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    Resetti Transcript by Liquefy

    Version: B | Updated: 01/28/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    A Specialized FAQ for Animal Crossing: City Folk
    Resetti's Dialog
    This is version B created by Liquefy on January 28, 2009.  Version A was 
    created on January 19, 2009.  If you have any questions, corrections, additions,
    suggestions, or comments, please contact me at jps5@hotmail.com.
    If you reset your game or if your game quits because you lose power, you will 
    be visited by a mole named Sonny Resetti (known as Resetti) or his brother Don 
    just outside your door when you next play the game.
    You can also see Resetti and Don at The Roost.
    Finally, you can speak to Sonny and Don if you visit the Reset Surveillance 
    Center (RSC) in the City.
    Here are transcripts of their speeches:
    The second time you play, Resetti appears:
    Hey, how ya doin'?  Listen, lemme just bend your ear for a bit here.
    Ahem...  Lemme introduce myself.  Name's Resetti.  Mr. Resetti.
    [If you started fresh:]
    Uh, yeah, so anyway, this is Animal Crossing: City Folk.  Thanks for pickin'
       it up.  Appreciate the support.
    So, on behalf of everyone at Nintendo, I...  Uh...
    Yeah...  So...  I mean, I, uh...
    [If you moved from ACWW:]
    You...  You and me ain't met before?  Yeah, whatever.
    So, yeah, lemme see...  The manual says I gotta thank ya for buyin' Animal
       Crossing: Wild World.
    Played ya some DS, huh?  Nice.  So, uh, thanks for getting' Animal Crossing:
       City Folk, too.  Solid work.
    On behalf of everyone at Nintendo, I...   Uh...
    I...  I...  Think, mole, THINK!  What's the middle part?  Uh...
    Aw, forget all that!  I'm done wastin' time!
    Oh, hey, sorry about that.  No need to panic, all right?
    People been tellin' me for years that I got a way of scarin' folks...
    Yeah, I just don't get that.  I mean, I ain't exactly the welcome mole, but
       I'm a friendly guy, am I right?
    Anyway, let's you and me get down to business, whaddaya say?
    Here's the thing:  I got a little favor to ask ya.
    So maybe Tom Nook already gave ya his song and dance, but listen...
    There's a right way and a wrong way to end your time in Animal Crossing.  You,
       uh, followin' me?
    Simple, right?  Ya just grab some Zs in your attic bed, no prob.
    Or, if ya wanna switch it up, ya press the "Save" Button and WHAM!  Same deal.
    Either way works.  Meetin' me like this?  What we're doin' right here?  It
       means you been endin' your game right.
    Yeah, you keep up the good work, bright eyes.
    "Oh, waaah, but what if I WANNA press the RESET Button?" ya ask.  "What if I
       WANNA go to the Wii Menu?"
    "Mr. Resetti, ain't that my own right as a player?"  Yeah, yeah, kid, I hear
       ya.  I get what you're sayin'.
    But for THIS game, might I strongly suggest ya play without resettin'?  We
       clear here?  STRONGLY suggest.
    ...Aw, look at me go, right?  Ol' Mr. Resetti's gone on a rant again.
    Look, sorry.  Sorry, OK?  You maybe noticed I ain't so good at keepin' things
       brief.  I'll letcha off now.
    But know this, friend of mine.  Ya ever reset, I'll be swingin' by again for a
       little chat with ya.
    But know this, friend of mine.  Ya ever reset durin' a moment of weakness, I'll
       be comin' by for a chat.
    I'm sure you're tied of hearin' this by now, but it's my job to keep ya honest.
       My JOB, kid.
    When you first reset or lose power:
    Ah, so it's you...
    Oh, I ain't surprised, kid.  Nah, I had a feelin' in my gut you'd pull a stunt
       like this.  The gut don't lie.
    I can see ya thinkin' furiously over there, right?  "How'd that sly mole catch
       me?  Is he a ninja?"
    No ninja.  Nah, over at the Reset Center, we got us a switchboard that lights
       up when someone resets.
    No magic, no ninjas.  Just the way of the world.  Bad deeds don't go unpunished
       for long, get me, kid?
    But hey, even a bright kid like you makes mistakes, am I right?  Or heck, maybe
       ya just misheard me.
    Yeah, so today I'll just run down the basics for ya again, hopin' deeply that
       they sink in this time.
