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    Wi-Fi Double Battle Guide by leonheart23464

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 08/25/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Pokemon: Battle Revolution
    Guide to Wi-Fi Battles: Double Battles
    Version 1.3
    I. Introduction
    	IA. Before you StartÖ
    	IB. Eggs and egg moves.
    	IC. EV training to the simplest
    	ID. Easy Training Areas
    II. Rockiní Teams
    	IIA. Ubers
    	IIB. No Ubers
    III. Items
    IV. Other Little Advice
    V. What NOT to do
    VI. Legal Stuff
    VII. Contact Information and Team Submission Information
    Version 1.3 - Fixed the Version error, added No-Uber Team
    Version 1.2 - Updated Move Listings, fixed a few tiny errors
    Version 1.1 - Updated E-Mail under contact information
    Version 1.0 - Posted on GameFAQs! First official guide
     posted by me. Hurray!
    NOTE: This is NOT an in depth guide for egg moves, EV
     Training, or anything similar to. Thinking so will result
     in sore eyes, with possible side effects including chronic
     headaches, yelling fits, and ď&^$!; This isnít what I
     need!Ē Syndrome. I, and the company/website of GameFAQs,
     are not liable for any other side effects not listed, and
     you read this guide at your own risk. Thank you. 
    I. Introduction
    	Welcome to my guide for Wi-Fi battles. Now I know a
     lot of other guides tell you about EVís and IVís and all
     that other jazz. Yeah, a lot of that can help, but if you
     just wanna play and win a damn match without having to go
     through all the trouble, this is the guide for you.
    	Iím not knocking EV training at all, or saying itís
     not important. All Iím saying is that I donít want to spend
     all that time doing it and, to be honest, a lot of people
     donít. The only type of EV training Iím going to have you
     do is the EV training items (I.e., Carbos, Protein, etc.)
     and thanks to the Battle Frontier/Park in DPP, getting them
     is really quick and painless.
    	Alright so hereís what you need to do first. Beat your
     DS game. Plain and simple. Thereís plenty of guides on how
     to do it, just do it. I donít care how or with who, just do
     it and get it done. This isnít going anywhere and reading
     up on it now might make your game harder for you in the
     short run.
    IA. Before You StartÖ
    	Alright, weíll start with this. ANY POKEMON YOU CATCH
    	Did I get that across okay? Alright. Toss your
     Torterra and trusty Luxray to the side and listen up; If
     you wanna have a good enough team to win multiple battles
     (especially without legendaries) youíre going to have to
     raise them from level 1. Itís a pain in the ass, but itís
    	Now that weíre past that, thereís a couple things you
     have to do before starting your training. First off, you
     need to have all of the stat boosting items you can get
     from the Battle Frontier/Park. The Power Bracer, Lens, etc.
     I also recommend the Macho Brace as well. Even multiples of
     it. Itís one of my favorite items and it should be one of
     yours too.
    	Once you get all of that, youíre pretty much ready to
     start. An optional item that I highly recommend is the stat
     raising items like protein and carbos. Each mon at level 1
     can have 10 of each item, raising that EV 10 points per
     item used. Most wont use all 10 for each stat, and the rest
     of the EVís come from training normally. Itís not
     necessary, but it does make things easier. Besides, it only
     costs 1 BP for 1 item.
    	Also, I recommend each one of your pokemon to be at
     least 75 before hopping in a PBR match, making sure you get
     itís most powerful moves (I.e., Water Spout for Kyogre)
    	Another recommendation is having Pokemon XD: Gale of
     Darkness. This game wasnít blockbuster, but every pokemon
     you catch has a special move thatís either: A.) impossible
     to get or B.) a difficult egg move to get. For example, the
     Zapdos you catch in that game has Metal Sound, which lowers
     Sp. Def two levels, while Moltres picks up Extrasensory, an
     80 power psychic attack that can flinch. Plus, the Lugia
     that you get has some serious trade value on the GameFAQS
     forum list, having Psycho Boost and Featherdance. Also, if
     you have some patience, you can clear all 100 battles at
     Mt. Battle to get all 3 Johto starters. Not only that, they
     come equipped with an awesome egg move AND their own
     elemental Hyper Beam (I.e., Blast Burn for Cyndaquil, with
     reversal), even though with DPP thatĎs not rare anymore.
     Seriously, a Gamecube only costs 30 dollars now at
     GameStop, and you might even be able to get it for CHEAPER.
     Do it. Iím using my Jedi Mind Trick. Go.
    IB. Eggs and Egg Moves
    	Iím not in any way or form going to name every pokemon
     egg group and egg move in the game. Thatís insane and I
     give props to any person who decides to do that. If you
     want that kind of information, GameFAQs has a lot of really
     good guides to getting your pokemon the natures you want
     and the moves you want. Check them out.
    	But back to the this. There are a lot of egg moves
     that can make a lot of the good pokemon even better (I.e.,
     Tyranitar with Outrage = sex). If youíre going to handle
     all of the legendary pokemon youíre going to face, youíre
     going to have to utilize this strategy to the fullest.
