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"Great Game For Pokemon Fans"

So far, this is probably one of the best Wii games out there to come out in awhile. Now I would suggest this game to all Wii owners, but the problem is; if you don't like Pokemon, liking this game will be hard for you. With the $50 pricetag, buying this game without Pokemon Diamond or Pearl isn't worth it at all.

Controls 9/10
First thing you notice is the flexible use of the Wii-Mote. The only button really needed in single player is A+B, and movement of the Wii-Mote. In Two-Player, you use the d-pad to select which move you want. This was to prevent easy predictions of your opponents next move. There is also three ways to use the Wii-Mote, two involve upward position that allow you to move the cursor with movement of the Wii-Mote and the third allows you to use it like an old school controller with no real motion control.

Sound 6/10
Now don't get me wrong the announcer was a great addition in this game. Considering that in the last two console "stadium" games were in dead silence when you were in a battle. The announcer adds lots of fun in each attack, but some quotes are lousy and repetitive, like "Slam Dunk". You'll notice after awhile a pattern in the announcer after awhile. Lets say two pokemon have burn, he'll mention that one Pokemon is slowing getting hurt but the next one will be in silence.

Graphics 8/10
Graphics were probably the only reason for buying this game. Some attacks are somewhat generic, but attacks like Muddy Water,Surf, and Flamethrower really shine. Aside from attacks, each stadium has their own look some in cities some in ruins.

Gameplay 9/10
It's pretty much like any other Pokemon game one attack after the other. What makes this game so addicting is the ability to create your own avatar and the online play. Creating your own avatar adds some originally and fun. Another new addition is being able to make your character's dialogue in battle, this is limited to switching, opening statement,wining statement, and losing statement.

Online Play is what will keep you playing, being able to do a random battle makes it much quicker to start than it is on Diamond and Pearl. Only problem is, any Pokemon can be used, which means no clauses can be enforced. Another thing I've noticed is the lack of disconnectors on this game although you'll come across one eventually. It really doesn't make sense considering that there really isn't any downside to losing.
There is a single player, but it's not all that challenging and it's really only used to unlock stuff to buy later on.

Having a DS+Pokemon Diamond or Pearl is the only purpose of this game. If you have Pokemon Diamond and Pearl you are able to transfer every Pokemon you have in that game, this includes Pokemon in your storage and Pokemon in your party. You are also able to transfer items and Pokemon from PBR to Pokemon D&P.
Overall 8/10

Closing Statement: This game is great but it's incredibly short, and can easily be beaten in one day, although there is replayabilty to unlock new stuff but this game is really only for online play anyway. Once again if your a fan of Pokemon and you have Diamond or Pearl+ a Wii, get this game. If your a fan of Pokemon but don't own the DS games, you can always rent pokemon but they usually end up losing.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/28/07

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