Made it a LITTLE bit better to look at in the furniture series, themes, and 
    sets section.
    *12/05/08* Just gave Super Cheats permission. Nothing major. But had to let it 
    be known for my legal reasons.
    *12/06/08* Turns out that Themes CAN offer more than a Series can. I listed 
    *12/07/08* Danielle Parker let me know that basements are in fact counted
    towards your HRA score.
    *12/15/08* Just made a note that GameFAQs will always have the most updated
    1/13/09 - Version 1.2
    Happy late new year!
    Gave Animal Crossing Town permission. 
    Corrected the deposit amount needed to get the Piggy Bank.
    1. The Happy Room Academy
    The Happy Room Academy (HRA) is ran by Lyle (refer to my Neighbor FAQ to learn
    more about this pleasurable character) in the City. Lyle is the guru of
    home decor and will always update you on the current happenings with
    other people's houses in your town (if Wii Connect 24 is on) and what you can
    do to one day be in the famed *fanfare* Model Room..room. 
    The whole intent of this organization is to rate you room and to keep you
    on top of your designing game. They mail you evaluations that let you know
    how you are doing based on hidden criteria and show you by points you
    receive. All of this is not for nothing however. Prizes are in your grasp
    if you manage to make your house look spectacular.
    Each week the HRA holds a contest in which they rate the best house based 
    on a certain theme that is spawned. For example, it could be a house with
    the best use of feng shui or a certain type of theme, set, or series being
    used. The Model Room displays the winner's house for the town to see and 
    be envious about. Yeah, take that villagers who are being lazy and don't want
    to spice up their house! This is just one of the several incentives good
    ole' Lyle and the HRA dream up with to get your creative juices flowing.
    One thing I do not think people realize is that even organization plays
    a key role in how points are awarded. You can not just throw furniture
    randomly in your house and expect not to be penalized. You have to stay
    organized and neat with your furniture layout. This means chairs against
    the wall, beds you are able to use, lights you can turn on, televisions 
    you can use, etc. You can be a pig in reality, but not virtually. It's 
    just not right.
    1.1 Feng Shui
    Feng Shui has been included in the Animal Crossing franchise since it's
    Gamecube original. Animal Crossing keeps with its tradition by awarding people
    that us feng shui correctly with luck and HRA bonuses. It is a very simple
    method to execute as well. I am not sure on the exact bonus points you
    receive, but they are well worth it.
    Yellow items go on the west wall, red items go on the east wall, and green
    items belong in the south.
    1.2. Lucky Items
    The following items, regardless of how you use them, award you points just for
    being lucky. I don't know what makes them lucky, but the HRA loves them that
    much to award you 7,777 per item. Duplicates of the same item don't count but
    you can have one of each different item and rack up a crazy amount of bonus
    points. I will also list how each item is available to obtain.
    - Arwing: Spotlight Item
    - Dracaena: Spotlight Item at Tom Nook's
    - Garden gnome: Spotlight item at Tom Nook's
    - Ivory piano: Spotlight Item at Tom Nook's
    - Jack-in-the-box: Halloween; if Jack plays three tricks on you.
    - Lefty lucky cat: Crazy Redd
    - Lovely phone: Gift from Katie and Kaitlin (refer to my Neighbor FAQ)
    - Lucky black cat: Crazy Redd
    - Lucky cat: Tom Nook
    - Lucky gold cat: Spotlight item at Tom Nook's
    - Master Sword: Spotlight item at Tom Nook's
    - Music box: Gift from Katie and Kaitlin
    - Piggy bank: Depositing 10,000,000 Bells into your ABD account
    - Raccoon figurine: Crazy Redd
    - Samurai Suit: Spotlight Item at Tom Nook's
    - Treasure chest: Spotlight Item at Tom Nook's
    - Triforce: Crazy Redd
    - Washer/dryer: Tom Nook
    1.3. Furniture Series, Sets, and Themes
    This is quite possibly the best way to earn major points with the HRA.