     Otherwise, youíll just get destroyed time and time again,
     and I donít want to hear about another wiimote tossed
     through a TV screen in anger. Iím really tired of that.
    	Iím sure you know the basics of egg moves, but here it
     is anyway. The male pokemon passes down the moves, while
     the female passes down the type of pokemon. Thereís
     something a lot of people donít know though. The female
     also passes down a similar nature 25% of the time on
     average (I donít know the actual percentage. Thatís just my
     percentage.). However, if the pokemon holds an Everstone,
     it passes down a similar nature 50% of the time, which is
     amazing. Use this method to your advantage to get the
     nature you want faster.
    	More later.
    IC. EV Training To The Simplest
    	Alright, now you have all of the training items I told
     you to get, right? If not, you need to get them. Itís
     crucial to your success. Now once you get your cute little
     pokes at level 1 with the nature you want, youíll want to
     attach the training item you want IMMEDIATELY. This causes
     you to get more EVís towards that certain stat, while
     making you act last almost all the time, even with high
    	Hereís what I recommend; retrace your steps of rising
     to the top and crushing Sinnoh, and utilize your Vs.
     Seeker. Psychic pokes are easier to train with the items,
     because those lucky little fellas get to have a nice move
     call Trick Room. Lame, but effective.
    	Also, double battles are your friend. You can use your
     higher pokes with double battle owning moves like
     Earthquake or Surf and equip your tiny poke with Protect
     temporarily. It makes things a lot easier, and moves things
     very quickly along until your poke can act on itís own
     accord. If your little poke is on a GBA game, I would
     suggest transferring to XD if you have that option. Mt.
     Battle on the GCN Pokemon is a great place for low level
     training, but you wonít get to use anything but the Macho
     Brace unfortunately :[. Still, if you want to train them up
     faster, Mt. Battle, Protect, and an angry Groudon could
     speed things up for you.
    	Once your poke either evolves to itís last stage or
     gets strong enough to handle itself, make it fight the
     strongest pokemon you can. Remember, if it faints it
     doesnít really matter. You donít have to make it happy (and
     I will NEVER make you use Return or Frustration) for it to
     be good.
    	Thatís all Iím having you do. Thatís all I do and Iíve
     only lost twice out of 97 battles on PBR. Itís your
     decision if you want to do more. All Iím saying is itís not
     necessary to win.
    ID. Easy Training Areas
    	A lot of people donít know where to train their low
     level pokes or even their high level pokes. Iím gonna make
     things real easy for you, and post a couple of my favorite
     spots right here.
    - North of Solaceon up the bike path, thereís a double
     battle with a Clefairy and Pikachu thatís almost not worth
     it and a Pkmn Breeder with an Elekid and a Happiny. Happiny
     gives you 1.2k experience EVERYTIME. Youíre going to
     destroy this guy hundreds of times with your low to mid
     level guys to train them up easily.
    - North of the Battle Frontier, thereís 3 trainers. Oneís a
     Bird Keeper with some decent exp training for pokemon good
     against birds. I think he has a Farfetchíd, Swellow, and
     Skarmory. Donít quote me though, Iíll check later. Thereís
     a psychic with two Slowbro. AWESOME TRAINING. Slowbro is
     dumb, and really easy to beat. Great/easy training with
     even an unSTABed boltbeamer or even a psychic pokemon with
     Shadow Ball or a shock attack.
    - The Elite Four is irritating, I know, but the training
     there is awesome. In Platinum, the levels go up even
     higher, and itís just amazing training for all types of
     high level pokemon you have.
    Iím open for more places of training. E-mail or IM me at
     anytime during the week and Iíll test them out myself. If
     they work as well as you say, Iíll add them to the guide
     and give you credit for giving me the information. Those
     are my favorite 3 places, however.
    II. Rockiní Teams
    	WOOO! The moment you all have been waiting for!
     WellÖmaybe not. BUT! This is where Iím going to list off
     combinations that have worked for me in the past. If you
     have your own combinations, as Iíve said before, send them
     my way and Iíll test them myself and raise them myself. I
     donít want people screaming at me through e-mails about how
     their team is better. Listen, I donít care. Iím trying to
     help the people that want the teams they wanna use to be
     better. You can shove your ďall uber rapeĒ team up your
     ass. =]
    	Anyways, Iíll list off all the combinations Iíve used,
     with and without Ubers alike. If you want to win on PBR, it
     IS possible with a no Uber team, but itís much harder,
     since the opposition really doesnít care if you like them
     or not. Theyíre still going to use them and, letís be
     honest, theyíre some of the most powerful pokemon in the
    IIA. Ubers
    	Alright. This is where the depth comes in. Grab your
     reading glasses, a pen and paper, and your Gameboy.  This
     is about to get heavy. This section covers the use of teams
     with Ubers in them. Keep in mind: I donít like legendary
     pokemon that much either. Thereís no sense of training
     there, and they kind of suck fun out of the game. But
     without them, many would be lost. It makes a trainer feel
     good to catch a Mewtwo in a Poke Ball (which Iíve done by
     the way. Itís a good feeling), or finally find that stupid
     Latios youíve been running all over the ******* world for
     just for it to have a bad nature. Bastard.