    Ya still remember my whole speech about the right way to end your time in
       Animal Crossing, right?
    Right.  Ya either sleep in the attic bed, or ya hit that save button.  Either
       way's just peachy by me.
    Look atcha, noddin'.  Ya do remember.  Maybe try usin' that noodle to remember
       the rest of my advice, huh?
    Listen good, [name].  Ya live life, and all that time ya spend, that's what
       becomes your memories.
    Memories are precious, kid.  And same goes for your time in Animal Crossing.
       Every second is precious.
    Now, since everythin' is so precious, don'tcha wanna make sure ya preserve
       those precious moments?
    There ain't no bigger waste than just throwin' away a whole page of memories
       just like that.
    That's why I want ya to make sure ya save before quittin'.  Simple enough,
       ain't it, kid?
    Wonderful.  Helpin' kids like yourself see the light makes me a happy mole.
       I'm ecstatic over here.
    Now, allow me to hammer this message home so it stays in that brain of yours.
    You can save your game by catching some Zs in the attic bed, or by pressin' the
       save button, OK, kid?
    Don't forget it!  Now...
    The second time you reset or lose power:
    Aw, YOU again...
    Huh.  Guess that chat we had didn't sink in, huh?
    Let's put on our thinkin' helmets, huh?  Yeah, let's.  Now, in everyday life,
       how often do ya get to reset?
    Say ya fail a test or somethin'.  Can ya travel back in time and take the thing
       over?  Huh?  Can ya?
    Or wait, how about this?  Say ya oversleep, right?  Can ya wind back that clock
       and wake up on time?
    Ya can't, huh.  YEAH.
    It's just common sense, professor.  There ain't no do-overs in life.
    Now, in games, the rules might be a little different.  Some games might be soft
       on ya and letcha reset.
    But think on it, [name].  Reset all ya want, ya ain't never gonna get back all
       that time ya spent...
    Ya gonna go runnin' to reset just 'cause your breakfast came late on day in
       [town name]?
    Don't make me laugh, kid!  Here's a news flash for ya!  You're playin' a game
    And since you're playin' a game, it ain't hard to take the bad with the good
       and keep on rollin', yeah?
    Look, here's what I'm gettin' at, [name]...
    Ya can't spend your life resettin' over and over just to get your mitts on some
       item you like or whatever.
    Likewise, only crybabies would start their day over just 'cause they had a
       little rough spot during their day.
    Ya ain't in Mrs. Quitter's School for Resettin' Babies no more.  It's time ya
       graduated, kid...
    I bet you're wonderin' if this mole's jaw ever runs outta yappin' power, yeah?
    All right, I can take a hint.  My throat's feelin' like it's half past a
       lozenge, anyway.
    Besides, I may be a mole, but I ain't blind.  I see you're pooped, so I'll end
       my little speech right here.
    Just promise me, OK, kid?  For cryin' out loud, save before ya end your game.
       ...Got me?  Good.
    Oh yeah, and one more thing, just in case the message didn't get across in
    That's right, kid, I know pig latin!  Hopefully that'll stick in your head.
    The third time you reset or lose power:
    .........Ya just don't give up, do ya, punk?
    Tell me somethin'.  You the forgetful type?  Or do ya just do this to torment
    Hey, ya slip up once or twice, I get it, it's fine.  I ain't made of stone.
       Maybe ya got distracted.
    But this here, kid...  This is your THIRD reminder.
    If ya DIDN'T do it on purpose this time, I think it may be time to see a doctor
       or somethin'!
    Listen.  When ya suddenly quit, that gets flagged as a RESET, and a guy YELLS
       in my EAR on the PHONE.
    If you're gonna wrap it up for the day, do the right thing and save, will ya?
    Ya thank the cook after chow, right?  And before ya go home, ya say good-bye?
       It ain't no different here.
    Or maybe you're the type of guy that don't got no social graces, hmm?
    Yeah, I hear that's a big problem with kids today.  Saw some bigwig goin' on
       about it in the papers.
    Well, listen, kid, them social graces are a fundamental part of communicatin'!
    And ya can't even do that...  ...Look, I don't wanna belabor the point or
       nothin'.  We're done here.
    But seriously, [name]...  Ya know baseball?  Ya know that one rule?  The three-
       strikes-you're-out one?
