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Not quite a Revolution, but stiill fun for die-hard fans.07/02/07_Spin_Cycle_
Great game but could have done some other things to make game better07/18/07AMTiskewl7
Worth the Money? If You Have Pokemon Diamond or Pearl!08/07/07Darth_Xemnas
Pokemon Battle Revolution, very good game could have been better.09/14/07Demon_Konan
I Didn't Listen To The Reviews, and Look At Me!07/06/07DeoxysHunter
PBR could be the greatest home console pokemon game ever, but only if you already have pokemon D/P07/20/07Dr_Evil_PhD
Flashy... that's about it.07/12/07gohangeorge
It's Pokemon in 3-D Greatness! Wait...No Storyline? What the Heck is this!?07/03/08Grmesfreak242
A Revolution for the Wii, but not for Pokemon. Still fun, though.07/03/07Haloman118
New Pokemon Console game comes off as a passable experience.06/29/07Hex_Zero_Black
Not exactly a "Revolution"08/07/07Maple13
A trimmed down Pokemon, but it has WiFi! Is that enough?08/26/07NF_Star
A Nice Extension to Diamond/Pearl06/27/07nomadtrooper21
I am sadly disappointed in this game08/17/07person666
Worth the 50 bucks?08/06/07Phantomlink14 that's it?07/11/07Qzply76
Great Game For Pokemon Fans06/28/07RingForGame
I was expecting more.08/22/07robill18
If only the game was as great as the disc01/08/08sephiroth068
The lack of story destroyed this game...01/24/11Shadow_Master_J
Great Extension to Diamond and Pearl. A good game by itself07/12/07sora250
Great exstention, but if you don't have D/P, steer clear.06/29/07TVDarko874
The Worst Pokemon Game on a Console Ever08/21/07UltraDman
A game worth getting if you have a DS Pokémon game08/14/09wellington
Waste of a disc07/27/07wolverinefan
Gotta Catch Them All... Wait...07/02/07xmunamaniacx
It really is a Pokemon Battle Revolution, but only if you have D/P.06/29/07XxOblivion77
Basically Pokemon Stadium for the Wii. Now with Wi-Fi!07/05/07yodelerty

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