    	Anyway, hereís the first team.
    Groudon @ Expert Belt/Muscle Band
    Eruption/Fire Blast (Level Depending)
    Cherrim @ Focus Band (Item really doesnít matter here, 
    whatever you choose is fine, but I like focus band)
    Helping Hand
    Lucky Chant/Protect
    Synthesis/Sunny Day 
    Gardevoir @ Big Root/ (I PREFER Synchronize here, but Trace
     isnít a bad thing either. More on this in a minute)
    Dream Eater/Psychic
    Thunderbolt/Shadow Ball (I Prefer Thunderbolt)
    Icy Wind
    Skill Swap
    Electivire @ Muscle Band/Expert Belt/Scope Lens (Iíve had
     success with all three)
    Ice Punch
    Magnet Rise/Cross Chop/Whatever (This is really a
     fillerÖFire Punch can be successful SOMETIMES, but most of
     the time if you need a fire attack THAT badly, Groudon
     usually takes care of it)
    Umbreon @ Focus Band/Brightpowder
    Confuse Ray
    Protect/Attract (I donít like attract, but itís still
    Latios @ Soul Dew
    Dragon Pulse
    Ice Beam/Shadow Ball
    Recover/Ice Beam/Shadow Ball
    Optional Poke (I use this one; nothing too crazy for moves
    Darkrai @ Anything Fun =] The Wise Glasses are fun.
    Dark Void (DuhÖ)
    Dream Eater
    Dark Pulse
    	Obviously, the main point of this team is Cherrimís
     Flower Gift, but there are a lot of other places this team
     works out well. This was the first team I used, and I loved
     it. Itís just fun to play with. Even if you lose a couple
     times, itís still fun to play with. I know you canít get
     Darkrai, which is why I put Latios in there. I did happen
     to get one, and itís possible to trade for a semi-legit one
     (which CAN be used in PBR).
    	Let me try to explain the tactics here. Many battles
     start with Cherrim and Groudon, and for some reason people
     go after Groudon (silly kidsÖ), because Groudon sets out an
     everlasting Sunny Day. Now, the Groudon I used to use to
     peruse through XDís Mt. Battle couldnít have Thunderpunch
     (I didnít have Emerald *tearz*), but Thunderbolt worked
     wonders on those damn birds. When I made this, Thunderpunch
     sounded good to me =]. Either way works, with Thunderpunch
     having the power advantage. Groudon is really the only Uber
     needed for this team to work every time, and it really
     doesnít do all that much. Itís good at wreaking havoc among
     the other Ubers, and not many people on Wi-Fi are going to
     use Kyogre, which is really the only pokemon you should
     worry about. Palkia CAN cause problems, but itís mediocre
     speed stat makes it unreliable as an effective Groudon
     killer. Another recommendation; get a neutral nature for
     your Groudon. Lowering any one itís stats gives it a
    	Cherrim is your blessing in disguise. It makes all of
     your stronger pokemon stronger, and just makes things fun.
     Cherrim, otherwise, is a piss poor grass type, not learning
     much in the form of other types of moves. By not much, I
     mean it can learn Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, and Rollout (for
     real NintendoÖrollout?) and THATíS IT. It sucks in that
     sense, and it wont be putting up much of a fight. In all
     honesty, Iíd highly consider dumping SolarBeam for
     Safeguard. Safeguard and Lucky Chant makes the opposition
     kinda screwed in the form of the luck factor, and a lot of
     the time this team is going to out muscle other Uber teams
     (yeah I said it. And IĎll prove it too. FC at the bottom,
     bring it on).
    	Gardevoir is going to be your cheap skate. Heís gonna
     be the one pokemon that people arenít going to expect.
     Skill Swap is gonna be the factor. We all know Cherrim
     canít take a hit to save itís life (though it does survive
     a Adamant Groudon Earthquake, so that isnít entirely true),
     and thatís where Gardevoir comes in. Use its Skill Swap
     when Cherrim is low on HP and save itís Flower Gift
     ability. If Cherrim is in good standing, use Icy Wind to
     lower the speed of your opponents unless youíve got
     something out there Voir can beat up easily (I.e., Gyarados
     + Thunderbolt). This way, youíll be able to use Skill Swap
     much easier, and you wonít have to worry about Voir and
     Cherrimís mediocre speed as much. Between you and me, Icy
     Wind made my first trip through Orre in XD a lot easier.
     Also, a Trace Voir can easily use Skill Swap to give an
     opponents skill to someone who can use it better.
    	Electivire is a beast. Done. There really isnít much
     else to it. Itís ability, Motor Drive, is easily spammed
     using Groudon or Gardevoir. Electivire has a very wide
     moveset, and you can form it around however way you choose.
