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"A Nice Extension to Diamond/Pearl"

What it is:
Pokemon Battle Revolution is similar to Pokemon Stadium (N64) and Pokemon Colosseum (GC). It consists of only Pokemon battling; there is no RPG element like the handheld games. Battle Revolution's main addition to the previous console games is the WiFi matchmaking battle system.

Looks quite nice, even better if you have an HDTV + Component cable. The animations are beautiful, although I have a problem with fainting (after the attack, the Pokemon stands up, before the fainting animation kicks in). 9/10

Standard, unmemorable menu music and background music. The announcer voice is pretty nifty though (however it might get old after hearing a lot; you can turn it off luckily). 7/10

One thing that strikes me as I open the box is that there is an extremely small learning curve. The controls are so self-explanatory and intuitive that the manual is nearly unnecessary and small kids can figure it out. The menus are
explained by the receptionist and are also quite simple. The only hard part about the gameplay itself is Pokemon battling. Pokemon battling, despite being labeled as a kiddy game, is more complex than it looks. However, Battle Revolution does have a tutorial and simple battling is not too hard.

To create a team, you make a "Battle Pass". There are two types of Battles Passes, Custom and Rental. To use Custom Passes, you need a Diamond/Pearl DS game to copy Pokemon from. Rental passes are preset teams that aren't very good in terms of battling skill.

The single player component is a series of tournaments called Colosseums. You simply battle many opponents until you win a Colosseum. When you win, you gain Coupons, which can be used to obtain clothing for your trainer avatar, or items for your Diamond/Pearl game (called "Mystery Gift" items. The Colosseums themselves are not very difficult if you use a competent Custom team, however the Mystery Gift items are very useful for your Diamond/Pearl game

The multiplayer component has a few options: you can battle random opponents using a matchmaking system over WiFi, you can battle friends over WiFi using the Friend Code system, or you can battle nearby people with and without DS's. The random battles during the time around release have many people who use hacked Pokemon or "uber" Pokemon, but many people expect the crowd to "balance" out. Automated matchmaking is one of the features missing from the DS's WiFi capabilities. However, PBR also sports the Friend Code system for battling, like the DS. You can also battle nearby people using DS's. This allows you to do certain battles that were not possible using the local connection on the DS games, like all Level 50 battles. It is also possible to battle a friend without DS's, but by using DS's, you nor your opponent can see each other's movesets. Gameplay: 8/10

Overall Score: 8/10

Should I buy it?
PBR is really only worth it if you have Diamond/Pearl. Without them, there is only so much you can do.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/27/07

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