    I'm a generous guy, but I got a breakin' point.  Strike out enough, and I lose
       it.  I lose it BIG.
    But, hey, lotsa guys hit a home run after strikin' out, don't they?  Yeah, yeah.
    I believe in ya, [name].  Next time ya step up to bat, make sure ya hit it
       outta the park.  Now...
    The doc's been tellin' me it ain't good to blow my stack so much, so I held
       back today.  Remember that.
    The fourth time you reset or lose power:
    .........Cripes, do ya ever learn, kid?
    .........  ......Phew......  ...............
    Man, been a while since I had to yell like that.  I'm seein' spots over here.
    I'm startin' to think I ain't never met someone with a melon as hard as yours,
       but that won't stop this mole!
    Look...  Let's forget about other games for a sec, huh?  See, we're talkin'
       about Animal Crossing: City Folk.
    It's unique, kid.  And as such, I get sent here to suggest that ya hold off on
       frivolous resettin'.
    And then, uh...  Oh yeah, then I tell ya about how there's no resettin' in real
    And sure, you're probably all bent now, wonderin' why some mole's gotta yell
       atcha while you're playin'.
    Well, games got rules, kid, so excuse me if I ask ya to get unbent, and quick.
    Now, don't get me wrong, I'm mostly like that one company prez who just wants
       to make folks smile...
    But when that reset alarm starts ringin', I could be in the shower, sittin'
       down to eat, sleepin'...
    It don't matter!  When it goes off, I gotta get up and go stick it to whatever
       punk just pressed that button.
    You probably can't tell, but I'm wearin' a T-shirt for undies under here!
       Think it feels good?!
    Whatever.  I think ya got somethin' to chew on now.  Heard me?  Quit resettin'!
       Got that?  Good.
    Oh yeah, one more nugget of advice for ya.
    If you're gonna take a bath, make sure ya get the water up to your shoulders,
       ya grubby little potato!
    ...Of course, it don't do no good if ya don't scrub, too.  Anyway, I said my
       piece.  Now...
    The fifth time you reset or lose power:
    Whoa, what's the deal with all that noise?!  I mean, come ON!  It's unsettlin'!
    OK, right, anyway, nice to meetcha and all that jazz.  I'm Resetti's big
       brother.  The name's Don.
    Listen, straight off, I know my little brother can be a real pain.  Thanks for
       puttin' up with him.
    Today, Sonny, he's at home takin' it easy.  Kid's got high blood pressure.
       Musta worked himself up good...
    So yeah, I'm uh, fillin' in for him.  For clearin' out a little time to chat
       with me, you got my thanks.
    So yeah, lemme start from the top.  I hear our Sonny has been poppin' up all
       over the place an' yellin'.
    Yeah, generally givin' good people the business, am I right?  For this, the
       Resetti family is full of regret.
    I know I'm his brother and all, but trust me when I tell ya, Sonny's a good
       egg.  Despite his, uh, behavior.
    The guy's passionate about what he does, ya know?  All his yappin' is his way
       of showin' tough love...
    I mean, hey, if he was just lookin' to make nice, he could turn a blind eye
       when people screw up, right?
    But then nobody learns nothin'...
    Let's move on.  What I'm tryin' to make clear here is, Sonny?  He does all that
       yellin' 'cause he cares.
    The guy...  He just ain't one to mince words, you know?  An uncompromisin' sort
       of mole, yeah.
    And he ain't no kind of smooth talker, neither, so he can SOUND mean even
       though he really ain't.
    My point bein' this:  the guy might seem nasty, but he's a good mole at heart.
       So cut him some slack, yeah?
    Aw, what' wrong with me?  I almost forgot.  It'll be my moleskin if I don't
       take care of business...
    All right, here goes nothin'.  Ahem.  AHEM.  Me-ma-mole.
    Uh...  Resettin' ain't good.  So, don't do it, [name]!
    There.  Hope ya learned a lesson.  I'd advise followin' this advice, kid...for
       your own good, ya know?
    ...OK, we're good here.  That should do it.  Now if ya don't mind, I should be
       gettin' back.  Be good.
    See ya!
    The sixth time you reset or lose power:
    Resetti (facing away):
    ...Huh?  Where's he at?
    Pffft...  There we go...
    Yeah, I had a hunch it was gonna be you.  Guess I'm a psychic now.