     I like to have Ice Punch for the probable Dragon type
     youíll see. The only downside to Electivire is itís piss
     poor defenses. Sp. Def. is mediocre, but not as bad as it
     seems. Thereís a way around this, but itís hard, and
     sometimes not worth your time. If you traded out Electivire
     with a Mewtwo or a Zapdos, itíd be understandable, but I
     lean towards Electivire. Itís fast enough to outrun
     Garchomp and the Uber Dragons, which is what I use it for
     most of the time anyway.
    	Alright, Umbreon! My favorite little helper! You might
     notice it has ZERO attacks. Well, high up pokemon trainers
     know that this little beast doesnít need one. Itís out
     there for one thing and one thing only: to piss your
     opponent off. Umbreon has gotten OHKOíed once and ONLY
     ONCE. That was from a CH Cross Chop from a very angry
     Electivire. Toxic gets progressively more powerful over
     time, and no one uses Refresh/Rest anymore. Confuse Ray is
     obvious. I hate confusion with a passion, and mix it with
     paralysis and itís just down right irritating (paralysis,
     attractiveness, and confusion is a combo youíll see later).
     Protect just further bothers people, and keeps Umbreon
     breathing long enough for perhaps a Synchronize effect to
     come into play. Snatch is kind of a weird move. It can be
     the most helpful and most useless thing in the world. What
     it does is it stills your opponents status changing or
     healing move and uses it instead. So moves like Recover and
     Thunder Wave are rendered useless. You sometimes steal a
     move, too. For example, if a Raichu used Thunderbolt while
     you were using Snatch, and it was going to paralyze itís
     target, Umbreon would take the attack and use it as itís
     own. Really just a filler here, for in between 2 Protects
     (Protect, Snatch, Protect). This Umbreon can be and should
     be in almost every 4 slotted lineup with this team.
    	Latios. Okay. Iíll be honest, I had no idea whether
     Latios was going to actually be of help to me in PBR. It
     wasnít looking good when I caught it. Timid nature, just
     trying to find a temporary replacement for Darkrai
     specifically for this guide (youíre welcome).  The speed
     boosting nature was actually really cool, and Latios worked
     well with Groudon and Electivire. Not to mention, I ended
     up getting a Soul Dew as well, which I felt was pretty
     lucky to find that (thank you GameFAQs trading board).
     Dragon Pulse was a TM I ended up giving to my Latios,
     unaware it learned it. Oops =]. Anyway, nothing too crazy
     here. Psychic is obvious, Iíd hope. The last two moves are
     really just fillers. Honestly, Shadow Ball has little worth
     on the main game, but youíd be surprised how many times
     Mewtwo shows upÖor maybe you wouldnít. Anyway, Ice Beam
     isnít really necessary. By the way, with Flower Gift AND
     the Soul Dew, a Latios on average with a neutral nature
     will have 360 Sp. Atk. Not that it should mean anything to
     you or anything. =]
    	Darkrai is the pokemon I use in PBR. Itís legit, and I
     received it using the gift item Member Card from an event
     near my house. Dark Void is an unbelievably useful
     technique, and Darkrai isnít slow. It puts both of your
     opponents to sleep with the best accuracy next to Spore
     (having 100%). Itís defenses are good enough to make it
     survive, and there isnít a single Fighting pokemon thatíll
     out run it. Bad Dreams is just another one of those bother
     moves, and another move that can be Skill Swapped around
     with Gardevoir. If you can get a semi-legit Darkrai, I
     still recommend it. GameFAQs trading boards are here, guys.
     Thereís one out there if you put the work out. Itís moveset
     really isnít anything special. It makes things go zzZzzZz
     while you beat them up (or get off a Guard Swap/Groudon sun
     time?). It makes maneuvering around those big bad
     legendaries a lot easier.
    Overall opinion - A- 
    This is the team I generally use when I wanna prove my
     prowess as a Pokemon Trainer. Instead of just one strategy,
     it has multiple, making it very versatile and easy to use.
     A team of all Ubers still can prove to be a challenge,
     though, but this is the least amount of them I could use
     and win with. My two losses on Wi-F came from teams
     consisting of Deoxys, Rayquaza, Mewtwo, etc. It was close
     (a 1x1 finisher between my weakened Darkrai and a full
     health Mewtwo. Dark Void missed, and I knew Dark Pulse
     wasnít going to be a OHKO). As long as you play smart with
     this team, you should do fine. I didnít even have to use
     the EV training items with this team; I just trained
     normally. So if youíre looking for something like that,
     this is an easy team to train and use. This team only lost
     to one of the other teams I created, and is the only reason
     I had to give it the A-.
    	Thatís the team I recommend to any starting PBR
     trainer. Easy to raise, with some simple movesets. I canít
     imagine a team accomplishing a similar tactic any better,
     and I havenít found one yet. If you want one with pure
     power, this next one will be down your alley. Lots of
     Uberness here. Let it fill you with joy, glee, and
     hopefully victory. Not a lot of strategy here, just a
     couple highlander pokemon.
