Review by Tman106

Reviewed: 06/27/07

More of an extension then a game

First let me state I am long time pokemon fan and have played at least one game in every series and I have played all the console games. If it has the name pokemon in it I have played it. OK on to the review

Gameplay 7/10

The gameplay is basic. Choose coliseum, select pokemon, battle. Most coliseums are knockout battles. They consist of you battling 6 trainers, and if you beat all six you fight the coliseum leader. There is the occasional "different" coliseum to mix things up, the waterfall coliseum was in there early and especially enjoyable, but eventually the knockout battles get pretty tiresome. You can also battle using your ds as a controller which is great in multiplayer if you’re playing with a screen looker. When you battle in coliseums you can choose several sets of pokemon. You can choose the rental pass you chose that they give you at the beginning (a selection of two), or you can upload your pokemon from your ds diamond and pearl game. This is highly recommended as the rental pokemon aren't very good. You can also customize your trainer. You can choose from 6 bodies, 3 male and 3 female, and customize their clothes, kind of like the mii feature only more mature looking. The only thing I have against this is that when you start out you only have one item to use in each required category, none in the others. You have to beat a coliseum, which gives you one measly item, and then spend your hard earned poke coupons on more clothes. I find this a mixed blessing, as I want to save for the items you can send to your ds (you heard me right, you can buy items and send them to your ds), but I keep buying clothes because I want my trainer to look cool. You can also customize what your character says when you start the battle, switch pokemon, etc. The single player overall is fair and worth playing.

Story 1/10

You arrive in poketopia to become the ultimate battler. Now where have I heard that before?

Sound 5/10

Ugh I almost jammed pointy sticks in my ears part way through my first knockout battle! The stadium background music fine don't get me wrong. It is even catchy and easy on the ear, which is what got this a five. What ruined this score is the pokemon cries. When a pokemon comes out onto the field it utters its ds quality cry. This sounds ok on the ds, but when put into larger higher quality speakers it is a mess of crackly nonsense. It just screams that no effort was put into this when actually it is a good game.

Graphics 6/10

This was hard to decide. Some graphics are good, some are bad, so I guess I gave it a mediocre score. The background and the trainers look great, in the running for best graphical wii game, and then your pokemon come out. They look decent, acceptable, but then one uses bite. You get a close up of your pokemon and it is blocky and choppy, this can be especially noticed with charizard. Now you may think this is trivial but graphics are detail, and with detail ever detail is important!

Controls 6/10

Point and click. Could've been better, could've been worse.

Replayabiliity 7/10

The online multiplayer is fairly good (explained more in detail in the "multiplayer" section). It will keep you coming back for more. However the single player replayabilty is not as good. The only reason I see is come back to see a few changes when you beat it (don't worry I won't spoil it) or to get more poke coupons.

Multiplayer 8/10

I love the online multiplayer. You can play online with your custom team and character, although your characters sayings are fixed during online play in Nintendo's fear of cursing. One thing however I have to say about online is that it has quite a few noobs who use ubers and even complete uber teams. Of all the battles I have lost 90% have been to uber users (to all the people who didn't use ubers on me, good match). The problem with this is that most people can take out a dialga or palkia with little trouble, but when someone sends out a team of giritina, heatran, and regigigas you will probably lose if you have no ubers. So all I can say is work on your uber crushing tactics, your going to need them. Overall though online can be an enjoying experience and is a great addition to the fair single player game.

Overall 7/10

The thing about this game is, it is more of an extension then a game. Without diamond or pearl you will be stuck with rental pokemon both on and offline. You would probably lose all your online matches too as it would be weak rental pokemon vs. Ev and Iv trained pokemon, and ubers possibly. So if you don't have diamond or pearl I wouldn't buy this game. Although if you do have it or are planning on getting it soon I would pick this up as it is a great extension.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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