    I just got over a cold, ya know.  And here I am, tunnelin' all over to find ya.
       Fun times.
    But ya just don't quit.  Nah.  And ya ain't hearin' me.
    Or maybe ya DID hear me, but ya just, I dunno, don't see what the big deal is.
       Just bounces right off ya.
    [Name], I could tell ya it's your game, play how ya like, but don't ya get what
       I been sayin'?
    Ain't there some merit in loosenin' up a little and just playin' for fun?  Ya
       know, come what may?
    How about ya give that whole "reset, reset" thing a rest and save your game a
       little more often, yeah?
    Even if things don't always go perfect for ya, THAT'S THE GAME, get me?  Take
       it as it comes and have fun...
    ...Ya followin' me?
    Bottom line, if ya just quit with the resettin'...
    I wouldn't have to keep comin' down here to read ya the riot act!
    Ya ain't the only one tired of this, ya know.  Comin' out every time ya do it
       is burnin' me out.  Think on it.
    I mean, use your melon.  Every time I come out here, I gotta burrow through
       solid earth, professor.
    How about ya fix that bad habit of yours so we can stop wastin' each other's
       time, huh, kid?
    Quit resettin'.  Got it this time?  Crystal clear, right?
    [select "Huh?"]
    OK, fine, that's how it is!  Guess I just gotta take everythin' we just talked
       about, and say it AGAIN!
    That whatcha want, punk?  Man, I am sick and tired of givin' you this speech!
    [select "I get it."]
    Phew!  Long as ya got the message, we're don here.
    But I'm beggin' ya, kid.  Don't make me come out here to do this again!
    Oh, and one more bit of advice for the road...
    Brush those furry teeth!
    We clear here?  OK then...
    The seventh time you reset or lose power:
    YOU!  AGAIN?!
    How many times do I gotta do this?!
    Hehhhh...  Hooof...  Heeee...  ......
    OK, [name], this is it!  Ya wanna go?  We're goin'!  Today is the day I put on
       my unhappy hat.
    I know EXACTLY whatcha think about our little situation.  Oh yeah, I got your
       number now, punk.
    Here's the deal:  I give up.  Reset, don't reset, I don't care.  It's your
    That's right, kid, you're free to decide.  Free as some big, cheatin' bird!
    Honest, I give up.  I'm tired of diggin' out here and back over and over.
    I can see it in those eyes.  Ya wanna reset, don't ya?  Ya LOVE doin' it.
    Well, lemme help ya out, if ya want it so bad.  Sure, I'll just do it FOR ya!
    Ya can't see it from where you're sittin', but I got a Wii Remote right here in
       a little holster.
    So, whaddaya say I just grab that bad boy and wiiiipe the slate clean?  We'll
       forget EVERYTHIN'.
    Sound good, ya little punk?  Ready to start all over?!
    SEE YA, KID!
    [screen goes black]
    How'd ya like that, huh?!  Did I scare ya, punk?  Heh heh heh heh heh.
    Remember it, [name].  Next time, I might be out to do more than just give ya a
       little scare.
    Keep actin' up, and things could get real tough for ya.  So, change that tune.
       And I mean quick.
    Anyway, I'm done with this.  Ya gonna stop resettin'?  Yeah?  Clear enough,
    [select "I get it."]
    [select "Huh?"]
    Good.  I gave the message, ya got the message, and we got no more business.
    But use your head, kid.  Don't make me come out here again, I'm beggin' ya.
    Oh, and before I go...
    Wear your wrist strap!  THIS mole sure does!  Now...
    The eighth time you reset or lose power:
    YOU!  AGAIN?!
    Hurff...  Hurff...
    I can't remember how many times I've had to yap my jaw off here.  But ya just
       keep at it...
    This time it was on purpose, wasn't it?  Ya reached over with a little grin
       and reset, didn't ya?
    Well, ya got me at a loss for words, kid.  Ain't nothin' in the manual for
       dealin' with the likes of you.
    You're a repeat offender, kid.  And today ya just reset for kicks, I just know
    Huh?  Ya sayin' ya didn't?  I'm wrong?
    Right, punk, whatever.  It don't matter now, anyhow.
    I don't stop, kid.  I'm gonna keep comin' and tellin' ya what's what 'til ya
       decide to give this stuff a rest.