    Mewtwo @ Wise Glasses
    Psychic (duh)
    Thunderbolt/Shadow Ball
    Ice Beam/Focus Blast
    Recover (some people use restÖI donít like that at all)
    Rayquaza @ ???
    Okay hereís the deal. There are so many ways you can go with
     this pokemon, that I couldnít list the one youíre all going
     to like. So hereís the deal. Iíll post my thoughts, and you
     can just go with what you want.
    Rayquaza @ Muscle Belt/Focus Sash
    Dragon Claw
    Shadow Claw/Avalanche (ONLY if Mewtwo doesnít have Shadow
     Ball; Otherwise, go with the latter)
    Draco Meteor/Focus Blast (ONLY if Mewtwo didnít choose Ice
     Beam; Otherwise go with the latter)
    Ice Beam/Thunderbolt/Earthquake
    Deoxys (Speed Form) @ Expert Belt/Black Belt
    Psycho Boost
    Focus Punch
    Dialga @ Adamant Orb
    Dragon Pulse
    Flash Cannon
    Roar of Time/Earth Power
    Aura Sphere
    Palkia @ Lustrous Orb
    Water Pulse/Surf
    Spacial Rend
    Earth Power
    Aura Sphere
    Lugia (This is from XD) @ Leftovers
    Extrasensory (more on this below)
    	Alright hereís how this one works. You throw the Poke
     BallsÖrelease 2 of the 6 pokemon you haveÖand thatís it.
     Everything else just kinda happens. No real strategy here,
     and most of you are going ďWell, duh. Thatís kinda
     obvious.Ē Well no itís not. Youíd be surprised how many
     times I fought a Dialga with leftovers using Draco Meteor.
     It didnít even kill my Umbreon in one hit. Nicely done,
     PokeMaster287. Nicely done.
    	All personal stabs aside, this team speaks for itself.
     Iíll go through each one though, just for your pleasure (or
    	Mewtwo sometimes gets forgotten along the way. With
     the amazing amount of legendaries Game Freak and Nintendo
     are spamming, they are starting to realize a lot of our old
     Kanto friends werenít made to be very good (giving Flareon
     Fire Fang is no help Nintendo. Whereís Flare Blitz?!)
     Anyway, choose whether you want Ice Beam or Thunderbolt or
     both. Choosing both will make the RBY and Stadium favorite
     Mewtwo. It killed almost anything in its path. Shadow Ball
     is a special attack now, leaving that open as an option,
     and Focus Blast would annihilate any dark types thrown your
     way (except for UmbreonÖsuXX0rs)
    	Rayquaza is your own decision. Iím not talking about
    	Deoxysí Speed Form is a bit underrated. Being in Speed
     Form makes it faster than everything. Go ahead, reread it a
     few times. NOTHING WILL MATCH YOUR SPEED. Itís stats are
     even across the board, and no one, including the AI,
     expects your Deoxys to be using Substitute and Focus Punch.
     It works well, I promise you that. Psycho Boost in case of
     emergency (ICE from now on), which should fry anything you
     need it too. Donít forget to spam recover after using a FP.
    	Dialgaís pretty simple. Use itís Adamant Orb to your
     advantage and overpower your opponent with Dragon Pulse and
     Flash Cannon. Roar of Time is an ICE move for sure, and it
     saves your skin quite a few times. If you feel itís not
     helping you along, swap it out with Earth Power for some
     more versatility. Aura Sphere never misses, not much more
     to say there.
    	Palkiaís about the same thing, really, though it
     doesnít need Dragon Pulse. I really donít like Surf
     anymore. They decided to make it hit your partner (which
     makes sense, but itís still irritating) and that just isnít
     worth it in my book. Water Pulse is weak, but if you really
     need a Water attack with more power that badly, you just
     guessed wrong and probably deserve to lose. Earth Power and
     Aura Sphere stay the only obvious winners here.
    	Lugia is your supporter for this team. The only poke I
     suspect you wonít use at least every other battle. Itís
     defenses are top notch, and help it outlive most Ubers,
     even with a Super-effective hit. Featherdance is basically
     to stop hardcore physical attackers like Electivire or a
     Deoxys in attack form, but it doesnít matter. Aeroblast is
     a special attack now which makes me happy ^_^ see? Recover
     makes Lugia outlast everyone, thanks to itís unnoticeably
     high speed. Seriously. Itís faster than a lot of pokemon.
     Itís surprising, really.
    Overall - B
    Look, Iíll be plain with you guys. I donít like Ubers all
     that much, so the grade is a little biased. This team wins
     a lot, but it usually only wins when your opponent doesnít
     have a solid strategy to play with. Although it has no
     strategy, this one is better for the younger kids for the
     simple fact that they could go in blind and win a fight
     with this team. Seriously. I canít give it a lower grade
     than a B, though,  because itís really hard to beat a team
     like this. With a 6 on 6 fight between this and my first
     team (above), all of these guys hard a hard time dealing
     with Darkraiís sleep techniques and speed (except Deoxys of
     course). It ended up with the first team winning with 3
     pokemon remaining: Gardevoir, Darkrai, and Cherrim. Cherrim
     hadnít even seen the field yet.