    Lyle and his friends love to see houses that blend together from the same
    mold. Make them happy, k? Do not forget that as your room expands you have
    more to work with in the long-run. You can then have more of a variety with
    what you want to design with. The HRA rates your rooms individually so you
    are in the clear. (Thanks to Danielle Parker, the basement is in fact counted
    towards your HRA score.) Nice!
    Furniture series consist of 10 different pieces, plus the wallpaper and
    flooring. The 10 pieces themselves will give you the bonus, but by
    having the wallpaper and/or flooring as well you get even more bonus points.
    - You earn 20,000 points for having the 10 items in the series. 
    - You earn 25,000 points for including the flooring or wallpaper.
    - You earn 30,000 points for including the flooring and wallpaper.
    Furniture themes are way more fun in my opinion, and they still net
    you bonus points with the HRA. The bonus points received can net you more than
    what the series can offer if you put enough items in your house. They are more 
    fun to look at than a series if you ask me. It's also much easier. You earn 
    points just by having the wallpaper and flooring. But this is about making 
    Lyle happy so read on.
    - You earn 3,000 points for having a theme's flooring and wallpaper.
    - You can then earn 3,000 points times *the piece of furniture in that theme*
    while the flooring and wallpaper is included.
    Furniture sets are the lowest form of earning points. These are mainly
    just ways of adding more points to your already, I know, huge total. They
    do not have flooring or wallpaper so that makes them even easier than
    themes, but the real advantage to sets is that these are what you
    will combine your series and/or themes with. (You can not combine two
    different series or themes in one room. Sorry kids.) They do not take 
    away from a theme or series you already have in place. However, now 
    comes the inevitable clichéd bad news, you have to own the complete set 
    in order to receive 1,000 points for each piece in the set. This can 
    make a room look even uglier, or better if you know how to coordinate
    than it was before (hehe) but hey..you earn more points. That's what 
    it's all about, right?
    Do not feel inclined to have to make a series or theme or set. You do 
    whatever you want with your house. You will earn points regardless of
    whatever you do. Just be creative. Please. I'm begging you. Be..creative.
    1.4. Happy Room Academy Prizes
    This is what you greedy people want huh? The prizes. I can see your mouth
    drooling already. You ready for this? Here we go!
    70,000 Points: House model
    100,000 Points: Wide-house model
    150,000 Points: Two-story model
    That's it! Oh yeah. If I hear one of you say anti-climactic I'll hit you..
    Lyle's happiness should be enough. Besides, those are just more rewards
    to add to your growing collection. It makes you look oh so cool too.
    2. Frequently Asked Questions
    Just one of those spots where any questions I receive or read I'll place here
    so people can always have this one place to call home for their HRA needs, at
    least when it comes to the voice of the people. 
    3. Contact Info
    Here is how you guys can bother me with any facts, opinions, questions, 
    answers, contributions, etc. you think would help better this guide. 
    Plus, because I'm that cool, feel free to drop me a thanks. :)
    MSN - Poetic_Xalyx@hotmail.com
    AIM - DarkXalyx
    Skype - BXalyx
    Email - TheBlackSpeedRacer@yahoo.com
    4. Copyright Info
    Ahh, our good old friend copyright. This word helps me not only sue you guys 
    for being extremely lame but also makes me look that much more lethal. I gots 
    copyrights! This entire guide is © (copyright) Speed or popdacracka 
    (Bradley Spears), 2008-2009. GameFAQs, GamesRadar, Cheatplanet, Neoseeker, 
    Super Cheats, and Animal Crossing Town are the only sites that have the 
    distinct honor of hosting this guide. If any future updates say that I have 
    allowed *insert site here* to host this guide then permission is then granted. 
    But only if I post it! If anyone sees it anywhere else that has not been 
    mentioned let me know immediately. K? Okay.
    Animal Crossing: City Folk, along with its characters, situations, associated 
    logos, and all other intellectual properties, is © (copyright) Nintendo, 

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