    OK...  Let's forget about other games for a sec.  See, here's how it is here in
       Animal Crossing: City Folk.
    I been sent here to suggest that ya hold off on the frivolous resettin'.  ...OK,
       we covered that.
    Then, uh...  Oh yeah, I told ya about how there's no resettin' in real life...
       Yeah, got that, too.
    Then ya cry about it and tell me it's your right to reset.  And I tell ya, I
       get what you're sayin', but...
    Then I reiterate that the rules for this game are different and that ya gotta
       wrap your head around it.
    I covered ALL that stuff, so what's the next step?  Uh...
    Oh yeah, I go back into the bit about no resettin' in real life, that's good
    ...Yeah, I think that's next.  OK, here we go.  Uh...
    Think about life, kid.  LIFE.  Ain't no do-overs, nope, and there ain't no...
    Quit it with the button pressin'!
    Hefff, haaaarrf, hooooof...  Can't ya sit still for one minute, Mr.
    Got any idea how many times ya hit that button since I started talkin'?  Huh?
       Wanna know?
    [select "Not really."]
    [select "Tell me!"]
    "Not really?"  What is that?
    Ya pressed that thing XXX times!
    And it ain't MY fault!  If ya don't like hearin' all this, all ya gotta do is
       give the resettin' a rest!
    I'm outta patience, kid!  I ain't goin' nowhere 'til ya realize ya been doin'
       wrong and STOP!
    So...  Where do we go from here, huh?
    I could sit around askin' if ya get it all day long.  But that's just in one
       ear and out the other with ya, huh?
    Hmmm...  Oh yeah, I got it!  Here's how this is gonna go, kid.
    You noddin' your head ain't gonna cut it this time.  Nah, you're gonna repeat
       after me, punk!
    And if ya mess up, we'll just start over!  Fun, right?  Yeah...  Well, here we
       go.  Perk up them ears!
    Ya listenin'?  Here goes.
    Lemme hear ya say this:
    "Moles rule!"
    Do it, kid. Do it!
    Say it!
    [Type what's between the quotes with exact capitalization and punctuation.]
    [If you typed correctly:]
    Good stuff!  I can tell ya believe it deep down, kid.
    Don't forget them words!
    OK then.  So long as ya get the big picture, we ain't gotta do this no more.
    But c'mon, kid.  I'm beggin'.  Don't make me do this again!  You're sick of it,
       I'm sick of it, we're sick of it.
    Oh, but one last thing...
    Go to bed early!  Now...
    The ninth time you reset or lose power:
    HEYYYY!  [NAME]!
    Again with this?  Ya don't stop!
    Haaaaaaaff...  Hoooooooff...  ......
    ...Here we are.  Again.
    How many other ways can I say it?  What do I gotta do to make this stick, huh?
    OK, [name], I'm calm.  I probably said this before, but look alive, cause
       you're gettin' it again.
    Let's talk about erasin' the past just 'cause ya didn't like what happened...
    Or pretendin' somethin' didn't happen just 'cause it didn't go your way...
    Attitudes like that are everywhere nowadays, and spreadin' all the time.
    But it ain't right, kid.  It ain't.  Ever think of just tryin' to take things
       as they come?  Huh?
    Look, next time ya feel the need to reset, take a deep breath and think about
       what it says about ya.
    And maybe, just maybe you'll see the light and stop resettin'.  Do that, and
       you and me are golden.
    I know ya ain't fond of our little chats, but I'm doin' it for you, kid.
       That's how much this mole cares.
    Face it, if I didn't care, I'd just show up, hack out a word or two like it was
       no big deal, and leave...
    [first ending:]
    Speakin' of, ya know how some girls'll tell ya, "Oh, that sounds fun, take me
       there sometime"?
    So, WHEN is "sometime"?  Don't just toss that out there!  I'm tryin' to pencil
       ya into my calendar here!
    ...Of course, that ain't got nothin' to do with this, so I'm gonna shut my yap.
    Anyhow, quit it with all that resettin', OK?
    Now...  We're gonna do like we did before.  This time a simple reply ain't
       gonna do.
    Your job's to repeat after me, kid!
    And if ya mess up, we get to start over!  Fun, huh?  So, uh...  Yeah, here we
       go.  Perk up them ears!
    Ready?  Here we go.
    I wanna hear ya say this:
    "I love saving!"