    	Those are my two Uber teams guys. Iíd love to post
     some of yours on the guide, so e-mail them to me (e-mail
     located at the bottom of the page). If theyíre good enough
     to win ONE battle on Wi-Fi for me, Iíll post them on here
     as soon as I can and credit you with your team. More
     details on team submissions below.
    IIB. No Ubers
    	(Currently Under Construction. More soon)
    	This section is dedicated to using no Ubers in any of
     your teams whatsoever. No Mewtwo *tearz* but you still can
     use Raikou and Latios and pokemon of that nature, because
     theyíre not as good as everyone else :P. It sucks to train
     them up, and itís a big olí pain in the ass to get the
     right move sets, but still, itís fun to use, and wellÖhere
     it is. Based off of Pokemon Coliseum.
    Raikou @ Wise Glasses
    Extrasensory (:P)
    Thunder Wave
    Espeon @ Focus Band/Light Clay
    Shadow Ball
    Morning Sun/Protect
    Light Screen
    Suicune @ Nevermeltice/Mystic Water
    Hydro Pump/Brine
    Icy Wind
    Signal Beam
    Umbreon (told you youíd see it again :D) @ Leftovers
    Confuse Ray
    Toxic/Protect/Guard Swap
    Metagross @ Muscle Band
    Meteor Mash
    Zen Headbutt
    Thunderpunch (Platinum only - Move Tutor)
    Typhlosion @ Salac Berry
    Eruption/Flamethrower/Blast Burn
    Filler (Doesnít really matter; Throw in something you think
     might be helpful)
    	I wonít spend much time on this team. Itís really not
     all that special, but thereís been some success in the past
     with this team. The basic idea is that no matter what comes
     out at you, youíre going to wanna use Espeon and Raikou
     first, preferably both with Timid natures, jacking their
     speed higher than necessary. Light Screen and Reflect to
     start off, then whittle away at their team with powerful
     blasts from Psychic and Thunderbolt (Extrasensory if
     Psychic rapes). Umbreon plays a similar role as the Uber
     Flower Gift team, being an irritating little bastard. Donít
     you just love him ^_^?
    	Anyway, continuing on! Raikou learns Extrasensory in
     DPP, and is kind of cool. Youíll really only be using
     Thunderbolt here, with an occasional Thunder Wave. Thunder
     Wave sets up Umbreon nicely, and Raikou is just awesome.
     Use him. Abuse him. Love him.
    	Espeon is much like Raikou, in a sense that itís out
     there to set your guys up. If Espeon and Raikou knock
     something out in the process, thatís just a bonus and chalk
     it up as a victory. Shadow Ball is a special attack now,
     which replaces Coliseumís bite with happiness and joy.
     Although, thereís another path you can go down. Protect
     with Espeon is kind of cool. A lot of people on Wi-Fi  get
     worried about Espeon quickly, and sometimes focus their
     attacks towards it. Protect can give your ally a free beat
     down session. You could swap Morning Sun out too; itís not
     a necessary move.
    	Suicune learns the strangest moves out of the three
     dogs. I have no idea why it learns Tailwind, but it makes
     things very easy for you. To be honest, most of the time
     Iíd take Hydro Pump over Brine, but Espeon and Raikou are
     gonna leave some pokemon weakened for Suicune to Brine
     upÖbut itís your call. Signal Beam = Sex and can OHKO a lot
     of Psychic types blind. Seriously, do you expect a Suicune
     to come out with Signal Beam?
    	Ah Umbreon, our paths cross again. ^_^ Iíve missed you
     so. This is the Umbreon I mentioned earlier. Snatch works
     well on teams similar to my A- Uber team, because you can
     steal moves like Guard Swap and Thunder Wave. It works well
     sometimes, but some would argue that youíd be better off
     with protect. Iíve had my Umbreon snatch a dying Mewtwoís
     recover. It was a happy day. I almost lost that one. Same
     old song and dance here, though. If you want to feed off of
     Raikouís Thunder Wave, donít bother with Toxic and give it
     Guard Swap or Moonlight.
    	Metagross should be an Uber, but itís not. I have no
     clue why. Meteor Mash hurts everything, even if itís not
     very effective. It gets Zen Headbutt now, which has a
     chance to flinch, but you wonít have to worry about that.
     It wonít be faster than much, even with Tailwind active.
     Thunderpunch is just a ďUh oh, help me.Ē move. It hurts
     things when nothing else does. Explosion is one of my
     favorite moves. I love when it goes boom, and Umbreon
     protects. Also, you can use it in a partnership with
     something else. And itís name isÖ
    	Typhlosion. ďEnduversalĒ FTW. In Coliseum, I couldnít
     use anything but Flamethrower and Dig. DPP helped this poke
     out a lot. Eruption? For real? Awesome. Anyway, that move
     and whatever you decided to be your filler are gonna be the
     only moves you use besides reversal, so Blast Burn or
     Eruption are good ways to go. Earthquake is always an
     option as a filler, but I used Focus Punch. Two high power
     moves that arenít usually ever used. Just an emergency poke
     here, Iím sure there are better.
    Overall - A
    I couldnít believe it. This team of all teams beat my Flower
     Gift team. Not just once or twice. Every single time those
     teams faced off, this team won the fight. It even beat the
     all Uber team more than once. I had to give it an A
     compared to my other teams. For some reason, itís hard to
     break through reflect and light screen at the same time.
     Tailwind works like something fierce, and Power Swapping
     with my Quiet Suicune had it single-handedly defeating
     pokemon on the Uber team. It killed Mewtwo in one Signal
     Beam o.0
    	Thatís the number 1 non-uber team Iíve used so far. I
     tried making a similar team from XD, but letís just say it
     ended horribly and leave it at that. That game leaves you
     so ill-prepared for the outside world, youíre better off
     keeping that sissy team inside Orre where it belongs.
     Although, the Medicham and Tyranitar you get from there are
     SWEET, but not unique. They just have good egg moves.
     Anyways, thatís three teams so far. Iím working on a second
     Uber team right now, and I should have it up by the time
     the Version 1.1 is ready to go.
    	This next team is one of the first submissions I've 
    had that actually worked. It was a bit shocking really, as
    I never really liked combinations like this. But, it worked,
    so here it is.
    Bronzong: Lum Berry (Needs Levitate)
    Gyro Ball
    Trick Room
    Tyranitar: Chople Berry
    Rock Slide
    Camerupt: Passho Berry (Solid Rock is better)
    Earth Power
    Rock Slide
    Magnezone: Shuca Berry
    Mirror Shot/Flash Cannon (Mine knows Mirror Shot because
    I didn't want to use the one use TM Flash Cannon yet)
    Magnet Rise
    Gliscor: Brightpowder/Lax Incense (With Sand Veil)
    Aerial Ace
    Double Team
    Ice Fang
    Torterra: White Herb
    Leaf Storm
    "Okay, the strategy for my party is pretty self-explanitory, 
    use Trick Room and then kill your opponents as you move 
    first, but there are some subtle (and not so subtle) elements
    in this party that make it deadly. One of these elements is 
    the use of wide-range moves and working so they don't hit your 
    partner or don't hit it hard. (Torterra is very resistant to 
    Earthquake). Another is the use of Flinch through Bronzong's 
    Extrasensory and Tyranitar's Rock Slide as well as Camerupt's 
    Rock Slide. I don't use Camerupt's Rock Slide often though
    The first two Pokemon that should be sent out (generally) are
    Bronzong and Tyranitar or Camerupt, whichever better fits in 
    type-wise against the opponent as you get to see their party 
    beforehand. The key is to use Protect and hope that your 
    opponent attacks Tyranitar or Camerupt, and they do little to 
    Bronzong, letting it use Trick Room. The Lum Berry comes in 
    handy against those who may disrupt Bronzong's Trick Room (TR) 
    like Darkrai with Dark Void. It also helps with its Resting 
    if it needs it.
    My Tyranitar (nicknamed Mr. T) is the base of this party 
    besides TR because with the Chople Berry it almost never goes 
    down in one hit. It usually takes out Pokemon that get a hit 
    on it by the next turn, or its partner does anyway.
    Magnezone is probably my least used Pokemon because Torterra 
    has a more diverse type move pool, but it is armed with Toxic 
    to take out annoying stalling Pokemon (Umbreon, anyone?).
    Gliscor is mainly in my party for Earthquake and Discharge 
    absorbing, but its main weapon is Ice Fang to damage Dragons. 
    It might be better with a Yache Berry instead of accuracy 
    reducing items, but I like the increased possibility of an 
    evaded attack especially with its Double Team if nothing else 
    is useful at the time.
    Torterra is probably put into all of my foursomes in PBR 
    because of the type coverage it has against so many Pokemon. 
    The White Herb gives it an option of Superpower or 
    Leaf Storm, and I rarely need both.
    Weaknesses in this Party: The time it lost in PBR, Bronzong 
    got a Critical Hit on it from a Fire Punch by a Slaking. 
    Yes, do not let Bronzong die before it uses Trick Room. 
    Otherwise a lost is almost certain. Also, the fact that 
    everyone but Bronzong has a double weakness is also a 
    problem. This is where wide range moves and ganging up help 
    eliminate pokemon that could exploit these weaknesses 
    Overall Grade - C
    I originally gave this team a B-, but after some work on it,
    I realized how much it could gain and how much room there is
    to grow from this. I found Camerupt and Torterra to be close
    to worthless in this team. It did happen to beat my Uber
    team up there with a Critical Hit Crunch ending Mewtwo's 
    life. Ah well. Anyway, this team could benefit from a better
    moveset and some better pokemon. I replaced Camerupt with 
    Heatran and Torterra with Shuckle. I also tried Porygon-Z 
    in place of Magnezone, and it worked out pretty well too.