    "Up with saving!"
    Knock me out, kid!
    Say it!
    [Type what's between the quotes with exact capitalization and punctuation.]
    [If you typed incorrectly:]
    That ain't gonna cut the mustard, kid.  All WRONG.  Guess we gotta do it again!
    Ready?  Here we go.
    [If you typed incorrectly again:]
    What, ya figured you'd screw it up anyway, so ya just blurted somethin' out,
       am I right?
    Keep it up, kid.  Yeah, keep it up and we ain't NEVER getting' outta here.
    How about ya quit screwin' around and just say what you're told, [name], huh?
    Ready?  Here we go.
    [If you typed correctly:]
    Solid work, kid.  Straight from the heart, right?
    Now don't go forgettin' whatcha just said!
    We're good then.  So long as ya see the big picture, we're done with business.
    But I'm beggin' ya, kid.  For the luvva dirt, don't make me come out here no
    Oh, and one more thing...
    Quit it already!  You're ruinin' my nerves!  Now...
    [alternate ending:]
    Speakin' of which, I just hate it when folks say stuff they don't mean.  Stuff
       like, "Let's do lunch sometime!"
    What does that MEAN?!  Don't tell me "sometime"!  I'm openin' up time in my
       schedule for ya, bozo!
    ...Uh, yeah, got a little off message here, so I'm gonna wrap this up.
    Bottom line is, I said what I had to say.  Ya don't reset no more, yeah?  Ya
       got it?  Ya clear?
    [select "I get it."]
    Well, ain't that a mercy.  Ya got the message, so we don't gotta go round and
       round again.
    [select "Huh?"]
    It that's how it is, then I guess I gotta check my notes on what I just said
       and say it one more time!
    That sound good, ya punk?  Man, I'm runnin' out of junk to say over here!
    But kid...  I'm pleadin'.  Please, please, don't make me come out here no more!
    Oh, and one more bit of advice for the road...
    If ya plan a lunch, ya don't miss that lunch!  Now...
    The tenth time you reset or lose power:
    Hey, over there.  You, kid.  Yeah, I mean YOU with the face right there.
    Yeah, you.  Come on, of course I mean you, punk.  Ya see anyone else around
       here, [name]?
    You're a real piece of work, kid, ya know that...?
    Ya don't regret your behavior one teeensy little bit, huh?
    Don't play innocent with me!  Ya know EXACTLY what I mean.
    Resettin', professor!  I'm talkin' about the way ya keep resettin'!
    And ya just keep doin' it!  Even after I told ya I'm only givin' ya the
       business 'cause I care!
    I know ya got rights, kid.  You're the one playin', so ya get to reset if ya
       want.  I get it.  I accept it.
    In fact, reset whenever ya want!  Forget about all the yellin' I been doin'.
       Forget it ever happened.
    I promise, from now on I'll keep a cool head when I talk at ya.  I'm sorry.
       I'm Mr. Nice Mole now.
    Yeah, yeah, here we go...
    Say there, friend of mine, ya ever stop to think about resettin'?  Just mull
       it over once in a while?
    I mean...  Who hasn't, right?  There ain't nothin' wrong with it or anythin'.
    Think of it is, I, uh, happened to notice ya been resettin' real regular-like.
    Ya know, to me, doin' that is real, uh...  How to put it...  It's like...
    Ya know...  It's, uh, this...
    Hey completely different topic, but how's life, huh?  Recently, I mean.
    Doin' good, I bet.  High on the hog, right?  Not for this mole, though.  Nah,
       things ain't been so good...
    Can't really get into no details right now, but let's just say I'm ready for a
       vacation, ya know?
    So, yeah, by the way...  How's everyone doin'?  They, uh...doin' good?
       Everyone, I mean?
    So, yeah...
    Ya get my point...right?  Uh, I mean...  I made myself completely clear, yeah?
    I can't take talkin' all nice and proper like that.  Makes me wanna yell at the
       mole in the mirror!
    C'mere.  Look at my arm, will ya?  Talkin' all stiff like that gave me goose
       bumps!  Goose bumps on a mole!
    I can't stand talkin' all nice and proper like that.  Makes me wanna give
       myself a wedgie!
    Look at my arm!  See that?  It happened again!  Talkin' all polite gave me
       goose bumps!  Believe that?
    [first ending:]
    Creeped ya out, too, right?  Ya don't want me to do that no more, right?
    Then ya know how it goes.  Stop resettin'!  Got it?  Are we crystal clear this
    Seriously now, don't let me down!  Let's make this the LAST time, OK, kid?
    Good.  Now, just so ya know, if we gotta meet up again like this, I'm gonna
       stick it to ya like always.
    Oh, and I got one more tidbit of advice for ya.
    Recycle, will ya?!  Now...
    [alternate ending:]
    Creeped ya out, too, right?  Ya don't want me to do that no more, right?
    Then ya know how it goes.  Stop resettin'!  Got it?  Are we crystal clear this
    OK then, show me just how sorry ya are about all the resettin'.  Give it to me
       straight, kid!
    Go on. Communicate the subtle nuances of how you're feelin' to me.  Capture the
    Oh, and just to remind ya, lyin' ain't no good, so don't even think about it!
    I just wanna know exactly how you're feelin' at this moment.  That's all.
    If what you're sayin' jives with me, I'll let ya off the hook.  Sound good?
    OK, let's get into it. [or] OK, let's get it done.
    How sorry are ya?
    [keep bar halfway between "Soooooo sorry." and "Ridiculously sorry."]
    [keep bar halfway between "Ludicrously sorry." and "Crazy sorry."]
    ...Ya put it practically in the very middle!  That don't say much of anythin',
       now, does it?
    Yeah, that looks like a bunch of wishy-washiness to me...
    Sorry, kid, but that answer don't do it for me...
    Gotta do it again, kid.  Let's go!  How sorry, huh? [or] Gonna have to do it
       again.  Go time!  How sorry now?
    [select "So dang sorry."]
    [select "Super sorry."]
    Ya know...  Somethin' about your answer sounds fake.
    Are ya REALLY all that sorry now?
    Real regret ain't quite so emphatic, no way!  Your answer still ain't comin'
       from the heart.
    Sorry, punk, but that answer didn't move me one little iota.
    Gotta do it again, kid.  Let's go!  How sorry, huh? [or] Gonna have to do it
       again.  Go time!  How sorry now?
    [select "Quite sorry."]
    [select "Super-duper sorry."]
    ...What the heck's THAT supposed to mean?  And here I thought ya were sorry!
       Don't look like it!
    I mean, everyone feels sorry in a different way, but that's awful one-sided.
    Feelin' sorry ain't that simple!  There's supposed to be all these different
       nuances in there, yeah?
    You hear me?  Show me nuances!  Mixed feelin's!
    Gotta do it again, kid.  Let's go!  How sorry, huh? [or] Gonna have to do it
       again.  Go time!  How sorry now?
    [move the bar toward "So dang sorry."]
    [move the bar toward "Super-duper sorry."]
    Hmm...  Ah...  Really, now...
    Well, if that's how ya feel...  Huh, guess I can believe it.
    OK, fair's fair.  I'll overlook the incident...this time!
    Now, with the way I been pushin' this, I figure ya know by now, but SAVE BEFORE
       YA QUIT!  OK?
    Good.  Now, just so ya know, if we meet up again like this, I'm gonna stick it
       to ya like always.
    Oh yeah, and I got one more nugget of advice...
    Don't bother usin' words that don't suit ya!  Now...
    Starting with the eleventh time you reset or lose power, the ninth and tenth 
    dialogs repeat, though the endings may differ.
    You might talk to Resetti and/or Don when they visit The Roost, the cafe in the 
    basement of the Museum.
    Don sometimes appears there on Saturday afternoons between Noon and 1:30pm or 
    between 2:30pm and 4:00pm.  Before he appears at the cafe, you must reset or 
    lose power five times, meeting him for the first time outside your house.
    Resetti sometimes appears at The Roost on Sundays between Noon and 1:30pm or 
    between 2:30pm and 4:00pm.
    The Reset Surveillance Center is open from 8:00pm to Midnight on random 
    When you get in, you'll be able to speak to Resetti and/or Don.  Don will 
    appear at the RSC after you've met him via resetting or losing power (at least 
    five times).
    The first time you enter the RSC:
    Hey, whoa!  You!  How'd ya get in here?!
    The Reset Surveillance Center ain't open to civilians!  That means YOU!
    Ya shouldn't be here!  Ya ain't allowed to come in here without permission!