    Porygon-Z was my second TR user, and had Discharge as well,
    making it an easy replacement for the weakness prone 
    Magnezone. Tyranitar really doesn't need EQ, but as of this
    update, I'm not sure what a good replacement would be. I'm
    thinking Ice Punch but I'm not sure. Overall, good team,
    fun to play with, with lots of room to grow. Use this as a 
    starting point and move forward with it. Also, TAUNT RAPES
    THIS TEAM. Hardcore. Like no other. It's kinda hard to get
    a TR off when Taunt is being used on your uber slow poke. 
    III. Items
    	Okay, so you know how I told you all the items I
     suggested to be on each pokemon? Well this is basically
     gonna be me telling you where the items can be found.
     Pretty simple really. Battle Frontier/Park in
     Platinum/Diamond & Pearl. All of the items not there, such
     as the Wise Glasses, are found throughout the game itself.
     The Salac Berry can be bought off of PBR itself, from the
     main game, and a lot of the items in question can be too.
     So there it is. Not too hard to get them really, just play
     the game. If you have any specific questions, Iíll answer
     them personally, or you can look at any item FAQ on
    IV. Other Little Advice
    	Obviously, I donít expect you to use my team verbatim
     as I have it on here. This guide is supposed to be
     developed to give you some ideas for a team of your own. If
     you use my team, Iíd be thrilled to hear about your success
     with my team ideas, how you created a team of your own, or
     anything of the sort. Basically, if you do something
     different with my teams, you do so at your own risk. They
     have success in the Wi-Fi battles, and you really shouldnít
     stray from it unless you know itíll work better for your
     type of battling. I gave some hints of creating your own
     team. Just know this: the successful teams that win in
     double battles are teams built around not just one
     strategy, but multiple. Keep this in mind as you build a
     team to dominate the Wi-Fi battles.
    V. What NOT To Do
    	Once again, this is just advice. Donít hurt me ^_-
    - Donít use pokemon from Red, Blue, and Yellow (1st
     generation). 90% of them canít compare to the more recent
     generations. The only ones you should use are any that have
     a new stage (Rhyperior, Electivire, etc.), Dragoniteís
     family, any legendary, or Jolteon. Otherwise, thereís a
     poke thatís got a better moveset or stat set.
    - Donít use items that work for one move. That only hinders
     YOU. The only item you should use for one move is one of
     the choice items, which forces you to use that one move
     over and over again for more power or speed or whatever.
     You need items that work for you in a better way.
    - Spam items like the Wise Glasses and the Muscle Belt on
     every team. Thereís at least one pokemon that uses all
     physical and special attacks. Donít equip the Muscle Belt
     to someone whoís more deep with moves unless itís a boost
     you feel is necessary.
    - Most Ubers are good to go without EV training. All non
    -Ubers I would suggest you start from level 1, as I said
     earlier in the guide, but itís not necessary to build your
     team. It just makes them better if you raise them from an
     earlier level. Besides, thatís the point of the game, guys.
    VI. Legal Stuff
    	Basically, this guide is mine, not yours. Donít try
     and use it for your own writing or for monetary value
     without my consent or legal procedures will be made. You
     can use it for yourself and you can share it with words,
     but if I find out that youíre using it as your own, thatís
     when things get messy. Please donít do it. I donít wanna be
     the bad guy. As of now, GameFAQs is the only site Iíve
     given permission to present this guide, and no other site
     or person(s) may use it without written consent by the
     author (me).
    	All Pokemon names and games are property of Game Freak
     Inc. and Nintendo. I donít own anything but the words on
     this guide.
    	Any plagiarism or theft of my work will result in bad
     things. Play nice kids.
    VII. Contact Information and Team Submission Information
    	There are a ton of ways you can get a hold of me, but
     the best way is through instant messaging. I have AIM and
     Yahoo and you can reach me at LXchargersXT for AIM and
     Sportsfan15100 for Yahoo. You can also e-mail me at
     Garrymundy@yahoo.com because I check that everyday as
    	For team submissions, Iíd like it if you sent them
     through the e-mail I gave above. Tell me all SIX of your
     pokemon (no less) and you may have one optional pokemon,
     but list why itís there and who it replaces. Tell me what
     your strategy is, and how each pokemon uses each of itís
     moves, so I know exactly how to recreate it. Throw natures
     in there if you wish, and tell me how you trained if you
     want it done right. If it wins just one battle on Wi-Fi or
     manages to beat one of the 3 teams Iíve listed so far as
     samples, Iíll post it on the guide for everyone to see and
     oh and ah at. You will, of course, be given all the credit
     for the idea, and it will help improve the guide and
     everyoneís pokemon playing abilities as well. Thank you in
     advance. Also, if you have anything that you would like me
     to add or any questions, feel free to e-mail me as well and
     Iíll add a FAQ section for people that may have similar
    Copyright Garry Mundy (Leonheart23464)
    June 19th, 2009

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