    So, yeah, get out!  Oh, and one more thing...  Don't tell anyone about this
    What?!  Why are you still...  Get OUT, ya crazy...
    Oh, RIGHT!  Figures.
    Kids are getting' pretty cheeky these days, bargin' in and askin' for stuff.
    Here, go on and take this.  But just get out!
       [hands over Silver Shovel]
    Yeah, that's right, it's a Silver Shovel.
    That's a really rare item, kid.  I probably shoulda kept it.  Hey, but nice old
       me gave it to ya, so get out.
    Oh, and one more thing.  Do NOT go tellin' anyone about this place.
    What?!  I ain't got nothin' else, kid!  I'm tapped!
    Don't just stand there like a dirt clod, hurry up and get outta here!
    Don't go touchin' that stuff without permission, punk!
    There ain't nothin' there for ya, I said!  Now get out already, will ya?!
    The second time you find only Resetti in the RSC:
    Hey!  You!  Yeah, you, punk!  What're ya thinkin', comin' back in here?!
    I told ya, civilians ain't allowed in here!
    Aww, that snaps it.  Look, ya crummy little...
    Nah, it ain't worth it...  Look, just do me a favor and keep your promise...
    Don't tell anyone about this place, OK, kid?
    Don't just sit there like a mud puddle, get a move on and clear out!
    What, are ya just MADE of free time, kid...?  Or are ya just lonely?
    Don't you be touchin' nothin' without my say-so!
    The third time you encounter only Resetti in the RSC:
    Hey, it's the kid.  How ya been lately, huh?
    Didn't I tell ya not to go fritterin' your time away?
    Time flies faster than ya think, kid.
    Ya know, these days I'm much better at controllin' my anger when I get
    ...Ya think it's the calcium supplements, maybe?
    Man, that guy sure is on TV a lot...
    Is he supposed to be funny or somethin'?
    How come there ain't no good shows on TV no more, huh?!  How many reality shows
       can a mole take?
    The fourth time you see only Resetti in the RSC:
    Hey, if it ain't you.  How's life been treatin' ya?
    Well, remember, slackin' off will getcha nowhere!
    Ya know, these days I'm much better at controllin' my anger when I get
    ...Ya think it's the calcium supplements, maybe?
    Man, guy sure is on TV a lot...
    Is he supposed to be funny or somethin'?
    How come there ain't no good shows on TV no more, huh?!  How many reality shows
       can a mole take?
    The first time you encounter both Resetti and Don in the RSC:
    WAAAAH!  Whoa, ya scared me, kid!
    Oh, it's just [name].
    Wasn't expectin' to see ya here, kiddo.  Ya lost or somethin'?
    Aw, ignore him, Don!
    It ain't like that kid's just reset once or twice before.  Kid's a repeat
    Plus he came into the Reset Spy-On-Ya Center on purpose after bein' told
       expressly not to by me!
    Kid's a punk!
    Now, now, what kind of talk is that?  That ain't nice, now is it, Sonny?
    No, it ain't.  It's unpleasant.  That's why people fear ya, brother of mine.
    In this day and age, people of quality don't go yellin' at each other like that.
    Ya gotta find the good in people and compliment 'em on it, know what I mean?
    And another thing, Sonny...  Ya really shouldn't call it the Spy-On-Ya Center.
    Use the official name, the Reset Surveillance Center.  Or, if ya gotta shorten
       it, the Reset Center.
    Ya shouldn't nickname everythin' just to sound young and hip.  At your age,
       it's just embarrassin'.
    Look, I know ya got a point, Don, but can ya just shelve it for now, huh?
    Long and short of it's that somethin's affecting our work, am I right?
    And if the CIVILIAN would be so good as to LEAVE the premises, ipso facto, we
       can get back to work.
    Don (though name bubble says "Resetti"):
    Point taken, Sonny.
    Resetti (though the name bubble says "Don"):
    Just the facts of life, Don.  Seriously, just this time we been talkin'...
    I mean, who knows when...  AHHHH!
    [Alarm sounds, lights flash!]
    Don, we gotta talk about this later!
    [Resetti exits.]
    So...  Ya see, [name]?  There ain't nothin' here.  So, there really ain't no
       reason to stay.
    Take it easy, OK, kid?
    Careful out there!
    Watch your feet there.
    Don't overdo it, now.

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